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FPV Drone Simulators: Everything You Need to Know

Image credit — Oscar Liang. Are you looking for the best free drone or quadcopter simulator? Happy flying! Using a Unity game engine, the Hotprops drone simulator offers great graphics and flight physics. Adjustable parameters let you vary battery cell number e. This helps you model the precise flight physics of your real-life racing drone. Although the DRL drone simulator falls short with its flight physics and realism, the maps and scenery are some of the best in any drone simulator paid or unpaid. The real focus of the DRL drone simulator is fun — navigate tall buildings, shipyards, abandoned factories, or many of the tracks featured in the real-life Drone Racing League DRL in single player and online multiplayer modes. Like the Hotprops drone simulator, you have fully adjustable parameters to play with thrust to weight ratio, camera angle etc. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. Additionally, Fpvdronereviews. Image credit — Oscar Liang Are you looking for the best free drone or quadcopter simulator? Download for free — HERE. Download free trial — HERE. Buy HERE. Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer Statement Fpvdronereviews. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it!

Velocidrone: The Most Realistic FPV Simulator?

Velocidrone is an FPV simulator that has many promising features, such as multiplayer, track editor, real-life drones, and race tracks that match real-life specifications. Views and advice in this article are that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or views of GetFPV. It blew my mind about how fast he was going, and how he was at full throttle the whole time. At that moment I knew I wanted the simulator, however, I was skeptical about whether my machine could run the simulator, given that I did not have a gaming computer or anything close to it. Upon first inspection, the user interface is quite good. Buttons are large and you can tell easily where to go. Setting up my Taranis QX7 was pretty simple. However, there was no setup wizard, and you have to assign the throttle stick to the throttle input yourself. One neat thing about the controller setup is that you can also assign switches. This is good because you can hit reset, start a race, and many other functions without ever needing to touch the keyboard. The flying experience is also really nice upon my first time trying. One downside is that the simulator comes at a high setting, and graphics need to be set up to suit your computer. Videos about that can be found in the links section below. This took some time to change while the game had lag. After that, the simulator ran really smoothly and gave me good first impressions. The setup of the game was a bit challenging. To get the game, you have to go to the Velocidrone website, and not from Steam. Many steps were needed from downloading the files to extract the files, and without any guidance, it would be hard to do. Thankfully, Velocidrone has a YouTube channel showing you how to set up the simulator from downloading it all the way to playing it. After downloading the game, there is another thing you have to do before flying. Setting up the controller! Setting up the controller is very easy in this simulator. There is a setup wizard that takes you through everything. It took me about five minutes to get my controller setup, and as long as windows can read your transmitter, Velocidrone should be able to work. Velocidrone has also kindly provided a radio setup video herewhich helps a lot if any problems occur. Velocidrone blew me away on how well it flew. Although it was not like real life, the performance of the virtual drones was very close. The default physics could be better with the hang-time being a bit off, but this can be changed in the settings. I was genuinely surprised that there was no noticeable lag on my low-end computer and the drone flew smoothly. Overall, the simulator is realistic and I really like how it flies. Another great thing about Velocidrone is the number of drones and the number of maps. The drones of Velocidrone are all prebuilt unlike Liftoff, but there is a wide selection of drones, from freestyle quads and race quads. For a few dollars more, there are also X-class quads and micros. The number of maps is also really good, with some at night, and some in scenery that you can only fly in the simulator.

Official VelociDrone Leaderboard Overview (Version 1.16)

Control one of the available models of drones and race against other competitors in multiple tracks fully simulating the experience. The game features complex controls for dully managing the body of a drone to avoid barriers and get through designated gates. Velocidrone 1. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. Velocidrone lies within Games, more precisely Racing. This tool was originally developed by Bat Cave Games. VelociDrone is a multi-player and single player FPV drone racing simulator. Using real world racing drones, you can fly through an unlimited array of custom tracks with a variety of gates and barriers. This game features a Time Attack mode, which lets you set the time and improve it by racing against yourself. Windows Mac. Windows Games Racing Velocidrone Velocidrone. Download now. Developer: Bat Cave Games. Download Velocidrone. Comments You can also add comment via Facebook. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. Subscribe to comments:. Latest update: May 16, Related software. Out Of G Zone Racing. Dual Drive Pro Racing. Turbonika Racing. Express Checkout Racing. Speed Rally Racing. Redneck Racers Racing. Downloaded for. Velocidrone download. Appetizer Automation. How to clean registry featured. Twitter Facebook.

This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

No matter where you are in your FPV journey the universal thing that will make you better is practice. It's a no brainer that there is positive relationship between stick time and ability wherever you fall on the spectrum. Drone Simulators can help you speed things up a bit, gain confidence and test various maneuvers. Thinking logically lets be generous and say that a standard quad flight lasts for three minutes if my quads get 2 minutes I'm happy! If I play on the sim for an hour that is the equivalent of flying 30 lipos, that is about two of my weekly flying sessions for me in only one hour. Even if you say that an hour in the sim half as effective as real practice then an extra hour a week would make a huge difference to your ability as a pilot. This is why I suggest everybody should practice on a sim as often as possible. Using low settings some sims can run on basic machines with dedicated graphics cards and even some modern ones with integrated systems. Some sims let you try them out before you buy to see if they are suitable however most sims list minimum specs that you should always follow. An underpowered machine will result in a low frame rate which will make flying far more difficult and frustrating. No sim really uses cutting edge graphics but for the best experience you should look for a PC with a Nvidia GTX or better. Different quad sims have different graphics requirements so pick one to suit your needs. Personally I use a Macbook Air for my sims. It will run the best sims on the lowest settings smooth enough but I would recommend something with a little more graphical power. The best controller for any drone sim is going to be a real transmitter. You can use a generic gaming controller however the precision it gives you is severely limited and you will find things much harder. The other issue is that gaming controllers tend to have centering sticks. For flying a drone we really want no spring on the throttle. Could you imagine driving a car with the throttle sprung in the middle? The problem is that most people don't have a transmitter to begin with but do have a computer and want to give it a try. My advice would be to order a transmitter and use a gaming controller if you really can't wait for it to arrive. Just bear in mind that controlling the quad will be far harder. For recommendations on transmitters please see our Drone Controller Guide. Using a transmitter is great however the problem many users run into is getting them to work with their device. So lets move on to the Sims themselves! I'm going to try and make you aware of as many sims as possible but please bear in mind that firstly these are my personal opinions and secondly I haven't got the time to try all of them. I suggest for any sim researching it yourself and if possible downloading a trial version.

Velocidrone: The Most Realistic FPV Simulator?

FPV drone simulators have become a fundamental aspect of the hobby. As the hobby grew, so did the quality and quantity of available FPV drone simulators. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about FPV drone simulators from what is available to simulator tuning. The main advantage of FPV drone simulators is their low entry cost. For just a few dollars you can enter the drone racing hobby. For that price, you receive unlimited virtual repairs and the basic tools required to become a seasoned professional. All pilots benefit from simulators as it is a cheap and effective method of practicing. Through simulators, I have learnt new manuevours which I can then apply in real life with high precision and confidence. This video below shows the results of GetFPV team member Jaco after spending hours in the simulator and going for his first real flight. What Simulators are Available? Currently, there are numerous FPV drone simulators available. Listed below are my top 5, all of which I own or have used. Personally, I do not think that simulator choice is essential however I recommend sticking to one simulator and becoming accustomed to its unique flight characteristics. That said, I recommend looking over the features of each available simulator to determine which best suits your needs. Velocidrone is currently my FPV drone simulator of choice. It was the simulator which I used to practice for the Australian Drone Nationals and led me to finish in 10 th position out of 64 pilots. The game has excellent physics with a high degree of customisability. Through physics adjustments and rate tuning, I easily tuned Velocidrone to feel like my own quad. Liftoff is perhaps the most popular or well known of the FPV drone simulators. It has amazing graphics, good physics and the ability to pick and choose components to build your own quad. If my laptop was able to run Liftoff without lag, this simulator would have taken the number one spot on my personal list. Like the other games, this also has good physics and graphics. FPV Freerider was my first simulator. It does however have a random track generator, a feature which is unique to this simulator. For the low price, I went from an absolute novice to a consistent but relatively slow pilot within a 6-month time frame. Freerider also has a mobile version which is an excellent way to practice when away from home. Newer computer hardware such as an Intel i9 or Nvidia RTX will allow the simulators to run at higher frame rates with better graphics. Higher simulator frame rates make movements feel smoother and more natural. If you want to simulate real FPV however, you can always limit the frame rate to 30 frames per second. A controller is an obvious requirement for the simulator unless you wish to use the keyboard. I strongly recommend that you use the same controller you fly with for FPV drone simulators.

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