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Blogging on your own site helps establish your voice and authority, your little corner of the internet. For many bloggers, guest posting is the answer. By sharing your expertise on another blog, you build relationships with other bloggers in your niche and connect with a broader audience — some of whom may be your future readers and customers. Here are seven more blogs to consider pitching when planning your guest posting strategy. Many posts focus on finding clients, figuring out how to set your rates and developing your blogging skills. Start by getting to know the blog and its community by reading popular posts and sharing your thoughts in the comments. Their blog offers tips on craft, advice on querying and interviews with successful authors, and they accept guest posts on topics ranging from marketing to conferences to writing inspiration. Your submission must be original and unpublished, and should be a maximum of words. Paste it in the body of an email to info wrelief. For more, follow their guidelines and learn from these popular posts:. Calling all fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction writers! Note that commercial or spammy backlinks will not be published. Novelist and writing coach C. Lakin shares advice on storytelling, writing inspiration and promoting your book. Hope Clark runs Funds For Writersa site dedicated to helping writers earn more money for their work. Each weekly newsletter features a note from Hope, news and opportunities in the writing world, and you guessed it — a guest post. FFW focuses on paying markets, grants, contests, writing jobs, publishers and agents; this is not the place to submit posts about writing craft or character development. Guest posts should share your best advice and success stories about building a writing business, breaking into a high-paying niche or unusual ways to earn an income through writing. Recent examples of guest newsletter posts include:. Since guest posts are shared in a newsletter, Hope is looking for tight, concise submissions: words, max. Review the guidelines and send your ideas to Hope at hope fundsforwriters. Run by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, Writers Helping Writers is a resource for writers interested in craft, publishing and marketing. To be accepted, guest posts need to share fresh, practical information that helps writers develop their writing, connect with audiences and improve their promotion strategies. Ready to submit your ideas? Check out their guidelines and submit your suggestions through this form. Read the rest of the guidelinesthen submit your idea through the contact form on the same page. For more information on sites that accept guest posts, be sure to follow our series of Guest Blogging Spotlights. Now, what are you waiting for? Get pitching! Heather van der Hoop is an editor focused on helping people best communicate their ideas. Her projects range from blog posts and ebooks to doctoral dissertations, and she has been editing her own last name for as long as she can remember. If she's not at her desk, she's usually in the mountains. Heather van der Hoop heathervdh. Get It Now. Thanks for such informative information. We need this kind of information about our web blog kindly check mine blog and suggest if anything we do for it thanks. Hello, I am interested to write guest posts on topics relationships, women, and career.

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Here we are sharing the details which you may find useful to collaborate with us for Guest Blogging. Explore the guest posting guidelines, the procedure to submit a guest post to us. As of now, TechNumero receives more thanpage-views per month and organic visitors are growing day by day. We recently start accepting Guest Posts. Presently, we are open for Guest Blogging on the following topics:. You can leverage the TechNumero platform to reach our audience to promote your brand, blog or website. Though we do not encourage guest post submission merely for backlinks. However, the backlinks are important and we understand that very well. In addition to that, we highly recommend guest authors NOT to use a keyword link to avoid the removal of the link. The guest post will be published with Author Bio, displays right below your post. That helps you spread your online presence. NOTE: Only use your domain email yourname example. Also, include your social media profiles i. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; so that your identity can be verified. As we are interested to collaborate with real people only. Due to the over demand of the Guest posts, we might not entertain you at all if you do not follow the criteria. We are only interested in collaborating with real people with quality sites. Guest post guidelines are extremely important and shall be strictly followed to review your guest post request. Do not submit a guest post request unless you have followed all the said guidelines. Note — We discourage irrelevant content or lines authored with the intention to increase the word count. Therefore, our editor will inform authors to refrain from such content and delete that at the time of editing, reviewing or publishing. Follow TechNumero Now! How do you like being a contributor to TechNumero? Do let us know if you have any query regarding Guest Blogging, We would be happy to clarify that. You can leverage TechNumero platform to reach our audience to promote your brand, blog or website. First of all, mail us a couple of your guest post idea and get one approved by the editors. After that follow our Guest Post Guidelines and Write a constructive article. Then send your draft for the review. The article should follow all the Yoast SEO optimization guidelines. Use your domain email and must share some of your previous work while sharing your draft. Get the latest posts and awesome deals delivered to your inbox for free. We will never spam you! There are affiliate links of some products on this website, if you follow these links and purchase the product or service, we may receive a compensation from respective companies. This compensation comes at no additional cost to you.

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Before we go over my writing guidelines, I wanted to share with you a few reasons why writing for Be A Better Blogger and enduring my high expectations is so, so worth it…. No opt-in forms, no sharing icons, no advertisements. Readers go from the last sentence of your guest post directly to your bio. In addition, a condensed version of your bio displays at the top of the sidebar on non-mobile devices. I know what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into a guest post. I want people to know you wrote it, and I want them to be able to easily find your website, landing page, and social media profiles. As soon as your guest post is published, I will email it to my subscribers. On some blogs, guest bloggers have no say as to when their post is published. Oftentimes, guest bloggers are taken by surprise. Once your post has made it through editing, you and I will go over available publication dates. I want your guest post to have its best possible chance to succeed. And to do that, we need to choose a date that makes sense for each of us. Sound good? See you on the other side! Go to Writing Guidelines. Sounds like a mutually-beneficial match made in Heaven. I want you to get the most out of this opportunity. I promote guest posts as if they were my own As soon as your guest post is published, I will email it to my subscribers. And to ensure you can do the same… 3. I coordinate with you On some blogs, guest bloggers have no say as to when their post is published.

Write For Us

Guest Posting is now become the mix of science and art to compose and promote your blog content. It can even gain you some connections. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find opportunities to Guest Blog. Guest Posting can also be extremely intimidating. Guest posting needs a lot more efforts that just a simple blog posting. Researching the topic, search for the data, facts and figure and a lot more. We know the effort our writers put in a Single Guest post. So, here are the returns that we can assure them for their guest posting. We and our community members are putting a constant effort to post new, fresh and informative content to engage our reader base. The results that we can promise today, has the efforts we are putting from a long time. And we also know the efforts of other writers as well. We have some pre-requisites, that needs to be followed:. Guest blogging assists with expanding the traffic as in each guest post you will have the do-follow links. Do follow are generally imperative to increase search engine ranking as well. At the point when you are composing for your own blog there are numerous reasons that you are not known to different bloggers and reader, and yet when you are writing as a guest blogger you are known to the followers of the blog for which you are writing, subsequently by this you are picking up prominence among different bloggers and readers. Backlinks are the principle factor to build and enhance search engine rankings. Bloggers by and large include themselves in commenting on different forums and blogs. Send your request at : writer liveblogspot. How to send Request on LiveBlogSpot — writer for us? What is the per-requisite to get your Guest post approved on Live Blog Spot?

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We are ExportHub, where a huge number of tech enthusiasts go each day for unique, informative and inspirational content that feeds their passion, skills, expertise and competence. As a contributor for us, you will be responsible for providing our audience with news, trend updates and comprehensive information associated with technology. Are you ready to write for us? That is why we decided to create a platform where experts belonging to different industries can share their experience and original insights with our readers by simply writing for us. Experts from different industries who are willing to write for us as frequent contributors and intend to establish the relationship with PR intermediaries are most welcome! However, we are going to set the bar high and will only say yes to incredible writers with credible and authoritative knowledge in the respective field. For many reasons, guest blogging seems ideal for business growth. Bloggers witness significant uplift in the number of visitors redirecting from guest blogs to their website. Subscribers are one of the most interesting things about guest blogging. You are most likely to gain far more subscribers from guest blogging than you will gain in normally. Over the time credible content earns better Google Page rank without you having to invest time in any special SEO tactics or purchase multiple links. Guest blogging on blogs other than yours feeds the minds of readers and creates a positive image of you. We expect your blogs to be at there best and to make this happen we are here to help. Once accepted, our team will share extensive feedback and may ask you for revisions if needed. With thousands of peers visiting our blog including potential employers, publishers and clients, your work has great tendency of being noticed. To help us look into your interests you can submit a rough draft, a partial draft or a pitch that summarizes what you want to contribute and why it would matter to our readers. Our feedback will be directly proportional to the plenitude of your submission. To ensure that, make sure you add an outline of your article as well. We adhere to unique content and do not publish anything that is present elsewhere. Quality, authenticity and credibility of the content are most crucial factors that we look for. Our readers are already well versed in basic information regarding B2B tech and the purpose of our blog is to provide them with new and fruitful information. We adhere to a professional yet engaging tone that syncs perfectly with the flow of content. A voice that is bold, interesting and human works best for us. We prefer blog posts based on authentic reporting and analysis.

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