Yandere phoenix x reader

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Chapter 1 2. He's switched sides and is coming for blood. He ends up getting a little more than he bargained. Not that he minds. Bakugou Katsuki always lost to rival Izuku "Deku" Midoriya for years and he's sick of it. Bakugou Katsuki had the worst tendency to blow up on everyone and everything and I mean that quite literally. With his Quirk literally being Explosion, it caused him to have a rather short fuse. But lately, he's grown bored of being angry. Being a Hero was fun and all, but it left him rather empty when the villains did nothing but surrender at his feet. They didn't even want to put up a fight with him anymore and it pissed him off. So, one night, while he was on patrol, he encountered a rather difficult villain by the name of Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the League of Villains. He put up an exhilarating fight, his blood pounding just like long ago. Instead of defeating the hero, he offered for a second time to join the League of Villains. He was bored of his hero life. Sure, the pay was great and he loved the attention, but he wasn't even the number one hero. His whole aim at life was crushed by his worthless former rivals. Tearing off his hero mask, he threw his hero life behind as he abandoned everyone and everything in it. Being a villain was amazing. He could do whatever he wanted fight whoever he wanted, and take whatever he wanted. He was even able to square up against Todoroki without revealing his Quirk and identity. That would've caused some serious problems. He invested all of his money well earned into a nice house on the edge of the city with all of the proper necessities. Everything was going exactly how he wanted. Yeah, he had money and fame as an underground villain, but what's the use when he still couldn't beat his rivals into a bloody pulp? What's the use when their blood was still running through their veins and they were still at the top? Downing yet another beer, he crushed it in his hand before chucking it at the steadily growing pile of empty containers. I should be at the top, not you. You didn't deserve it. That's not even your fucking Quirk. He needed to blow some steam and he knew just the way to do it. He grinned maliciously at the blood slipping between his fingers, his latest victim gasping for air and their hands flying to the gaping hole in their throat. He was just itching to kill and this pathetic excuse of a human just happened to cross his path.

ace attorney x reader

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. It was during his first trial as defendant when she appeared back in his life. It was then he realized how much he missed her, and swore that nothing'd ever keep them apart! But no matter what comes, she will always be there for him. NOT that she'd ever admit it. When it's the morning of the bar exam and while Phoenix has accepted his past, the reader hasn't let go just yet. This is a collection of Ace Attorney x Reader headcanons, scenarios, and ficlets cross-posted from my Tumblr account! I try and write two things a day, so I'm going to be updating this daily!!! Sometimes I do fall off the wagon in updating here, specifically, so check out my Tumblr if you want to read anything ahead of time. Please check the Author's Notes at the beginning in case there are any warnings you may need before reading a particular piece! Reader is gender-neutral unless otherwise specified. Requests are currently closed!!! I only take them through my Tumblr, so check out my request list and stuff over on turnaboutimagines. Phoenix Wright takes your case after you've been falsely accused of murder. It's pro bono. You don't need to pay him. Murder, Crazy People, Guns, Needles, and finally Cuddles and more cuteness, season 2 of Yandere AU!

You Will Love Me (Yandere Gene x Reader)

Is it fine if I make a request? What goes down? Went ahead and did some HCs for this one. Keep reading. Originally posted by kaiba-cave. Phoenix visits you in the detention room so many times that few of the guards get suspicious there might be foul play. He touches the glass, and through the little hole; you clench your fingers with his. You were a pacifist; you were always a pacifist, whoever did it. They wanted you to be in jail for the rest of your life. You both separated, and you gave him a frightening look, to which he tried to soothe by giving you a confident smile, though you can see him breaking. This made you smile as they guided you to the defendant chair, watching the Prosecutor and the Defense get ready. With a quick glance at you, he vowed to win it for you. Hey I really liked the hananaki disease one shots, do you think you could write an alternate ending for them where the reader recovers? These are honestly just alternative versions that can stand on their own, more than an alternative ending. While he may remain oblivious to it, you see the longing looks people give him and hear the hopeful flirtations in their voices. But you know him too well, better than any of them, and watch all of their hopes wilt. Happiness and acceptance truly do suit him well, he deserves them and so much more. And you want to continue to help provide those things for him to the best of your ability at his side as he continues to move forward. You just happened to get unlucky that evening, finally coughing up a white rose petal flecked with crimson blood. You resign yourself to your fate.

Once again, I am the worst when it comes to this kind of thing… I completely forgot about this, and then my computer broke. Well, I just got a new computer yesterday so now I can continue writing these. I truly apologize for my forgetfulness at first, but when I did remember about the book I really didn't want to use my phone or Ipad. I truly hate this website on mobile devices. Enough about my load of crap, I'll just start the story. It was a normal day in the normal world. Just kidding, I lied, because in the world of heroes, nothing could be normal. Once in a while, there would be a disruption, but a hero would come and fix the problem. Saitama and Genos were two of those heroes, but were in different ranks. Saitama being an class C hero, while Genos was an S class. Despite the large difference in ranks, Genos insisted on being Saitama's apprentice. He would follow any order given to him by Saitama, and would always try his hardest to impress his sensei. Over the months of being with Genos, Saitama grew used to having Genos with him at almost all hours. But not only had he grown used to Genos, he had also developed, unexplainable feelings. He would get jealous of his rank, being an S class. Yet, he also felt, an obsession, like he wanted him all to himself. He didn't want anyone to look at Genos, or try to get close to him like he was. As Geno's popularity with people grew, the darker his thoughts became, and the more he wanted Genos to himself. Some noticed his weird behavior around Genos, but just shook it off, thinking it was nothing. He decided he finally had enough, and took action. Saitama turns around towards the 19 year old cyborg, and starts his plan, asking "Hey, Genos, I was wondering if we could have a practice fight today? Genos immediately agrees, stating how he wouldn't disappoint him, and he would try his best. After getting to the practice area, Saitama prepares for the execution of the second part. Facing Genos, he stares him straight in the eye, calmly stating "Don't hold back, and don't show mercy. Genos takes his battle stance, preparing for the fight. As Saitama expected, Genos was the first to attack, lunging at Saitama in an attempt to punch him.

Although a Russian restaurant, the Borscht Bowl Club catered to all countries of the world. To the mysterious, the sultry, the illicit, cheats, criminals, offenders, the lot. Even you. A thief, skilled in the arts of 'permanent misplacement'. Well, rather you catered yourself to others; simply known as Rififi, or Fifi for short. You weren't even French, you had actually only named yourself that after a French film you had watched with your boyfriend one night. It fit you perfectly like a jigsaw piece. It was only a small apartment where you lived, with your lover of sorts and his adopted daughter, whom you adored and loved as if she was your own. He was an ex-lawyer, so it had come to a surprise to you that he now made a living cheating at cards for money with some of the worlds most dangerous villians to help support his daughter. It was a wonder that he would fall for someone such as yourself. You counted as a crook. A thief. Of course looks were one thing, you were rather glamorous in your lounge garb. Floor length, figure hugging, breast plumping dresses, razor sharp heels, expensive looking diamonds you most probably stole from royalty. It was kind of his thing. He described you as looking like an actress that had stepped right out of a black and white 50s film noir. Yes, it was definitely a wonder that he would fall for someone such as yourself. Though of course, the same could be said for yourself. He was probably the one person working in that place who wasn't actually a crook of some kind. He used his true name, Phoenix Wright, wore casual clothes, the same ones at that, and that daft beanie from his daughter. You thought it looked daft anyway. Same as his hair; spiked no matter how much he tried to change it. Though it made you smirk when he did try. You thought all these things, yet you were still in a relationship with what sounded like a loser.

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