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Is Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter in Charge of SAT Scoring Curves?

SAT General Info. Disclaimer: we're not going to tell you how to cheat on the SAT. We do not advocate cheating by any means! What we will tell you about, however, are some high-profile cheating scandals that have occurred in the recent past. While these scandals involved flagrant violations of ETS rules and regulations, we'll also reveal some little-known actions that can raise some red flags around your scores and jeopardize your chances of college admission. Right around the time the SAT was redesigned innew SAT material was apparently leaked in China by test-prep centers competing for clients and profits. Through a combination of student interviews, online discussion forums, and leaks of entire chunks of the test, managers and teachers at cram schools obtained real test material from the new SAT. Before getting into how people got these materials, let's discuss why it's a problem. The SAT, after all, had already been administered, so why should it matter if they obtain real test questions now? They don't have an unlimited number of new test questions, so they recycle tests from the US to be used abroad at a later date. This practice might be superior to giving the same test on the same test dates since students could take advantage of time zones to discuss test material. However, it opens up a whole host of issues, namely the chance for students to see real test questions before they actually take the SAT. As anyone who's taken the SAT knows, you're not supposed to share this confidential material with anyone. Students who went to these test-prep centers in China got a huge leg up from premature knowledge of the test. So how did these competitive prep companies already get their hands on new SAT sections? They accomplished this in a few ways. These teachers waited outside test centers and asked students directly to describe the test they just took. A second way people in the prep industry learned about the SAT was in online discussion forums, such as College Confidential. Students—and perhaps non-student test takers— shared detailed information about their tests online. Savvy test-prep tutors took this insight and reconstructed test material that, in the end, looked extremely similar to the real SAT. As reported by Reuters, there were documents circulating that contained entire sections of March 's SAT. Soon after the SAT was administered, test-prep companies in China advertised test booklets that contained questions very similar to, if not the same as, those on the real SAT. It's unclear whether these students' scores were withheld or canceled, as they have been in past years. It'd be a shame for students to suffer the consequences of unethical practices of test-prep companies. For now, unfortunately, it seems that competition in the industry means that this kind of cheating will only continue. As you'll read below, China, as well as South Korea, has been under scrutiny for this same practice in past years. Students in both countries who studied at certain test prep centers saw some of the SAT questions before they took the test. This shadowy figure is clearly on his way to a predetermined meeting spot with a backpack full of top-secret SAT material. Security is extremely high around the SAT, so when foul play occurs, such as in January 's test administration in China and May 's test administration in South Koreait becomes pretty big news. Scores from the test were withheld not just for all students who tested in China but also for all Chinese students with a home address in China who tested outside the country.

[UPDATED] Hundreds of SAT Questions Have Been Leaked in a Massive Security Breach

Bob Schaeffer In addition, exam questions and answers were posted on the website Reddit. The content was identical to the material FairTest had received the previous evening. The Reddit discussion site is open to the public and draws heavy traffic from test-takers. For many other administrations, actual exam items were posted online before U. Given this history, Schaeffer says the latest incident raises serious questions:. In a world of instantaneous, global communication, if an exam is compromised anywhere, the items can be distributed everywhere. The file FairTest received on Friday night included the introduction to the Chemistry Subject Test; content from that exam was also posted on Reddit before the test was administered in the U. More than four-year colleges and universities do not use the SAT or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor-degree applicants. Find out why and how schools go "Test Optional. Contact Robert Schaeffer at or FairTest at Visit FairTest on Facebook and Twitter. Search this site:. See the searchable database of schools. What's New at FairTest. Action Alert!

Global SAT Subject Test Security Breach; Scores Compromised

The KS2 English Reading paper was 60 minutes long and contained three separate texts. The paper was out of 50 marks. All three test papers were non-calculator tests and their marks were added together for a total Maths mark. Paper 1 was a sequence of short-answer questions and Paper 2 was a spelling test spoken aloud by their teacher. Marks for both papers were added together to form the total SPaG mark. The tests took place over four days. Children in Year 6 those aged or those born between September and August inclusive took these tests in their normal school classrooms in the UK. These papers were marked externally whilst separate teacher assessments in Writing and Science were marked by their teachers. For the Key Stage 2 tests, it was decided that the Reading paper would again take place on the Tuesday following a successful trial in To help prepare children for the KS2 SATs, children were able to download theand papers free of charge. InStock 0 GBP As withandthe KS2 SATs recorded children's marks using the scaled score system. Instead of children's marks being compared using an unusual total for example 60, 90 orall raw marks are moderated and converted to a scaled score out of As baffling as this may seem, it's actually very useful. If children scorethey have reached the expected standard. If they fall short ofthey have not met the expected standard and if they score above then they have exceeded the expected standard. The real benefit of scaled scores is it makes it easier for primary schools, secondary schools, LEAs, Academy Trusts and the Department for Education DfE to compare results to previous years. Each school's results will be available to view in July via the NCA tools website. Every school's performance will be made public in December to create the school league tables. If you are interested in seeing how your child's school performed in the SATs then look at the Department for Education DfE website that maintains up to date and historical school league tables. The KS1 English Reading papers were split into two separate tests. Both tests were non-calculator tests and their marks were added together for a total Maths mark. The precise days of the tests varied from school to school as they are given a greater degree of flexibility than KS2 SATs. Thus they would have been completed at some point between 1 May and 31 May Children in Year 2 aged or those born between September and August took these tests in their normal school classrooms in the UK. To help prepare children for the KS1 SATs, children were able to download the and and papers free of charge. As withandthe KS1 SATs recorded children's marks using the scaled score system. Each school's results will be made available to their headteachers in July via the NCA tools website. I consent to your terms. We do not sell or share your information with anyone. Privacy Policy. You will receive the email within 2 minutes.

Global SAT Subject Test Security Breach; Scores Compromised

The year-old junior at Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga said he spent more than hours studying for the exam. He was also taking classes at a local community college. But none of that seemed to matter after he got a text from a friend who told him the College Board had reused an exam from last October and that the answers to the reading test had been leaked online. It had the exact same questions and it had the answer key. CollegeBoard please get on this pic. The SAT is administered by the College Board, a nonprofit organization made up of more than 6, educational institutions. But Zachary Goldberg, the senior director of media relations, said the organization has systems in place to thwart would-be cheaters. If we determine a student gained an unfair advantage, we will take appropriate actions, including canceling test scores. Millions of high school students around the world take the college entrance exam every year. The test lasts about three hours and is intended to assess whether a student is prepared for college. But in recent years, a series of scandals has called into question the credibility of the College Board and the integrity of its exam. Inmore than a dozen Chinese nationals were swept up in a federal investigation of a Pittsburgh-based cheating ring. It echoed a plot uncovered by federal investigators in in which students of an elite high school allegedly paid thousands of dollars so that year-old college student Sam Eshaghoff would take the SAT for them. The news agency found that leaks were not only pervasive, but that the organization continued to administer SAT tests that included questions whose answers were widely available online. The security breaches and scandals undermined the trust that college officials once had in the College Board. A survey conducted by the National Assn. Inthe association went further by issuing a statement to testing companies, calling on reforms to ensure the security and integrity of college admission tests. Last year, it followed up with those requests in another statement. The leaks and cheating scandals prompted the College Board to tighten its SAT exam security, and the organization said it would scale back on reusing college entrance exams. Hassan and other students who took the test on Saturday now find themselves wondering how many of their fellow test-takers relied on the answers that were posted on a Chinese website. They alleged that the test was taken down after students began complaining about it on social media. Meanwhile, a petition to invalidate the August test results has begun to circulate. For more Southern California news, follow latvives on Twitter. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week. Hot Property. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. A student uses a preparation guide to study for the SAT. Tweets by example.

Students claim SAT exam answers leaked online

As students left testing centers nationwide Saturday, having finished taking the SAT, reports started to circulate that some may have had an unfair advantage because of leaked versions of the test that had been circulating in South Korea and China. Posts to Twitter and elsewhere on social media featured images with Saturday's test questions, indicating that they had been available earlier in Asia. Is this fair to the other students? The October SAT was known to be leaked for a long time. RescoreJuneSAT refundaugustsat pic. Saturday's SAT was not given outside the United States, and no one could necessarily know that the questions used in Asia in the fall would be used in the United States this weekend. Nonetheless, someone who saw the test questions in Asia and then took the test in the United States Saturday would have an advantage. A Reddit post in response to the discussions over Saturday's SAT explains why students -- including those not trying to cheat -- travel from Asia travel to the U. Zach Goldberg, senior director of media relations for the College Board, was consistent with that policy in declining to say whether Saturday's test questions were available in Asia before the test. But he noted that if security is breached, the College Board can take action against those suspected of having advance information. A comprehensive statistical analysis is one way we can determine if a student gained an unfair advantage. When appropriate, we will cancel test scores. The College Board and other testing agencies face challenges in maintaining test security, especially as exams are given across time zones. But Reuters and others have written numerous articles raising questions about whether the College Board has done enough to prevent leaks. Further, the use of "recycled" questions -- used on more than one exam -- can create fairness issues, depending on which students have been exposed to which questions. An official of a test-prep company in the United States, asking for anonymity because he did not want to offend the College Board, said one of his clients told him that he had access to the complete test online, and that questions were available in Asia. His client was an Asian student who traveled to the United States to take the exam. With the leaked tests, there are often either no answer keys or untrustworthy ones put together by the test pirates. He sent me a part of the leaked test to prove he was telling the truth. Another test-prep official, also requesting anonymity, said he and his students were concerned about the situation.

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