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Samsung Dex app now available on Windows, Mac: Here’s why you should try it out

Samsung has brought Linux support to its DeX ecosystem. DeX was already a great way to get a full-screen desktop experience without the need of a standalone computer. However, it was not an actual desktop. Samsung is changing that by bringing Linux support which will allow users to use a full blown Linux operating system. Samsung has brought Linux support with almost all the features you will need to get started with Linux. With Linux on DeX, you will be able to carry your whole computer in your pocket. Whether you are developer or just a user who prefers Linux OS, this is a great news. In this article, we are going to show you how you can install Linux on Dex on supported devices so that you can live the future right now. This is the last chance to test this app as it will be discontinued in February In our testing, we are using Galaxy Note 9 Exynos. If you want full desktop experience, you can, of course, connect wireless keyboard and mouse. Install Linux on DeX Beta app and open it. Tap on the plus button at the bottom and select Download from Server. The app will start downloading the required Linux image. Now, open Linux on DeX app, tap on the plus button and select Browse. Here, you will see the. The Linux container is now ready to be used on DeX. Using Linux on DeX 1. Samsung DeX will automatically start on the monitor. After that, click on the container that you have named earlier and then click on the RUN button. If you want to go back to DeX, just hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen for seconds, you will get the dock and from there you can close Linux and switch to DeX. How is the Overall Experience? Frankly speaking, Linux on DeX is fairly responsive and I was surprised to see this kind of performance on a beta channel.

How to Install Linux on DeX

Damien Wilde. While we are still a little far away from using an Android phone — or indeed any other smartphone — as a roving mobile office or desktop, the Samsung DeX docking station offers a great taste. You initially had to buy a docking station to use your smartphone as your makeshift desktop machine on a monitor or display. There was no explicit confirmation from Samsung that these devices would receive support for the mobile desktop hybrid but it appears that now you can plug your S9 and Note 9 right into your PC and run the not-quite-a-desktop replacement. Just install on your PC, plug in your device and fire the newly installed app up. If you were curious about installing DeX on your Mac or Windows machine you can find the official download links below:. The only caveat is that this still requires a USB-C cable connection to your PC, but really does give you much more flexibility of using DeX as a piece of software running on your machine rather than a standalone OS. While a wired connection is still needed, it gives us hope that Samsung might eventually be able to rid of us of the wire entirely and connect wirelessly. You can already manage text messages, calls, and notifications on your PC with the Link to Windows feature that is new on the Note Given just how similar the internals are on the Note 10 and S10, hopefully, Samsung can add support soon. For those of you that want to be able to use DeX while running PC or Mac apps at the same time, this is quite a nice little addition to the system. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:. Damien is a UK-based video producer for 9to5Google. Find him on Twitter iamdamienwilde. Email damien 9to5mac. January 6. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow 9to5Google on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Check out our exclusive storiesreviewshow-tosand subscribe to our YouTube channel. Damien Wilde's favorite gear.

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Privacy Policy. Published Feb 12, By: Samsung for Business. Samsung DeX promises to usher in a new era of mobile-powered desktop computing, allowing you to transform your phone into a killer PC. The DeX platform is built in to the software of many of the latest Samsung mobile devices, so all you need to get started using DeX are a monitorHDMI adapter and peripherals. In the initial iteration of Samsung DeX launched in earlya docking accessory called the DeX Station was required to connect your smartphone to your monitor, keyboard and mouse. With the launch of the Note9 in AugustSamsung introduced the DeX HDMI adapter, cable and multiport adapter, eliminating the need for the previous docking accessories. Once connected to a monitor via one of these adapters, the Samsung DeX platform boots up quickly on the monitor, presenting the user with a familiar desktop experience complete with resizable windows, drag-and-drop functionality and keyboard shortcuts. This enables users to connect their mobile device to a compatible Windows PC or Mac to access DeX right from their computer. The three available Samsung DeX adapters offer different advantages depending on where and how you use the platform. For longer DeX work sessions, rely on wireless charging to keep your battery topped up. With a full range of ports, the DeX multiport adapter offers the most flexibility in using DeX. Like the standard HDMI adapter, the multiport adapter is also compact and easily pocketable. Once you have your preferred adapter or cable, follow these steps to connect your Galaxy smartphone to your monitor and start using DeX:. You should see the Samsung DeX logo appear on your monitor as it quickly boots up. Connect or pair your keyboard and mouse. If you have the multiport adapter, you have the option of connecting via USB 3. You can also choose to use your phone as a touchpad instead of connecting a mouse; see more on that below. The classic, original version of DeX is all about powering a desktop experience without your PC. You can view DeX for PC in full screen mode or as a floating window alongside your laptop applications. While the classic DeX is great for users who want to ditch their laptop and use just their phone, DeX for PC is about bringing together both devices on a single screen. You can also transfer files and photos to and from your phone with an easy drag and drop. This is particularly common on TVs where the picture may be set to a certain aspect ratio. Screen mirroring is useful in some circumstances, but DeX gives you a much different, completely optimized desktop computing experience for productivity work on a larger screen. Tap the notification to go into DeX mode. When using DeX on a tablet, you can also use your screen as a graphics pad to sketch and draw. You can also use right-click functionality and keyboard shortcuts. Two current features include allowing DeX to force apps to resize and auto-open the last used app. To activate, click the DeX logo on the bottom right of your screen, open DeX Labs and toggle the features on. This will allow you to view it in a larger window or even in fully maximized view. Your comprehensive guide to rolling out a mobile-only solution for your workers. Download Now. Samsung DeX is intuitive and an easy learning curve for most Galaxy smartphone or tablet users, but here are a few tips to help you become familiar with the interface. You can also exit DeX mode here or switch to screen mirroring. Apps Tray: Next to the DeX logo at the bottom left of the interface, the apps tray icon the grid with nine dots gives you access to all of the apps on your phone. Recent, Home and Back: The other three icons in the bar at the bottom-right of your screen will be familiar.

How to use Samsung’s DeX mode on the Galaxy Note 10, S10, and more

However, in device manager on Windows the phone appears with an exclamation next to it. Have tried to update the driver, install the driver separately, cleared the registry etc But still can't get it to work. Are you using a Dex Cable or a Dex Station? What version of Windows are you using on your computer? I am using windows 10 on a desktop. There seems to be some kind of conflict and the driver is either not getting installed or is somehow in conflict with something else. Tried this on a friend's laptop, using the same cable and it worked first time round. That laptop is a 5 year old machine. My desktop is hardly 2 years old, so it can't be that either. Some kind of conflict or corruption is taking place as the device is detected in device manager but has an asterisk next to it and behaves as though no driver is installed. However, dex works on the laptop fine, even after the mods, so its not the mods, the cable or the phone. I have tried uninstalling everything, including ADB drivers, samsung drivers and dex. But nothing seems to be working. When installing the samsung driver from the website. It launches UAC and when you say yes, the pointer shows the system is busy for a few seconds and that's it. There's no dialog box or confirmation. Everytime you pluge phone in, Dex prompts that the driver is not installed and proceeds to install the driver. Would really like to use Dex on my own desktop as it will provide me with many benefits. In fact, one of the reasons I bought the device is to use dex on windows, after having used dex plenty before on older devices. It's an issue on my particular windows desktop, which I likely feel is a driver problem or some kind of conflict. The last resort is to do a fresh install of windows, but my desktop computer is my primary work computer and, I'd rather avoid doing a fresh install unless its absolutely necessary.

Samsung DeX Dock apparently works with Windows 10 Mobile Continuum

Another advantage to using this iteration of Dex is that you can quickly drag and drop files between smartphone and PC — no need to email yourself or use cloud storage. And the setup also means you can play many Android games on a bigger screen, without having to install Bluestacks or other emulators. XDA also says you should be able to run Linux on your laptop via this method, opening the door for more programs and functionality than running Android apps alone. The move will see police officers being able to dock their phones to a dash-mounted display and keyboard. Hadlee Simons. The Galaxy Note 10 phones are big upgrades over the Note 8 in almost every aspect. Just a quick glance at the list of specs and features alone might tempt you to ditch your Note …. More posts about Samsung. Do you want the Galaxy S30 to have an under-display selfie camera? Phillip Prado 4 hours ago. Scott Brown 1 day ago. Samsung Galaxy S20 review: What more could you want? Robert Triggs 2 days ago. March update leaves some Galaxy Note 9 devices with broken displays Phillip Prado 2 days ago. Eric Zeman 2 days ago. Comments Read comments. You Might Like. Scott Brown April 8, shares. Android 10 finally begins rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Fold Update. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus international giveaway! April 5, Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. Your source for all things Android!

Samsung Dex running Windows 10 on Shadow PC

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