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Behind One Of The Most Shocking Movie Endings Of The Year

The above is enough to compensate for the film's problems, including annoying side characters, a sagging pace, and glaring lapses of logic. Better than expected, which is a good thing. Review by Kozo: Jay Chou's directorial debut is named Secret - which is a dead giveaway right there. Based on that title, you should know that there's some lingering piece of information in the film that turns this seemingly earnest youth romance into an overwrought sob-fest. Secret needs its secret. Without it, the film would probably be irretrievably boring, plus no secret means no hook. If there isn't an acute conflict placing this idealized romance in jeopardy, then nobody is getting their money's worth; the audience may as well be flipping through a photo book of dope Jay Chou pictures. The downside: Secret can easily be spoiled by any in depth discussion. As such, I'll try to make sense in this review without giving away too much. That's harder than it sounds. Let's cut straight to the chase then: is Secret any good? Surprisingly, it's not bad at all, possessing fine art direction, cinematography and music, plus a moving performance from Taiwanese actress Guey Lun-Mei the excellent Blue Gate Crossing. The film also deserves some credit for being complex and creative enough in its narrative workings that one will likely hang around to see how everything ends. But Secret isn't convincing. The film sets up rules that it eventually doesn't follow, achieving its intended gooshy emotions but leaving the audience to question just exactly how they got there. Not everything completely adds up, and the aggravating side characters, laggy pace, and inexplicable events leaves this less of an accomplishment than it perhaps could have been. Jay Chou does possess some affable charm, but he's still too distant to be a suitable romantic lead. He fares better as a filmmaker, in that he at least attempts something more substantial than your usual singer-turned-actor-turned-director, plus he seems to have assembled a crew that buys into his melodramatic vision. The biggest deal behind Secret is that it's probably better than one expects it to be. The straight skinny: Secret gets a thumbs up, albeit a qualified one, with Jay Chou and company getting a solid "B" for their efforts. In many ways, Jay Chou is review proof. Such is the magical allure of Chairman Chou. That's the cryptic, cursory evaluation of the film. However, before you read any further, it's time to issue that spoiler warning again. Truthfully, I won't be giving away much of the film below, but if you're the sort that demands a pure viewing experience then you should stop reading. I mean it. Look away right now. Still with me? Okay, here's the basic outline. Jay Chou is Jay, a budding musical genius whose way with piano keys makes him a hit with the ladies, and even the guys, who recognize talent when they see it. Jay arrives at Tanjiang Art School and already he's being watched, but his eyes and heart are immediately stolen by Rain Guey Lun-Meian elegant, charming flirt who first happens upon Jay in the school's aged piano room. The two begin a cute, casual romance that's defined by secrets. Basically, Rain keeps them, starting with her name, then extending them to other things like where she goes, what she does, and why she's always absent from class.

The real meaning behind these confusing movie endings

Moreso than even the clearly-purposed Iron Man or Captain America: The Winter SoldierRyan Coogler's take on the King of Wakanda isn't afraid to let its brain do the talking, with the action powered by imense emotion. As a result, Black Panther 's ending is more than just a victory for the good guys and brief tease for the future. The film is a smartly woven discussion on what Black Panther represents, both in terms of its record-breaking release and the wider cultural discussion, and its ending provides a shaking conclusion to that. Of course, the overall story is, as with most Marvel films, broadly about coming into one's own with the help of those around you amplified by the impeccable Dora Milajebut there's a lot more going on than just that. Their confrontation is hard fought physically and ideologically, but represents so much more. Colonialism, or rather its absence, is ingrained into Wakanda. Would it hide away, attack or integrate? This debate is personified by the characters in the film: the deceased rulers of Wakanda have, since before the first Black Panther united the tribes, holed themselves away from the rest of the world out of a mixture of self-preservation and fear of what would happen with revealing the truth; diametrically opposed is Killmonger, who - due to having grown up in the west - wants to take the war to them; he sees the inherent strength of Wakanda and wants to bring down the colonists. In a cutting piece of commentary, both sides exemplify colonist mindsets, suggesting an inherent corruption in society; the rulers want to keep what's theirs from who they deem lesser and Killmonger steals Wakanda's wealth for his own means. T'Challa finds himself somewhere in the middle, unable to truly accept what his ancestors believe but never pausing in seeing the flaws in Killmonger's vicious attack. Despite a brief jaunt in Mathematics at Durham University, film writing was always his calling. He's covered a wide range of movies and TV shows - from digging out obscure MCU Easter eggs to diving deep into deeper meanings of arthouse fare - and has covered a litany of set visits, junkets and film festivals. He once asked Tom Cruise about his supposedly fake-butt in Valkyrie he swore it was all real. Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics SR Originals black panther black panther 2. What to Expect From Nailed It! Season 5.

Ari Aster's new horror film Midsommar has an ending that's about as horrifying as you'd expect from the writer-director who made last year's Hereditary. Looking for an escape, Dani follows her boyfriend Christian Jack Reynor on a trip with his friends to a folk festival in Sweden, run by a commune that Christian's friend Pelle Vilhelm Blomgren grew up in. However, things take a dark turn during the first ceremony, when two elders of the commune commit ritualistic suicide. As Dani and Christian's friends begin disappearing one by one, it becomes clear that there's something very dark going on behind the scenes of the Midsommar festivities. In the final ceremony of the Midsommar festival, nine human sacrifices are made in the yellow pyramid-shaped temple that Dani was told not to enter. The sacrifices are an offering of life in exchange for life, and every year the May Queen chooses the final and most important sacrifice. Dani chooses Christian to be sacrificed, and he is sewn into a bear skin and placed at the center of the temple. The life of each member of the community is divided into four seasons, each lasting 18 years. They return to the commune and work from ages 36 to 54 falland from ages 54 to 72 winter they lead the community as elders. Those who don't die during the fall are killed afterwards by being struck repeatedly on the head with a large wooden mallet. The dead bodies are then cremated and the ashes are scattered around a sacred ancestral tree. As Midsommar moves towards its ending, all of Dani and Christian's friends have unbeknown to them been killed. Maja hides a love rune under Christian's bed and bakes her pubic hair into a pie that he eats. During the May Queen celebrations, Christian is given a drink with hallucinogenic properties, and then flower petals are laid out to create a path for him to the barn where Maja is waiting. Whomever is left standing last is declared that year's May Queen - and this Midsommar, that person is Dani. She is given a flower crown and pride of place at the May Queen feast, and then taken to bless the harvest and animals. She peers through the door, sees Christian having sex with Maja, and begins crying hysterically. In Midsommar 's ending we see the final part of the festival's twisted traditions, as nine human sacrifices are offered up to the gods in exchange for nine new lives, in the form of babies conceived during the Midsommar celebrations. By the end of the movie, four of the new blood sacrifices have already been made: British visitors Connie and Simon, and Christian's friends Josh and Mark. It's heavily implied that Pelle's own parents were sacrificed in their own time, as Pelle tells Dani that they burned in a fire when he was a child. Due to Christian's drugged-up state, the lungs appear to be breathing. Christian is caught and has a powder blown in his face that paralyzes him, rendering him unable to speak or move. The bodies of the other sacrifices are also brought to the temple and placed around the walls. One of Josh's legs has been cut off and, as Christian saw earlier, buried in the garden like a flower. Meanwhile, the only thing left of Mark is his skinned face and scalp, which has been placed on a straw dummy and given a jester's hat. Christian, who is still paralyzed, makes no sound as he burns to death inside the bear skin, but Ingemar and Ulf scream as the fire consumes them. Dani staggers around in her May Queen costume, sobbing, but eventually calms down and then smiles as she watches the temple burn - which is where Midsommar ends. Related: Hereditary's Ending Explained. Since Dani had the option to spare her boyfriend and have a stranger be the centerpiece of the sacrifice at the end of Midsommarsome way wonder why she specifically decides to kill Christian. The answer to that is complex, but a good place to start is the fact that Dani isn't exactly in her right mind at the end of the movie. She's been given drugged tea that's causing her to have strange visions, danced to the point of exhaustion, and experienced the emotional trauma of seeing Christian have sex with another woman, followed by a release of emotion with her newfound sisters.

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This was half the fun of Peele's excellent second feature film—unraveling the tapestry of references and symbols and Easter Eggs. In the weeks since the movie's release, we've discussed at length the meaning of the rabbitsand Jeremiahand "I Got Five On It. But fans have continued to debate what exactly happened in the closing moments of the film, where Adelaide suddenly remembers what really went down in the fun house as a little kid. In a flash back we see the young Tethered girl knock out the real Adelaide and bring her down to the underground and swap places with her. So the Tethered woman we've called Red this whole film is actually the real Adelaide. As the family drives away from Santa Cruz—with Red dead—Adelaide shares a look with her son Jason, who seems to know her dark secret. Now, in a new interview with the Empire podcastPeele has explained his take on this twist ending:. That description really is a clear way of fitting this ending with the overall theme of the film. But what about that look between her and Jason? Leaving that vague makes sense, and still allows for fans to theorize that maybe Jason and Pluto switched places somehow, or all of this is in some way connected to Michael Myers. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies.

Explain the plot of Secret starring Jay Chou and Lunmei Kwai?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I just watched an interesting movie, The Water Diviner. There was an Australian man named Joshua who was on a mission to find his three sons lost to the first World War after his Wife Lizzie Eliza had commit suicide. He was told by a young Turkish woman named Ayshe to drink a cup of coffee before she could start a game that determines his fate somehow. Some weeks later he came back to see her, and he wondered why she didn't look surprised when seeing him. He asked her about it while she was giving him a cup of coffee. She answered. Once he discovered what is inside the cup, he then stood up and they started to smile at one another. What is the meaning of their last conversation before the movie ended? Did she make a "bad" coffee on purpose to test their hidden love; that is, a question about drinking in fear of making her sad and that he liked her? Or does it mean something else? I think the coffee had a lump of sugar in it. Earlier in the movie when they are discussing arranged marriages and how coffee determines a suitor, sweet coffee means the couple will marry. That is the reason why she was not surprised. And also sweet coffee means that you like the person you served the coffee with. I know the answer, I'm from Algeria, Jijel, we have the same traditions of turcs. When you want to marry a girl, you go to her house to her father and you demand her hand, she makes a coffee for you and your family. If there's no sugar in the coffee, they don't want you to marry her, but if the coffee was good, it means they accepted. So in the movie, she puts much sugar to tell him that she wants him to stay. It means she doesn't refuse him. I think the answer is contained in the other posts, but there are some important details missing in them that make this scene extremely gratifying if you put all the clues together. Earlier in the movie, Ayshe Olga Kurylenko tells Connor Russell Croweas she was preparing the "game with the coffee", that the intended bride makes coffee for the visiting family. If it's sour, then go away. If it's sweet, she wants the intended groom for her husband. BUT, there is more to the "game", because she spins the cup, turns it upside down and waits a few moments before turning it over to interpret the signs. Ayshe looks, AND is surprised at what she sees as she then looks up at Connor. I say "game" because it's obvious Ayshe believes in the custom and what it foretells; so to her it's very much not a "game". At this point, she knows something that she does not overtly say. At the end of the movie, Connor is surprised that Ayshe is not surprised to see him. But Ayshe knew he would return to her. She confirms this by saying: "It was in the coffee. Everything is in the coffee. So here's the BIG surprise: Not only is there sugar in the coffee, it's almost filled with sugar. You could say that it was coffee in the sugar. This is her message to him that she is deeply in love with him. He stands and they smile at each other, confirming that they are both deeply in love with each other. Very, very well done as far as I'm concerned. Another clue to her love: Earlier in the movie, she says that she judges a man by the way he loves his children. It was obvious that Connor loved his sons to the point of devoting his life to his search for them.

周杰倫 - 不能說的秘密 (Jay Chou - SECRET) - Time Travel Theme (Piano Cover)

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