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To further extend our support, our team will make any COVID related project a top priority to help our customers. Our innovative products range from the quiet and reliable room ventilators to large diameter, high capacity exhaust systems designed for critical applications in some of the world's harshest environments. We have assembled a team of engineers and manufacturing personnel dedicated especially to support your design efforts in creating ventilation solutions and scenarios that will reduce transmission of this virus. In many cases we can ship orders the same day, often at no additional cost to you. We take pride in our products with unparalleled industry warranties. Please reach out to our Support and Technical services team at or custserv. You can also view our extensive product line here. We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to navigating these months with you. Please stay safe. Please be advise that many businesses, schools and other customers may be closed and not taking deliveries. Please contact Support Services at or email custserv. We thank you for your understanding. Please see our response here. Code Solutions. View more about these models here. Jet Fans are a pollution control solution that helps induce air to a common exhaust point through directed airflow. Models and B gas detectors turn on, off or adjust speed depending on the amount of gas present. Detection levels are easily set to trigger the system as needed to maintain code and save money. Zones can be established so only the fans needed are adjusted. For all the details, view here. Use Code PCD20 for discount off list price. Must purchase minimum 25 of select PCD fans. View all details here. Check it out in Optisizer. Jet Fans are here. Learn More. Ventilation Gas Detectors 2 Models Available Models and B gas detectors turn on, off or adjust speed depending on the amount of gas present.

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Initially, SAFID began manufacturing a range of ducts; however, today, SAFID has diversified its portfolio with the best air control solutions and commodities the industry - from dampers and louvers, to air measuring and acoustic systems and a superb selection of air ducts and their accessories. The Ministry of Interior is the main responsible authority for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in Saudi Arabia. The new expansion comprises of new pray-yards, walkways, tunnels and the development of existing service facilities to increase capacity of the mosque to more than two million people. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a private, international graduate-level institution located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Founded inthe University provides research and graduate training programs and serves as a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Constantly striving to prove its strength and expertise, SAFID became the only HVAC Company in the Gulf region to independently invest in and develop its own world-class research and development facilities. Products View our premium range of products Air Ducts. Acoustic Solutions. Kitchen Hoods. Air Devices. Plenum Boxes. Air Duct Accessories. Corrugated Voids. Load More. More Projects. Jamal Jawhari CEO. Learn More.


Greenheck is the leading supplier of air movement, control and conditioning equipment including fans. You will find our fans in every type of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Applications range from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation. Products Air Movement Fans. Fans for every commercial, industrial and institutional application. Roof curb mounted fan and ventilator products supply and exhaust applications for commercial, institutional and industrial installations. Designed for inline installations and offering a wide performance range. Fans are used for clean air, sound sensitive, industrial or grease-laden exhaust air applications. Includes both direct and belt drive fans with various impeller types, suitable for in-wall mounted applications. Ductless design uses jet fans to dilute and remove contaminants and control smoke. These move air towards exhaust areas. VIEW Circulators. Ceiling exhaust fans are ideal for clean air applications such as bathroom and general exhaust. Low flow and high-pressure air movement for removing hot air, moisture, fumes and small, lightweight particles such as dust, wood chips, and paper trimmings. VIEW Blowers. Fan systems designed and engineered to remove hazardous or noxious fumes meeting laboratory requirements. Exhaust effluents have high discharge velocities and plume height. Pre-engineered, centrifugal exhaust systems designed to safely remove and disperse contaminated air in commercial, institutional or industrial applications. Compact and economical, plenum fans are designed to operate individually or as a multi-fan array in air handling and pressurized plenum applications. Roof support structures for fans and ventilators on flat, pitched, or ridged roofs. Make-up Air. Indoor Air Handling Units. Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems. Energy Recovery Ventilators. Duct Heaters. HVAC Coils. Airflow Measurement. Motor Starters. Fan Monitoring Systems. Gravity Ventilators. Kitchen Ventilation Systems. Find My Rep. Quick Delivery. Building Types. Motor Service Centers.

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Developed by jtemplate. The casing consists of a double-skinned galvanised sheet steel with a non-flammable rock wool acoustic and moisture insulation. The motor-impeller unit can be pivoted for cleaning purposes by the generous operating door. Connecting pieces fit standard pipes. The electrical connection is on the terminal box already loosely pre-assembled on the cable. Construction scheme: Kitchen exhaust unit Dateiformat:. A removable service door, an integrated drip pan with condensation drain nozzle, plus special sealing lips are included. The housing supporting frames are double chamber aluminum profiles with corners made of plastic and double skinned 20 mm galvanized sheet steel panels insulated with non-inflammable, noise and temperature insulating fibreglass mats. Optionally, the outlet side at the top or the side can be selected. A changing of the air outlet and side panel at the installation site is possible at any time by setting of the flexible panels. Backward curved high-performance impellers made of aluminium are used. The integrated motor protection is signaled via alarm relay. The electrical connection takes place on the preassembled isolator switch in the housing. The Rosenberg Unoboxes ME are designed to handle volume flows with low to medium conveying media temperatures. The housing consists of a frame made of an extruded aluminium profile with 2 chambers and plastic edges, as well as double-skinned, 20mm thick panels made of galvanised steel sheet metal with insulation made of non-combustible, sound and heat-insulated glass wool mats. The discharge and the operator side are interchangeable. Backward curved impellers made of high-performance aluminium are used. The direction of rotation of the impellers is standard clockwise rotation seen from the suction side. Counter-clockwise operation will cause overload damage to the motor. Construction scheme: Unobox ME Dateiformat:. Efficiency-optimised high performance impellers with backward curved blades made of aluminium. The impellers are mounted overhung on the shaft of an IEC standard motor type B5. Construction scheme: Roof fans Dateiformat:. We use cookies on our website. Some of them are essential for the operation of the site, while others help us to improve this site and the user experience tracking cookies.

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Happiness in the Air. Explore More. Breathe Fresh Feel Fresh. Electric Fans Functionality Quality Durability. Ceiling Fans. Quality Performance Safety. Buildings nowadays, especially homes are tightly built with aluminium casing windows and rubber lining doors in order to retain energy efficiency. Indoor Air Problems in Your House. There are around 30 types of mites found in a home normally. In general, most mites live without causing any harm to human beings. Improve Indoor Air Quality. Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality — The first step to improve indoor air quality should be to reduce or remove the source of the pollutants. Our Products. Ventilation Fan. See Products. Ceiling Fan. Electric Fan. Air Purifier. Smart Cooling Air Purifier. Air Moving Equipment. Air Curtain. Metal Series, New Hybrid Series. Water Pump. Range Hood. Hand Dryer. Energy Recovery Ventilator. Pipe Hood, Vent Cap. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae Andrew Issac. Latest News.


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