Venus square pluto personality

Venus – Pluto Aspects: Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition

Updated: Aug 1, When Pluto and Venus are in contact in the natal chart, you feel compelled, magnetized to enter relationships. You feel hypnotized by your attractions, and will do everything in your power to get the person you want. Pluto is obsessive and controlling, because of the underlying emotional insecurity. This process is completely subconscious and is meant to repeat itself, until you develop your own self-love, your own feeling of wholeness, and awaken to your patterns. My recommendation. Pluto rules the taboos, and with Pluto-Venus in contact you feel drawn to shock the social conventions with your relationship style very common too during a Pluto-Venus transit. Maybe you collect sexual partners, or you want an open relationship, or you claim being fine with your partner flirting or having sexual relationships with others. Whatever form this takes, you can feel really excited about challenging and shocking the accepted norm. Once you learn how to love and nurture yourself something the trine and sextile learn how to do more easily and naturally all of the above can be avoided and you can benefit from the plus sides of Pluto — Venus contact. Pluto-Venus is extremely sensual, sexual, charming, magnetic. Often the person is extremely popular romantically because others can feel their depth, capacity to understand them, their capacity to push them towards growth, and their sexual energy. Want more? Check out our Astrology readings. Nov 21, Pluto — Venus aspects: Hypnotizing. Recent Posts See All. Neptune - Moon difficult aspects in the natal chart: Emotional confusion. Planets square the Lunar Nodes. Difficult Neptune - Sun contacts: You can't heal what you don't reveal. My reading list. Transit Pluto square Moon: My personal journey. Nessus in the natal chart: The cycle of abuse. Transits in Astrology: What to expect and how to learn from it. Light and shadow of the zodiac signs. Why your rising sign is more than just a mask. Chiron in aspect in the natal chart. Narcissistic personalities and their victims: An Astrology outlook. When will you meet someone?

Venus Square Pluto – Dangerous Obsession

Venus conjunct Pluto. Your emotions, particularly when it comes to feelings of love and attachment, run very deep. Your personality is magnetic, and you tend to arouse strong feelings in others, who may find you intriguing or somehow offensive! And all of this before you even open your mouth. In love, you can be quite possessive and possibly obsessive. At the root of obsessive feelings are deep fears of rejection, loss, and betrayal. Your feelings often run hot or cold—your love nature is generally extreme. You are certainly most charming when you want to be. Love relationships turn your world upside down. You are likely to experience love at first sight, as you tend to work on instinct when it comes to affairs of the heart. Your relationships often feel fateful. You easily put pressure on your partner, as you expect much loyalty and honesty in your intimate relationships. Be careful not to let your relationships get to a point where your partner is superfluous and you are working through your own inner demons through him or her. Certainly, you will learn much about yourself through your relationships, and you may not always like what you see. On another level, you may have a talent for drama, writing lyrics, music in general, and finance. Your values and thoughts center on love, which can easily become the hub of your life. Early in a relationship, you are apt to be jealous and possessive, but with time and experience this can be transformed into a higher, more mature type of attachment. You are willing to give your all to your beloved but demand the same in return. Your strongest desire is for an all-consuming love that will bring you satisfaction on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual. With aspects to Mars or Neptune, there could be a preoccupation with or compulsive attitude toward sex. You live on the emotional extremes. Your feelings are deep and volcanic. You love power and control which is fine if you have learned to control yourself. You are magnetic and surrounded with an aura of mystery. You deal with groups and group resources. You may have leadership in some creative project or in some financial enterprise. You polarize people: they either love you or hate you but are seldom indifferent to you. Your love relationships are very passionate and intense, and you experience both agony and ecstasy in love. You are always changed in a deep, fundamental way by your love experiences, though this may come about through painful and difficult confrontations or separations. You are something of an emotional fanatic about things you care about. You are the stuff of saints and martyrs because you engage in your beliefs with a fanatical desire to conquer anyone in your path. A physical love relationship can make or break your spiritual connection, depending on your ability to nurture the depth of feeling. Interpretation sample from the Your Spiritual Path report. Venus square or opposition Pluto. Your feelings are intense, and even extreme, when it comes to love. You might attract intense relationships that have love-hate themes as a result.

Venus Conjunct Pluto ~ Madly & Deeply

Why is it that your relationships always seem to be blindsided by things you never saw coming? Love and romance have never been the easiest areas for you. Oh, you're interested, all right. Very much so. You were aware at an early age of the power of sex and seduction, and saw how certain people can be manipulated with the promise of passion; perhaps you learned these skills unconsciously from early childhood experiences. When you fall in love, you're sure it's for keeps, every time. You have the utmost devotion for your lover, but worry that they don't love you the same way you love them. You're always on the lookout for signals that their affection is waning. Little do you know that your very suspicion drives them away; who wants their fidelity constantly doubted and tested? Your demands on your lover's time, attention and affection can be wearisome. You have motivations that aren't obvious even to you, which drive you to partner up for riches, status or even sex. Awareness, honesty and making conscious choices will help you unlock the great potential of this aspect -- powerful love and transformative relationships. Venus square Pluto in the Compatibility Chart. Venus square Pluto in the Transit Chart. Venus square Pluto in the Composite Chart. Venus square Pluto in the Solar Return Chart. I am a female and this aspect has been very hard for me. Can you tell me more about how this affects me, and if it could be overcome in any way, such as by specific transits. Thank you. Hello Alexandra, yes, I can imagine how this is difficult for you both socially and romantically. Without seeing the rest of your chart, it seems there would be a lot of power plays, obsession, control, abuse and manipulation with your connection to others — working both ways. It also indicates you have a lot of power that others are threatened by and will use it against you. Pluto is the planet of transformation and is associated with therapy. If you want to work through this I suggest you seek the help of a professional who has dealt with these types of issues. It is imperative you find someone with experience. Wishing you all the best. Also, I have Saturn in the 11th house. My Pluto square Venus, and Saturn. I think, it is very negative and hard for marriage.

The Venus square pluto aspect makes for an individual who possesses a magnetic persona but also a tendency to be a little too controlling and possessive. The Venus square pluto man is likely to be a charming lothario while the Venus square Pluto woman is liable to be a femme fatale with a strong libido. These people are likely to exude an aura of strength and passion and may possess eyes that are penetrating. Under this square aspect however, there may exist a tendency for being too overbearing and controlling in their dealing with others especially romantic partners and a tendency to find in them cause for jealousy or suspicion of cheating. The Venus square Pluto personality may exhibit unbridled passion that may get out of hand and sometimes land said person in hot water. Violence and vindictiveness could be an issue and the people they love may often feel treated like objects in their possession. There may be a proclivity towards jealousy that can compel the Venus square Pluto individual to obsessively monitor and keep tabs on their significant others. Their controlling and intense natures may interfere with the quality of their relationships and may effectively run people away from them. At times, their relationships can become unbearable and destructive yet may often persist longer than they should. The Venus square Pluto person is likely prone to obsessive behavior and may be unwilling to relinquish whatever power or influence they have other another. They are deeply sensitive yet emotionally intense and are capable of inflicting pain with their sharp tongue and mean streak. Their outbursts can reduce others to tears but afterwards, they may feel repentant and remorseful of their actions. The Venus Square Pluto aspect points to a potential fear or area of difficulty that needs to be dealt with concerning love and power. There is dissonance between Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art and harmony and the planet Pluto which governs taboos, transformation, power struggles and upheavals. With this aspect it is likely that there are issues revolving around possessiveness and or obstacles to the attainment of that which is desired. Loved may be impeded by overbearing tendencies or an inability to express romantic affections openly. There may be hang-ups and inhibitions preventing the emotional vulnerability required for establishing satisfyingly intimate connections. There are changes that need to take place along with some amends and reconciliations. There may be a need for emotional healing and deep introspection so as to sort out and decide where the heart truly lies. This transit period may indicate an unfavorable turn in matters of relationships or finances. Venus square Pluto could signal a break up or betrayal and management of money may become a pain. During this period, among the pecuniary woes at play may be debts to others and sudden losses of money, such as through gambling or theft. This may be a bad time to take financial risks and probably a good time to be prudent and conservative with resources. Relationships may be subject to a turn for the worse. The death of a romance may be at hand or due for a radical change in direction that is transformative. If a relationship can survive and surmount the perils and challenges it encounters during this period, it may be evidence that it is a union with long term potential and positive prospects. The Venus square Pluto couple may have a relationship dynamic that can be described as magnetic and intoxicating yet wrought with turbulence and difficulty. These two may have a strong affinity for one another but may experience friction revolving around control and jealousy. The Pluto person may treat their partner like a pygmalion project and attempt to mold the Venus person according to their ideals. The Venus square Pluto attraction may be accompanied with brainwashing and manipulation as well as verbal and psychological abuse in worst case scenarios. Venus square Pluto synastry may suggest an unhealthy or dangerous obsession with one another that may include stalking and other creepy behavior. Perhaps one or both partners are narcissistic with a desire for power over one another. They may be consumed with similar desires to possess and get their lover to submit to their passion. William Shakespeare — Born: April 23, Julian cal.

Venus conjunct Pluto loves truly, madly, deeply. There is no chance of having a lighthearted fling with these folk. They will do their utmost to keep you from leaving them as they have a horror of abandonment. Venus conjunct Pluto will do everything in their power to charm, seduce and manipulate you into being their soulmate for all eternity. These folk can be terribly jealous and possessive especially if the conjunction is found in the signs of Scorpio or Taurus. Venus conjunct Pluto creates artists and writers who can take you on a journey of transformation. Their words will cast spells on your soul and it will be hard to ignore any artwork they produce. Some of them make extraordinary make-up artists or hairstylists who can take the most ordinary physique and make it appear stunningly beautiful. Pluto is power and Venus is beauty so these folk can use this combination for very seductive advertising and propaganda. Of course, using sex to sell will be another of their talents. Not every Venus conjunct Pluto native will be visually attractive, but they will have tremendous magnetism and therefore be difficult to resist. Venus entices others to her without much effort. They can use their financial status to attract even more power. In its most negative expression, this person can be a super narcissist who will be ruthless in their pursuit of a rich and successful partner. Venus conjunct Pluto will make no bones about going after your spouse either, all is fair in love and war! If for example their partner is put in prison for many years, or they become ill with a serious, debilitating disease, they will stick with them until the bitter end. Venus conjunct Pluto is not afraid of ugly, gut-wrenching emotions and psychological trauma. In fact, a relationship which is too normal and happy, might not be challenging enough for them and they may seek drama outside the union. It would be best if these folk have an occupation that gives feeds their craving for diving into emotional depths and subsequent resurrection. I wonder how this might be affected if the Venus conjunct Pluto were to reside in the 12th house? Sun is on Regulus, South Node is opposite Algol. Intensity plus… An exciting and exhausting man…. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:. Intensity plus… An exciting and exhausting man… Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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