Unifi usg filtering

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How good is Ubiquiti's Security Gateway compared to Sophos UTM?

If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Ships from United States. Sold and Shipped by Newegg. A site-to-site VPN secures and encrypts private data communications traveling over the Internet. Pros: Ubiquiti products are really strange, but this one is just all wrong, from the start. Every article that mentions USG is locked, Good luck finding an answer to anything. There are no second chances. Once returned, I will never look at another Ubiquiti product. I will begin replacing 4 years of Ubiquiti purchases, this week. Seriously, purchase this and plan to spend days wondering wth this company even exists for. It is a joke. Cons: It has Overall Review: No. Terrible product. Buy anything but this. Overall Review: I've purchased quite a bit of Ubiquiti equipment over the years, they've only gotten better and better with time. Hasn't failed on me and has always been reliable both for home and enterprise use. Pros: Works with UniFi controller and is relatively easy to manage Gives you that full chain in the unifi controller full unifi stack with the switch and wifi. Cons: Many of the more complicated configurations are not possible via the unifi controller and require more in-depth knowledge of configuration. This unit is also quite old and given that the price has not dropped, I would now consider it 'overpriced'. But this is the cheapest option you currently have to have a complete unifi setup. Runs hot -- the passive cooling doesn't seem adequate at times. Onboard storage uses an internal usb-stick which, according to forum reports, has died requiring people to look for replacement and recover. Overall Review: This is the cheapest option in the unifi stack for routing but given the hardware seems quite expensive. Ubiquiti's edge-line, while more command-line driven has a cheaper option EdgeRouter X which is around half the price of this unit but very capable. If you want to have a unifi full stack solution, but don't want to shell out for a higher-level router, this is your only choice. Also, if you absolutely do not want to deal with a command-line this is also probably a good choice. For all others, I would recommend taking a look at the EdgeRouter X or an alternative solution. Pros: -Great configuration UI web. Cons: - Runs hot: under load it gets too hot to hold. Overall Review: Great product, not perfect, but Ubiquiti keeps making it better. Cons: Wired qos is non functional. Device may show disconnected and if you reset you brick it. Overall Review: Maybe I'd recommend if the kinks are worked out. For now I got stuck with a high PayPal bill and no item cause I returned out of frustration.

Block a single website using Unifi Security Gateway?

How do you configure the USG firewall? I tried adding firewall exceptions to a Guest network and never got it to work. Source: leave blank Destination: leave blank. Note At first glance, you might think that this rule would block communication within each subnet as well, for example blocking Now, what if you have one device on a VLAN that needs access to one device on the LAN, maybe a laptop that must send backups to a server? This is helpful! Thanks for posting this. This opens my eyes to a better way of organizing my firewall rules for VLAN communication instead of a blanket block, or a blanket allow. I think I have a pretty good handle on the different settings in the firewall, except for the connection type. I found a few places on the interwebs that helped me break it down, and understand it, but that took hours of research to piece it all together. It may help to describe this as well. New to using Unifi gear and this was my only issue thus far. Thanks for this. I followed your guide and added a rule to allow all private IPs access my Airplay speaker. In step 3 of the article, I say to leave all States unchecked, which should mean allow all states. This is because, in case of being compromised, the 1st. Effectively, by having this rule, it allows the attacker to subsequently compromise the entire system. BM, thanks for that perspective. I see the threat from rogue devices inside the network as greater than the threat from outside. This was a great straight-forward tutorial with perfect explanations of the steps. I followed a few other guides and was getting some weird unexplainable at least to me behavior when I tested it. I finally found and followed your advice by changing the IoT VLAN to a corporate network with appropriate firewall rules. Dave, glad it helped. I feel your pain. I have read several guides for setting firewall rules in the Unifi USG. The Network is one specific network as defined in the router one subnet. The group covers multiple subnets. So maybe if you are targeting one subnet, use the name of that network. If you want to target multiple subnets in the same rule, use a group. Thanks for the quick explantion. In the newer version of Unifi controller. What is the differance and what to use? Hey Mark, great and to the point information without any BS surrounding it. I like it. You might want to temporarily put a laptop with its local firewalls off on your IoT VLAN so you can test pinging to and from it. And yes, I still use it. From their names, they serve other purposes. Lets say

Review: Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway (USG)

Check out this useful Community post! Please visit this KBA for the latest updates. We'd love to hear about it! Click here to go to the product suggestion community. I'm considering installing Sophos UTM at my business. I currently have a unifi setup. I have a few questions about the install. Mainly keeping a records of Mac addresses and website visited and Web filtering. My plan was to use it in transparent mode. And finally to test the system i will be using an old intel i3 and a 4 port intel nic. You can place the UTM where you wish. My advice? Connect the fibre modem directly to the UTM. Completely remove the USG as it will complicate things. The i3 will be ok. In reply to Louis-M :. I would like to keep the USG at the moment. In reply to Peter Evans :. Having two firewalls in the mix with 2 sets of rules will complicate the setup although it can be done. Don't forget the UTM can be a bit of a hungry beast as well depending on what you are asking it to do.

Block a single website using Unifi Security Gateway?

Find out how you can reduce cost, increase QoS and ease planning, as well. You are invited to get involved by asking and answering questions! The sensor will not produce any alerts by default, unless it is unable to authenticate or contact the UniFi controller. Once the sensor is deployed, you're advised to set up limits in the channel's settings. For example, define a lower error limit for the number of connected access points. This way you are notified as soon as the number of connected access points is lower than expected. Please refer to this set up guide for notifications using limits: Notification via Limits - Example. Now, select Add Sensor. On the Add Sensor to Device screen, enter the following: 4. You can omit -port and -site when working with the default. For non-default sites, use the site's "code" as pointed out here by wimkoopman. The sensor should display channels and values after one scanning interval. Once this happened, you can start adjusting the channel limits to your requirements optional. Click here to enlarge. We haven't experimented with Ubiquity's devices until now, from support experience we know that some device families Airmax, Airfiber implement SNMP V1rather limited through proprietary or trough Mikrotik's MIB, but at this time there's no definitive answer we can provide on the subject for the UniFi family of devices. I'll leave your inquiry open should someone else with more experience on these devices be able to contribute as well. Up Down Hi Great sensor!!!! It works fine on the default site, however on any other site it returns error Niet gemachtigd Not Authorized From the controller point of view I authenticated with the main account, which should have no restrictions Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Update: It also works on other sites, but instead of the site name you have to pick up the number of the site by checking the URL example:. In this case 3kh0qlq5 is the ID which you should use as a site name in this script. Add comment Created on Jan 16, AM by wimkoopman Up Down Hello wimkoopmanthank you very much for your feedback and input. Regarding your inquiry, yesthat should be possible with minor modifications. As a general rule, everything that's available in the web-interface properties, counters is also available in the API. This will print-out the whole content of the variable, which is a huge chunk of JSON-encoded data.

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Discussion in ' Networking ' started by spyruleJan 7, ServeTheHome and ServeThe. Biz Forums. Joined: Oct 8, Messages: Likes Received: Are these supported in the Gateway? Any and all suggestions are very much welcome. Joined: Oct 4, Messages: Likes Received: The USG is not a utm. It does not have web filtering, and ips is currently only in beta. I am unsure if it does the anti ddos or anti port scan. Joined: Mar 5, Messages: Likes Received: The USG have fairly limited set of options but more and more things get added in each release. Joined: Jan 4, Messages: 88 Likes Received: Nnyan Active Member. But so far I've found most of the features I need with the exception of things like AV. NnyanJan 7, Thanks guys, I've done more research and after discovering how easy VPN tunneling is on these products I'm even more keen to get moved over. My plan is to connect 2 satalite offices with our main office. I'd love to do their Voip phones, but it doesn't look like they are quite ready for mainstream yet, and I cannot afford mud on my face for a spotty phone network. I finally got the last piece and got it online. Moved some clients over and I'll see how it goes. Nmap scans are good and so far so good. The device adoption process is a bit scattered found multiple docs and it seems like the version of the firmware your devices have will have an impact on how difficult the process is. NnyanJan 12, Palvelinvirhe likes this. Evan Well-Known Member. Joined: Jan 6, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Bandwidth constrained. EvanJan 24, Joined: Jan 18, Messages: Likes Received:

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