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Easy to use User Panel to manage the whole business, to monitor and control all functions of the platform, including channels, subscription plans, users, invoicing, servers, etc. Our highly experienced and professional support is always available to assist in all your needs through e-mail, phone and Skype. We are continuously developing and following the latest trends in our field, so we can provide to our customers the most complete and efficient platform. In addition, we are always expanding the list of supported client devices and the available features. Please contact us for any hardware need or complete turn-key solutions. Installation Support: Our support is always available to support you throughout the setup process. Enable recording of channel for defined number of days. Deliver live channel to your customers in different time zones by defining time for which some channel will be time-shifted. Let your channels to go to standby if no one watches them. This way you can save lot of network bandwidth as well as server resources. You can select this by channel basis which way you can preserve most watched channels to not go to standby in order to maximize channel ZAP time. There is possibility to define custom video file which will be played in case channel is down for some reason. As soon as users tries to watch certain channel, in case it is down, system will play custom video to user. Possibility to define custom video for expired users. In case expired use tries to watch some channel, system will display video which is defined to be played to expired users etc. Your subscription has expired After the Reseller uses all Credit subscriptions, the system will Not issue any new invoices prevent the Reseller to extend any Customer subscriptionuntil new Credits are assigned again by the Administrator. You can choose whether you want to use classic subscriptions in your system or packages. Packages are same as subscriptions with exception that you can define package validity for more than 1month and thus assign it different price probably with some discount. Packages also can work with our credit system. Used to play some custom video files for certain channel at defined time period. This feature you can use for important notices to users on most popular channels as well as for commercials. Pick channel, pick time frame in which custom video will be played and select video file to play. When time has come, system will fade out live channel and start playing your video after which live channel will fade in and continue regular playing. Latest feature is our fully integrated Language support which will provide a complete user experience of the IPTV Panel on their native language. The platform is provided with our standard packet of languages, and there is also a possibility to add more languages by providing a translated language file. At any time you can change the output stream bitrate and other parameters.

Channels IPTV

Check our Dashboard with this link: XDashboard Device Compatibility Through the years of experience, Marvel IPTV has finally been able to offer a system that is compatible with all devices, which will enable you to experience an approved quality everywhere. Computer, mobile, any operating system, players, and IPTV devices are all supported. There is also a tutorial for installing IPTV on each available device to you. Our Core Services. Catch Up There is an epg-based catch-up service that has been stored on our servers and is available for approximately 3 days. Stable Channels More than stable channels accessible on any player and device with updates along with support and automatic diagnosis. Add Connection Up to 2 The ability to add up to 2 connections to a single line for a better experience for your home entertainment at a discounted price. Want to be our Customer?? It's easyfirst check our Service by Trial and pay through Dashboard. Request a Trial. Dashboard is a free service and it was designed for you to be able to edit your line without needing our help. You can manage the channels and move the channels that you want. You can manage all your lines and set dns for your subresellers. You can check the expire dates and manage them easily. You can use our various gateways to pay. Check our Dashboard with this link: XDashboard. Device Compatibility. Through the years of experience, Marvel IPTV has finally been able to offer a system that is compatible with all devices, which will enable you to experience an approved quality everywhere. Other Receivers Operating System.

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Movie Name. TV Show Name. CH: 3 HD. CH: 4 HD. CH: 5 HD. CH: Kanal 9. CH: Nickelodeon. CH: Star TV. CH: Swiss 1 HD. CH: Tele 1. CH: Tele Basel. CH: Tele M1. CH: TeleBarn. CH: Teleclub Zoom. CH: TeleZuri. CH: TVO. ALB: A1 Raport 1. ALB: Alsat M. ALB: Animal Planet. ALB: Art Channel. ALB: Art Kanal. ALB: Arta News. ALB: Balkanika Music. ALB: Bang Bang. ALB: Boomerang. ALB: Cartoon Network. ALB: Channel One. ALB: Clik. ALB: Cufo. ALB: Discovery. ALB: Disney Channel. ALB: DTx.

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You will get your a own panel so you can easily add, manage, activate and extend your customers IPTV Subscriptions lines. To increase your revenue, you can register Sub-resellers on your panel. You can decide the price of credit when you sell it to your subreseller. After you receive your panel info, we will communicate with you by Phone, Whatsapp to train you on the use of our management interface. Firstlyyou will have to fill out the form below and tell us the number of credits you want for your panel, we will contact you asap. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. IPTV Reseller Program The easiest way to make passive income, you can buy credits cheaper and sell them with your price. Each credit is equal to 1 month subscription. Of course, you can buy credits anytime you want. Control Panel : You can easily manage and control all your customers lines in one place protected by username and password. Add personalized notes for your customers Example: Phone numbers, Email, Surname and first name. Visualize the activities of your customers see the chains he looks in real time, view the statistics of use. Search for:.


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