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In Pattaya changed routes of public transport (songthaew)

The songthaews in Chiang Mai are the cheapest and most popular mode of transport in the city. While getting around on foot is perfectly fine, it can be uncomfortable walking around — especially during the warmer months. The driver decides on which route to take and which passengers will be dropped off first. Although predominantly red, the trucks also come in other colours such as blue, white, or yellow. But these trucks are only used to get to areas outside of Chiang Mai, while the red trucks only service locations within the city limits. Flagging one down is easy; all you need to do is wait on the side of the road, then signal the driver by raising your hand. Sometimes, this can be challenging because not all drivers can understand English but getting to popular spots like the Night BazaarNimmanhaemin Roadand Thapae Gate is fairly easy. What helps is carrying around a specific address or a picture on the map depicting where you want to go. Please Enter Your Question Below. Elephant Nature Park. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Wat Chedi Luang. Bhubing Palace. Doi Inthanon National Park. Wat Phra Singh. Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden. Golden Triangle. Wat Rong Khun. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Chiang Mai Night Safari. Grand Canyon Chiang Mai. Makha Bucha Day. Chiang Mai Flower Festival. Tawai Village Woodcarving Fair. Wai Sa Phaya Mengrai. Chiang Mai Jazz Festival. Bo Sang Umbrella Festival. Chiang Mai Cherry Blossom Viewing. Chiang Mai Design Week. Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Old City. Chiang Rai. Hang Dong. Mae Hong Son. Mae Rim. San Sai. Muang Chiang Mai Stadium. Chiang Mai Horse Race Course.

How to Use Songthaews to Travel in Thailand

Songthaew means two rows, which refers to the two wooden benches that run down either side of the bus, which have been converted from pick up trucks. There is no actual bus stops, to get on a songthaew, you just wait along the roadside until one approaches and you wave it down. These buses are the cheapest way to get from all the main tourist beaches into Phuket Town, costing around 35 - 50 baht, the trip will take around 30 minutes. This bus service is good for getting into Phuket Town for shopping and back to the beach but they do not go from one beach to another. In Phuket Town the buses depart from Ranong Road opposite the Thai airways ticketing office and they run from 7. These buses are great if you are staying in Town and want to go shopping at the Big C or Tesco Lotus and the best thing is, they are air-conditioned and cheap. Catching a local Phuket Songthaew bus is the cheapest mode of transport in and out of Phuket Town as well as a great experience, and the microbus is handy to get around within Phuket Town. Related Pages. If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful for your travels in Phuket, let us know by following us on Facebook. Phuket Travel Secrets. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.


The word "songthaew" literally means "two rows" in Thai. You'll see songthaews in almost all urban areas and lots of beach areas, too. Once you know their routes and how to pay for the ride, you will likely find them to be a convenient way to reach your destination. They are popular among locals as well as travelers and typically are the cheapest kind of transportation available, except for using your own two feet. You find songthaews in Laos as well as Thailand. Songthaews might also be called red trucks, taxisor red cars. Here's what you need to know about these trucks when you're visiting Thailand :. While a standard songthaew has two rows of seats or two benches in the back of a truck, you might also see some with three benches. Some have a roof or sides, which are often strips of hanging plastic, to keep out the elements. If the roof is high, you can stand, but if it is low you must sit down. You might also see a songthaew with a special platform off the back for additional passengers to stand on. Bigger trucks can be turned into songthaews that can hold up to 40 people. You might see different-colored vehicles. Red ones are common inside bigger cities. You might also see yellow, blue, and white vehicles, and these types will take you outside of the city. Passengers typically sit on a long bench that does not have a seat belt, and the truck does not have any other safety gear, such as airbags. You might be crammed in with a lot of people, and some might be standing inside or hanging outside of the vehicle. Still, the drivers tend to drive pretty slow and not too wildly. Written by. Suzanne Nam. Suzanne is a freelance writer who has lived in Bangkok since and has written two guidebooks about travel in the country. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Share Pin Email. Songthaews are part of an informal public transportation system and serve set routes in most urban areas and many beach areas. In some areas, songthaews have signs indicating their routes.

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In many towns and cities apart from Bangkokthe songthaew is the main form of public transport. To call a songthaew, simply wait by the roadside until one approaches and wave it down by stretching out your hand palm down. There are key differences in the way songthaews operate in various towns and cities. In Chiang Mai for instance, once the songthaew has stopped, tell the driver where you want to go to. If it is on his route he will nod and you can get in the back. Just wait until the next songthaew comes along normally every few minutes. In Pattaya, the songthaews drive along set routes. When one has stopped for you, just jump in the back and ring the buzzer or bell in the back to indicate when you want to get off. Fares vary from town to town. In Ko Samui, a similar short journey could cost a minimum of B40 or upwards. The majority of drivers are trying to make an honest living, but inevitably there is an element which will try to inflate fares for foreigners. Even if you live in Thailand and can speak fluent Thai, it is a fact of life that in many situations you will pay more than your Thai counterpart. However, fares are still cheap and it is unseemly to argue over an extra B By getting in to a parked songthaew and telling the driver your destination the driver will take this as a sign that you wish to charter the whole vehicle for your own use and he will not stop en route to pick up passengers. This will normally mean you have to pay upwards of B for the privilege. Songthaews can very often be chartered for a half-day or full-day sightseeing. Just negotiate an agreed rate with the driver and pay at the end of your journey. Roy Cavanagh is a former stand-up comedian who now works as a freelance writer and website designer. Follow Thaizer. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Getting around

To get around Koh Samui, you have options for public transport as well as private, hired transportation. Whether by songthaew, car, bike, on foot or in a taxi, you have a variety of ways to get where you want to go. Rather than a bus, a songthaew is a pick-up truck with a converted bed. Two back benches can fit between adults inside, with the occasional mad-man choosing to hang off the back bumper. Luggage racks up top mean you can easily transport luggage or a back-pack from the airport or the ferry terminal. Largely speaking, songthaews circle the ring road and other large secondary roads. The bigger or more popular your destination, the likelier the first songthaew will take you there. Otherwise, try the next one. How to use a songthaew on Koh Samui? Confidence, a big smile and having change ready will be your best songthaew assets. Stand on a roadside the busier, the better and flag one down. State your destination and agree on the price first. Then hop in the back and make some new friends. When you want to get off, ring the bell inside. Taxis are all over Koh Samui. Set a rate in advance as, despite appearances, meters are not used. Scooter-taxis are a cheaper, wilder means of transport than normal taxis. Booking your own hire car is a brilliant way to tour the island. If you must, be sure to wear a helmet. Can you just walk to get around Koh Samui? It might be very easy to stock up on beer and sunscreen on foot. At a bare minimum, bring a flashlight and opt for light or reflective clothing at night. How happy will your mummy be!? Koh Samui Sunset. Learn how to rent a car on Koh Samui. View Post. Search for: Search.

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