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This was half the fun of Peele's excellent second feature film—unraveling the tapestry of references and symbols and Easter Eggs. In the weeks since the movie's release, we've discussed at length the meaning of the rabbitsand Jeremiahand "I Got Five On It. But fans have continued to debate what exactly happened in the closing moments of the film, where Adelaide suddenly remembers what really went down in the fun house as a little kid. In a flash back we see the young Tethered girl knock out the real Adelaide and bring her down to the underground and swap places with her. So the Tethered woman we've called Red this whole film is actually the real Adelaide. As the family drives away from Santa Cruz—with Red dead—Adelaide shares a look with her son Jason, who seems to know her dark secret. Now, in a new interview with the Empire podcastPeele has explained his take on this twist ending:. That description really is a clear way of fitting this ending with the overall theme of the film. But what about that look between her and Jason? Leaving that vague makes sense, and still allows for fans to theorize that maybe Jason and Pluto switched places somehow, or all of this is in some way connected to Michael Myers. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies.

Explain the plot of Secret starring Jay Chou and Lunmei Kwai?

Ari Aster's new horror film Midsommar has an ending that's about as horrifying as you'd expect from the writer-director who made last year's Hereditary. Looking for an escape, Dani follows her boyfriend Christian Jack Reynor on a trip with his friends to a folk festival in Sweden, run by a commune that Christian's friend Pelle Vilhelm Blomgren grew up in. However, things take a dark turn during the first ceremony, when two elders of the commune commit ritualistic suicide. As Dani and Christian's friends begin disappearing one by one, it becomes clear that there's something very dark going on behind the scenes of the Midsommar festivities. In the final ceremony of the Midsommar festival, nine human sacrifices are made in the yellow pyramid-shaped temple that Dani was told not to enter. The sacrifices are an offering of life in exchange for life, and every year the May Queen chooses the final and most important sacrifice. Dani chooses Christian to be sacrificed, and he is sewn into a bear skin and placed at the center of the temple. The life of each member of the community is divided into four seasons, each lasting 18 years. They return to the commune and work from ages 36 to 54 falland from ages 54 to 72 winter they lead the community as elders. Those who don't die during the fall are killed afterwards by being struck repeatedly on the head with a large wooden mallet. The dead bodies are then cremated and the ashes are scattered around a sacred ancestral tree. As Midsommar moves towards its ending, all of Dani and Christian's friends have unbeknown to them been killed. Maja hides a love rune under Christian's bed and bakes her pubic hair into a pie that he eats. During the May Queen celebrations, Christian is given a drink with hallucinogenic properties, and then flower petals are laid out to create a path for him to the barn where Maja is waiting. Whomever is left standing last is declared that year's May Queen - and this Midsommar, that person is Dani. She is given a flower crown and pride of place at the May Queen feast, and then taken to bless the harvest and animals. She peers through the door, sees Christian having sex with Maja, and begins crying hysterically. In Midsommar 's ending we see the final part of the festival's twisted traditions, as nine human sacrifices are offered up to the gods in exchange for nine new lives, in the form of babies conceived during the Midsommar celebrations. By the end of the movie, four of the new blood sacrifices have already been made: British visitors Connie and Simon, and Christian's friends Josh and Mark. It's heavily implied that Pelle's own parents were sacrificed in their own time, as Pelle tells Dani that they burned in a fire when he was a child.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I just watched an interesting movie, The Water Diviner. There was an Australian man named Joshua who was on a mission to find his three sons lost to the first World War after his Wife Lizzie Eliza had commit suicide. He was told by a young Turkish woman named Ayshe to drink a cup of coffee before she could start a game that determines his fate somehow. Some weeks later he came back to see her, and he wondered why she didn't look surprised when seeing him. He asked her about it while she was giving him a cup of coffee. She answered. Once he discovered what is inside the cup, he then stood up and they started to smile at one another. What is the meaning of their last conversation before the movie ended? Did she make a "bad" coffee on purpose to test their hidden love; that is, a question about drinking in fear of making her sad and that he liked her? Or does it mean something else? I think the coffee had a lump of sugar in it. Earlier in the movie when they are discussing arranged marriages and how coffee determines a suitor, sweet coffee means the couple will marry. That is the reason why she was not surprised. And also sweet coffee means that you like the person you served the coffee with. I know the answer, I'm from Algeria, Jijel, we have the same traditions of turcs. When you want to marry a girl, you go to her house to her father and you demand her hand, she makes a coffee for you and your family. If there's no sugar in the coffee, they don't want you to marry her, but if the coffee was good, it means they accepted. So in the movie, she puts much sugar to tell him that she wants him to stay.

The real meaning behind these confusing movie endings

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a action spy comedy film [1] [5] directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn. The screenplay, written by Vaughn and Jane Goldmanis based on Dave Gibbons 's and Mark Millar 's comic book series of the same name. The film follows the recruitment and training of Gary "Eggsy" Unwin Taron Egertoninto a secret spy organisation. Eggsy joins a mission to tackle a global threat from Richmond Valentine Samuel L. Jacksona wealthy megalomaniac wanting to deal with climate change in a both brutal and comedic fashion [6]. The film received generally positive reviews from critics who highly praised the stylised action sequences, the acting performances, villain, score, and its dark humorthough some violent and sexual scenes were critiqued as over-the-top. A sequel, titled Kingsman: The Golden Circlewas released in Septemberwith Vaughn and the main cast returning. During a mission in the Middle East inprobationary secret agent Lee Unwin sacrifices himself to protect his superior, Harry Hart. Hart, blaming himself, returns to London to give Lee's widow, Michelle, and her young son Gary "Eggsy" a medal engraved with an emergency assistance number. Seventeen years later, Eggsy has become a stereotypical chavhaving dropped out of training for the Royal Marines despite his intelligence and talents for both gymnastics and parkour. Hart arranges his release. Hart explains that he is a member of Kingsman, a private intelligence service founded by British elite who lost their heirs in World War I and decided to put their money towards protecting the world; the organization is named for the tailor shop that clothed them. Hart, code name "Galahad", explains there is a position available, as agent "Lancelot" was killed by the assassin Gazelle while trying to rescue Professor James Arnold from kidnappers. Eggsy becomes Hart's candidate. Other candidates are eliminated through dangerous training tests run by Kingsman's technical support operative "Merlin", until only Eggsy and Roxy, a candidate he befriended, are left. Eggsy refuses to complete the final test — shooting a Pug puppy he has raised during the training process unaware that the gun holds blanks — and Roxy is named the new "Lancelot". Meanwhile, Merlin discovers that Professor Arnold has returned to work as if nothing had happened. Hart attempts to interrogate him, but a chip in Professor Arnold's neck explodes, killing him. The detonation signal is traced to a facility owned by Gazelle's employer Richmond Valentine, an Internet billionaire and philanthropist who has recently offered everyone in the world SIM cards that grant free lifetime cellular and Internet connectivity. Hart, impersonating a billionaire philanthropist, meets Valentine face-to-face. Hart learns of Valentine's connection to an obscure hate group 's church in Kentuckyand travels there, wearing glasses containing a video transceiver. As Eggsy watches, Valentine activates the SIM cards in the church, triggering a signal that causes the parishioners to become murderously violent. Hart's spy training leaves him as the only survivor. Outside the church Valentine explains what happened, and then shoots Hart in the face. Eggsy returns to Kingsman headquarters and finds that Chester "Arthur" King, Kingsman's leader, has a scar on his neck just like Professor Arnold's. King reveals that Valentine plans to transmit his "neurological wave" worldwide via satellite network, believing the resulting "culling" of most of the human race will avert its extinction via global warming. Only those Valentine has chosen, willing and unwilling, will be unaffected. King tries to poison Eggsy but Eggsy switches glasses and King poisons himself. Eggsy, Merlin and Roxy set out to stop Valentine. Roxy uses high-altitude balloons to destroy one of Valentine's satellites and break up the network, but Valentine quickly secures a replacement from an individual implied to be Elon Musk. Merlin flies Eggsy to Valentine's base, where he masquerades as King. Eggsy is discovered by a failed Kingsman recruit, Charlie Hesketh, leading to both Eggsy and Merlin being cornered. On Eggsy's suggestion, Merlin activates the implanted chips' failsafe, killing almost everyone with a chip. An angry Valentine activates the signal and triggers worldwide pandemonium. Eggsy kills Gazelle and uses one of her sharpened prosthetic legs to impale Valentine and kill him, stopping the signal and ending the threat. Afterwards, he shares a sexual encounter with Tilde, Crown Princess of Sweden, who was among those abducted by Valentine. Having become the new agent "Galahad," Eggsy offers his mother and half-sister a new home away from his abusive stepfather Dean, who flatly objects to Eggsy's suggestion. Eggsy then dispatches him in exactly the same manner that Hart dealt with one of Dean's henchmen earlier. Fiona Hampton played Amelia, a Kingsman employee who masquerades as a candidate in order to "die" during the first test. The project originated when Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn were at a bar discussing spy movies, lamenting that the genre had become too serious over the years and deciding to do "a fun one.

Behind One Of The Most Shocking Movie Endings Of The Year

So much of Jordan Peele's second feature film, Usis genuinely horrifying. The trailers are just creepy enough to intrigue us, and the haunting remix of "I Got 5 on It" by Luniz dictates its whole chilling vibe. Plus, the very premise of the film is terrifying — fans were so desperate to make sense of it all that they thought up their own wild theories practically seconds after the trailer debuted. But no theory could come close to the actual ending of the filmwhich we're here to discuss, below. The four travel to Adelaide's childhood vacation home in Santa Cruz, CA, for an idyllic Summer getaway, but it's hard for Adelaide to unwind because she's haunted by a trauma that happened there when she was a kid. It all comes to light after a day on the beach with their family friends, Kitty and Josh Tyler Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker, respectively. Adelaide reveals to Gabe that when she was a child, she went with her parents to an amusement park on her birthday and wandered into a house of mirrors attraction alone. While she was in there, a storm cut the lights and she stumbled into a section of the funhouse where she ran into a little girl who looked exactly like her, down to her pigtails and the "Thriller" t-shirt she was wearing. Adult Adelaide tells Gabe that she ran out after that, but he finds it hard to believe her story until the entire family is soon confronted by demonic versions of themselves who we learn are called the "Tethered" later that same night. As the film proceeds, we see the Wilson family battle their doubles as Red Adelaide's jumpsuit-wearing double who is the only Tethered to actually speak leads them to attack the family. The Wilsons are able to escape long enough to catch the demise of the Tylers and learn from a news program that the entire country is under attack by murderous doubles. This leads Adelaide to declare that they're driving to Mexico to escape. Jason manages to manipulate Pluto into committing suicide by using the latter's innate urge to mirror his movements and have him walk into the blaze. Red kidnaps Jason while everyone's attention is on Pluto, which forces Adelaide to run after them. The chase leads Adelaide back to the funhouse from her childhood, and she somehow knows exactly where to go to find Red this is important! Adelaide comes across Red in one of the classrooms as the latter stands in front of the board, cutting figures out of construction paper as she reveals the truth behind the Tethered and why they've come. Red explains that the Tethered came to be as a government project, initially created to control the people they were modeled after. When they realized that the Tethered only replicated the bodies of their originals and not their souls, the government left them to ruin in the tunnels. Red has always been different from the others, though — she can speak and seems generally more intelligent than them. In response, they make her their leader, and she comes up with an idea for how to rebel against their originals. As we see, their plan is to kill their originals and form a line inspired by the charity event Hands Across America, in which people joined hands in a human chain for 15 minutes. According to Red, the line is a symbolic act to bring awareness to the Tethered's existence. After this reveal, Adelaide and Red engage in a fierce battle that sees Adelaide suffer two stabbings from Red's golden scissors before she manages to impale the other with her fire poker. When Red slumps down, she begins whistling the tune we hear Adelaide whistle as a child in the house of mirrors. Adelaide leans over to choke Red with the chain of her handcuffs, letting out a guttural scream when the other finally dies. She finds Jason hiding in one of the lockers nearby and attempts to reassure him that everything is all right, but he seems scared of her now. Us 's final reveal comes as the entire Wilson family reunites and continues their drive out of California. Adelaide has a flashback to her childhood, where we see her in the house of mirrors that connects to the home of the Tethered's underground. The "real" Red leaves Adelaide handcuffed to a bunk bed and takes her place in the world above; this is why Adelaide's parents felt their daughter had changed after the day at the beach, why "Red" is the only Tethered who can speak, and why she leads a rebellion. Back in the present day, the false Adelaide smiles as she realizes she's safe from being found out. That is, until she turns to see her son, Jason, staring at her with a suspicious expression on his face from the passenger side of the car. Even though she smiles at him, he turns away, pulling his mask back onto his face as if shutting himself away from his false mother. The film ends with a view of the state of California, where the Tethered can be seen forming their human chain for miles. The monster is a part of "us," no matter how hard we try to bury it.

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