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Traditional healers of Southern Africa

Thokoza Gogo I feel like you have written this entry just for me. I came across it on the very same day it was posted and I keep coming back to it. My life has turned upside down in a space of 11 months,lost my job,I was having dreams and hearing drums that has stopped ,I was told I have a calling and have umndau causing mayhem in my life. My problem is ngiyaphahla and I don't get any recourse it's just quiet,I'm so broke I can't even go and consult. I'm so exhausted mentally. Please can we chat via email if possible nobuhlenkhoma gmail. I am sorry to hear about all the havoc your awakening is causing in your life. Its never easy being reborn into your truest self. If you are not having any luck reaching them on your own Apologies for not responding earlier but I have emailed you a response to your comments. Sanibona nginenkinga lapha ngikhulelwe futhi nginabantu abadala mangiyohlola umntwana Ku scan odoctor bafike bathi ababoni Mntwana kodwa mangiyohlola ngesintu bathi abantu abadala abacashisa ingane kabe kuyenzek yini lokho. Thokoza Gogo This is insightful. Thank you. Now that I know I am not crazy - ngiyacabanga konke loku engikufunde kule article, ngizokusebenzisa to open my eyes and ears to the direction yabo Gogo. Thokoza Gogo May i get your email address please? Thokoza Gogo This blog doesn't give justice to what your articles are about. You just spoke a language and terminology that most us understand and are already practicing but never understood that everything spiritual is interconnected and intwaso shouldn't be feared nor looked down upon. Mina just found out about this entire world two weeks ago because my life is at a stand still. Gernerational curses have lead me here to this humble place. But I've known that my chakras were very much blocked and not having a spiritual guide hasn't helped me much with my meditation and unblocking it all. But you have touched on a feared subject from the black community in a very modernised manner. We truly need literature on intwaso I wish I could just be your student and record alles. We honestly deserve people like you Gogo who not afraid, irritated or closed minded to link the spiritual world as one. Thank you so much. Thokoza Gogo. Yes one of the things that one learns once you have fully awakened is that we are all connected, we are all energy To connect to amadlozi, spirit guides we need to vibrate in tandem with them. That is the key. Thank you for your comments sthandwa. This is so inciteful. Much better than the frowned upon comments we get from older brownies who may not understand.

Ubizo the ancestral calling

I am far from an expert however have just finished my 11th trip to South Africa where we have established a relationship to a community of Sangomas. We are very blessed to be welcomed into their community. A Sangoma is a Traditional South African Medicine person who divines and heals through prayer and medicinal plants and herbs. The Sangomas traditionally speak of the spirit world as Ancestors. In our western culture we assume that they mean family members but they use the word ancestors to mean spirits, of family, angels, Jesus, and God. Those spirits who help us day in and day out with every need we have. The Sangomas work from a place of constant gratitude for everything in their lives, believing that everything comes from the highest of high. I was told that my ancestors really were encouraging me to train as a Sangoma. I returned in, andand each time, I was told that I not only had the calling but that it was getting stronger. InI actually experienced blacking out and having visions of being under the water, full of color, and I was being led to ancient teachings. I came to, with 6 Sangomas trying to pick me up off of the floor and snap me back into this reality. When they heard of my vision, they backed way off startled at my images, and would not explain why. I learned later, that the images I had were from the water spirits, and again stressed that the spirit world was calling me to stay in Africa and enter training. Two days later, I had an experience of my feet being pulled out from underneath me and fell down a ravine into a class 4 white water river………. Amazingly, that is just what happened…. I landed in a walled off rock area that blocked me from going under and blocked me from being swept down river. I had two Sangomas with me who immediately pleaded with the spirit world for my safe passage and I was pulled out, soaked and shaking. One of the Sangomas asked me…. Who are you? Why do the ancestors want you to stay here? That was my questions exactly. I was then told by Makhosi great spirit Muvo, that there is an old legend that is told by the Zulu culture. If the river takes you it is so you can be taught the most ancient secrets of the ancient ones. When the river returns you, you have all the wisdom that ever existed. Makhosi Muvo pleaded with me to stay in South AFrica and go through ceremony, but honestly, I was frightened. I did not understand what it all meant.

Early Breakfast

Mkhize who has recently became a Gobela a sangoma who initiates those with ubizo will host a talk on Ubizo, Mental Health and intergenerational Trauma, where she will explain the differences between ancestral calling and mental illness. Mkhize says there are a lot of physiological and mental considerations to take into account when one undergoes intwaso initiation. She says a person may undergo spiritual, emotional and mental distress and trauma when their ancestors are communicating signs of calling. What I will be talking about in the day is to look at the way in which ubizo presents itself and how is it similar or different to how certain mental illnesses present themselves. I have been diagnosed with a variety of mental health issues when it was actually ubizo that was the issue, and I have also suffered from a variety of mental issues directly linked to the work that I do. Listen to ANC leader Tokyo Sexwale speaking about his role in the struggle and current challenges facing the ruling party. African National Congress's highest decision-making body is meeting at Irene near Centurion on Friday. Sensitive information about the Manchester terror attack, which claimed 19 lives, was leaked to the United States media. We all want it to be over but our immediate priority must be saving the lives of our fellow South Africans, says President Ramaphosa. Should e-commerce expand during the lockdown? Granddaughter Nosipho Hani-Khumalo says the foundation will focus on creating opportunities for youth. A study has revealed that most companies are not applying for the Unemployment Insurance Fund offer. A catch-all Primedia-powered portal proving it's possible to stay home, stay safe, stay informed and stay entertained. Updates, interviews, and information about the novel coronavirus spreading throughout the globe and its impact on South Africa. When it comes to offshore investments, the opportunities are endless. Nelson Mandela Bay currently accounts for more than half the coronavirus cases in the province. Do the right thing. Visit www. Listen to Live. Streaming issues? Report here. How ancestral calling differs from mental illness 22 August PM Share this:. Listen to the interview below for more Written by: Sinikiwe Mqadi. Read More. Sexwale speaks out: "My courage has never deserted me" 26 May PM. Popular articles. Chris Hani family to launch youth development foundation 9 April PM. Social Distance. Information about Covid coronavirus.

Thwasa training

It is not everybody who has a calling, it takes a special person to receive the calling. It is believed that those who have a calling usually receive signs through dreams and then encounter problems that will lead them to go consult with sangomas who will then, diagnose them, for lack of a better word. You must seek advice about your journey. It is believed that a calling from the ancestors come in a form of a dream at night during your sleep. Black people believe that ancestors are our forefathers who have long passed this earth. Everything they want from you will be communicated to you through dreams. When you receive a calling you are either summoned to work for the nation as a traditional healer sangoma or prophet. Confusing right? It is difficult to understand what they really want from you so seeking somebody who works with spirits or ancestors can help you understand the guides. Once all this process has been accepted the ancestor will then come forth with the messages as to whether you have to carry on with the thwasa process or not. Your spiritual master will help you with the information. Some are so fortunate that the guides themselves train them in the comfort of their homes. If you receive such training, they come in dreams and visions and communicate what to do. In this case you can carry on with life under the guidance of your ancestors and once you are done they will instruct you on how to carry the ceremony. You and the person they appoint will share the same vision. It is believed that ancestors are very proud and possessive of their own. They want you to seek permission for every traditional event you want to host, and consult with them if you wish to consult other healers. Remember it is not the sangoma who has the power to heal but the ancestors work through the chosen one. It is not everybody who does the ukuthwasa training and becomes a sangoma. Do ancestors exist? Or do they exist only when you believe in them? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. By Mapula Matswalela. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Home About Contact. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.

Mmabatho Montsho opens up about her ancestral calling

The first thing your eye is drawn to when you meet her is a white beaded necklace that hangs around her neck. An umkhwetha is the name given to a trainee, or sangoma in training. Diviners, in particular, can specialise in either fortune telling, interpretation of dreams or healing. For Nkosazana, like many others, the calling from the ancestors comes in the form of dreams. She had her first calling at To answer the calling is to start training under another sangoma. Currently living in Joza with her two children, she manages to balance training and a day job. But Nkosazana is not the first in her family to have been led on the path of the sangoma. Her mother also received the calling. One of the forms of payment is through brandy. Nkosazana, currently in her second stage, has so far given her mama 15 bottles of brandy since the start of her training at the beginning of the year. The white beaded necklace she currently wears cost her 4 bottles of brandy. There are seven stages of training, and each stage requires an umkhwetha to dress in a certain manner to indicate the level of training they are in. The first stage requires Nkosazana to wear a white head cloth and blue skirt. In the second stage, she will progress to wearing a white beaded necklace, white beaded bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and wear white clay on her face. In the third stage, she will swap the white necklace, bracelets and anklets for blue beaded ones, wear isishweshwe material garments and have white clay only around her eyes. The final stage will see her graduate as a sangoma, and the entire training process can be from a year to 10 years. But ignoring the calling is believed to cause bad luck, a consequence from the ancestors. While some sangomas decide to practice on a full-time basis, Nkosazana hopes she will continue her day job and also consult as a sangoma. The ancestors will show me the way. Photographs of Nkosazana are not allowed to be taken because of the sanctity of the training process. Facebook Comments. October 10, 0. September 29, 0. September 14, 0. Comments are closed.

Answer the calling!!! (amadlozi)

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