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Troy XM177E2

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Jungle Warrior: Troy Recreates the Vietnam-Era XM177E2

Troy has been a well-respected member of the top-tier firearms community forever, so it was not an earth-shaking surprise when the company announced a new project that it was working on. The goal of the program was to recreate specific AR-style rifles that were critical to the history of the United States military. One of the first weapons unveiled in this series is the Troy XME2. Special Forces in the Vietnam War. Troy has taken great strides to meticulously recreate the carbine to exact military specifications. Coming in at only 30 inches collapsed and weighting just over 6 pounds unloaded, the Troy XME2 is a lightweight fighter. As the son of a soldier who served in Vietnam and 30 years in total, this Commando rifle has always been a fascinating weapon to me. To say that it is a collector-worthy piece is the understatement of a lifetime. To that end, the gun also includes a faux third pin found in full-auto guns. Of course, Troy has cut the interior of the receiver to preclude any home-based gunsmithing that would actually convert the gun to full-auto. The look is realistic and period correct to the guns that were actually deployed. The upper receiver, with its fixed carry handle rear sight, and lower are made from an A2 forging, making them as durable as they are good looking. The upper and lower are both hardcoat anodized, film coated and lined as per military specifications of the time. This is the same finish used on the original rifles. The internals of the gun are quality commercial-style parts, including a standard AR bolt carrier group. The The moderator was originally designed to slightly dampen the sound of the gun. At the same time, a set of baffles kept pressure up inside the gun to help ensure reliable functioning. The device included in the Troy XME2 is a hollow replica, yet it once again adds to the overall aesthetics. In fact, the BATFE has listed the original moderators as suppressors, making their inclusion on this rifle next to impossible. The base of the moderator also includes a grenade launcher ring in case you happen to have a 40mm M grenade launcher sitting around your house somewhere. The barrel has a 1-ininch twist rate and is chrome lined internally and Parkerized externally. The plastic handguards come with a single internal heat shield. The sights consist of a period-correct, A1-style front post and the aforementioned carry handle rear sight. One last item that stands out is the aluminum two-position buttstock. Coated black, it harkens back to a time when metal was the standard for hardware parts. While rarely a noteworthy part of any review, the items included with this rifle caught my eye. It comes with both and round, GI-style, metal magazines; an OD green canvas sling; a cleaning kit; and a vintage rifle manual as well as a M16 rifle comic. This comic-style manual taught soldiers about their rifles and how to maintain them. I have seen copies of these around over the years, and it was pure genius for Troy to include one with the rifle. The sling is unique as well because it was the preferred version used by Special Forces. With paracord at both ends, these soldiers designed it to be quieter than the original sling issued with the guns. I knew that this was as close as I would possibly ever get to shooting a gun similar to the ones carried by the best of the best in Vietnam. Unfortunately, my range terrain resembled the arid Middle East more than the tropics of Vietnam. But, a range is a range. I also did not chronograph the test ammo, but I suspect that the short barrel resulted in a fps velocity reduction. However, the gun ran very well, with the grain Federal American Eagle load leading the pack with a 1. Following the bench session, I took the rifle for a spin around the range, shooting steel at distances from 50 yards out to Once again, the XME2 ran like a champ.

Troy Introduces XM177E2 Replica at NRA 2016

View Category. Trades Accepted: Yes, we take trades. Read More. Due to the additional costs of internet sales, shipping, etc. In the case of multiple buyers for one item, customers will be given 24 hours to complete a transaction, after which firearms will be made available to the next buyer. Returns MUST be left with the transferring dealer. If a customer takes possession of the firearm, Intrepid considers this acceptance of the condition, and will not offer a return. TX residents add 8. Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. This rifle is new in box with all accessories. Please contact us with any questions, or for purchase options. All items ship fully insured. Item in photos is item you will receive. We are Intrepid Shooting Sports, Ft. Contact us at. Since we have a large retail space, all internet listings are subject to prior sale in store. We do make every effort to remove listings promptly if an item is no longer available. Conversely, once we receive email notification of a gun purchase online, we make it a priority to pull it from inventory so that it cannot be sold in store. Condition: New In Box. Brand: Troy Industries. Location: TX. Share Item.

Troy XM177E2 Rifle 5.56NATO 12.25″ 30 Rd

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Colt CAR-15 Commando (XM177)

USA — - Ammoland. Back in the s and early s, Colt was the bomb in terms of manufacturing AR-type rifles. The short version of the story behind the Colt Commando is this. In the mids as the Vietnam war was heating up, the military wanted something more compact than the M16 rifle for close quarters, special operations-type use. Just to be clear, submachine guns are generally considered to be pistol-caliber firearms, but nomenclature rule-breakers decided to call this one an SMG anyway to position it in the category of small and portable guns. With its uber short inch barrel in the original configuration, it was a handful, not regarding recoil but rather the size of the fireball it launched out of the muzzle. Reports of three-foot diameter balls of flame made it a bit dangerous to use, especially at night as it would illuminate an entire zip code with each shot. To mitigate that problem, Colt added a moderator to try to tame the muzzle meteors. A couple of iterations of increasingly longer muzzle devices led to something like the one that was folded into the production of the Colt commando XM carbine later. Some dozens of them were assembled using existing parts as a stopgap measure for a compact carbine platform. Moving forward to create a workable compact carbine for volume production, the Colt team developed the Model and rifles which made improvements on the CAR SMG platform. Those enhancements included development of a two-piece front hand guard system to replace that iconic triangular one. The iconic round hand guards were not only more durable but better suited to production and field repairs. Being round, both halves of the assembly were identical, so only one unique part had to be managed. The and models also formalized the collapsible stock design. Like the ones we know and love today, a pressure lever could change the length of pull instantly. Unlike those on modern AR rifles, the original had only two positions: open and closed. Because confusion benefits everyone. Just to add more confusion, when the Army started to order these models, they went with the Model variant which included a forward assist. Being different in features, this needed a new name, and that became the XME1. Clear as mud so far? Good, then hold on to your shorts, it gets more confusing. In the cycle of continuous product improvements, someone decided that lengthening the barrel from 10 to

Troy GAU-5/A/A rifle, a military classic reborn

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