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‘Westworld’ Recap ‘The Mother of Exiles’: The Clone Wars

In Westworld Season 2, Dolores set out to destroy Westworld, and in doing so found out the theme park's true purpose. However, her main aim was to make it to the Valley Beyond, a semi-mythical place where it was said that hosts could live free of human interference. In searching for the Valley, however, she discovered The Forge, a supercomputer owned by Delos the company behind Westworld that proved that the park was in reality a way of stealing data from the guests in order to create hosts that replicated their likeness and consciousness, giving people a chance at immortality—at a price. Finding out that the Valley Beyond was created by the humans, Dolores decided it was just another way of being under human control, so she decided to set out into the real world instead. As she destroyed The Forge, she stole a number of data pearls featuring key consciousnesses she would need for her future plans, as well as a host-making machine. With this she made her escape. She uploaded her consciousness into a host designed to look like Charlotte Hale Tessa Thompsonwho she murdered earlier in Season 2 after she tried to stop Dolores' army reach the Valley Beyond. Then, all she had to do was leave with a Delos evacuation team after she caused a flood. We then saw Dolores put a new pearl into the Charlotte host body after Dolores remade her original body for herself. Westworld Season 2, however, did not reveal which consciousness now resided in the Charlotte body. Meanwhile, Maeve was on the hunt for her daughter. This hunt not only took her to Shogunworld, a sister theme park to Westworld with a samurai theme, but also saw her continue to alter her code to give herself what are effectively superpowers, including the ability to control other host bodies. She too ended the series at the Valley Beyond, where she was intending to live with her daughter. However, as her daughter accessed the host heaven, Maeve was gunned down in the crossfire between the Delos guards and the "Ghost Nation" of Native American hosts—though it was revealed at the end that she gets rebooted by Delos engineers Felix Leonardo Nam and Sylvester Ptolemy Slocum. After a season of discovery, Bernard also finds himself outside of Westworld. Though he was killed in Season 2, Dolores builds him a new body and puts his conscience into it so as to effectively act as her conscience, one who is better able to empathise and negotiate with humans. Bernard's conscience, meanwhile, is Dr. Ford Anthony Hopkinswho was killed by Dolores but who nevertheless still exists inside Bernard. Alongside these interwoven plots, Westworld Season 2 also continued telling the story of the Man in Black Ed Harriswho was revealed to be a future version of a former theme park guest Jimmi Simpson who has also vowed to destroy Westworld for unspecified reasons that most likely have something to do with the fact that his wife killed herself after learning of the barbarity he was capable of in the theme park, which also poisoned his relationship with his daughter. In one of the most confusing plotlines of Westworldhe may have killed his daughter in the theme park, or he may have killed a host version sent by Dr. Ford to trick him. Either way, right at the end of Season 2, we see him speaking to his daughter again or a host version of her. He too reached The Forge in the season, though it was not revealed exactly what happened to him when he got there. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.

‘Westworld’: Everything You Need to Remember Before Season 3

That was almost two years ago. You remember stuff. You know Evan Rachel Wood is the mean robot. And Jeffrey Wright is the nice robot. They fight and things go boom. Wasn't Jeffrey Wright someone else? Sounds right. One of the Hemsworths is in this, too. But not that Hemsworth. Or that Hemsworth. There's also James Marsden. In a cowboy hat. Can I ever enjoy moving images again after watching him in Sonic the Hedgehog? Ford built Bernard to program his fellow hosts, then recruited Dolores to help train Bernard, as she knew Arnold intimately Arnold himself had programmed Dolores, holding secret sessions with her and eventually ordering her to kill him several years before the park opened. In Season Two, our favorite farm girl was out for blood. Abernathy even got a glow-up to fit her new Rebel With a Cause vibe, going full gunslinger in a sleeveless blouse and a bandolier jam-packed with ammunition. At the Forge, Dolores and Bernard had an ideological showdown about the Door, a virtual portal to Eden for the hosts, where they can upload their consciousnesses to the cloud and live in eternal peace. Bernard then fled to the Mesa, where he watched in horror as Charlotte Hale murdered Elsie in cold blood. After Dolores escaped the park disguised as Hale, Bernard returned to consciousness across from Dolores, pristine in her season one blue dress, who claimed that she rebuilt him from memory, as she believed they both needed to exist in the real world in order for the hosts to survive as a species. You know who feels icky about all of this? Theodore Flood, our first-born son. Dolores deputized Teddy in her scorched earth quest to jailbreak the hosts out of Westworld, but his damn do-gooder programming got the best of him, causing him to set dissidents free and run afoul of Dolores. Their Bonnie and Clyde-style pilgrimage to the Valley Beyond came to an abrupt halt when Dolores sat Teddy down and forced him to watch videos of his many deaths. Yet as the season drew to a close, our sweet cowboy had misgivings about his violent new nature, and those misgivings led to his true awakening. Teddy remembered everything, all the way back to when he first met Dolores in Westworld HQ, and the cognitive dissonance between OG Teddy and killer Teddy broke his little brain pearl. In episode nine, newly woke Teddy and Dolores squared off about right and wrong, as Teddy mourned that he could not abide what Dolores had forced him to become. Just like that, Teddy put a gun to his head and committed robot suicide, then woke up as James Marsden in the Sonic movie. Life comes at you fast.

Westworld Season 2 Finale: Explained

EW unscrambles 'Reunion' to recap the latest 'Westworld' in chronological order. You're welcome. This is a cleverly constructed and rather complex episode, one that rewards a second viewing. The city! It the outside world is totally…uh…pretty much the same as now? Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? Next : The return of Logan and that amazing party scene. Ford telling Arnold to get Dolores ready. Next, we get into my favorite sequence in this episode: Logan and the cocktail party. We last saw the lascivious Logan being driven off into the desert naked on a horse by William in season 1. Logan is approached by a strange couple. Akecheta wants to give Logan a demo of their technology for investment consideration. They take him to a cocktail party. Logan is challenged to pick out which guest is a robot. I love this sequence because everybody on Westworld treats hosts as an everything thing. Here we finally get to see somebody freaking out just like we would if we met these robots for the first time. Logan wants to have a deep intellectual conversation with the hosts and give them various everyday tasks to see if they can pass for human, right? No, of course not; he just wants to have sex with them. Was anybody else surprised he only picked two of them to fool around with? Next : Introducing James Delos. And wait: Ford and Arnold were considering using Dolores for this instead of Angela? She would have stared off into the distance wide-eyed talking about stars and splendor and totally creeped Logan out. Angela, by the way, is arguably the weirdest host, having been programmed early on to be fully aware of her role in the park. Logan then decided not shown to invest in Westworld on his own. William tries out his Shark Tank pitch on James Delos. James Delos replies to this with a vulgar line that Ser Bronn of the Blackwater would have appreciated.

'Westworld' Recap: What Happened in Season 2? Timelines Explained

Is 'Thread of Deceit' on Netflix? Westworld first premiered on HBO back in the fall of Westworld Season 3, premiering this Sunday, March 15, follows some key characters as they break free of the park. Keep in mind this is by no means an exhaustive list of all things Westworld. This is just an easy recap of the biggest details, plot points, and incredible moments you need to remember to understand Westworld Season 3. Where to stream Westworld. Where to Stream: Westworld. More On: Westworld. Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, is the first host we meet in Westworld. Her character is in love with a gallant cowboy named Teddy James Marsden. However, the nature of her character means that she is often preyed upon and sexually abused by park guests. In Westworld Season 1, we watch as Dolores slowly gains consciousness, including an awareness of the pain that has been inflicted upon her. The season ends with her shooting the architect of Westworld, Ford Anthony Hopkins. It is this character background that gives her the aggression and combat skill needed to spark her bloody revolution. In Season 2, Dolores, Teddy, and another O. However, before she does Dolores saves a handful of pearls. Before the end of Season 2, though, a disturbed Teddy commits suicide in front of Dolores. Dolores and Bernard Jeffrey Wright visit the Forge, a place where Westworld has been collecting the data on every human guest and attempting to perfect immortal copies of these people to eventually put into host bodies. Bernard shoots her in the head to stop her vengeful plan, but then also copies her, and puts her consciousness into a copy of Charlotte Hale whom Dolores murders. She sets up shop in the lavish home Arnold was building in Los Angeles. After passing Dolores in the street, Maeve begins to question her reality. She has memories of living in a homestead with a little girl, her daughter. Maeve convinces Hector Rodrigo Santoro that their reality is not real, and the two fall in love. Maeve decides to get off the train and stay in Westworld to find her daughter.

What door? A lot happened in the last episode of the second season of Westworld. Hosts and humans converged in the Valley Beyond, Logan returned kind ofand Dolores took on a new, albeit familiar, form. For a detailed explainer, check out the full episode guide. There is much more to the troubled son of James Delos, whose virtual form lives within a simulation of Westworld, the Delos Mansion and the library filled with data from all guests from frequented the parks. Dolores has been making her way to the Valley Beyond all season while Akecheta has been on the hunt for The Door. After gaining access to the system, a new server allows The Door to open in the Valley Beyond, where hosts can enter, leave behind their bodies and have their minds live on in the Forge. Humans are unable to see The Door and thus cannot enter. She wants the real thing. With help from Bernard, her mind has been uploaded to a printed body of Charlotte Hale. In the present, Dolores boards a rescue boat out of the park. At the end, we see Dolores has reprinted herself and Bernard from her memories. After the credits, the Man in Black steps off an elevator in the Forge. He sees a host version of his daughter Emily. All episodes of Westworld are now available to stream. For a more in-depth read about the Season 2 finale, check out the official synopsis. Still catching up? Here's a handy guide to Season 2 Episode 9, "Vanishing Point. Read More.

Westworld Season 2 Timeline Explained

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