Triban rc 520 gravel ltd review

Decathlon Triban RC 520 Disc review

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New Triban RC 520 Gravel

As has drawn to a close and beckons, we - and sister site road. Keep reading for our picks and the reasons we think these bikes are so deserving The Triban RC Gravel bike starts us off at number ten, a bike that is an excellent entry to the gravel and adventure market. A lot of the finishing kit is own brand stuff, but then you get quids change from 1k if you buy this bike. In at number nine is the Vitus Energie CRX cyclo-cross bike is an absolute blast to ride thanks to sharp, fun handling along the trails or around tight, technical muddy circuits. It's great for a day out on the gravel, and you can chuck mudguards on it too if you fancy a high-speed, year-round commuter. Although our tester said the geometry was a little aggressive for off-road riding, a nod to its cyclocross roots no doubt. He also said it was a hoot to ride in lots of circumstances and great value too. The geometry might not be the most progressive on the market and tyre clearance isn't a roomy as other gravel bikes but this classic endurance road bike with knobbly tyres is a great introduction to gravel. As you might expect from a mountain bike company such as Nukeproof, when they make a gravel bike it has very prominent mountain bike roots! In at number six is our first steel bike of our top ten, the Cotic Escapade in the Gold 1x spec. The long and low geometry of the Cotic can really be exploited as the compliance of the frame soaks up bumps in the road or trail. This medium model has an effective top tube length of mm with a short mm head tube. The bike has larger tyre clearances than the older editions, that carbon fork is new and there is now a tapered head tube, all of which have now upped the performance and dropped the weight, making the new model an absolute joy to ride whether on or off-road. In at number five is the ever popular Canyon Grail AL 7. Our tester said it provided fun and agile handling for not a huge amount of cash either, as we've come to expect from the direct buy brand. Number four in our list is the Open WI. Think of it as the money-no-object dream bike. The Open WI. DE Winding Detours is a bike we tested as a frameset back in August. It's got room for wider tyres, up to 2. Dave says the Open WI. That's the first reason for giving this bike the Editors Choice award and there are plenty more reasons too! The new frame, with its 'floating stays' design, is impressively smooth at the saddle. Rough tracks, jagged roots and rippled fields are soaked up exceptionally well thanks to the seat post flexing backwards.

Triban RC 520 Gravel

Unlike the typical 8 or 9 speed drivetrains available at this price range, the Shimano R series components offer crisp and responsive shifting. For either option, Decathlon ships the bike almost completely assembled. Only the handlebars and pedals need to be attached, along with removing the protective covering. We picked up the bike from the recently opened San Francisco store. If picked up from the store, Decathlon assembles the bike for you and even offers a free tuneup within the first 6 months to ensure everything is properly setup. Otherwise, this is a simple bike to setup on your own with minimal effort. In our case, we chose the large frame Triban which is close to a 56cm frame size. The RC has an aluminium frame that is only offered in a single color scheme. A majority of the bike is a matte dark navy blue, while the upper portions upper half of head tube, top tube, and part of seat stay is a slightly lighter blue for a subtle two-tone design. Overall the design of the bike is clean and minimal while being modern. The bike is only offered in a single color scheme but color options would have been nice to have. There are several modern touches with the frame design as well. The seats stays feature a dropped design, as they are offset downward from the top tube. This is a design element that has become more common with bike manufacturers and claims to improve aerodynamics and ride compliance. Also the butted aluminium tubing in the bike has variable thickness to improve the overall ride and handling. Unlike a smooth carbon fiber frame, there are visible welds at each junction on the frame. Although the welds look consistent and clean, it does give the bike a more budget appearance. What really makes the RC stand out from the crowd is the professional level drivetrain. With each release, Shimano trickles down the advancements from the Dura-ace and Ultegra series down to the As a result the latest R Shimano is crisp and responsive which is a big step up from the previous generation. Also, the fact that it is a modern speed drivetrain means future upgrades or replacements will be readily available. However, as with many bikes on the market, Decathlon uses a blend of components. The important parts are Shimano front and rear derailleurs as well as the levers although they are non-hydraulic versions. Combined, the compact crank and wide gearing of the cassette provide the granny gears necessary to slog up steep climbs and speed down descends with ease. The other parts of the finishing kit for the RC are less impressive. The stem, drop bars and seat post are unbranded aluminium that feel well made. Decathlon describes the seat as a new Triban ErgoFit which is surprisingly comfortable for a stock saddle. These are mechanically actuated hydraulic disc brakes, which allow Decathlon to use the lower cost non-hydraulic levers and still offer the excellent performance of a hydraulic setup. The brakes are powerful and yet easy to modulate under any riding condition. The downside of this setup is that they are bulkier than a true hydraulic disc brake setup. Also to accommodate the calipers, a post-mount design is used which results in additional brackets and likely contributes to the heavier weight of the bike. As such, the RC is designed with a more endurance oriented geometry and a taller head tube.

Triban RC 520 Disc Road Bike

In stock. Product not available in this store In stock. From To. Change Store This store does not offer online reservation service. We currently have limited capacity to build bikes in our warehouse. Due to this, we are limiting the number of bikes we sell per day. If you are unable to process your order at checkout, please return the following day to make your purchase. You should choose the size of your bike based on your height, as well as your build arm span and leg length. If you are between sizes, the smaller size will give you a more athletic position, while the larger size will give you a more comfortable position. Certain stores offer a bike fit service. New Triban Evo frame in T6 aluminium, comfort-oriented geometry with adapted sloping Weight: g in size M Strong, versatile frame: you can attach mudguards and a pannier rack. Normative compatibility with tyres with a cross-section of up to The special work done on the frame enables good lateral rigidity and good vibration dampening. Because of this, our quick-release QR wheel system is more accessible, and guarantees good rigidity. This fork combines comfort, low weight, and precision. The carbon has been machined to provide good lateral rigidity and good filtering of frontal vibrations. Inserts on blades for mounting a front pannier rack. Maximum load on the fork: 8 kg, Eyelets on the wheel axle for attaching a mudguard Compatible with tyres measuring up to 36 mm. XL: mm. M: mm. L: mm. The derailleur remains under the cassette and does not spring up and hit the chain stay, reducing the risk of it coming off. Crank length varies according to size of bike: XS, S: mm. M: L, XL: mm. Triban Tubeless Ready Light x17c wheels for optimal performance on rolling trails T6 aluminium. ETRTO dimension: x 17c. Height 24mm for increased lateral rigidity. Crossed steel spokes for greater rigidity 28 front and 28 rear.

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Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. February edited February in Road buying advice. Weight: g in size M. Stable and versatile frame: possibility to attach the mudguard and luggage carrier. Compatible with up to 36 tires. The specially manufactured frame ensures high lateral stiffness and good absorption of vibrations. In addition, our even more easily accessible quick release system offers a high degree of rigidity. This fork combines comfort with low weight and precision. The carbon has been redesigned to provide good lateral rigidity and filtering of frontal vibration. Recesses for attaching a front porter. Maximum load fork: 8 kg. Eyelets on the wheel axle for attaching a mudguard. Compatible with tires up to 36 mm. XL: mm. L: mm. The rear derailleur remains underneath the cartridge and does not protrude beyond the seatstays, reducing the risk of tearing. Compact Shimano RS 50x34 crankset. Length of crank to bike size: XS, S: mm, M: Reliable and efficient. Steel cross spokes for more rigidity 28 each in front and back. Gasketed Cartridge Bearings. Pressure: 5. Hammock construction for more comfort. Triban seatpost made of aluminum. Simple saddle adjustment, diameter: Flat pedalsWe recommend the use of flat or SPD pedals. February

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