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Your Guide To WES Evaluations

Your university or employer is asking for a WES evaluation. No need to worry. Find out if you need a WES evaluation. WES is a non-profit organization that evaluates and converts educational credentials from any country in the world into their US equivalents. This makes it easier for US universities and employers to compare applications from all over the world fairly. The organization also advocates for the recognition of international education qualifications, to ensure that international students have equal opportunities at US institutions. In this way, WES can help people who have an international education pursue their higher education or career goals in the US. A WES evaluation is very well-recognized and as the leading international credential evaluations service in the US, the organization has completed over a million evaluations for people worldwide. Essentially, the WES evaluation is your ticket to furthering your education or finding employment in the US. Not only are WES evaluations widely accepted, but they are often specifically requested by universities or employers in the US. So, if you have studied abroad you will usually need to get your credentials evaluated so that they can be understood and recognized by educational institutions and employers in the US. Getting a WES evaluation is a relatively simple process, which can be done online from anywhere in the world. That said, you could experience delays if WES needs to do any additional research, correspondence or verification of your documents. By getting your evaluation done early you can also ensure that you get the most out of it. A WES evaluation can help you decide which university you should apply to, as it allows you to see which schools are appropriate for your educational background. WES has two types of evaluations on offer. The first is a Document-by-Document evaluation, which provides a full description of your credentials along with the US equivalent for each. This option contains all the information in a Document-by-Document evaluation, plus a more detailed breakdown of the US value of each educational subject in the form of semester credits and grade equivalents. For both types of evaluations, you will need to complete an online application and submit all the necessary documents required. In certain cases, these documents may be sent off to the relevant institutions for verification by WES, so be sure to get your application in early. If you want to make things even easier, you can just send your transcripts to SchoolApply and our dedicated team of advisors will provide you with complete guidance and support with your WES evaluation. Just send your transcripts to SchoolApply and our dedicated team of Advisors will provide you complete guidance and support with your WES evaluation. Get support with your WES evaluation now! You may also be interested in the best study destinations in the US and 9 ways to prepare for the working world. About the Author : Tessa Cunliffe, a South African based digital copywriter and marketer, with a passion for travel and learning. Yoga-inspired and coffee-fuelled. Always planning the next adventure. He's inclined to digital communications and works as the Creative Ninja for SchoolApply. SchoolApply will help you find, get accepted and enrolled at the university that best matches you. You'll work with an expert advisor who will coach you through the whole application process. With just one application, you can apply to multiple universities anywhere. Please enter the email address used for your SchoolApply account, and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Login now. Didn't receive the email? Try again. To build your SchoolApply profile, you will need to answer a few questions about yourself, your academic goals and your finances. We won't share this information with anyone else. Creating a SchoolApply account is the first step in your journey to studying at a university abroad. The documents you upload will help us determine if we can support you in your goal of studying at a university abroad. You will need to pay a SchoolApply admin fee in order to move on to step 3.


A WES credential evaluation makes it easier for admissions officers to understand your degrees, courses and grades in U. This report offers verified transcripts and evaluation report stored and ready to be sent to educational institutions. We suggest that you opt for either the course-by-course evaluation, priced at USD The institute you are applying to will mention specifics in case you need to opt for another type of WES evaluation. You will need to pay an additional USD 30 for every duplicate report of your order. For all other degrees earned through Gujarat University, marks sheets for all years of study must be issued and attested by the university or the autonomous college you attended. Goa University awarded B. A degrees. Mark sheets for years 1 and 2 of your study program semesters may be issued and attested by the college you attended. Mark sheets for year 3 semesters 5 and 6 must be issued and attested by Goa University. For all other degrees earned through Goa University, marks sheets for all years of study must be issued and attested by the university or the autonomous college you attended. An official document issued by the appropriate professional body certifying that the holder has been admitted as a qualified member Secondary Education Final Examination Certificate. An official document issued by the appropriate Examination Board. It lists all individual subjects taken and marks earned on the final examination. You must be logged in to post a comment. Toggle navigation GRE. Home Category Uncategorized. Steps to be followed in a WES evaluation include: All documents that arrive at WES should include a reference number which is provided after you complete the online application. This allows WES to keep track of all components of your application as well as provide you with online status updates. The WES reference number has to be mentioned on all correspondence with WES including the envelopes used for couriering. You do not need to write the reference number on original documents but include it with the academic records request form or on a cover sheet. If the envelope has been opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, the document will not be accepted by WES. The registrar should also sign the Academic Records Request form and it has to be put in the same sealed envelope as your transcripts The processing time for a standard WES credential evaluation is seven 7 business days after receipt, review and acceptance of all documents and payment in full. University of Mumbai awarded B.

Can I use my WES Evaluation to seek admission in a Canadian University?

WES evaluation is the most crucial process for anyone who is dreaming about doing higher studies or getting a job in Canada. The main objective behind the WES credential assessment is to compare the education you gained from your home country to that of the education standards in Canada. Without a WES credential evaluation report, it is not possible to immigrate to Canada. All academic institutions, licensing bodies and immigration authorities in Canada accepts WES report. WES report verifies the authenticity of your credentials. The report identifies and describes your credentials. The employers and institutions in Canada may not be familiar with the education system in your home country. That being the case, a WES report can help them to familiarize with the education you gained outside Canada. It also proves that you are qualified for the position or the admission you applied for. You have to do the Canada WES evaluation process after applying for a suitable immigration program. After submitting the verified documents, it will take 35 business days for Educational Credential Assessment [ECA] for Canada immigration process. University verification or certificate verification process is a mandatory requirement for doing WES verification. It is required for educational documents issued outside Canada. For WES verification process, you are required to submit only the educational documents verified from the respective universities. Educational documents are verified by the universities where you completed your education. WES World Education Services only accepts educational document verification from duly authorized and recognised institutions. It accepts consolidated transcripts and yearly mark sheets from recognised and authorised institutions, Which also accepts research based programs. We can help you with the credential evaluation process for Canada immigration and we will assist you in doing the certificate verification process for wes transcript evaluation from the universities or school where you completed your education. The Wes evaluation cost may vary depending on the universities. We will assist you through the whole process to save your time and money. Drop us an email or speak to us directly for any questions or inquires Email : support wes-canada.


WES Canada is required for completing wes educational credential assessment [ECA] for getting employment opportunities, PR, or for getting admission in Canadian schools and universities. Credential evaluation is important for getting student permit or work permit in Canada. It is mandatory because it helps educational institutions, employers and licensing bodies in Canada to better understand your educational credentials gained in your home country. A credential evaluation assessment report compares and describes the educational credentials with that of the Canadian education standards. We deeply care about the needs of our customers and offer services that provides satisfaction. We provide you with quality services that nobody can offer you. Have Queries regarding the process or our services? We are happy to provide you with answers through calls, emails etc. We provide assistance to you till the completion of your WES attestation. We provide you with every possible information regarding your queries. We have years of expertise and knowledge in the WES canada attestation related services. We make use of that experience by providing quality service. We simplify the WES Canada Immigration process for you to understand and carry out the task at hand for you. We give priority to each and every customer of ours. Keeping our clients happy and take care of their needs is our primary motto. Nursing is one of the most demanding professions in the world. Canada is one of the top destinations that attracts immigrants due to benefits offered to its citizens and permanent residents. Specifically, for a nurse seeking a job in Canada can discover huge benefits. Demands for nurses is very high in Canada. To get a […]. Are you planning to start a new career or trying to get admission into a Canadian university? Canada is a wonderful country that offers vast opportunities for migrants from all over the world. Other than the language tests, educational credential assessment is an important criteria for assessing your immigration application. There are organizations like WES, […]. Canada is a great country that offers varied growth opportunities for anyone who set foot in the land. It is one of the important immigration destinations with diverse job opportunities and higher education options for immigrants. Therefore, Canada immigration is the dream of many.

Can I use my WES Evaluation to seek admission in a Canadian University?

To be admitted as a graduate student to San Jose State University, you must complete each of the following steps by the specified deadlines. Check the SJSU admission requirements and your intended degree program requirements. Your degree program may require a separate department application, letters of recommendation, graduate testsor have specific department procedures. Once you decide to apply, follow the International Application Process flowchart which illustrates the steps involved in the graduate admission process for students from the U. Review our deadlines to know when you have to submit your Cal State Apply application and document requirements. It is important to take special note of the document deadline in order to ensure timely submission of required documents. Due to the lengthy visa process for students, our international deadlines are much shorter than our domestic deadlines. Please plan accordingly when applying to SJSU and plan to apply early. This step must be done regardless of any extra steps you have to do with your specific graduate program. Our online application is done through Cal State Apply. You may only apply to one program per application term. Note: You will pay the application fee at the time you submit your Cal State Apply application. You may only apply to ONE program per application term. Please do not send your WES evaluation by mail. We only accept electronic WES evaluations. For applicants with a degree in progress, a complete WES evaluation is required. GAPE will also review applications of those in their final year of study. For these applicants, the WES Evaluation must contain a minimum of 7 semesters of graded work. You can decide which service from WES you prefer. Documents sent directly to SJSU will not be accommodated. International Evaluators use WES to validate the authenticity of degrees and transcripts submitted by applicants. Applications will be referred or denied in accordance with CSU eligibility standards currently in practice. Document holds are removed when documents are received and verified as meeting all requirements.

PTU WES Assessment Information Step by Step

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