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Skyrim: Tannick Racemenu and ECE Preset, Follower Mod

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 29 February - AM. I am new to MO and I'm beginning to like it a lot. My question is; I want to download a racemenu preset. Manually where do I put it? Already tried to add these folders, doesn't work. Please help. Posted 29 February - PM. Under the main MO installation you will find a folder named: mods. There are contained sub-folders for each mod you have installed, including one for RaceMenu. You can simply create a new folder structure, if one does not exist, that includes the presets folder into which you may place your presets. Posted 01 March - AM. Thank You so much. You also helped me understand MO even more. Thanks again! Posted 31 December - PM. I'm going crazy trying to add a racemenu preset. I can press F9 to load them, but they don't look anything like what they're supposed to. Yes, I set the race and sex accordingly. I thought having 0. I also thought when I changed one of the x. For example: The Janessa preset instructs me to slide the slider to 12 om the All menu tab, which I can't and then hit F9 I assume from the Presets tab to load the file the rest of the way. At least that's what I think it's telling me to do. I've scoured the net for the past 3 hours looking for a solution and can't figure this out. Posted 01 January - PM. I've learned some thing, so please disregard trying to answer my above question, as it is nigh impossible. Without going into to a lot of detail, suffice it to say I am unable to reproduce those amazing presets such as this or this. The first one is crazy and look so realistic and it would seem like it should be easy to follow the directions and add the appropriate mods, but I'm certain the author is running other mods effecting lighting and skin textures. I attempted to reproduce this preset and it's pretty sad - I mean not even the skin or hair color was the same with the preset, I tried to approximate it. I finally got the neck and arm lines to blend better, but not even close to author's mod. The presets without a NIF file never look even close to the example. I still have no idea how using the preset slider bar relates to using it prior to hitting F9, maybe it was a throw back to a previous version of RACEMENU and you had to select a preset before hitting F9? It does''t seem to matter if I rename a What I do know is the screen shot examples require some special lighting and cinema effects with ENB which I tried and proper setup just like real photography, but come on. This can't be this hard!! Is it? Don't even get me start on the guy who made an amazing moddidn't want to share it, charged for it and then threw a temper-tantrum not sure about what - and don't care.

Add a racemenu preset

You can also download him as a standalone follower, thanks to VRDaphni. You do NOT need to download any additional mods if you use the standalone follower mod. You will also need either Racemenu or ECE to use this mod. Scroll down for instructions for both. Ok, now you should have a gorgeous Tannick character all for your own. For more shmexy mods for your character, check out my RAWR-Paint pack of warpaints for male characters! If you enjoy my blog, please consider donating via Paypal to help me maintain it! You can also email me to ask questions, friend me on Xbox Live, or just say hi :D. You have awesome timing. I just about have my plus mods installed for Skyrim and I was just about to start a new character. I asked on the modpage but no one replied :. Id really love the character save for this person! I am so bad at creating chars, but creating a char that i like is essential for me to enjoy the playthrough. I do hope you make some more lovely men in the future ……. Prev Article Next Article. Related Posts. About The Author girlplaysgame More from this Author If you enjoy my blog, please consider donating via Paypal to help me maintain it! Kevin October 8, OMG how do you have so many mods and still have it work?! You must be a wizard. Jason October 10, Hehe I am alive! BelleofMorrell October 17, Where is he located exactly?

Add a racemenu preset

This is about a month old, but for a while now, I've used the appearances of the khajiit and argonians in Skyrim to represent 10 characters, 9 of which are canon from my stories. The anthro felines in my stories aren't khajiits, nor are the reptilian anthros argonians, but since the looks of those races in Skyrim seem to serve as a very basic and somewhat compelling definition for "cat people" and "lizard people", I enjoyed making them. The non-canon character is the red argonian, whom I simply named "Red". It's less so signifying of racism and more so in line with the fact that he is a "vagrant". I like to play as him under - for all you Dark Souls fans out there - "Deprived" settings, via the "Vagrant" preset in the "Skyrim Unbound" alternate start mod, where I reload a save made before choosing "Begin the Adventure" to make sure the game clothes me with only the "Prisoner's Trousers". Overall, I've done the most mod testing i. I've only had presets of the main 4 protagonists of my stories - Akira, Katherine, Nigel, and Sheryl - for the longest time, and was only recently pressed to create 4 of their other young friends last month Making Ryan would take a whole other, specifically "anthro wolf" race mod. I simply wanted to make a tall, buff, red argonian. Through the "fire punching" uh Note: You can use these presets on any race or either gender in-game since they only reflect the settings I applied for the races you see in the preview picture. I don't have that sort of skill about myself. Tags Modify preset presets racemenu skyrim.

Erika Preset for Racemenu by Var aka Derigt

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. As in other thread. Bushi Neko are you saying what do you mean by. Originally posted by gypsyblackmore :. Last edited by Bushi Neko ; 15 Dec, pm. I used the fire one. It is an older mod If so. I did manually since my nmm wont install mods you mean reinstall racemenu? I think I might have found the reason why it was not showing up when I installed racemenu the first time I must have deleted the nioverride. On that. I ve never once messed with anything ni overide related but to turn it off in mods. I didnt really do much, but get you looking. V-Squad Sully! View Profile View Posts. Medivh View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 Dec, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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If you like my portal, you can support my work. All presets. DaXmAn's finest Hero. Wood Elf. My Preset. Gandalf The Grey. Darck Elf. Rose Racemenu Preset. Evlana by TheDriedFinger. FR: Shukura 1. Momo-youseyora II -loli. Fairy Nord. Laurel by StephieRawx. Tatiana by StephieRawx. Adriana By StephieRawx. Test preset. Mona by StephieRawx. Iounn Preset. Racemenu Preset: Red. Cute Akira. Sirarae Preset. Mirandith Preset. Swei's preset. Nord, Breton, Imperial, Redguard. Real-life Inspired Nord Preset. Kitsune Breton. Cara Delevingne. Daenerys Targaryen. Serine - A wood elf preset. Wood Elf Bosmer. Aubrey Plaza Preset.

Skyrim - Como usar cualquier seguidor como personaje con Racemenu.

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