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Be an outstanding resident of the community. To increase your chances of being elected to the HOA board, you have to be more than a good homeowner. State and local laws also have a say in how powerful an HOA board is. Typically, board members are accountable for the following basics:. Narrow down your pitch. Like a job offer, running for an elected seat on the HOA board requires a sort of unofficial resume and portfolio. Think about what makes you a great candidate for this position. Why would people vote for you? What makes you qualified? Will you bring management or leadership experience from your career? Do you have a strong financial background that can straighten out the budget? Have you lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and know the voice of the people? Email Linda. For Homeowners. For HOA Communities. For Developers. About IKO. Contact Us. Request a Proposal. Pay Online. IKO Blog. Establish a positive reputation for being a concerned and reasonable resident, and provide constructive feedback as necessary. Ask questions during open meeting sessions, and make appropriate comments and suggestions. Read the Davis-Stirling Act to provide you with the legal knowledge that you need as a board member. Understand how decisions are made, what issues have been voted on in the past, proper policies and procedures for handling different situations, and what your responsibilities would be as a board member. Check the homeowners association website for past minutes and newslettersor inquire about how to get copies. Meet your neighbors at every opportunity, and let them know about your interest in running for the board to develop a familiar face around the community. Pay your assessments on time, and obey all HOA rules. Recent Posts. January 16,

Homeowners Association Forms Available For Download

The following four people are running for three openings on the HOA Board. Their candidate statements are in alphabetical order. If you did not receive your ballot in the mail, please contact Julie in the office. Ballots are due before 1pm on April 1st. Mike Cornelius. Sharon and I have lived in Temelec for over 20 years. I have served on the Board of Directors for approximately 15 of those years. I am currently serving as Chief Financial Officer. Reserves are adequate for planned expenditures and bills are being paid on time. We annually have our finances reviewed by an outside auditor. Corporate memory is important in the work of the Board and I would like to continue for another two year term. I would like to serve for another term. My wife Sandie and I have enjoyed living in this unique community for the past 15 years. Being a member of the HOA Board has allowed me to work for the betterment and protection of our property values and the safety of our neighbors. My name is John Nichols. I have been a current Temelec resident since October and was previously here for 2 years in to My career has been in finance as a small business banker for financial institutions in the S. Bay area and Reno for over 35 years and most recently as a controller finance for a small construction supply company in San Rafael. I have served as an officer and director for a number of non-profit community based organizations and am familiar with the process of board activities and communication with members of the community. I believe that the Temelec community is a wonderful home with good amenities and would like to contribute my talents to continue to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Homeowners Association Forms Available For Download

Board of Directors Forms 12 Key Points to Consider in Evaluating a Request for a Reasonable Accommodation Due to Disability This document covers the 12 key points that the directors of a homeowners association should consider in evaluating a request for a reasonable accommodation due to a disability Read More. Agenda for Meeting of Board of Directors This form may be used by an association to set the agenda for a meeting of the association's board of directors Agenda for Meeting of Board of Directors without specified agenda items This form may be used to create an agenda for either a regular or a special meeting of an association's board of directors. This form does not include any specific Application for Approval of Architectural Improvement or Modification This form may be used by a homeowner association for its members to apply for approval for architectural improvements or modifications desired by the member Architectural Control Policy This form contains a sample architectural control policy that may be adopted by a homeowners association Architectural Control Rules This form consists of sample rules that may be adopted by an association regarding architectural control This form may be used by a member of a homeowner association that wishes to apply to become a director of the association Association Notice to Homeowner of Violation In the event your HOA needs to notify a homeowner of a violation you'll want to ensure you properly document every step. This violation notice is perfect Association Policy Re Conflicts of Interest This form may be used by a homeowner association as a policy that may be adopted by its board of directors re conflicts of interest on the part of directors Association Policy Re Requests for Reasonable Accommodation This documents sets forth a sample policy that may be adopted by a homeowners association for the handling of requests for an accommodation in rules, policies, or practices due to Association Policy Re Requirements For Directors This form may be used by an association to set forth policies that it has adopted regarding the requirements for becoming and serving as a director for the association Association Resolution to Retain Property Manager This form may be used by an Association's Board of Directors to document the adoption of a resolution to retain a professional property manager and the approval of the contract Background and Reference Verification Form When a new employee or independent contractor is retained it is important to do a background check to make sure that the applicant has been truthful about his or her Board Resolution to Ratify Acts This form may be used by a homeowner association to document a resolution adopted by the association's board of directors to ratify the actions taken by certain parties Candidate Nomination Form This form is for use by association members to nominate themselves or other persons as a candidate for election to the board of directors Candidate Registration List This form may be used by a homeowners' association for the creation of an official list of candidates for election to the association's board of directors in a given election Certificate of Secretary as to Action by Directors This form may be used by an association's secretary to certify that certain specified action has been taken by the board of directors of the association Certification of Corporate Resolution This form may be used by an association's secretary to certify that a particular resolution has been duly adopted by the board of directors of the association Certificaton of Resolution to Authorize Contract This form may be used to provide a certification that the association's board of directors has authorized a particular contract Checklist For Prospective HOA Board Member Candidates This form is a checklist of items that a prospective candidate for election to a homeowners association's board of directors should consider for information to provide to the other members Checklist of Possible Agenda Items for Board Meeting This form may be used by a homeowner association as a checklist of items to consider for matters to be acted upon by the board of directors for the association Search Our Site Search for:. Items in your cart. Stay Informed.

How to Write a HOA Board Member Letter

Community Associations Institute CAI is the only international organization dedicated to fostering well-governed, successful community associations. For more than 40 years. ABas introduced, Torres. Common interest developments: electronic voting. An act to amend Section of, and to add Section to, the Civil Code, relating to common interest developments. To maximize our chances of obtaining a quorum, is it legally permissible for our condominium association to enter the names of all voters in a raffle for some type of gift? Virginia has ruled that any notice required to be sent or received or any signature, vote, consent, or approval required to be obtained under any condominium instrument or any provision of this chapter may be accomplished using the most advanced technology available at that time if such use is a generally accepted business practice. Whether you live in a condo, co-op, or HOA, board elections are a complicated process, especially when it comes to voting and counting ballots. Yet electing or re-electing a board is probably one of the most important exercises the residents of a co-op or condo building can engage in on behalf of their community. After all, board members are the ones who make the crucial decisions about how their building is run — from maintenance schedules to major capital improvements. In a recent case Wu v. PSCCONSCa condominium unit owner commenced legal proceedings against the condominium corporation over concerns about board election irregularities and proxy improprieties. A Provides fair standards for elections and recall of officers for homeowners' associations. Among other things it addresses electronic voting. Florida has several specific requirements for the online voting provider you choose for your community In the US, it's estimated that over 57 million Americans are members of local Homeowner Associations. Over here, the UK equivalent is Residents' Associations, but their aims are much the same As an HOA official, it's critical to keep an eye on the bottom line. Online elections can save your homeowner's association money- and time. Proxy voting is widely used by homeowners associations during elections, but homeowners call the process "complicated and confusing". Is there a better option? If you want to get elected to the board of directors of your homeowner association, we suggest that you follow these guidelines Homeowners association officials have tried experimenting with different incentives To combat low attendance, some community associations are using raffles, or offering prizes--drawing names from returned ballots at the annual meeting, or combining the meeting with a cookout or other social event. If you are elected to your board, you will share the power to make decisions about what is probably your largest asset - your home.

How to Write a HOA Board Member Letter

This page contains sample documents and forms. Be advised that these may be generic examples that may not fit your individual needs. Due to differences in state and local statutes, you may need to have your attorney review certain documents before putting them to use as is. It is a free download from the Adobe site. Adult Age Verification Form. Architectural Standards Application Form. Now What? Unanimous Written Consent Form. Welcome Letters. Resolution for Election by Acclimation. W-9 Form. Deductible Policy. Workers Comp Anatomy Flow Chart. Artificial Turf Resolution Guidelines. Bird Feeders - Resolution. Do You Have an Anger Problem? Delegation of Use. Leasehold vs Fee Simple. Transition Committee Charter. Unlicensed Motorized Vehicles. Inspection Checklist.

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