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There are many fun wire topiary frames available for your imaginzation to think about. Let us help design your wired animal topiary. Order online today! Offering a huge range of garden topiary frames at affordable prices. If the topiary of interest is not on this list, this means the topiary is back-ordered. As an alternative, we can custom make metal topiary forms to your specifications for outdoor display year around. We can create any size topiary and have different sizes metal available. Our topiary wire and metal frame options include wrought iron, cast iron, chicken wire, vintage metal, and even tomato cages and other plant supports! Click here to learn more about our custom, custom hand made topiary forms handmade topiary custom hand made topiary forms wire custom hand made topiary forms frames, and options. We have the most in-depth inventory of graceful wire topiary frames and animal topiary frames on the Web. We strive daily to update our selection, so we can satisfy the rising demand for business and residential applications for these wonderful products. Metal topiary frames are what we use to make our frames, thus ensuring a lifetime expected use for outdoors and if you want, you can add chicken wire to hold moss or add plants to the artform. They can reflect a love for pets, like cats and dogs, or other animals, like horses or even pigs. They have many landscaping and gardening applications, and indoor gardeners can use topiary balls and other small topiary garden art to provide a wonderful focal point for a table or desk. Traditional topiaries were trimmed into form over many years, which is why wire topiary forms have become necessary gardening supplies for anyone that enjoys these garden statues. Handmade topiary gifts are especially indicative of the sustainability movement, because of the time it takes to make a nice one. English ivy is a rapidly growing cover for topiaries and garden trellis. This means that a homemade topiary can see results in a short amount of time. This has the effect of opening the hobby up to less patient hobbyist. Our goal is to empower the amateur gardener and professional alike. Our wide selection will bring you plenty of gardening ideas, so you can have the garden ornaments of your dreams. Your ideas are what has us strive to make contributions that move metal garden craftsmanship forward.

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Click to tour our nursery in San Martin, California. We have a full inventory of wholesale topiaries and ship directly to nurseries or the nursery owners who have setup a wholesale topiary seller account with us. Find wire frames, custom topiaries and animal shaped topiaries from SK Topiary. Our topiary frames come in many different attractive animal and other topiary shapes. The topiary frames are hand-weaved with a smooth flowing technique and mounted on secure metal topiary frames. These topiary frames are detachable into multiple partitions and metal clips attached to the topiary frame join the partitions securely. The topiary wire frames may be opened up for placement on larger shrubs. Our topiary frame hand weave technique. Our main objective is to serve the wholesale and nursery market for topiaries. We take pride in the unique way of producing our topiary frames. Contact E-mail SKtop yahoo. Catalog See our printed topiary catalog, online. Usually reserved for bulk wholesale topiary orders. Feedback Comments from previous topiary customers. Links Web topiary and wholesale nursery resources. Need it faster? Chimonanthus Praecox Chihuahua 12"H Frame Monkey 8"H Heart Frame 12"H Galloping Horse 44"H Frame Lady 48"H Frame Stork 36"H Frame Moss Topiary. Topiaries for Your Garden! Explore our Topiary. Moss Topiary Life-Sized Wholesale. Feedback Comments from previous topiary customers Links Web topiary and wholesale nursery resources. Hand weave topiary frame to desired shape - smooth profile all round. NO, plant has to be grown from seeding or smaller size than the topiary frame. YES, and parts of topiary frames can be disassembled and accommodates larger plants. YES, parts can be disassembled and reassembled thus save on mailing cost of topiary. Mass produced - Fast, efficient, greatly reduce topiary cost.

Topiary Frames

Topiary is a garden art form which you either love or hate. Topiary gardens have been around for centuries and some have survived; others have simply died through lack of maintenance. We were in a group and some sat on the bus because they hated topiary, and what a treat they missed. This garden was planted in and is a must-see if you are interested in topiary, or even just gardens. I use the agricultural fungicide Penncozeb on my buxus, usually in very early spring and again in early autumn as a preventative. I have had great results with this keeping the blight at bay there is no known cure for it yet. Juniper is one of the better conifers to use as it tolerates hot, dry conditions, but it must have full sun. There are blue and green cultivars available. Lonicera nitida is a fast-growing shrub which can be used with great effect but the drawback with it is that it needs to be trimmed many times a year. With its small, dark, glossy leaves, it will thrive in most positions. If you want to make a hedge, use Fagus sylvatica which clips well and looks great all year. In winter the leaves turn rust brown and they hold on well till early spring. Perhaps make a square pillar like columns at the end of the fence? I made a group on standards with round cylinders which look great all in a line. There are many other plants that can be used but be careful to use a plant that keeps tight and compact which looks good all year. Growing topiary in pots and large containers is fine. However, you must plant them in good potting mix which retains the moisture. Feed them at least once a year with a long-term Osmocote. Perhaps add some water crystals which helps retain moisture. Don't underplant with annuals as they take up so much moisture. Every few years take them out of the pot and root prune; this could be a good winter job.

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With High Work the graft is up high near the foliage, with Low Work the graft is closer to the ground. Butterfly is a delicate, unique small tree. Butterfly has deeply divided, gray-green leaves with creamy margins that are often tinged pink in the spring and scarlet in the fall. This is a detail-oriented Japanese maple. It looks lovely from afar but, to see its true splendour, one should look up close. New stock arriving beginning of July, Pre-order now. Payment when stock arrives. Back to Topiary-and-Standards. This is an excellent small tree that will grow happily in a container or the garden. The branches and leaves are an attractive wine red which deepens slightly in autumn. Good compact upright habit. Happiest in the sun or semi-shade with protection from harsh winds. The glossy green foliage looks good all year round and is particularly attractive in spring. Presented here as a topiary ball. Your topiary Buxus ball can be planted in a container or the garden. Clip regularly to maintain the shape. Easy to grow in sun or part shade. Clips well, Evergreen. The perfect little shrub for low formal hedges or topiary work. Equally this Buxus looks good as a stand alone shrub to add substance to the border. The ubiquitous English Box is a versatile and rewarding plant that is easy to grow. The small, stiff, green leaves are perfect for trimming and shaping and always look good at any time of year. This 1 ball topiary specimen can be grown in a container or a special place in the garden.

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