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कालाहस्ती मंदिर की जानकारी और इतिहास – Srikalahasti Temple Information And History In Hindi

Srikalahasti temple is a very famous Shiva temple located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is one of the most well known temples of South India and is known for being the place where Kannappa happily sacrificed both of his eyes to stop the blood flowing out of the Shiva Lingam and he continued doing the same so long till the time, he was not stopped by Lord Shiva. After the incidence Lord Shiva being happy with his devotion gave him salvation. Kannappa also called as Kannappa Nayanar and one of the 63 saints and the devotee of Lord Shiva. This temple is known for having one of the Panchabhoota Sthalams, Vayu Linga which represents wind. Srikalahasti temple is located at a distance of about 36 km from the Tirupati temple. Besides that, the temple is also considered as Dakshina Kasi and Rahu-katu-Kshetra. The interior of the temple was built during fifth century while the outer part was built by Vijayanagara and Chola kings in twelfth century. Lord Shiva, he is worshipped as Kalahasteeswara in the form of Vayu. There is a lot to explore about their, one of the most pious places of the great country India. Sri kalahasti temple is located at about a distance of 38 km from the North of Tirupati central and it can be conveniently reached both from road and train. This temple is celebrated for worshipping Lord Shiva, for him being embodiment of one of the five primary elements in the form of water, fire, earth, space and air. This temple is among some of the very famous and honoured religious places of the South. Sri kalahasti temple commands special respect particularly by the devotees of Lord Shiva. The fervent Purana and the well-off architecture make it a great experience for the devotees. Visiting this sacrosanct religious place, besides giving a heavenly experience also liberates the devotees from fault in their planetary orientations. At this place, Lord Shiva is believed to have given liberation to an elephant, serpent and spider who were great devotees of Lord Shiva lingam located at this place. In Kritayuga, which is considered to be the first of the four Yugas of the Hindu religion, the spider has got to have salvation, while the snake and the elephant who were the devotees of Lord Shiva in the Trata Yugaam got salvation that era. It is believed that the devotional expression of the elephant was a troubling thing for the devotional display of the serpent and vice-versa and so, the two got into extreme animosity with each other. And it ended only with Shiva liberating the two of them. And the person may be laden with many problems and not able to figure out the cause for the same. The issue can only be found out by a professional astrologer and the person is surely found to be gripped with Kaal Sarp Yoga. The best treatment for the problem is the Sarpdosh Puja performed at the Sri Kalahasti temple where the puja can be performed in the presence of Lord Shiva.

Srikalahasti Temple – Interesting facts to know about Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti temple is located in the Chittoor district of the state Andhra Pradesh. The town of the temple is famous among the devotees. Tirupati temple is just 36 km from here. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has great importance to Hindus. Temple was constructed by king Krishnadevraya in the year of the Vijayanagar empire. The stunning architecture of the temple is astonishing and the carving of numerous mythological structures at the temple is very beautiful. The temple is often addressed as Kailasa and Kashi of the south. The temple as a very high spiritual and religious atmosphere that it feels the presence of God. The rich architecture and religious importance of the temple attracts the tourist towards the temple. Very highly ornamented Gopuram and with expansive intricately carved interior holds the magnificent treasure of Dravidian style of architecture. Therefore the temple is named after these three lives. The temple is believed to built-in the 5th century during the Pallava period, according to the many religious believers. Srikalahasti temple is the best example of the Dravidian style architecture built during the Pallava period during the 5th century. The entrance of the temple is facing the south and the main shrine faces the west. Shiva linga made up of the white stone, inside the main shrine resembles the shape of an elephant tank. The Mandap in the temple consists of the beautifully carved pillars, which were built during the Vijayanagar king, Krishnadevraya in There are many other shrines of different Gods like Ganesha which carved from the 9 feet tall rock. I will suggest the Devotees have accommodation near the Tirupati temple which is just 36 km from the Srikalahasti temple. It will be very convenient for one to visit Srikalahasti temple and Tirupati temple. Getting the acccommodation facilities near Tirupati temple is very easy and fast at an affordable price through the site yatradham. You can book Dharamshala, Guesthouse, Hotels, Yatri Niwas, and many other accommodation options easily and at an affordable price. Visit the link given for booking accommodation near Tirupati temple and Srikalahasti temple. There are various modes of transport to reach the temple. One can easily reach the temple from the Tirupati. One can easily get the Local transportation facilities from Tirupati to reach the Srikalahasti temple. The nearest Bus station to the temple is Srikalahasti Bus station which is at 3 km and the nearest railway station is just about 2 kilometer from the temple. Nearest Airport to temple is at Tirupati, 45 km from the temple. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Contents show. Tirupati temple. National Park. Horsely Hills. Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple.

Sri Kalahasti Temple Sevas, Timings, Ticket Cost

Thank U Rajeev for sharing. Indeed it was useful information. Also if you could share the accomadation details like hotel, cost, rooms and so on it would be gr8. Regards, Saravanan. All arrangements will be designed by Sobhagya Jyotish. Contact the temple authorities during the Temple Timings am to pm only. I have not yet received the reply. You will get the tickets in temple counter only. You can't book them online. Thanks alot for your exact information. This helps greatly for me to plan my trip properly. It takes only 2 minutes to reach the temple by walking. Excellent information. Glad to have picked up so many important points from here. Many thanks. The Mazzaroth is Astrology service provider in Delhi. Which dress we have to wear at kalahasti in puja. Men and women. Good one. Really i loved your post. Constructed by the Chola and Vijayanagara kings, Srikalahasti Temple is definitely one of the most significant Shiva Temples in the south India. As one of the five Panchabhoota Sthalam, the temple is famous for its Vayu linga, which represents wind. Explore more about kalahasti temple. Hi Sir, I want to perform rahu kethu pooja. A very nice post on Kalahasti temple. It is a famous legendary temple renowned for performing Sarpadosha. Check the Srikalahasti temple timings before planning the visit. Yuvakishore just says he will help at any time but he will never respond, waste of currency to try to his number. Online puja. Hi, I have found great information about Indian Hindu Puja and online puja services in india at your blog Sir is there any offers and discounts on puja services? Very nice article of Srikalahasti Temple.

Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy Sri Kalahasti Temple Details, Timings

Holiday Packages By Trending Destinations. Holiday Packages. All Packages. Weekend Getaways. All Destinations. Popular Chains. Other Stays. All Hotels. Top International Destinations. Top Countries. All International. Sign Up for HolidayIQ. Male Female. Show Password Minimum password length Places to visit in Srikalahasti Srikalahasti. How To Reach. Srikalahasti Buses. Srikalahasti Taxis. Srikalahasti Trains. Weekend Getaways from Srikalahasti. Temples 11 Waterfalls 2. Srikalahasti Temple Temple Ranked 1 of 13 things to do in Srikalahasti 1 4. Srikalahasti temple, also known as the Srikalahastisvara Swamy temple, is a prominent temple in the Srikalahasti town of Andhra Pradesh.

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Good post. Thanks for sharing. Considered to be the Kailash of South; this temple is associated with Rahu and Kethu, two of the nine celestial bodies in the Indian astrology. With this puja, devotees expect their wishes to be fulfilled and their problems taken away. Although the puja can be done any time, it is recommended that it is done either on a Sunday or a Tuesday. The Devastanam arranges for all the material used in the puja. Explore more about kalahasti temple. Thank you for the informative post on Kalahasti temple. It is a famous legendary temple renowned for performing Sarpadosha. Check the Srikalahasti temple timings before planning the visit. In this temple there are three important linga Chitragupta Linga,YamaDharamRaj Linga,DharmaRaj Lingas people who go there to see the top portion of the temple view from three angles to the side these three Lingas are there it's good if one go and worship there. And DharmaLinga there is connection we now in last yugam i. By chanting rudra mantra ,inviting auspiciousness into their lives, increased detachment and affinity for spirituality, incredible health and vitality; alleviating disease. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is one among the oldest and most important Mantra's in Indian mythology and spirituality. This mantra belongs to Lord Shiva. It is a combination of three Hindi language words i. Thank you for sharing your website with us! We'd be happy to take a look. Indian puja's is famous in all over the world. Performed shiv Rudrabhishek online. The one online is decorated with flowers and ornamentation. Hai friends on 2nd oct. I went to attend rahu kathu puja. It was a worst experience to me there is no security system for que line. All the pligrims are crossing between a line and fight with every one. There is no one to control a croud. The main thing is when I am reching to puja they stopped. I got angry on the temple employees but I can't do any thing. Srikalahasti is a one of the famous temple in India Thanks for this post. Keep posting Devotees looking for darshan booking and tickets of Kalahasti temple and other temples in India check : Darshan Booking. Hi Thanks for providing the article for us.

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