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Ammunition: the .270 Winchester cartridge

One of the world's most widely available intermediate calibers in the world, perfectly fit for most hunting specialties, the. A series of introductory articles conceived to teach beginners specs, features and history of the most popular rifle ammunition calibers. The concept behind the. Time-wise, some may consider this nifty little cartridge as outdated. And that would be a fatal mistake to make. Almost 90 years after its debut, the. This said, the. And yet, that small modification to the case neck caused this round to develop quite a "temper" if compared to the rather tranquil feeling of the. Such features couldn't leave the hunters community indifferent. Sure thing, the path to glory was no bed of roses for the. Hunting-wise, this cartridge is perfectly capable to tackle a wide array of game, from varmint to basically any kind of large-sized, soft-skinned hoofed animal from all around the globe. In Europe, the. Given its capability to tackle anything from small roebucks to large wild boars, many hunters on this side of the Big Pond rely on a. Home-reloading of ammunition also contributed to the mass popularity of the. Highly progressive powders are the propellants of choice for the. The Winchester company hired famous hunter Jack O'Connor for the launch campaign of the new. The campaign was a success, but Jack O'Connor was indeed a highly experienced shooter, and knew exactly when and how to shoot at the largest preys. When going for new-generation monolithic bullets, which are slightly longer than their lead-based counterparts, hand-loaders should always go for mid-to-low-weight alternatives; under this point of view, we obtained good results at the range with grains bullets. Our readers should be advised that ammunition handloading requires skill and attention. All provided handloading data should be considered as purely indicatory; even the slightest variations could cause dangerous pressure surges, which could in turn result into bodily harm or property damage. In no case will the author of this article or all4shooters. BASC wishes to see an end to both lead and single-use plastics in shotgun ammunition within five years. ECHA has invited interested parties to submit evidence and information on the use of lead in gunshot outside of wetlands, bullets in any terrain and in fishing tackle by 16 December Anti-gun and anti-hunting movements maintain that hunters and shooters are the most affected by lead poisoning because of high exposure to lead contained in ammunition. To check if this is true, a professional skeet shooter underwent a blood test to measure lead level in her body. And the results say that One of the most common and well-known military-issue rounds in the world, the fame of the 7,62x39mm round is indissolubly tied to that of the "Kalashnikov" AK47 rifle. You are here: Hunting Ammunition Ammunition: the. Nosler Inc. Some history. Hornady Manufacturing Company, Inc. The cartridge Sure thing, the path to glory was no bed of roses for the. Franco Palamaro. Fields of use. The Sauer bolt-action rifle, combined with a good scope, is an excellent choice for professional hunting; hereby portrayed is a Sauer S Fotostudio DERP.

Lot 3593: Sauer Model 200 Bolt Action Rifle

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This is one of the original versions with the action stamped up to detail Sig Sauer and as with all of these models the barrel is inter-changeable with a great selection of calibres to make it one of the most versatile rifles available. I have one of these older versions that I shoot myself and actually much prefer the original design over the new models. To re-engage it you have a safety button that drops down at either side of the trigger guard so a VERY handy feature to shoot left or right handed. In reality there were only ever two things that contributed to it falling out of favour and fashion. They ARE one of the noisiest calibres out there and where a. The other possible problem was the recoil. This often led to flinching and poor shooting. Even a poor or even misplaced shot would still drop most stuff within a few yards so many hours searching and following up were often avoided. Although this is not, as yet, threaded it can be done within a day or two, in house. The fact is that anyone and everyone can have a sound moderator these days …. Forgot your password? Advert Login Register. Guns Rifles Sauer Bolt Action. This item was for sale as of09 Apr Email Seller. View dealers other items. Share Email Print. Please login or register to share this advert details. Please login or register to send yourself these advert details. All fields are required.

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Sorry, we don't carry that brand. In an effort to keep our team members and community healthy, we will be closing the EuroOptic Retail Showroom until further notice. All other operations, including telephone, email, and chat support will continue as normal. Sauer Magazines utilize a release button that locks when pushed forward and requires a specific action to remove, the magazine retaining system prevents accidental release under recoil. EuroOptic, Ltd N. All rights reserved. In an effort to better protect your personal account information we are requiring stronger passwords. Shop by Brands View All Brands. Shop All Scopes. Shop All Featured Riflescopes. Shop All Featured Thermal. Shop All Featured Night Vision. Shop All Featured Spotting Scopes. Shop All Featured Optic Accessories. Shop All Featured Scope Deals. Trijicon RMR 3. Shop All Rangefinders. Shop All Featured Handheld Rangefinders. Leica Rangefinders CRF Shop All Featured Rangefinding Binoculars. Shop All Featured Rangefinding Scopes. Swarovski dS Burris Eliminator. Shop All Featured Rangefinder Accessories. Shop All Binoculars.

Ammunition: the .270 Winchester cartridge

A fluted barrel, glass smooth bolt, Ilaflon covering and an overall lightweight design completed the package. Initial impressions of the 6. Fitting of a scope and Zeroing were routine and groups of around 1. In it's "out of the box" condition the rifle will perform well within desirable parameters. This simple fact gives the sportsman an immediate advantage in the field, not to mention confidence and, let's face it, any advantage is a step in the right direction. My choice of calibre hopefully requires little explanation, being both dependable and inherently accurate with a good spread of bullet weights giving the reloader adequate flexibility. Other popular calibres offered in the Lightweight Synthetic include Springfield. The one thing that concerned was recoil in a lightweight rifle, especially in the more potent calibres such as. The 6. Looks can be deceiving but in this case SAUER have created an aesthetically pleasing rifle that also performs. In order to cut the rifle's teeth I had to use factory ammunition. Developing reloads takes time and I was itching to put the rifle through its paces. Groups were consistent at meters grouping around 1. Bullets were grain round nose averaging a shade under fps. The pop on sling swivel was new to me and I didn't want to drop the rifle before I had even begun. I needn't have worried because they are superb and do the job quietly. Although my enormous scope unbalances the set-up, it still carried easily and felt unobtrusive. Unlike some of my dextrous friends, who can unsling their rifle and have it on the sticks in the blink of the eye, I seem to take an age. I was pleased to find that the new rifle, being inherently light, made this action a little easier. The rifle's single set trigger can be used in two ways. The first by simply lifting your trigger finger upwards against a plunger to release the safety and squeezing the trigger, as with any rifle. The second is to release the safety as before but then push forward the trigger into it's set position. When set the lightest of touches fires the rifle. I have now successfully used both methods and prefer the latter for rifle ranges, highseat work and stalking when deer are being co-operative. The conventional method remains useful for all other situations when time does not permit setting of the trigger. De-cocking the set trigger is simply a matter of applying the safety catch before touching the trigger, which immediately clicks back into the normal position. A mechanical safety lock prevents the round being fired.

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