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The following is a list of Potion IDs. To receive the potion you want, type the following in the console:. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Clam Chowder HF. Grilled Chicken Breast. Potato Soup HF. Steamed Mudcrab Legs HF. Apple Dumpling HF. Braided Bread HF. Chicken Dumpling HF. Garlic Bread HF. Jazbay Crostata HF. Juniper Berry Crostata HF. Lavender Dumpling HF. Potato Bread HF. Snowberry Crostata HF. Cooked Boar Meat DR. Ash Yam DR. Butter HF. Jug of Milk HF. Mudcrab Legs HF. Sack of Flour HF.


This page lists all potions. The specialization s of potions are listed on a separate page, and are not listed here. To receive the potions you want, type the following in the console:. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Immediate expansion is imperative for this incomplete article! While it contains cursory information, large sections are left blank, lists are left unfinished, and tables are missing data entries. Resolve these and any issues in accordance with the styling sheetthen remove this template. Categories :. Cancel Save. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Blacksmith's Elixir. Enchanter's Draught. Enchanter's Elixir. Enchanter's Philter. Enchanter's Potion. Philter of True Shot. Philter of the Phantom. Potion of Alteration. Potion of Brief Invisibility. Potion of Cure Disease. Potion of Extreme Healing. Potion of Extreme Magicka. Potion of Extreme Stamina. Potion of Healing. Potion of Health. Potion of Invisibility. Potion of Magicka. Potion of Minor Healing. Potion of Minor Magicka. Potion of Minor Stamina. Potion of Minor Well-being DR. Potion of Prolonged Invisibility. Potion of Stamina. Potion of Ultimate Healing.

Potion of Extended Invisibility

This is an overview of Skyrim's alchemical ingredients also called "alchemy reagents". More information on each ingredient can be found on its individual page see links in the tables below. The Alchemy Effects article lists ingredients indexed by magical effect and contains additional information about the relationships between ingredients, alchemy, and magical effects. A few ingredients are also classified as food. This table lists all of the standard ingredients in the game. You will experience a mild primary effect from eating an ingredient. Brewing two or more ingredients that share magical effects at an alchemy table will result in a potion or poison, with higher Alchemy skill levels resulting in stronger effects—longer duration, better fortifications or damage, etc. Special items such as Daedric Hearts and Void Salts are used in smithing Daedric equipment and improving Nightingale armorrespectively. For ingredients added by the Dragonborn add-on, see this page. For Creation Club ingredients, see this category. Ingredients added by DawnguardHearthfire and Dragonborn are included in the table below, but a quick list of all the ingredients each add-on adds can be seen here Dawnguardhere Hearthfire and here fixme. These ingredients are of limited value for alchemy: some of them can't be used in alchemy even though the game labels them as ingredients and they have a very limited number of possible samples. Jump to: navigationsearch. Sources [ edit ] There are several ways to obtain ingredients: Purchasing from merchants General merchants usually offer a few ingredients. Apothecary merchants offer many more, each stocking: Up to 15 common ingredients Up to 10 uncommon ingredients Up to 5 rare ingredients Counterintuitively, your chances of finding a specific uncommon ingredient in an apothecary's stock are smaller than those for finding a rare ingredient. Some ingredients can be bought and sold only if the merchant perk has been unlocked on the Speech perk tree. Already-harvested samples You can find some ingredients on shelves or tables, in baskets, pots, etc. They are typically plentiful in apothecaries' businesses and living quarters. Their owners may let you take the relatively inexpensive of these for free if you have done them favors. Mages and wizards around Skyrim, a concentration of which are people living at the College of Winterhold, tend to possess ingredients in their dwellings and rooms. Some types of NPCs and enemies may carry ingredients on their person. Ingredients can also be found in containers. Certain barrels contain multiple copies of a common ingredient. These satchels are tagged internally in the game as of common- uncommon- or rare-type. Rare-type satchels always contain one common, one uncommon, and one rare ingredient. Harvesting from plants You can take ingredients from many of Skyrim's plants.


This article is about the skill. The Pickpocket skill allows you to steal items from a person. As perks are gained in this skill, you gain abilities that allow you to make pickpocketing attempts more likely to succeed, silently kill people with poisons, increase your maximum carrying capacity, and the ability to steal equipped items. The Pickpocket skill tree has a total of 8 perks, requiring a total of 12 perk points to fill. In-game Description: The stealthy art of picking an unsuspecting target's pockets. A skilled pickpocketer is less likely to be caught and is more likely to loot valuables. If you are sneaking when you approach a person, you will be given the option of viewing the person's inventory. Simply viewing an inventory is not considered to be a crime. When stealing multiple items at once you can only guess the success rate, as only the chance for one item at a time is displayed and it is easier to steal more items with smaller weight. If the target has skill, these are 2, and 1, respectively. For stealing a single item, the weights are After investing in the Poisoned perk you can reverse-pickpocket poisons onto targets to damage them. Giving multiple poisons to a target will make them "take" the poisons until they are either all gone or the target dies. Remaining poisons will be left on the corpse and are retrievable. If you fail, the target will detect you and you may receive a bountyif you are detected by someone that reports crimes. Even if successful, there is also a chance that the target will hire thugs to kill you. The following races have an initial skill bonus to Pickpocket:. One achievement is related to Pickpocket:. Jump to: navigationsearch. Skill : Pickpocket Specialization: Stealth This article is about the skill. Light Fingers. Night Thief. Perfect Touch. Extra Pockets. Skills in Skyrim. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Lockpick Item ID

Skyrim is full of items both magical and mundane. The articles listed here provide information on all of the items that can be found in the game. Depending upon whether you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for general information, there are several different ways to navigate through the many item-related pages. If you know the exact name of the specific item you want to find, type its name into the search box at the left-hand side of the page and then click on the magnifying glass image or press the Enter key on your keyboard. Within the category Skyrim-Items are many subcategories listing nearly every item in the game by function. If you don't know the exact spelling of a specific item, browsing through one of the categories may help you to find it. Most of these articles provide general information on various types of items, and also include lists of the mundane non-enchanted and widely available varieties of the items. These articles provide lists of all the enchanted items available in the game, organized according to how you are likely to find or obtain the item. Each of these articles provides complete information on an item material: where to obtain the material, smithing requirements to craft items, and full information on all ArmorJewelryand Weapons made out of the material. Three of the official add-ons add enough items that they are listed on their own pages. The fourth item listed takes you to a list of Creation Club items. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : Skyrim Skyrim-Items. Personal tools Create account Log in.

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