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Budget precision rifle: Customizing the Savage Axis

At SIG SAUER, our commitment to innovation and next-generation product development has led to leadership in the civilian, military and law enforcement markets worldwide. Now, we are bringing that same warrior mindset to the hunt. This ensures that the bolt head makes complete contact with the lug abutments, and a cone-shaped bolt nose ensures that the cartridge feeds seamlessly into the action. Each Bergara Premier Series bolt body is a one-piece unit machined from stainless steel that features a rear pad designed to accept threaded bolt handles. Modular Driven Technologies MDTa Canadian manufacturer of chassis systems for precision shooting, has acquired the designs, tooling and patents of the precision rifle chassis system made by US-based manufacturer J Allen Enterprises. MDT will begin the transition of its chassis production in late Q: What will be on sale? A: Everything will be on sale! Overstock items and Blemished or Factory Seconds will have a higher discount percentage to be determined and released on the day of the sale. The cheapest chassis for Savage rifles is currently being sold by Modular Driven Technologies subsidiary Oryx Chassis. Allen Chassis 0 Comments. Sniper-grade accuracy meets military-grade tactical toughness in the legendary Remington Defense M24 platform, engineered to deliver extended-range precision and ultimate operator adjustability. Made from precision-machined aluminum and features a built in anti-cant level. Rings are available for 30mm, 34mm and 35mm diameter scope tubes. When it comes to long range precision shooting, magnum calibers like the. The chassis is also made of aluminum alloy and hard anodized to prevent scratching and abrasion. The Scorpio is a rifle that celebrates precision and attention to detail. The Pro L is the long action version of the chassis for popular calibers such as. The chassis are feature rich and available in 3 colors. Quality craftsmanship and fast, simple adjustments make this bipod the ultimate in versatility. Today we are on the precipice of great changes to the bolt action rifle. Almost weekly some rifle chassis manufacturer or traditional firearm manufacturer announces a new rifle chassis system or a complete rifle built upon a chassis. The chassis eliminates the wood stock formerly used in bolt action rifles. The chassis in many ways are making bolt action rifles more AR or AR like. In fact many rifle chassis utilize AR stocks, pistol grips, scope mounts and any other picatinney rail mounted hardware you can imagine. The changes do not end theres. Taking a play from Savage some clever folks are adapting Savage drop-in barrels to Remington receivers. There are currently 3rd party Remington action clones designed for Savage barrels. We are seeing bolts that feature the best locking methods of all firearms combined in to bolts. The future is also here with ammunition. Despite an emotional debate of purists in love with the. If the military adopts 6. The purpose of this site is to keep up with these changes for a future, current and historical perspective. Search for:. The bolt action rifle has remained fundamentally unchanged for over years. Sure there have been improvements and refinements but for the most part the basic rifle remains unchanged.

Introducing Renegauge

The Tundra Strike rifle stock is designed with back country hunters in mind. Unlike other manufacturers out there aiming at the absolute lightest materials available, Cadex oriented this rifle stock towards a perfect balance between weight reduction, rigidity and no compromise on stability. The Cadex Strike Nuke Evo micro-chassis system is designed for shooters looking for traditional stock ergonomics while benefitting from the advantages of chassis systems. Ultimate sniper rifle chassis system currently in use worldwide by special operations units and long range shooters. Same ultimate sniper rifle system as the Dual Strike model but with emphasis on weight reduction. Small contour fore-end tube can fit up to 1. The Lite Competition Series are open top chassis designed to fit all Remington clone actions and few other models. Perfect for custom actions with integrated top rail it feature a mirage mitigation technology fore-end with more bipod placement possibilities. Rugged Law Enforcement sniper rifle system with full rail capability and aluminum detachable base. The Field Competition Series are open top chassis designed to fit all Remington clone actions and few other models. Compact and ultralight shooting platform perfect for urban sniping and varmint hunting. Quick detach buttstock system for ease of transportation. Tactical Core model features an aluminum detachable base. The OT Core is perfect for customers looking for all the benefits of a rifle chassis system but wishing to customize it with their own stock model, grip, and scope mount. Ultra-stable platform perfect for bench rest, target, and tactical shooting. The Field OT is an open top chassis designed to fit all Remington clone actions. Perfect for custom actions with integrated top rail. The Field core is the solution for shooters who like to customize their guns.

Customize Remington or Savage with Marc Sport Rifle Chassis

I think the Axis is nifty, but it is the antithesis of the rifles I normally shoot. The Axis lacks the refined construction and high end parts of a custom rifle, but it allows new shooters to enter the sport for a reasonable amount of money. The rifle, as configured with a Harris bipod and Leupold Mark 4 for initial testing is shown above. As noted in my reviewthe factory trigger and stock needed help. Timney provided an excellent aftermarket trigger that reduced the rough 7 pound 6. Fixing the stock and magazine system required a little more thought. The Axis uses the same length action for both long and short cartridges. At the factory, a special insert in the stock changes it to match the cartridge. Installation of the LSS is a snap. Simply remove the barreled action from the factory stock, place it in the LSS and tighten the screws. The other parts came from Brownells. That is a lot of money left over to invest into optics or buy ammunition. Both loads used twice fired Federal brass and Wolf primers. The SMK load averaged. I packed up the rifle and headed to a different facility with targets out to yards. Before I started to bang away at the steel, I took some time to shoot a few groups prone, from a bipod with a rear bag. This 5 shot, yard group fired with the SMK measured 2. At yards, I fired three 5 shot groups with the grain SMK load. From top to bottom they measured 6. The one 5 shot group I fired with the SMK at yards measured 3. Looking good! I spent the better part of the morning ignoring my match rifle to play with the custom Axis. With the correct wind call and elevation adjustment the rifle did everything I asked of it. Does this rifle shoot and handle as well as on of my match guns? I have an older Leupold Mark 4 4. There can be a lot of socioeconomic shaming in this sport. Like this post? Follow Rifleshooter. Sierra Bullets has just released 6. Follow this link. More great content!


If you also have this issue, Anarchy Outdoors has a solution. We designed a It is designed with a lever-actuated bag retention system that will allow shooters to spend more time acquiring and engaging targets, and less time manipulating gear Introducing an Anarchy Outdoors exclusive: The CZ bottom metal and integrated small barricade stop. Each piece is manufactured from aluminum and anodized black to add that flare to your competition. The bottom metal adds rigidity for Introducing an Anarchy Outdoors exclusive: The CZ bottom metal, now available with or without the integrated small barricade stop. KRG designed the Bravo The Hook style cover fits your Bravo chassis and covers the opening in the bottom of the buttstock. This is for when you want to use the rear hook configuration. This replaces the angled surface cover that comes standard on the Bravo Chassis and attaches The Spigot Mount is the ideal solution for alternate mounting options for your Whiskey-3 Chassis, X-ray, or Bravo chassis. It features a bolt-on installation into the slot at the front of the chassis and provides a multitude of mounting options. The new Spigot Minimalist provides the same bipod mounting benefits without the added cost and complexity of the other features found on the full Spigot. It features a bolt-on installation into the slot at the front of the chassis. It allows a The LSS chassis system for. You will notice a significant improvement in accuracy due to the V-shaped This is the competition version of the highly successful BA Chassis System. In addition to the standard features as shown below, here are the special enhancements that are designed to give shooters who utilize our competition chassis a competitive In addition to the standard features as shown below, here are the special enhancements that are Manufactured from Nylon 11 Composite for maximum strength and durability. This allows you to drop The length of pull and cheek position are adjustable via set At an astonishing 2. As with our BA To install, simply With the maximum forend capacity of 5 weights, they add 2. The interior forend weights can be added and removed without removing your These weights mount on to the exterior of any chassis or stock that is M-Lok compatible. They mount using standard hardware and M-LOK T-nuts, meaning that you can install and remove them as necessary on your system. A pair of weights and hardware will Perfect for all long-range shooting disciplines, the MDT Vertical Grip allows fore and aft adjustment to accommodate any hand size.

Savage Chassis System

How did you hear about us? Our rifle stock design uses borrowed technology from our successful pistol gunstock with a few additional features:. Contact Us. ARS Rifle Stocks. Long Range Shooting. Order Now! Watch to See the Features. The unique feature that sets us apart is the fore end chamber under the barrel has been designed to be filled with lead shot. This benefits shooters with extra weight to reduce recoil and minimize muzzle jump. Think of the difference between striking a piece of metal with a steel ball peen hammer and a shot filled mallet. The ball peen will send a jolt through your arm and bounce. The shot filled mallet will strike the object with no bounce or jolt. We will use our resources automated production equipment and decades of machining experience to provide a quality product in a very short lead time. We have incorporated many features into our chassis system that will make ours the last one you will ever need. Get Accurate. Models Available. Side vents connected to a barrel cooling channel. Clearance for barrel jam nut Savage and Rem-Age barrels. Trigger clearance pocket for factory and aftermarket triggers. Stainless steel mounting hardware. Fore end drilled and tapped for sling stud.

MDT LSS XL GEN 2 Chassis Review

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