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iOS 12.4.6 released for iPhone 5s, 6 and older iPads

Prasad 25 March Apple iOS. If you have an older iOS device and were feeling left out when all the newer stuff got iOS No, you're not getting Apple also rolled out iOS As mentioned before, the update merely includes security patches against any new exploits and doesn't add any new features. That is understandable, however, as some of these devices are quite old at this point. The oldest device here, the iPhone 5s, was released back in The fact that it is still getting software updates at all is probably a record of some sort. So for those still holding on to these devices, we suggest you go to Settings and install the update. It might seem trivial but Apple wouldn't have released it if it wasn't necessary. Battery always drains more after an update, for a few days or so depending on how much stuff you are hoarding on your device. The OS is re-indexing all files after each update and that takes a toll on battery and CPU for a few days. There are no slow Android One has proven little different from the main branch, with updates dependent on the device manufacturer. How many devices have waited 4, 5 months for the update? How many still wait? OnePlus 7T review. Prasad 25 March Apple iOS. Reader comments A. Read all comments Post your comment.

Here’s how to download iOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Before we jump into the download instructions, make sure iTunes is on the latest version on your computer:. Also, make sure your data has been backed up using iTunes or iCloud and disable the following features — they can be re-enabled later:. The smallest and fastest update method this may be, it is not recommended if you are going to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad:. If you want an earlier version of the iOS firmware, there is only one way to downgrade — follow the guide at the link below:. In this page we keep you updated with the latest iOS 12 jailbreak tools available that allow you to download Cydia on your iPhone and iPad. Go ahead, update to iOS 12 and follow us on Facebook for more updated news. If i do hard reboot and than setup ios manually is it work? Do we know if there will be any jailbreaks for Also, will jailbreaking help remove the iCloud Activation Lock? I purchased the phone through a legal government auction, but before going to Apple with all the paperwork, etc. I thought I would try alternative means. It may be iOS Otherwise, you are already running the latest for your device. How to download cydia app i cant find link cydia app Can you help me cydia app Tx before. You will lose your jailbreak. Wait till there is iOS 13 Jailbreak ready. Follow our Facebook page for updates. I want to downgrade from ios Hi team I have iphone 6 with ios Hi, I have iOS 13 installed on my iPhone 6s. Hi I have an iPhone 7 that is currently running iOS Your email address will not be published. January 26, iOS 12 — iOS Use a desktop browser and not a mobile browser.

UnrestrictPremium: Jailbreak Tweak Brings AirPlay And HDMI Support To Apps

Amazon and Woot are offering some really attractive deals on the iPhone 11 series, 9. Apple may have had to cancel the AirPower wireless chargerbut it is working on newer ways to offer a wireless charging solution to compatible Apple Watches and iPhones. Some of the features that could be a part of iOS 14 have already been leakedbut no one knows how they could end up looking like. An early iOS 14 build hints that Apple is working on a new feature that will let users access apps without having to install it. The feature will allow users to test a certain part of the app by scanning a QR code. According to a new patent filed by the iPhone maker, the company is working on a sleep tracking blanket and mattress. A new report by security firm Sophos claims that more than 3. In the past, we have seen how cybersecurity threats like malware, ransomware have affected millions of users. Fleeceware is the latest addition to the list. The issue is that if you own an iPhone X or newer with Face ID, you will realize that it fails to recognise your face if you are wearing a mask. The bigger issue is that the alternative appearance feature for Face ID which Apple first debuted in iOS 12 does not work with masks either. Whenever Apple launches a new product, other OEMs usually scramble to copy it. Unsurprisingly then, almost eight months after the Apple Card was released to the public in the United States, Huawei has gone ahead and announced the Huawei Card in China. The checra1n team has released a new beta of their tool v0. The update also introduces a new version of the kernel patch finder which has been written from the ground up for better speed. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Posted by Asif Shaik on Apr 09, Apple may have had to cancel the AirPower wireless chargerbut it is working on newer ways to offer a wireless charging solution to compatible Apple Watches and iPhones. Posted by Mahit Huilgol on Apr 09, An early iOS 14 build hints that Apple is working on a new feature that will let users access apps without having to install it. Posted by Mahit Huilgol on Apr 09, A new report by security firm Sophos claims that more than 3. Jailbreak iOS

How to Download and Install iOS 12 on iPhone iPad iPod touch

It always manages to delight us when large companies and corporations release their applications onto devices like the iPhone and iPad which allow us to watch digital content such as movies and TV shows by streaming it through their app onto our devices. Not in this life. But considering the restrictions applied by large companies like DirecTV, Amazon and HBO, with customers even paying monthly subscriptions for these services, it seems rather restrictive to say that the content is entirely restricted to that one device. Enter the UnrestrictPremium package, which aims to provide some of the power back to the end-user by adding a compatibility layer behind-the-scenes which effectively re-enables the damage which the developers have done within the app. One of the good things about the package and something that shows the foresight of the developer is that the xCon tweak is installed as a direct dependency to bypass any jailbreak detection which developers have included as part of their builds. As well as allowing AirPlay mirroring directly to the Apple TV set top box, the package also allows users to send the content to an HDMI connected television through an official dock connection component. Subscribe to our RSS Feed! RP on. By Paul Morris August 10th, Follow Us On Facebook. Subscribe To Redmond Pie. Popular Stories. Redmond Pie's Latest. All Rights Reserved.

Uninstall iOS 12.4.6 and Downgrade iOS 12.4.6 to iOS 12.4.5 [Tutorial]

Apple iOS 12 is Apple's most exciting iOS update yet, bringing with it the new AR-based Measure app, an improved Camera app and Photos experience with faster load times and search and better organization and editing suggestions, an easier to follow Stocks app, an all-new Apple Books, custom emoji or Memoji in the Messages app, and group chats and fun new effects in FaceTime. There's also the addition of Screen Time, one of the best new iOS features, which helps curb iPhone addiction and set parental controls. Made to measure: The new AR-based Measure app uses the augmented reality view to quickly calculate distances between any two objects using your iPhone or iPad. For distances, tap any item and move your phone or tablet to the next item. Users can then take a photo of the measurement to refer to later. Measure can also help you with leveling, if you're hanging art or a mirror, for example. More memorable Messages: Text, voice, and photo messages become so basic next to all the fun new communication tools in Apple's latest iOS software. Start with exciting new filters, video stickers, and live Animoji, which let you become your favorite animal: bear, koala, tiger, unicorn, dragon, lion, chicken, bunny, panda, pig, fox, dog, cat, monkey, or T-Rex and record messages to send to friends. Users can also become a robot, alien, skull, ghost, or even a pile of poop. Or you can create and share a personalized Memoji an Animoji that looks just like you. Easier to follow Stocks: The Stocks app finally comes to the iPad in the new iOS release, iOS 12, so people can more easily follow their stock performance on the Apple tablet's larger screen. The addition of a customizable watchlist and interactive charts that show you your stocks' performance throughout the day or even over multimonth periods with easy-to-read color-coded sparklines makes following your stocks easier than ever. The inclusion of reputable business news stories from Apple News helps users make more informed decisions when trading stocks. But that's only the beginning. Apple's reading app has been majorly updated to make locating and reading your books easier than ever. Easily discover something new to read in the app's brand new bookstore or dedicated audiobooks store, organize your collection so it's easy to retrieve, and never lose your spot in the book you're currently reading, with the Reading Now tab, which, like a bookmark, takes you where you last left off with a tap. Thoroughly modern memos: The native Voice Memos app looks even more modern in iOS 12, and iPad users can now use it on the larger screen in the latest iOS version. Better yet, with cross-platform syncing in the latest iOS version, users can now work with recordings across all of their iOS devices. Improved load times and search in Photos: Camera app photos load quicker than ever in iOS With smart Search Suggestions, showcasing important events, people, and places, for example, in tiles under the search bar and the ability to use multiple keywords for more expeditious combined searches, you'll also be able to find them faster in the updated Photos app. The addition of the For You tab brings your best photos and groups of photos -- some recent and others took on this day in previous years -- to the forefront for easier access. Thankfully, image editing is no longer left to you in Photos. The Photos app now recommends various image-enhancing photo effects, even showing you what they'll look like before you select them with helpful image previews. Knowing that the best photos are there to be appreciated, Photos will also suggest sharing these photos with the people in them after first identifying them using machine learning and facial recognition via the Messages app. Screen Time: Screen Time, which you'll find under Settings, is one of the new iOS software update's most exciting new features. Screen Time helps you limit your screen time, if you find yourself overusing your phone. Go to the Settings app, then Screen Time to see a detailed graphical breakdown of your phone usage. You'll see your most used iOS apps, how many times you've picked up your phone, and how many notifications you receive. If you feel you're overusing your iOS apps, then the Downtime feature can help you schedule some time away from your mobile devices. If you cheat, you'll receive notifications admonishing you to step away. You can also set content and privacy restrictions and parental controls here to keep your children safe and from overdoing it, too. Missing FaceTime features: We couldn't wait to start using FaceTime's exciting new features in the latest version of iOS that were announced at the WWDC keynote, such as group chat with support for up to 32 people on FaceTime calls, or the ability to add participants and launch FaceTime calls right from a group chat in Messages or to add live filters, stickers, Animoji, and Memoji to keep your fam engaged. But the new FaceTime for iOS features don't seem to be ready yet. From the new augmented reality-based Measure app to improved search and grouping in Photos to an overhauled Stocks, Apple News, Voice Memos, and Apple Books, to fun new ways of communicating with friends, family, and colleagues in the Messages and FaceTime apps, there's much to look forward to in the latest version of iOS, iOS So there's no reason not to upgrade to the latest software update, especially if you have one of the latest iPhone models. Here are the latest features and improvements in the world's most advanced mobile operating system. Whether you're using your iPhone or iPad, iOS has been enhanced for a faster and more responsive experience all around. Things you do all the time, like launching Camera and typing with the keyboard, happen faster than ever.

Top 100+ BEST Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 12! (Cydia & Sileo)

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