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Is it fine if I make a request? What goes down? Went ahead and did some HCs for this one. Keep reading. Originally posted by kaiba-cave. Phoenix visits you in the detention room so many times that few of the guards get suspicious there might be foul play. He touches the glass, and through the little hole; you clench your fingers with his. You were a pacifist; you were always a pacifist, whoever did it. They wanted you to be in jail for the rest of your life. You both separated, and you gave him a frightening look, to which he tried to soothe by giving you a confident smile, though you can see him breaking. This made you smile as they guided you to the defendant chair, watching the Prosecutor and the Defense get ready. With a quick glance at you, he vowed to win it for you. Hey I really liked the hananaki disease one shots, do you think you could write an alternate ending for them where the reader recovers? These are honestly just alternative versions that can stand on their own, more than an alternative ending. While he may remain oblivious to it, you see the longing looks people give him and hear the hopeful flirtations in their voices. But you know him too well, better than any of them, and watch all of their hopes wilt. Happiness and acceptance truly do suit him well, he deserves them and so much more. And you want to continue to help provide those things for him to the best of your ability at his side as he continues to move forward. You just happened to get unlucky that evening, finally coughing up a white rose petal flecked with crimson blood. You resign yourself to your fate. Hey there, first off, i wanted to thank you for making this amazing blog Second, i would love to see your OC!

ace attorney x reader

Originally posted by bishonenlover. Can I get a fluffy scenario for Saiki x male reader?? Maybe like their first date or how saiki asks him out or anniversary?? Just something super cute pls I love this boy so much!!! Notes: I tried to add fluff while also trying to stay close to his character. You can do at least one by yourself. It was true, but the two of you had been studying all day and your brain was fried. Noticing your sluggish state Saiki just sighed before scooting over to you and starting to help, correcting your slight errors before returning back to his own work. Now in a desperate need for a break, you were about to go downstairs for a snack before a soft knock sounded from outside of his door. His mom walking in after, with a tray of cookies in hand. I just thought you kids would be hungry by now. The gesture was small but greatly appreciated. Her statement seemed harmless, but the statement mixed with the suggestive tone, along with the wink told you that she had a hidden meaning behind her words. We go out together, you come almost every day, we call each other by our first names, and my parents already love you. So we might as well make it official. His statement caught you off guard, sure the two of you flirted, and of course, you liked him, it was just a bit of a surprise that he reciprocated your feelings. He just never seemed like a dating kind of person. Those psychic powers were starting to get on your nerves. And I actually really like you too. So will you give me a chance at least? In all your time knowing Saiki, he was never much of a talker. You were usually the one who spoke up on his behalf. But now, for the first time, you were the one speechless. What more could you say other than…. Hearing the statement as a whole brought a foreign feeling to him. One that he liked. But that feeling was soon cut short by the shouting and cheering of two gleeful voices in the hallway outside his door. He swung the door open with his abilities only to be met with the slightly embarrassed faces of his parents. Obviously not planning on getting caught snooping the two began mumbling out random excuses trying to leave before their son decided on murdering them on the spot. The parents both waved goodbye before heading back down the hallway. His mother getting the last word in before disappearing. Keep reading. Originally posted by alemipiaccionoitreni. With the phrase you got, you always pictured your soulmate as some nerdy guy, but boy are you wrong. Originally posted by akaribaby. Knowing how easily you scare, your boyfriend Bakugo, tags along to keep an eye on you. Originally posted by yuseols. Originally posted by volleygifs. Originally posted by bbblaaast. Originally posted by niehuaisang.

You Will Love Me (Yandere Gene x Reader)

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Chapter 1 2. He's switched sides and is coming for blood. He ends up getting a little more than he bargained. Not that he minds. Bakugou Katsuki always lost to rival Izuku "Deku" Midoriya for years and he's sick of it. Bakugou Katsuki had the worst tendency to blow up on everyone and everything and I mean that quite literally. With his Quirk literally being Explosion, it caused him to have a rather short fuse. But lately, he's grown bored of being angry. Being a Hero was fun and all, but it left him rather empty when the villains did nothing but surrender at his feet. They didn't even want to put up a fight with him anymore and it pissed him off. So, one night, while he was on patrol, he encountered a rather difficult villain by the name of Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the League of Villains. He put up an exhilarating fight, his blood pounding just like long ago. Instead of defeating the hero, he offered for a second time to join the League of Villains. He was bored of his hero life. Sure, the pay was great and he loved the attention, but he wasn't even the number one hero. His whole aim at life was crushed by his worthless former rivals. Tearing off his hero mask, he threw his hero life behind as he abandoned everyone and everything in it. Being a villain was amazing. He could do whatever he wanted fight whoever he wanted, and take whatever he wanted. He was even able to square up against Todoroki without revealing his Quirk and identity. That would've caused some serious problems. He invested all of his money well earned into a nice house on the edge of the city with all of the proper necessities.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Looking for a new job, you apply to be the new personal assistant to a certain prosecutor. Little do you know, you may be biting off more than you can chew This is a collection of Ace Attorney x Reader headcanons, scenarios, and ficlets cross-posted from my Tumblr account! I try and write two things a day, so I'm going to be updating this daily!!! Sometimes I do fall off the wagon in updating here, specifically, so check out my Tumblr if you want to read anything ahead of time. Please check the Author's Notes at the beginning in case there are any warnings you may need before reading a particular piece! Reader is gender-neutral unless otherwise specified. Requests are currently closed!!! I only take them through my Tumblr, so check out my request list and stuff over on turnaboutimagines. With the school-smarts of a doctor and the street-smarts of a detective, Dr Paige Turner's whole career revolves around performing autopsies and investigating cases of sudden, unexpected, or violent deaths. She is Ace Forensic Pathologist. I'm using a combo of both the game and anime so that it's easier to write. You can see this as a reader insert if you so wish. In which you and Miles go to the library to get out of the rain and have to pass the time. Unfortunately for Miles, the only fun thing you can do is drive him crazy. Murder, Crazy People, Guns, Needles, and finally Cuddles and more cuteness, season 2 of Yandere AU! Miles hissed angrily as he grabbed Franziska by her throat, "You Are you out of your damn mind?! Franziska rolled her eyes, "Get your hands off of me first, don't act so surprised. Are you ashamed now that she knows you're not the pure pristine angel she always thought you were? Miles Edgeworth x Detective! Character Miles Edgeworth has lost many valuables in his life. His father, at one point his friends, cases, pride, the list goes on. When the detective he loves dearly disappears it's unclear if the case is a murder or a kidnapping. Miles Edgeworth can only hope he finds her before it's too late. There's a thousand feelings in his heart and he couldn't let her go without telling her what his fear muted. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. The Household Series: Polyandry 1.

Please understand that this is my first time writing a MyStreet x Reader. I apologise if it's bad,also I would love some criticism. Also this chapter focuses on Gene and the mysterious girl. Neither of you remember how your friendship started and how you were both still friends, the both of you fought like a married couple and others felt bad for laughing. Even after all the fights,Gene takes you out to hangout with him,Sasha and Zenix. The only reason you're both still friends it's because you both end the fight and make it up for each other. But ever since you've became a Junior in Phoenix Drop High,Gene has been visiting the school numerous times and there has been many So they decided to stay away from all of them, including Gene. This little game has only begun". I mumbled to myself as a smirk appears. I then heard a knock on my door, I was really confused because I was the only one awake. Sasha and Zenix were sleeping already. I grabbed my knife and walked downstairs, I opened the door only to see the person knocking wasn't a human at all,they seemed to be a werewolf but they didn't look at me,but when they did, I was a little surprised to see that this person wasn't from the neighborhood at all. The person turned and looked at me,she had blue eyes that seemed to represent the ocean itself. You must be Gene,well nice to meet you, I'm here to help you with your little problems". The girl walked in without permission, I was about to ask her something,but she was grabbing food from my fridge and started eating it, I grabbed by the shoulder to stop her but she grabbed my arm before I even touched her, she let's go of my arm looks at me. That's when the girl stood up and didn't looked at me, I was a little creeped out because it's like really late at night and this girl came to my house alone. Then I heard someone walking down the stairs,it was Zenix and Sasha. Thank Irene. Zenix, isn't his grumpy self when he's half asleep. I was a little weirded out,they didn't seemed so concerned about the random werewolf girl in our house, I looked really confused and when I looked back at her,she was still eating our food! Sasha said and she rubbed her right eye. I walked towards them and pointed at the girl. Zenix shrugged but Sasha gasped and kinda chuckled. So it was Sasha's idea to bring this random girl here to help me with something I didn't asked help for. I don't even know why she even chuckled,this wasn't funny not one bit! After you kill them, I want you to text me, exactly where the body is and I will get rid of it as soon as I can". The random girl spoke as she finished eating OUR food and cleaned the dishes she used. Well,at least she isn't messy. Like eating all of our food wasn't rude already. She looked at me and extended her hand for me to shake, I grabbed it and shook it gently. I apologise, it's business buddy. And I already know your names. Gene,Zenix and Sasha so no need for any introductions". This girl was really creeping me out, I don't trust her,but I mean I can always kill her if she tries anything funny. And I can blame her for all the murder that's going on! You're a genius Gene!

Male Siren x Male Sailor (Part 2)

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