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Pro-Cut Slides?

Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received Originally Posted by scsu Welp my patience got the best of me. Just ordered a full size pro cut slide, with a full size barrel, and recoil assembly. Even ordered a Wilson Combat full size grip module to go with it. I assume the factory barrel should be drop in, without needing fitting? Originally Posted by pdxoriginal. Put the gun together today. I like the look of the semi-fit Bar-Sto barrel. It drops in, but it's too tight at the muzzle for my taste - the slide will slingshot fully forward, but anything less than a robust slingshot and it stops a bit short. It's not a match gun. The barrel is only for looks. Perhaps taking some material off in back will effect how it sits in front? I could call Irv, send it all to him. Anyhoo, I swapped out the Bar-sto for the new full length Sig barrel, which of course wanted the recoil spring assembly just so to mount the pro-cut slide. I rather like it. Now I just have to get up the gumption to install the flat trigger. Last edited by safinsd; at AM. Originally Posted by safinsd. Originally Posted by Jedi Very nice Susan!!! I'm happy with the standard flat trigger, and wouldn't want it any lighter, especially for a carry gun. Jedi likes this. I got this standard trigger. I have to admit, I'm pretty intimidated by the prospect of installing it. Was just going to take it to a guy in town, but I'm holed up at home - since I'm in my 60's, I'm trying to reduce risk. Sent from my LM-V using Tapatalk. Looks really good! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

The Sig P320 Pro Series has landed

The slide has a media blasted stainless steel finish, and is available for full-size, compact, and subcompact P pistols. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. KG in Germany. For more information about the company and product line visit: sigsauer. If you really are that uneducated, spend some time educating yourself to the wonderful world of firearms…especially handguns as it would appear you are lacking the knowledge necessary to differentiate between race guns and EDC guns. I have read most of these reply and either no one shoots or no one reads and everyone is blind……. Hats off to you nobody tells a fucking truth anymore. And the ones that do are labeled the assholes or whatever when they should be labeled your best friend. And thanks for the candid approach to the bottom line. I just ordered one for my full size 9MM. I am confused. Why would you cut a slide like that if you are not porting the barrel? To save on weight? Get a different firearm or spend some time in the gym. Slide cuts reduce reciprocating mass for faster follow up shots — primarily used in competition. The more reciprocating mass reduced the better. However, for equal cost, I could make just as strong a race gun out of a P as a stock Shaddow2. However, after re-reading the article, no where does it state that this gun is for competition, which would lead ME to believe it is for EDC or any other purpose you would buy a handgun for. Maybe you should save your criticisms for the author or the editors, instead of people with legitimate questions about somethings unstated purposes. That alone gave me the insight I needed to know who the audience for this slide its. I have no problem with slide. People are complaining about the price of the slide! They also come ready for optics at the same time. However, I do agree that the look of the slide needs work. Except that SIG once again installed regular height sights instead of suppressor height sights that would cowitness with an optic. Would be full of dirt, lint and any other shit that could fill those gaping holes in no time around here. Paint them rainbow and sell em to fags. A lot of complaints about this slide and the price. For the money they have a great value considering they are factory too. Lot of money for something that is so ugly. I love the sig sauer brand. I paid for my and you want !!! Lower your price to and you might sale 4 times more of them. Can anybody tell us what the purpose of all this is? What does it make better? If it does nothing but just look cool why buy it. I am a big Sig fan. The p is my latest purchase.

Sig Sauer P320 Pro Slide Assembly, 9mm, 4.7in. Coyote, Xray3 Sights, Optics Ready

They have the x carry frames, flat Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received For anyone who hasn't seen these or may be interested in them, my Pro Series Carry arrived today. They have the x carry frames, flat triggers, slide profile IE serrations, like the X Carry. Obligatory pics. With 21 round mag TXPO. Twisterrcbroughmu2bdriver and 4 others like this. I want one. What's the Sig SKU? Thanks for posting this! Lancer L5 AWM likes this. Likes Received 4. Looks awesome! Where did you get it from? Online vendor? I'm really liking that the rear sight is separate and the optic plate is secured from the top of the slide and not from underneath like what was done previously. I found it in stock on a Police only site. I like this one or the new X-vtac. Originally Posted by gtmtnbiker Originally Posted by Xando. Local LE dealer. Had mine on order since I found out about them. I want both!

SIG P320 Pro-Cut Slides Look Awesome, Expand Optics Choices

Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received As some of you may know Sig has started selling the pro cut slides. Ive been thinking about doing a custom build this winter using a pro cut slide. My first question is if anyone knows if the X5 DLC barrel will work with the pro cut slide? Failing that, anyone have a line on good match grade barrels for the ? I've been thinking about the pro cut slide for my X-Compact. My question is aside from the aesthetics does the pro cut slide do anything else. I've looked hard at these slides and others out there and I love the looks. I have a C that I've done a ton of stuff to. And a trick slide would really finish it out. It's a lot to pay for a pretty add-on. The price isn't bad. If you had your stock slide cut and refinished, it wouldn't be much cheaper, if not more expensive. I'm tempted but just not sold on the dragon cut at the muzzle. Would have preferred just the side and top cut. The X5 is a bull barrel with a larger diameter. It won't fit in the pro-cut slide. I have the full size pro cut slide with a silencer co. Their accuracy is basically identical even though the silencer co is not "match grade". Originally Posted by Sbimson. Likes Received 4. He had to go back with the original Sig barrel. Originally Posted by HankB. Originally Posted by Schmojinx. Originally Posted by sigsmsnc. Originally Posted by BigRed Powered by vBulletin 3.

Sig Sauer P320 Parts

This is a discussion on Pro-Cut Slides? Pro-Cut Slides? User Name Remember Me? Password Home Forums Advertise. Likes Received Has anyone seen or heard about these yet? XxShowtimexX likes this. Just got off the phone with Sig Customer Service and asked if this Pro-Cut Slide would work on the X-Compact grip module and he said it would but I would have to purchase a different barrel, extractor and striker assembly since the latter doesn't not come with the slide and the barrel on the X-Compact will not fit. Might be an interesting setup though. Last edited by cremaley; at AM. Originally Posted by cremaley. Looks like they're taking the total systems provider thing serious and offering up OEM gucci slides. I still think the inevitable end is Sig regional ranges but we'll see. I swear that looks like one of the homeliest slides I've ever seen. Maybe it looks better dressed out and on a gun but as it sitsit sure doesn't and I wouldn't buy it. Any changes in recoil springs needed with these "lightening cuts" slides? Looks like something my grandson would dream up for one of his Stormtroopers. Last edited by PS; at PM. SIG Sauer likes this. I like the idea of windows and ports, but I don't like the front cuts. If they dropped the front cut, nitron coated them and offered them in. There is nothing about that design that doesn't add a potential problem for concealed carry, home defense or duty.


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