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People all over the world are organized into social groups based on kinship or clan. These groups of people have distinct ways of living depending on their creativity and experiences. Most interesting are the systems that they acquire to help them in communication. The people got their name in an interesting manner. They make up more than 1. In the Republic of Botswana, there are eight tribes which speak Tswana and are considered the major tribes. The Tswana tribe three main groups came from three brothers who parted ways with Chief Malope, their father. It is in South Africa where the largest number of Tswana people lives. Under the Apartheid regime, the Tswana people were Bophuthatswana citizen. The culture of the Batswana, the Tswana people, is dominant among all the other small groups. Cattle keeping has been the source of status and wealth for Tswana people and other minority groups in Botswana. Cattle keeping and Bayei fishing methods of Tswana and Batawana have been used as means to exchange cultural values between different groups of communities. There has been the introduction of western culture among Tswana people in the form of technology, business, media, tourism and consumer goods in urban areas. However, different aspects of cultures such as ritual ceremonies and traditional clothing in rural areas have disappeared. Some like dance and music, cattle keeping and traditional medicine have continued to persist. These changes have brought about improved education and health facilities which have improved the living standards of some people. They have a very interesting belief system of Cults which were the traditional religions. Both modern and traditional music and dance have been adopted by Tswana people. They perform these in all their daily activities and ceremonies such as funerals and weddings. Speaking of funeral, as they have become quite expensive do check out these monthly funeral plans if you do not want your family to spend a ton of money paying for the funeral. Music and dance are also taught in primary, secondary and even colleges where teachers and students organize music and dance competitions. Traditional dancers also perform in public holidays wearing beaded jewellery and skins. Tswana or Setswana is the language spoken by the Tswana people and is one of the Southern Bantu languages of big Niger-Congo language group. Setswana which is related to Sesotho and Sependi is part of the language of Sotho-Tswana. Setswana is a tonal and agglutinative language, in which prefixes and suffixes alter sentence meaning. Setswana was developed and codified by European missionary H.


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Setswana Language

Botswana is a young nation, having achieved independence only just over six decades ago, trailing behind a history of unsympathetic British colonization, conflicts between tribal enclaves and disturbing migrations by ethnic groups and the Boers. In spite of its history, the multi-ethic nation is joined together by its loyal patriotism and is one of the most successful African nations at the present time. The Batswana are descended mainly from Bantu-speaking tribes who migrated southward into the region years ago, living in tribal enclaves as farmers and herders. Several Iron Age cultures flourished from around AD, with the Toutswe, based in the eastern region of what is now Botswana, relying on cattle held in kraals as their source of wealth. In contrast, the adjacent Mapungubwe tribes relied on gold as proof of status and hierarchy. By the 13th century, Toutswe lands were exhausted from drought and over-grazing, and the culture collapsed in spite of its success as a trading nation. Until the arrival of Europeans in the 19th century, tribal way of life, including the prestige granted to the owners of large herds of cattle, reigned supreme across the region. The region soon descended into anarchy, with the Bakololo tribes entering into conflict and the Boers themselves fighting for a share of the land. The war continued untilwhen a treaty was signed between the Boers and the Batswana. Around the same time, missionaries from the London Missionary Society began infiltrating the region in an attempt to spread Christianity throughout the tribes. The famous explorer David Livingstone was one of the first to arrive and founded a school in Kolobeng in Gaborone came into being aroundat first as a tiny settlement alongside a fort built by Cecil Rhodes, founder of the De Beers diamond-mining company. A building frenzy resulted and within a few years, the sleepy town had changed to a small modern metropolis with a population of 5, Every one of the many ethnic cultures in Botswana has its own heritage of myths, legends, rituals, values and traditional artistic norms. However, the overlapping similarities between the different components create a homogenous culture, giving a rich and colorful patchwork of the diverse whole. Marriage rites and ceremonies differ considerably between the tribes, but all are accepted in the many intermarriages taking place. Setswana, originally the tongue of the Tswana group, is the official language of Botswana, with English the main business language. Various Tsawna tribes speak dialects of Setswana, while others speak unrelated languages at home, but use Setswana in their everyday life. Batswana are proud, strong people, with a sense of unity linking them all to the democratic and peaceful development of their country. The dominant religion is Christianity, with a number of sects represented. The modern lifestyle has permeated the cities, but traditions are still very much in evidence in the rural communities through clothing, housing, dance and performances, music, food and rituals, all rooted in the Setswana language. Poetry is considered one of the premier cultural arts, and is alive and well in 21st century Botswana. Recently, the ancient oral tradition of myths and the unique praise poetry were transcribed and recorded, ensuring the craft is not lost over the generations. The massive trees are still the center of rural life for many Batswana. Consultation is important here, within the family, the local environment and at governmental level from the President downwards, with all those involved having a say. In rural areas, cattle are still a sign of wealth, and traditional medicine is practiced along with its modern equivalent. A smile and handshake are essential greetings, with the left hand placed under the right elbow. The same gesture shows appreciation for a gift or assistance. Politeness in everyday life is important as Botswana is a peaceful place. Click here to learn about the Weather in Botswana. South Carolina.

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Tired scouring the internet for a perfect name, which makes your baby stand out in the crowd? Botswana, a country located in Southern Africa, has a landscape defined by the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert. Just like its landscape, even its culture and heritage is vibrant and rich. Tswana names bear a multilayered significance. The names Botswana people bestow on their offspring depict the power of God. The names revolve around the aspirations, deeds, or plans of the Almighty. Some Botswana people also name their children after family members or relatives who passed away. Barulaganye is a serious and sober name but has a whimsy feel to it. So grab it before it becomes too familiar. Some of the Tswana names reflect the way a child is looked at the time of birth. If she looks exceptionally pretty, she might be given this beautiful Setswana baby name Bontle. And its short form, Shelo, has a trend-worthy and fresh sound as well! We think Dipuo is one of the most wearable Tswana baby names. It has a catchy sound and an easy pronunciation. For the nickname, you can safely pick Medi. But its association with gout may put off some parents. This name is patiently waiting for more mothers to consider its beauty and charm. This antiquated Tswana name has started showing signs of revival. We think Americans would adore this name from across the pond. Keeya is one of the most promising Tswana names. This name is full of positive vibes and spirit, making it ideal for a little adventurer. Keitumetse sounds a bit unusual and different, but we love every bit of this four-syllable name. Indeed, we all must be thankful to God for whatever he has given us. The Botswana women believe that delivering a baby girl is easier than delivering a baby boy. Keneilwe is a name with loads of potential, more so because of its attractive nickname Kenny. If you want a name with a genuine depth, pick Lesedi for your daughter. Give this lovely name a little more time in the spotlight and see it rise and shine. Lorato would make a unique alternative to the common Christian name, Loreto. An excellent way to let people know that there are two princesses in your house. This is a name with a lovely history. We feel this sassy Tswana baby name for girls is more than ready for use in the American countries. She will also aim to live up to her name.

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