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If your company plans to produce any type of consumer product, you probably need to create a package for it. This complex process involves many different goals. You need a design that catches the customer's eye while providing sufficient information and accurately reflecting the style of your product. It must also follow rules established by retailers, shipping services and government agencies. A professional designer can help you develop an appealing package that meets all of these requirements. Fortunately, our handy top 10 list makes it easy to find the best packaging design agency for your business. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here. As a result, a young client of Ruckus Marketing can be more nimble in the business arena. Notably, Ruckus has been a critical launch partner a long list of brands. Clearly, Ruckus Marketing offers its packaging design clients rich added value. Legnd is a firm that puts all of this together into a single effective and affordable package. The associates at Legnd work with engineers in order to design packaging that is strong yet lightweight, durable yet environmentally friendly and protective yet easy for the consumer to open. The result is customer satisfaction and a client that can sell more products. Packaging is the first point of interaction between a consumer and a product. If the packaging allows the product to break, the consumer will have a poor perception of the whole company and the retailer from which they bought the product. If the packaging is frustrating to open, the consumer will likely avoid buying that product again in the future. The packaging should also engage the consumer and inspire them to take the desired action, which is to buy and use the product. The company was started inand it provides an array of services to businesses such as Google, Wired, Marriott and Wells Fargo. Its diverse team works with clients to provide unique marketing products that set them apart from the competition. Arhue offers support in all areas of digital marketing, promotions, strategy, consulting, branding and creative services. It also provides development, video and interactive technology support. The services Murmur Creative offers a wide variety of support to help promote, brand and present effective campaigns. It covers branding, logo design, creative strategies, e-commerce, web design, hosting, development and SEO. Murmur Creative also does its own photography for a seamless product. Packaging also plays a critical role in protecting a product once it leaves the manufacturing facility and makes its way to a warehouse, retail store or the consumer. One of the 10 best packaging design firms in the USA is Mucca. The associates at Mucca understand that consumers are often frustrated by packaging that is difficult to open. They also know that consumers do not want their items to be damaged while still in the packaging, and they design around those issues. The firm wants to work with businesses in order to build a strong presence whether it's online or on a store shelf so that each company grows. Designs that are completed are customized for each business after the firm meets with owners and other staff who have input about the design. It needs to be eye-catching to attract customers, but it also needs to further your marketing goals. Working with a top packaging design firm such as DEI Creative can help take your packaging to the next level. DEI Creative has more than 20 years of experience helping companies boost their sales through improved product packaging. The company specializes in printing and packaging design but also offers a range of other services, including branding and website design. See how DEI Creative can help you boost your business. It needs to fit your brand while clearly telling consumers how it can benefit their lives. Turner Duckworth is one of the best packaging design firms currently helping businesses of all sizes stand out in an overcrowded marketplace. They maintain offices in the U.

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Finding world-class industrial designers and design engineers has always been a challenge for product innovators. Unlike many commoditized industries, creating a successful new product prototype using 3D modeling or CAD services is not only about utility, but also about design aesthetics. Secondly, when a designer also prioritizes engineering for large-volume manufacturing, profit margins are boosted with reduced product manufacturing costs. The combination of these two key elements of design is why freelance industrial designers and freelance engineers can command exceptionally high premiums for their services. When a prospect requests a cost-estimate from these famous designers and compares it with our quotes ie. Ingo Maurer. Ingo Maurer put his stamp on interior design with his unique lamps and light fixtures, dating back to He still takes on commission work for individual lights, as well as lighting systems and plans. Alexandre Touguet. This designer has his hands in several pots. He has worked on projects ranging from apartment and hotel interior design to creating designs for headphones and mobiles. For the past several years, Touguet has worked in collaboration with another designer on this list, Philippe Starck. Touguet believes in taking projects from the design stage through to prototyping and creation. Lotta Jansdotter. Lotta Jansdotter takes inspiration from her Scandinavian roots in her textile design. She aims to create things with a simple beauty in order to bring relief to the harshness of urban landscapes while offering the functionality needed for the fast-paced, practicality of modern life. Gaetano Pesce. He has held innumerable exhibitions in museums all over the world. One of his most famous works is the Organic Building in Osaka, Japan. Milton Glaser. Milton Glaser is one of the most revered graphic designers in the U. Glaser acts as a spokesperson for ethical design. Claudia Owen. Claudia Owen is a multi-faceted designer who specializes in fashion, homeware, and stationery design from her home in Australia. Her skill with print and pattern design can be seen throughout her work and is applied to each new product she creates. Steven Holl. Steven Holl is an American architect who has designed buildings and structures that can be seen around the world. Zoa Martinez. Zoa Martinez applies her design and branding skills to the entertainment industry. Erik Spiekermann is a renowned typeface designer. Marc Newson. Marc Newson is a jack of all trades in the design world.

The Top Product Design Companies Of 2020, According to DesignRush

The US can be seen as a global superpower in terms of design and innovation. However, there are just some firms that outshine the rest and I felt that they deserved an article around them. It could be due to the case studies that they have. Or it could be their work environment. Or even their unique approaches to solving problems. So with that said, here are the top design and innovation consulting firms I feel are just the cream of the crop. A full-service digital agency with its main hub stationed in New York City, it has locations in multiple countries around the world — 18 countries to be precise. They stay at the forefront of technology and design, and it clearly shows with clients such as YouTube and Nike under their belt. These guys are all about user interfaces. Nowadays, Fantasy even works on artificial intelligence and operating systems, and that I find pretty special. Based in the Big Apple, Fahrenheit is all about keeping things as predictable and profitable as possible for its clients. What makes them unique is that they see innovation as a skill, rather than a talent. This is a creative agency that is digital first, above all things. What this entails is that they address short-term problems facing corporate clients while simultaneously setting them up for long-term success. To be honest, I was expecting an actual spaceship as a logo. Anyway, the stuff that these guys have done is nothing short of astronomical. Based in Brooklyn, Big Spaceship not only does product design, but they also handle brand communication and content for their clients. And these are some stellar clients too — they include Google, Hasbro, and Samsung. And it shows in their work. Did you know that they helped simplify tax forms for the IRS? I found that pretty neat. Now before you think anything, no. They are, however, a creative design and production studio that creates interactive media in the form of music videos and ads. Now, this New York firm should be legendary to every design firm out there. These are the guys behind some of the most iconic logos to ever grace media. Chase Bank? It was these guys. These guys. National Geographic? These guys too. Need I say more? The ad you saw that got you hungry more than likely originated from out of the studios of Huge. Sincethis Brooklyn design studio has been providing a range of design, strategy and marketing services. Well, my bad attempt at a pun aside, Firstborn is definitely a special agency. Also, they recently became digital AOR for Pepsi. How sweet is that?

The Top Product Design Companies Of 2020, According to DesignRush

Work With Us. Victor A Better Mouse Trap. Rachio Elevating a Market Leader. Jacuzzi Shower Aging-in-Place Hydrotherapy. PetSafe Smart Dog Collar. Rachio Generation 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller. Temptu Air At Home Airbrushing. Bruvelo App Connected Coffeemaker. Fellowes Branded Air Purifiers. Speedbox Rugged Modular Container System. Baebies Rapid, Intuitive Newborn Screening. Aqua Products Pool Cleaning Robot. D7 Systems Rugged, Rapid Decontamination. Central Garden Smarter Weeding and Feeding. Wonder Connection Bedside Field Trip. Trace Action Sports Tracker. Onity Disruptive E-Lock Innovation. Ventev Portable Battery Chargers. Alcon Cataract Surgery Scalpel. Freedom Scientific Low Vision Solutions. Our range of services spans planning through production. See how we can best complement your internal capabilities. Digital-Physical Design. Technology-Based Innovation. Product Brand Language. We've got the specialized knowledge to tackle the most challenging product categories. IoT Products. Medical Products. Our Expertise. Accelerator Blog Designing Consumer Robotics? Answer These Four Questions First. Our forward-thinking partners count on us to fuel growth by delivering innovation.

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DesignRush determined the leading product design companies of that help businesses reimagine their offerings to attract more customers. Brands use product designers to create or improve their visual identity through physical products, packaging, digital platforms and more depending on their business needs. DesignRusha B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, determined the top-performing companies that businesses can partner with to meet their product design needs. The best product design companies of are:. Based in Los AngelesWANDR is a product strategy and UX design firm with an international team of experts focused on designing user experiences to enhance digital products and service offerings. WANDR builds a brand's strategy by understanding its customers' wants and needs through qualitative research and quantitative analysis. With a person team across 4 offices AustinMiamiTorontoand soon ShanghaiMAKO has complete in-house industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, patent referral, prototyping, and manufacturing services. Pieoneers Software Inc. Pieoneers is a globally connected web and mobile app building studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Pieoneers works with established businesses and ambitious startups to create award-winning apps in numerous languages and operating systems. It develops apps that serve customers with intuitive interfaces, strategic user-flow and beautiful design. Funsize, Corp. Funsize is a design agency that crafts services, products and experiences for product teams. It helps uncover opportunities, bring new products to market, evolve popular digital products and services and explore future plans. Ionixx Technologies. With a design-driven development approach, Ionixx Technologies focuses on creating user-centered experiences. It develops innovative applications that transform businesses. Double Up Digital. Essential Design. FRW Studios. Hexagon IT Solutions. Highland Solutions. Lien Design. Moloko Creative agency. Studio Red. The Custom Packaging. Titoma Design For Taiwan Manufacturing. Brands can explore the top product design agencies by location, rates, team size and client reviews on DesignRush.

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