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Anybody know the true story on them?? I had a chance to compare them side by side today with other unmarked WASR's and the quality between the marked and unmarked rifles were night and day I also read somewhere about the triangle and arrow symbol indicating that they were military full auto versions. But the very best guns are made out of "G" kits. This g is found on the side of the rear site block. This was the highest deasignator of quality that I know of. Nice wasr. I also read the "g" is ground off by Century on these 's I really don't know for sure, but the info on these is sketchy at best. I bought it Actually impressed with the quality. Mags fit tight and lock up nice. Nothing slanted or canted Only this one out of 8 guns I looked at that had it. The Triangle Arrow guns are supposedly built on an unissued military guns that were demilled, that is why the quality seems higher The arrow in the triangle is the Romanian Arsenal mark. The "G" kits were Guard issued rifle demilled full auto kits. I can't determine when the underfolder was made, no clear markings on the trunnion that tell that. However the WASR is clearly better made in terms of the parts they used to assemble the rifle minus the receiver. No triangle, arrow or G marks but they both shoot straight. They've been good to me.

Gas Blocks

Below we tried to sum them all up. And mostly, because it would not make any sense to ever want to disassemble them. If you were however to build an AK from scratch, these are the components that you would need. In order to give the AK parts list some structure we needed to break it up in a sometimes arbitrary way. Use to run oily rags through the barrel. Some sets have two different size pins. Some other AK's have this a mount riveted in with 3 rivets. After market grips often use a shorter screw which allows room for storage in the pistol grip. Accessories While not really part of the gun itself we did want to point out the basic accessories. Magazine While we are not sure if we'd want to count the magazine as a part of the AK, we did want to break down the AK magazine components as well. If so, consider using any of the Amazon ads on this site as the starting point of your next online shopping expedition. This helps us keep our lights on and, it might make you feel good:. Request new password. Navigation Polls. Russian 7. Magnifier with Flip-to-side. AK Cleaning Rod. Kalashnikov Rifles. Buttstock Cleaning Kit. Feedjit Live Blog Stats. AK Parts Breakdown. Cleaning Kit:. Solid AK Optics Mount. Must have AK Tool! Bargain of the Month: Try and find a cheaper AK sling AK 5. Login to post comments Older polls. Want to support our free site at zero cost to you? Flip Up Backup Battle Sights. Official Soviet Manual. Bulldog Tactical AK Case. Tapco Retaining Plate. Sponsored Link. Romanian AK47 Bayonet 1st Pattern. AK Field Manual.

Cleaning the WASR-10 AKM / AK-47 - For Dummies

A firm AR Gas Block will all but eliminate your gun's recoil, making for a seamless recoil recovery and a quicker target acquisition in follow-up shots. It will also prevent the bolt from overheating, rendering your cool down period unnecessary. In the name of reliability, most AR manufacturers err on the side of over-gassing the operating system of the upper receiver, making the stock AR a bit of a beater rifle with a snappy recoil. The AR Adjustable Gas Block's purpose is to fine-tune the gas pressure on the standard, over-gassed direct impingement AR15 systems, which is does by sealing the gap between the gas tube and the gas port. Give your AR format a peak advantage with our superb catalog of gas blocks from top brands like Yankee Hill MachineNoveskeand Troy. Not only are all of our gas blocks manufactured from high-quality steel and finished with a mil-spec phosphate coating, but they come in an array of gas block sizes for every barrel diameter. If you have any questions about a specific gas block and want advice from an expert, our product specialists are on hand to lend you their years of expertise so don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call. Also, be sure to check out our incredible selection of AR Tactical Rails to go with your purchase. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should. While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options. Our site is powered by industry leading security standards for your protection. If possible, please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible experience. If you cannot enable JavaScript or you are having technical difficulties, please contact us — we are always here to help! Please Enable Your Browser's Cookies Functionality Cookies are not currently enabled in your browser, and due to this the functionality of our site will be severely restricted. Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet. Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential. If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help! Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Popular Brands. AIM Sports Inc. Odin Works Gas Block Adjustable. JP Enterprises. Doublestar Adjustable Gas Block Picatinny. Deals View All.

Gas Blocks

Whether you need magazines, a new tactical stock or pistol grip for your AK47, a muzzle brake, forearm, tri-rail or quadrail, a folding vertical grip or even more AK47 Rifle repair parts or accessories, you can find them here. Browse our complete selection now and order the parts you need to repair, maintain or improve your AK47 today. Have a question? Contact us for fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service! Please click on the picture to select Blue, Red or Green option. This product can be mounted with all External or Internal blocks. Please click on the picture to select your stock length options. Length 5. Length 4. Includes a custom fitted universal mounting rail and all mounting hardware. Finger groove for better handling. Storage compartment inside. One of the best grips available in our opinion. Extremely comfortable to help reduce felt recoil on your hand. Dramatically smooths and improves trigger pull while maintaining the same factory full power striking force. Can be adjusted easily. Direct replacement for factory dust cover. Works on all Saiga Shotguns and Rifles. Model M1-B. Replaces the gas tube to mount a scope or red dot sight. Fits most standard AK47s. Fits WASR Works with all Milspec stocks. Fits Romanian, Chinese, U. Dot can be changed to either Red or Green, multi brightness control. Reticle is a dot within an illuminated circle for fast target acquisition. Mounts to any accessory rail for an instant sling attachment point. US made Original AK47 style design. These will work in your Saiga 7. These will work in your Saiga 5. Easily mounts to most handguards. Allows you to attach vertical grips, lights, lasers and much more to your handguard. Replace your original locking plate with this and you have a perfect Sling attachment point. Designed to easily add a secure adjustable cheek rest to your Carolina Raptor stock. Used to easily index or time your muzzle brake or flash hider to the position you want. Install Rail in place of rear iron sight. AK External Receiver Block stock extension. Rifle and Shotgun Internal Receiver Block allows you to attach a bolt on stock or folding stock to your receiver. Attaches to any Internal or External block to easily allow your bolt on stock to fold.

Cleaning the WASR-10 AKM / AK-47 - For Dummies

But what about a non-Western exemplar for the 20th century and beyond? The reasoning behind this new approach to weapon design was derived from the hard-earned knowledge gained through extensive urban combat in Europe during WWII. In many cases, engagements occurred within yards and a superior rate of fire often decided the contests. A rifle that could fire in bursts and be optimally effective out to a few hundred yards seemed to offer the best of both worlds. Kalashnikov no doubt recognized this fact through firsthand experience: He was a tanker in WWII, who proved to have a knack for engineering and re-engineering military equipment. The culmination of a host of early prototypes that Kalashnikov developed, enhanced and refined, the first AK appeared in the late s and quickly became the dominant weapon design for the Soviets. At its core, the AK was and is utterly simple—both in operation and manufacturing. A gas port in the barrel, located at the degree-angled gas block roughly 2 inches forward of the handguard, taps gas off the bore when a cartridge is fired. This gas impacts against the forward face of a large gas piston, which is affixed directly to the bolt carrier assembly. As a result, the force of the gas pushes back this large, heavy chunk of steel to rotate and unlock the dual-lugged bolt from its locking recesses to cycle the action. Although a long-stroke piston system may not be the most conducive to precision accuracy, it does lend itself to remarkable reliability due to the heavy mass of steel cycling the action and also to vigorously ejected fired cases. Compared with the AR and its numerous buttons and extensions, the AK takes a much more simplified approach. Its external controls are few in number and easy to operate. Initially, the AK was to be built on a stamped sheet-steel receiver due to the reduced cost and light weight of the medium. However, early production variants had a tendency to warp under extreme heat, so a milled steel receiver which was heavier and more material intensive to manufacture eventually became the standard for early-era production AK rifles. Similar in spirit to the German 7. The result was a cartridge that could be fielded in a smaller and lighter firearm and would have the potential to excel in a select-fire weapon. Once the cartridge found a home in the AK, there was no looking back. Once issues concerning Soviet sheet-steel production and manufacturing had been addressed, the AK went back to the drawing board. To accommodate this thinner, lighter material, the receiver featured a stressed-steel trunnion located in the forward portion of the receiver. A rear steel stock attachment trunnion was located in the rear section of the receiver. Also, the AKM included a top cover stamped from thinner metal but featuring reinforcing ribs to maintain strength and rigidity. An interesting characteristic of the brake is its rightward clockwise rotation, which helps offset recoil for right-handed shooters. The resulting AKM became the most commonly encountered and recognizable variant of the AK platform, one produced in the tens of millions throughout the world. If you were to watch the news today, you would likely see, in hot spots around the world, numerous examples and variations of the humble AKM—often fighting on both sides of the conflict! Thanks to the efforts of Century Arms, you can acquire your own semi-automatic-only variant of the AKM right now. With a history dating back more than two centuries, Cugir has produced numerous variants of the basic AK platform for not only domestic use but also export. Due to the nature of current U. Once they arrive, the requisite number of U. The resulting rifle is a reasonably close semi-automatic approximation of an AKM, with a few differences.

AK-47 - Wood Furniture Removal (plus Field Strip & Assembly)

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