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Many dog trainers claim to have trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale. How actually trained are the dogs for sale? Are the dogs for sale really even trained? Because how can you say a dog is trained if it only listens if it has a leash on. The only way you can really tell is if the trainer shows many photos and videos of dogs that are obedient and off-leash. Many pictures and videos, not a one-off where someone snapped one or two pictures, making it look like the dog for sale had off-leash dog training. We have two eyes like you do and surf the internet looking at websites that claim to have trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale too, but do not really see anyone else selling trained dogs with off-leash obedience. We have no doubt the dogs they are selling are trained to potty outside, but you would have to be a fool to walk into buying a trained dog for sale with your eyes open that is not off-leash obedient. What makes our Superdogs we sell different is their temperaments and the quality of interactions they have with the environment, other dogs and people. Superdog is the only company selling trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale that teaches Off-Leash Training. The dogs we train are good citizens and want to listen and please because the dogs are trained by a Behavioral Dog Trainer. Starting Day One from the breeder, everything is done right with your dog. You could send a deposit for a trained dog for sale, and the trainer leaves the front door open or drops the leash one time, and your trained service dog runs down the street and gets its head run over by a car. Better it happens to the trainer rather than you. If someone saw their untrained fake service dog die and get its get run over by a car, it would be devastating. Nevermind, you got ripped off for thousands buying a dog no better than a dog from the pound with a little training. Whatever you see in the photos of the websites that are selling trained dogs for sale and trained service dogs for sale is the level of obedience that you will get with the dog you buy from them. There are a lot of reasons to buy a dog from Superdog, but the main reason to buy a trained service dog or pet from us is the dogs are more well-trained. We have our favorite breeds and dogs we recommend we like as working dogs, but everybody has different taste. A lot of the agencies even require that you take a Pit Bull. We like Pit Bulls, but a lot of people do not. A gentleman told us he told the service dog agency that he was afraid of Pit Bulls, and they told him he could not get a dog then. We can help you find a Puppy For Sale too. People buy a trained dog for sale or a trained service dog for sale, and it is no better than if they bought a mutt from the pound and took it to obedience classes at a pet store. Most of our clients have money and do not mind spending it if they get good value. We are trying to be an alternative to what other dog trainers are doing. You could spend more money elsewhere, but you will not get a more well-trained dog than the trained dogs for sale or trained service dogs for sale we sell. When you call on the telephone, everybody selling trained dogs is going to be friendly. Door-to-door slesmen are friendly too, but we would not recommend paying one thousands of dollars for a trained dog for sale. People who bought trained dogs for sale from other trainers called the business to complain about the dog not really being trained, and they were told they needed to go to classes twice a week for over six months. If the dog were trained, why would the people need to take it to dog training classes for any amount of time? We are nice people. All our competitors are nice people too.

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Rolling Meadows Academy adopts dogs between 1 and 4 years of age from a wide variety of rescue situations. Each dog is evaluated and temperament tested to ensure they are a good fit for our program. The dogs then undergo an in-depth health screening and are fully vetted. Once in our program, the dogs are trained to their full potential. All dogs are completely house broken, crate trained and display excellent manners in home and in public. We take the guess work out of bringing an adult dog into your home. Each dog is thoroughly temperament tested with children and other animals. We also go to great lengths to insure each dog is comfortable and well behaved in all types of different environments. Then we specifically match every potential owner and their lifestyle to one of our exceptional dogs. Whether you are an empty nester, an active family with children or an older adult needing a companion, we can find and train a dog to match your needs. If you are interested in getting more information about our Adult Trained Dog Program, please feel free to fill out our inquiry form. We will get back with you as soon as we can! The founders, Allen and Barbara Simpson have been committed over the years to providing the highest quality training, not only for the dogs but also for the owners! They have maintained this high quality of training by not only attending but also teaching many workshops and seminars around the country. They have been professional members of many different national dog training organizations over the years, as well as competing in many different dog training sports. My friend suggested an adult trained dog from Rolling Meadows Academy. Both of her dogs are from Rolling Meadows, and she is extraordinarily happy with them. During this time, they have been innovators and leaders in developing new programs for dogs that benefit all levels of community, people and the dogs. Read More. I took Keno for vacation in China. He is in Shanghai and will be visiting many cities later. He might become a therapy dog when he passes his exam. He is being so loved by everyone around him. His obedience training is perfect and he can be walked off-leash in many parks. We are now located in China. To whom it may concern: Several years ago a dog owner in our county was taken to court on charges of animal abuse. He had attached the shepherd that he no longer wanted to the back of his pick-up truck and proceeded to drive away. The dog survived, with injuries. The collar that had grown into his neck caused the skin to be pulled off, and the pads of his feet were torn off as he was dragged behind the vehicle. I would like to share my personal experience during this process with anyone else that may have questions or concerns about this company, its representatives, or the services they provide. At the time, I purchased a level 2 dog. A year and a half later, I sent Sandy back to their facility for further training as a service dog. Two months later Sandy was returned to me as a service dog to help me with my mobility issues. Now, I have an excellent companion dog in the house, and an excellent working dog outside of the home.

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Our fully trained and kid safe Family Protection Dogs learn how to behave in every situation—indoors, outdoors, the car, a private jet, the supermarket, and the corner coffee shop. These animals have two jobs: first, to act as bodyguards for their owners and their families, detecting and assessing threats and responding appropriately; and second, to be great companions. The best personal protection dogs are guided by intensive training, instinct, and a set of verbal and physical commands from their owners. At Fine Line Family K-9, all of our family protection dogs are guaranteed and ready to protect your family today! Now she is highly improved! I have way more control over my dog than I have ever had before. She is still her same goofy self, but obedient. I was starting to feel so stressed out and hopeless when it came to training my dog and having her listen to me and Fine Line Family K-9 solved all of those problems. They also make sure your fur baby is having a great time while they are away! Cider was always jumping in the pool and playing with the other dogs! I highly recommend Fine Line Family K-9! We recently purchased an adult protection dog from them. A Belgian Malinois. I am a green handler of a dog of this caliber. Steve drove what had to be 12 hours one way to hand deliver the dog and spent half a day working with me and educating me on properly handling the dog. Steve has been great at answering my questions after the sale. The best of the best!! We had our Malinois not even a month and we purchased a second dog from them! The quality of training is unlike any other. While they are your protectors these pups are the best family dogs ever. I sleep knowing that all is well! Steve is truly the dog whisperer!! Valiant dogs ready to protect but at the same time they are mans best friend!! Thank you Fine Line!! His obedience and protection is phenomenal. He is very social around family and children, but can be very protective when I need him to be. Keep up the great work Steve, and thank you for all back up support you provided. Might need one more soon. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message.

Trained Dogs For Sale

Detained, is a red tri Mini Aussie he will stay a deep Red. Available Male and female German Shepard puppies for Adoption. These puppies are well trained and love playing with kids. Puppies have all their…. Puppies are 12 weeks old,healthy, up to date on all shots and vaccinesplayful, energetic,they are house broken, have born de-wormed. Born Feb 29, and ready April 25, Puppies are raised indoors. Mom and dad are onsite. Registered Rottweiler Puppies. Born March 28 and ready for pickup May 23 Now accepting nonrefundable deposits of…. Mum is Shih Tzu and dad is Bichon Frise. Two amazing toy size non shedding pups. Non shedding…. She is very adorable, potty trained, family pet has all shots and friendly. We're looking for a friendly home who can adopt her. He will make…. Sort Dogs by Mini Aussie Detained. Breed Mini Australian Shepherd. Gender Male. Age Puppy.

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Vera is one of the few females we have seen who has the size, appearance and protection skills of a male. She offers optimal protection by herself, or the perfect companion to one of our extraordinary males. Nox is a 90 lbs working weight Belgian Malinois who should weigh in within 6 months at to lbs. His speed, power and bite are just as impressive as his appearance. Kraken is a one year old Belgian Malinois raised in the perfect home. He has grown up with children, other dogs both large and small and cats as well. Gus is a beautiful bi-color with excellent strong, an upbeat fun personality, flashy obedience and extremely powerful in protection. Azor is an upper medium size dark sable male. He is very friendly, great with children as well as around other dogs and cats. Casper is a gorgeous two-year-old bi-color male with performance in everyday life like he is putting on a show! Dino is a very happy dog who enjoys everyone is extreme in protection. He was purchased as a puppy and raised by one of our trainers in Europe If not, given his ability he may be twice the price. Floyd is a gorgeous medium size solid black male with an upbeat happy personality and a style that makes him a show off with everything he does watch his video to see for yourself! Porto is an extraordinary dog with an almost identical background to his super star brother Paxo. Paris is a striking show dog with excellent structure and rich red pigment. In protection, Paris shows the drive usually only found in working bloodlines. We've been fortunate to purchase some extremely large German Shepherds of of late. These have included Dravik and Paxo. Even they can not compete with Aaron at lbs. As a matter-of-fact Aaron and a dog named Vinny are the two largest German Shepherds we've seen in Europe in the last 20 years. His skills are in proportion to his size! Paxo is the largest, most stunning looking bi-color we have seen since Don vom Rolandsteich twenty years ago.

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