Worst natal chart placements


This article attempts to to turn difficult concepts into plain English so we can better understand it. Some teachers qualify certain planets as dead Marana Karka Sthana if they are placed in certain houses like Jupiter in the 3rd and Venus in the 6th and Sun in the 12th. That would be too simple as Vedic astrology is so complicated and so many factors to look at. For me planets in certain houses may lose their dharmic nature and thus be a bit wounded but not dead. This has a fancy name of Marana Kararka Sthana but it just means that planets do not well in those houses. The opposite case is that planets that have Dig Bala gain strength from certain houses. While Vedic astrologers learn these rules, it is important to find a language to explain to your clients so that they understand the lessons involved. Here is a quick guide for best house placement and worse house placement. Note these house places in the natal chart, moon chart or other divisional charts vargas will elicit results for those specific charts so these placements turn up more often and should be looked for carefully. Sun in the 10th is best. Sun thrives in activity and in seeking status and being recognized so Sun in the 10th house has the highest energy. Sun in the 12th house is the most challenging placement because the Sun is hidden and unnoticed and feels abandoned, unsupported and secretive. This may have been a result of an unavailable father and leads to poor self-confidence, heart problems, health problems and breathing problems. Moon in the 4th is the best placement for the moon where happiness reigns, mother is at home and in the heart. Emotional support is full and one feel nurtured, affectionate content and with expanding full feelings. This can lead to shyness, distance from mother, sexual extremes, jealous, intense desire to be loved and dangers from water accidents. This often leads to fights in relationship at work, selfish partners, aggression and disputes and reproductive problems. It produces practical business people who are loyal and dutiful in partnerships. This position creates selfishness, depression, isolation and slow physical development and low self-esteem. Jupiter has dig bala and does best in the 1st house where wisdom, joy and generosity create great status and generosity and luck with children, wealthy and good coaches and teachers. It leads to low energy and poor attention, boredom, lack of resources and poor attention to detail. May not seriously understand the value of wisdom, spirituality and honor teachers. Mercury here is conscientious, principled, ethical, good at speech and math and writing. Mercury does worse in the 7th house or the 4th house. It also makes one too critical of partners and does not allow love to flow smoothly. Sixth house is the house of celibacy and Venus is more at home in its sexual energy and this leads to problems. It is a schemer here holding onto private bizarre philosophies rather than embracing the traditional. Of course these rules are general and will be colored by sign, planetary aspects, nakshatra placements and other associations.

Is Your Ascendant The Best? Or The Worst?

Usually, I think that anyone you meet at a bar at 2 a. But I get it, and when you have an astrologer friend, and you are seriously looking for that special someone, you want to use whatever you have to cut to the chase and find out if you should give him your number or go home and sleep the cocktails off. However, this is not really a good way to determine if you are compatible with someone you just met. The best way to do that is simply talk to them. There is no one awesome chart. Now, I do have some charts of men whom I would never, ever recommend to any woman I know based on their chart alone, but that is a rare thing. Every chart is a culmination of things. They are holistic and interpersonal compatibility and maturity always shows how a certain aspect in one chart will manifest in a relationship. You may have one or two in your chart. I have a couple of these myself. We all have our hang-ups and issues, and we learn to work on them through our relationships. This is not an exhaustive list, and some of these are worse than others. But still, here are a list of aspects and planetary placements and the worst manifestations that could mean someone is not a good catch. I have rarely seen these aspects actually manifest into the worst possible scenarios, but just for fun, here they are:. Mars conjunct, opposite, or square the Sun. Everything is a competition, and to them, everyone is a competitor, even their spouses and children. It is their way or the highway, and they are impatient. It takes a long time for them to cultivate patience. They are aggressive and sometimes seethe with it like a guard dog. This is especially true if Mars and the Sun are in the cardinal signs or Scorpio. They have a tendency to perceive an attack where there is none, and can be especially protective of their partner when there is no need for it. Better warn Grandpa not to hug you in front of this one. Actually, they would make a much better guard dog than a romantic partner. There is a reason why everyone tells you to put that one on a leash. Mars conjunct, opposite, or square Moon. Temper, temper! They will wish you away into the cornfield. These people have difficulty controlling their emotions and taking responsibility for them.

The Ten Most Rocking( Best) Astrological Placements.

In your opinion what do you think are the absolute worst combos to find in a composite chart? What about house placements? Also, as a side note or "part 2" to the question, what do you think about composite chart vs. Do you give one more weight or validity over the other? So, by looking at their synastry chart you'd think that this would be a wonderful relationship Mars and Uranus are very impulsive planets, combine them together, with a square?! Ohh boy, you're askin' for trouble. A relationship with this in the composite would be very erratic and have the two people lashing out in anger towards each other out of nowhere. Moon square Uranus means the two people will never feel emotionally comfortable with each other, there will always be an uneasiness and irritating feel within the relationship. Very unstable. Now, for part two of the question, I know alot of astrologers say synastry charts are the most important. If there are severe afflictions in the composite, sorry, I don't care how great the synastry is, the relationship is pretty much doomed. Do you give one more Pluto can lead to obsessiveness and struggles for domination, possibly even violence particularly if mars is involved. Saturn can also be very restrictive in a relationship if it is not placed right. And I don't really know enough as to which type of relationship chart is better to use, sorry. Thank you for your answers :D. Answer Save. Olivia B. Favorite Answer. They ended up hating each other with a passion.


We all very well know that 1 concept in isolation never really work in Vedic astrology. Still to learn Vedic Astrology, you need to go step wise only. P CHART and in which sign a planet is actually placed is to be seen as per lagan chart or birth chart. Secondly books do not take into account many rules at one go, to decide a good planetary placement, which obviously I will do. Therefore dear all, this article will be the answer to all such questions in this regard, so that I can also take a good sleep, obviously without the stress of those pages. Remember that some factors dominate in one case and may be in another case some other factors may play a dominant role in deciding an auspicious placement, so go through the following summary very nicely with full concentration and then try to understand the reason behind each placement. Jupiter: 1 st4 th5 th9 th and 11 th houses. Mercury: 1 st4 th5 th7 th and 9 th houses. Sun: 3 rd6th, 8 th10 th11 th and 12 th houses. Mars: 3 rd5 th6th, 8 th10 th and 12 th houses. Mercury: 3 rd8 th10 th11 th and 12 th houses. Saturn: 1 st2 nd3 rd6th, 10 th and 11 th houses. Mercury: 1 st2 nd5 th6th, 9 th and 10 th houses. Sun: 2 nd3 rd6th, 10 th11 th and 12 th houses. Saturn: 1 st3 rd6th, 8 th10 th11 th and 12 th houses. Good Placement of Planets- Ascendant Wise. Astrology Basics Add.

What are the worst composite chart aspects/placements?

Warning: the following is a rant. Virgo Rising is the worst rising sign because all you want to do is merge. Pisces on the descendant. Pisces wants no separation, wants one body, one soul, one mind, wants the creation of a new life form between the two, merged. Is this a baby? A new soul in the room, literal or metaphorical. The self? Why or why not? Kvetch or compliment yourself here! My Taurus Rising pisses me off regularly. That being said, it serves my relationships somewhat well. Having Scorp on the Descendent means that my relationships are deep and intense, and that I usually have no problems protecting them. Would you want to mess with a poison-tipped raging bull? I rather like it. My hair is fab, and I adore the interesting people I attract. Node in Pisces. Scorp rising. I swear I just posted this…Neptune. I just cannot stand not being able to make up my mind sometimes. Aries descendent is a NO. If I come back with anything in Aries I am crawling right back into the womb lol. Scorpio Rising conj Saturn Pluto, people are scared of me. Sun Uranus people make me nervous. And I have Uranus in sun ruled Leo. Go figure. I just have trouble relaxing around them. High voltage purists. Oh and I have scorpio rising. I have sometimes thought that people find me threatening. Especially dogmatists. Saturn is in my first house too. I tried wearing kid gloves around people, but it really did not work. I tried and tried and tried to conform.


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