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Iran judiciary blocks Telegram app voice calls

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Iran's judiciary has banned the popular Telegram instant messaging app to protect national security, Iranian state television said on Monday. Iran had been considering the ban since January when protests over economic grievances erupted in more than 80 cities and later turned into demonstrations against the clerical and security elite of the Islamic Republic. Some hardline officials said protesters used Telegram to organise the rallies, which were ultimately contained by the Revolutionary Guards and their affiliated volunteer Basij militia. The app was temporarily blocked in January. The court order, according to Mizan, said Iran's security had been threatened by Telegram as it had been used to mobilise many anti-government protests. Mizan said: "Those actions included propaganda against the establishment, terrorist activities, spreading lies to incite public opinion, anti-government protests and pornography. Britain, France and Germany have been trying to dissuade Trump from ditching the deal struck during his predecessor Barack Obama's administration. The order to ban Telegram was issued a few days after Iran barred government bodies from using the app, favoured by Iranian state media, politicians, companies and ordinary Iranians alike. A widespread government Internet filter prevents Iranians from accessing many internet sites on the official grounds that they are offensive or criminal. But many Iranians evade the filter through use of VPN software, which provides encrypted links directly to private networks based abroad, and can allow a computer to behave as if it is based in another country. Iranian officials have been encouraging Iranians to use domestic alternatives to Telegram. The Soroush app was released last month offering most of Telegram's features. But many Iranians are reluctant to use domestic apps, fearing they could be used by security services to spy on them. The Soroush app features female emojis, covered with conservative black Islamic headscarves and carrying signs saying "Death to America" and "Death to Israel". For the latest tech news and reviewsfollow Gadgets on TwitterFacebookand subscribe to our YouTube channel. Iran had been considering the ban since January Officials said protesters used Telegram to organise rallies Iran's security threatened by Telegram: Court. Telegram has an estimated 40 million users in Iran. Tech News in Hindi. More Technology News in Hindi. Latest Videos. More Videos. Popular Mobiles. Listen to the latest songsonly on JioSaavn.

Iran's Judiciary Bans Use of Telegram Messaging App

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Net - Iran 's judiciary has blocked newly introduced voice calls on Telegramthe most popular messaging app in the country, state media reported on Wednesday, April 19, AFP reports. The blockage follows the arrest last month of 12 people who ran popular reformist channels on Telegram, ahead of a presidential election next month. It was not clear if the blockage of voice calls, which Telegram introduced worldwide last week, was political or designed to protect the commercial interests of domestic phone companies. Last month, the conservative-dominated judiciary blocked the online navigation app Waze because it was designed in Israel, which Iran does not recognise. Iranian officials have previously said there were around 20 million Telegram users in the country, which has a population of some 80 million. As well as a messaging tool, Telegram has become the leading source of news for many Iranians, with some channels boasting more than a million subscribers. Weather in Armenia. Exchange rates. RSS feeds:. RSS headlines. RSS articles. RSS interviews. More RSS feeds. RSS photowire. RSS photoblog. USD April 19, - AMT. Related links: AFP. Iran blocks Telegram app voice calls: state media. Top stories. Playrix entering Armenian game development market. Playrix Armenia is already on its way to becoming the largest gaming company in the region," said co-founder of Playrix. Samsung plant closes after employee tests positive for coronavirus. Sony struggling to keep PlayStation 5 price down — report. Partner news. Most popular in the section. Armenian engineers building Zuckerberg's "sleep box". World Congress on Information Technology gets going in Armenia. Facebook integrating WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Archive for April 19,

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