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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. A collection of One Shots taken directly from my Tumblr Blog, all but one requested. To kill without remorse—to take a life to save your own—was a sacrifice that required willpower. When your grip tightens on the handle of your blade, your resolve is firm. You looked at the ancient volumes only in vague interest, but you found yourself walking towards those displayed neatly in a far chabudai - tempting you to read them with an instinctual call. You took one laying atop the rest and inspected the old journal with a careful touch. The sensation of belongingness overcame your judgement, and with a swift move you found yourself reading its content. If you're a demon who managed to see this on my body after my defeat; I hope you'll have your fun poking at my life. The author seems to resemble the same name as you except for your last, but that didn't caught your full attention; you found yourself more curious at their handwriting. Warning: probably one of the most realistic Isekais you will ever see and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, so let's just call it a thing Reader is transported into the Demon Slayer universe:. Out of ALL of the fucking anime, and comics, and manga that your dorky ass ingests, you had to be sent into one of the most heartbreaking universes ever! God, why couldn't it have been something like My Hero Academia or some shit?! Hasn't Gotogue destroyed your heart enough recently? Oh well. I was running. Blood pooling out of my arms, deep gashes all across my them. It pained to move and fight back against the demon chasing me. It was a mistake trying to use a breath form when it was so close to me. I knew my breath forms only really worked from a distance. Not close up. Suddenly, I heard the slashing of a blade and the thunk of a head hitting the ground. I stopped and turned. My vision was blackening and fading. All I could see were kind and gentle burgundy eyes. Feel free to comment any requests! Fresh out of the final selection, Tanjiro Kamado is tasked to defeat a particular dragon like demon terrorising the neighboring villages up in the mountains. When he arrives, he didn't expect to find someone had already hunted down the creature, although, not for the same reasons as him. Just some Headcanons for KNY characters with the red string of fate soulmate au Will add more characters later, maybe by requests? Her dad had recently moved her and her deaf twin sister to Japan. By then, she had never been called by her name by her classmates. On one day, something had invaded her apartment and she ended up travelling back to the Taisho period.

demon slayer x reader

Request: hello hello! Originally posted by jesuiseul. For the first time in years, the Demon felt anxious as he tried his best to verbalise what he needed to say to the woman he now saw only as a dear friend and mentor, all of his affections were directed towards you. It was obvious to him now that the lady had seen it all coming, had he really been so conspicuous about his feelings? Was she being serious? Shaking his head, Yushirou chided himself internally for thinking such rude things. He knew she was trying to help and that he was the only thing really holding himself back. Unfortunately, before he could say anything in response, the sound of the front door opening could be heard: you were home. Faintly, both of the Demons listened as you announced your return as you normally did every time you came back, skin still warm from walking under the sun. You were their only connection to the outside world when it was daytime, not that they particularly needed it but once you entered their lives, it was hard for either of them to let you go. They found you a few years ago after catching wind of a Demon attack at a village near their new home. Muzan had been defeated already but the world was still plagued with rogue Demons, though the number of attacks had been decreasing significantly. Barely alive, Yushirou carried you home while Tamayo stayed behind to look for any potential survivors. You were in a coma for nearly a month, remaining under the care of Tamayo and Yushirou as they took turns watching over you as you rested and recovered. The latter had been the one to witness you finally waking up. For the longest time, you behaved as if you owed them an eternal-lasting debt. You voluntarily cleaned the house, washed the clothes, maintained the garden et cetera. To be honest, that was why Yushirou had begun to accept your presence in the first place: you were helpful. He and Tamayo finally had more time to dedicate to her never-ceasing studies on Demons. With time, though, he felt himself become more accustomed to living with a human. He leaned closer towards you, arm held out as he tried to snatch it away from you. He was standing so close you could feel the warmth radiating off his body. Your face going hot, you hopped a step back. I quite like cleaning things. You hung your head, as if trying to hide your face in your chest. The Demon curiously took a step to the side but you swiftly followed no matter how many times he tried, forever keeping your face out of view. The male Demon swallowed thickly. You were speaking so lightheartedly, did you not realise the implications of accepting such an expensive-looking present from someone? He, himself, had vague memories of his own father gifting such things to his mother.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Originally posted by morganiser. Many mistake her for an beta at first. However, once they see her fighting, they can see her alpha nature radiating off of her. Her personality and elegant appearance make people fall for her, no matter the gender and rank. What mattered to her most was getting good grades and train to be a pro-hero and be with friends. Not trying to attract a mate. Her scent bloomed to where those around her could get a full whiff of tea. She tried to straighten herself up when she saw you but no one could deny that sweet pink blush on her face. You woke up next to her, nestled into her chest and her face buried in your neck. However, after that, she never really has laid in one. She trusts you a lot to not need the constant scenting for others to know to back off of you, but she will scent you a lot if she gets jealous, like seeing someone stare at you for two long. She like to kiss you a lot though. She loves to feel your soft lips against hers. She finds them so memorizing. You were too nice to others! He fumed as he watched you help calm down Zenitsu from a demon he supposedly saw even if it was day and splitting your snack with him. But you share your snacks with him only! You gave Zenitsu a slight pat on the back followed by a friendly hug was where Insouke drew the line. Give him a few minutes. A couple hours went by and even if Zenistu was away from you, you were to close to Nezuko now! How much does he have to endure until you give him more attention? Nezuko was happily mushing your cheeks as she gazed up your human features, reminding her of her lost family. She was just having some fun twisting your hair or you telling stories to her about life or family when she was pulling your cheeks. Inosuke fumed even more at the sight! Inosuke wants to be hugging you instead of her putting her demon hands on your soft cheeks! He crossed his arms and sat pouting underneath the mask across the room. You noticed his jealous aura and excused yourself from Nezuko. She nodded and quickly ran off to her brother. You giggled and latched your arms around him. Are you…jealous? You know that right? Originally posted by itsclowreedsfault. You hated being this way. You really did.

Demon slayer tanjirou x demon reader

Originally posted by voluntaddefuego. Inosuke just layed there, not saying a word. Originally posted by planetafiyu. Keep reading. Originally posted by yyh-archive. Narancia sat down two large bowls of popcorn on your bed. Originally posted by zennou. Originally posted by seikaku-ga-warui-banned. Originally posted by hellosparklinguniverse. BONUS: the morning rose and the three finally woke up after a good nights rest Zenitsu not so much. Anonymous asked: hi!!! I love your writing for demon slayer ;-;!!!! Your writing is so precious! Could you write a Zenitsu x reader where the reader tries to hide her crush on him by being funny and doing stupid stuff??? Like trying to take all the attention from her obvious crush but falling miserably thanks!!!!! Tanjirou and Zenitsu stood there, staring at eachother, trying to figure out what you just did. Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you do some Kanao X Tanjiro headcanons please? Originally posted by seikaku-ga-warui-banned thanks for requesting! Anonymous asked: Can I request Tanjiro and Zenitsu kissing headcanons? Your writing is lively btw. Originally posted by hellosparklinguniverse this was really fun to do! See this in the app Show more.

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Originally posted by toonamifaithful. Thank you?????????? Someone please comment shit I want some online interaction. Seriously what do you want from me? Nothing could possibly cheapen this moment, this golden opportunity - the one thing to drape enormous shame over all your previous training. You were prepared, armed with a steely resolve and an ever-flickering, courageous flame. Locking eyes with the tyrant who had encroached upon your sacred territory, you allowed your lips to be guided by the ultimate goal of provocation. Success was achieved, albeit accompanied by an unhealthy dose of violence. Why should I trust what you say? You should. This annoyingly-attractive man boasted incredible stubbornness. Something about the scars littering his body, about the malice glinting in his eyes…something was a little too alluring. So your flirtatious one-liner had sparked more than simple anger? Judging by his overwhelming power, he was a Pillar, but you would continue to tease him all the same. He seemed intent on, at the very least, maiming you, so you would exact revenge in an unconventional manner - unconventional for battle, of course. You have to take responsibility for whatever happens, handsome! The specks of scarlet only deepened, crawling from his cheeks down to his neck. What the Hell was wrong with his heart, today? Why could he feel it thundering, as if craving liberation from his chest? Once your melodic giggling echoed in his ears, like a chorus of sirens all vying for his eternal devotion, his heart melted. He was losing this internal fight, but he refused to surrender the external one. These words appeared to strike some nerves, as his reply was hasty, aggressive. You laughed again, causing the palpitations of his heart to grow in both volume and strength.

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