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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After dating Sal for awhile he decides to take off his mask for the first time in front of you. He's nervous to show you his face but lucky for him you react well to it. You get to see Sal's big secret behind the mask, Sal gets to see yours. You may or may not have the urge to kill him due to starving yourself. Don't worry, Sal offers you his blood and you make sure he doesn't leave empty-handed. The move was supposed to fix everything. They were going to start fresh, leave behind the mess in New Jersey, and try to be a normal family again. She knew it was bullshit from the start. What she didn't know was that she'd be moving into such a madhouse apartment complex, and that an old school mate of hers had escaped to this shit hole town, too. You've been working a whole lot recently, but on your day off, you decide to give your live-in boyfriend the attention he deserves. How many secrets can you keep? Sometimes, things have a very funny way of working out. Just a few months ago, you were new to this town and nobody knew your name. It all started the day that you moved into Knockfell apartments. I turned my head away and buried my chin in my maroon scarf I was wearing, Sal watched tentatively as he looked off into the distance and nodded. She was so nice Sal realizes that he needs her affection, it was like a drug he couldn't resist. I was afraid that freedom was something you were never going to get" I managed to say through sobs, Sal shook his head, placing his hand on my cheek as he held back tears. This fanfic was made for the intention of being inclusive of everyone of every gender identity. If you do see 'they' referring to the reader in the fan fiction, simply replace those with your preferred pronouns. If you do not like that, then please, read another fan fiction. I just… wow. Sal, without thinking, he stared at the rose he was holding for a while before pressing the wilting flower against his bare forehead. Petals from the rose that couldn't hold on any longer fell onto the grass below us, and Sal merely watched. He moved the flower away from his face as he faced me once again.

sally face x reader

I hope you enjoy it. The sound of glass shattering woke her from her dreams, but she didn't bother to get up and find out what had done it- because she already knew. This wasn't exactly the first time it had happened. So, she just laid quietly in her bed and waited for it to be over and done with- just like the hundreds of other times before. Before long, she heard the telltale sounds of someone climbing through her bedroom window, and walking across her floor. She didn't move a muscle as the person who had broken into her home approached her bed- sometimes he just left her alone, and she hoped he would tonight. The feeling of cold air hitting her skin shattered her hopes as she soon came face to face with the person she didn't want to see or have around. In response, said woman shifted to give him enough room to lie in bed, but she made no move to complain or resist. She knew better than to resist by then- what was happening occurred on a weekly basis with her. That was the price she had to pay for being allowed to live. She'd discovered the hideout of the creepypasta by chance, and rather than kill her on the spot, Slenderman made her a deal. The deal was that she become a servant of the creepypasta- namely, Masky, who lacked a servant of his own. She agreed, but only because she had the will to live. Since then, she'd been in charge of getting the proxy his supplies, housing him when he needed a place to hide, getting him his pills, and etc. She hated every second of it- so did the others. Yes, others. Every creepypasta had at least ONE normal person acting as their servant- their link to the outside world. They all gathered for meetings and such from time to time, and the one thing they all had in common was a hatred for what they had to do. She shifted further way from him as he climbed into bed- she didn't want to have any physical contact with him. Because he was mean. She'd learned the hard way that he was more than willing to smack her if she acted out of place- she'd had to go to college hiding her bruises on more than one occasion. As soon as he settled into bed beside her, she reached for the blanket and pulled it back over her- he did likewise to keep from getting cold. Since she wasn't facing him, she couldn't tell if he was wearing his mask or not. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't- but, when he didn't, he typically tried to talk to her. That never went well. He'd ask her questions and eventually, she'd give an answer he didn't like- then he'd punish her. Usually he just smacked her, but sometimes, he took her to "Work" with him then made her clean up his mess when he was done. On those days, she'd return home to spend an entire night sitting in a tub of cold water. Those were the days when she most questioned why she was still alive in the first place. Meaning she was either going to get hit, or forced to clean up a bloodbath. She really didn't want to talk to him. She didn't want him there- she wanted him to just leave her alone and let her live in peace. Sadly, she knew that wasn't going to happen. She felt him stir beside her- he had more than likely sat up. She could feel him giving her the evil eye. Since she was pissed off herself, she couldn't prevent herself from snapping at him.

Can i get a scenario with my boy travis and his s. Love your writing by the way! Sal shook his head. They all stopped walking and stood behind a very wide tree, where Ashley peeked around the edge, her hair blending in with the color of the bark. They waited in silence for a few minutes. When we found a cozy spot underneath a tree, I pulled fruit out from my lunch bag and offered some to Travis. He took a handful of strawberries and ate them with his other arm wrapped around me. Everything was perfect. It was quite unexpected. One hand on his knee, the other on his chest. He ran his fingers through my hair, clearly comfortable after the first nervous question was over with. Travis was very gentle with each motion, which was very unusual for him. I had never kissed him before, of course, but he had a very aggressive personality. It felt… special. His lips were soft and he tasted like strawberries, his hands rough from working outside when his father asked it of him. He felt like summer, and held me close, kissing me like he would never get to again and wanted it to be perfect. It felt messy and emotional and honestly? That was perfect enough for me. Suddenly we both heard a noise that sounded like someone dying after seeing the most precious puppy in the world, and then a loud shushing noise. Unfortunately, this caused Travis to look around.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. These are the stories that you, the readers, can choose to be uploaded in order for there to be more of a variety on my account for those of you whom like my stories. Taya Mordrake is devastated by the loss of her dear husband Edward. She commits suicide in hopes to be reunited with him, but is saved by The Countess. One day she meets a blue-eyed stranger, but is he? After going over 20 years without seeing Whitney Frost, Elizabeth Johnson is shocked to actually see her walk into the Hotel Cortez, but this time she feels more then just friendship towards her. Whitney comes back to the Cortez quiet frequently and her and Elizabeth begin to have an affair and as they are doing so they learn each others' secrets and they use their secrets to help each other through their struggles. There is a prophecy about the Antichrist, about how he will destroy the world. There is one about the child of Lilith. It stated that she would be the most powerful magical human, stronger then any magical human in all of history. She would be the Antichrist's queen, she would listen to his whims while he made the earth, the next circle of hell. After John Lowe's failed attempt at completing his Ten Commandments killings, James has to find another successor to complete his life's work. As it happens to be, she just walked in. Read the first chapter for a more accurate description. I suck at summaries and this fic is really complicated so it will have be described in a page. Works may contain adult themes, violence, graphic depictions of death, etc. Read at your own risk for I am not responsible if you read something you are not prepared for. As the title suggests, these are oneshots, deleted scenes, different outcomes of scenes in chapters, AUs and ect, that either didn't make it in or just for fun from both of my AHS series. Also just ideas that I might use in my stories or not. I had to find the passage back to the place I was before. When witches go missing, there is always something going on. Three young girls from Miss Robichaux's Academy disappeared, only to resurface once more in a recent newspaper headline. As the coven begins to explore their whereabouts, a strange mystery emerges and entangles unsuspecting women into a problem that spans years, decades, and multiple unconnected stories. There is a new woman who has come to stay at the Cortez, a woman who has powers of her own and those are the powers to capture the attention and heart of the most famous serial killers of all time and the owner and creator of the Hotel Cortez: one James Patrick March. And she does things to him that no one, not even the man himself, saw coming or could even believe for themselves When Tate Langdon is given the chance to erase the wrongs of his past and save Violet Harmon from dying, and maybe save the world in the meantime he knows he can't refuse. But the devil is strong and changing the past to save the future may be harder than Tate thinks. Explores what Madison meant when she said the house used Tate as a vessel and will culminate in an alternate ending to Apocalypse.

This was done with another author, jax-naut2. He's one of my newest co-writers. I need to find shelter. The man took a seat on one side of the cave while the Delphox sat across from him. Randy was glad that they made it out of the blizzard as if it wasn't for his Delphox, witch, he would've died "Man, I can still remember when we first met can't you? She nodded. Years ago, she use to be a lonely Fennekin who would find it hard to live each day from wild pokemon. She was an outcast because she always stole food. Then came the day she managed to evolve into a Braixen. After that happened, she used her psychic abilities to make it easier to steal food and whatever she wanted. But that all changed when she tried to steal food from a 12 old boy named Randy. The same thing happened to my cousin Tito once and he ended up marrying a Slurpuff. She had tried to stay firm and not give in, but her young stomach back then disagreed and growled louder than a Snorlax. She kept her back to him, but he persisted and waved it under her nose. Seeing as she was beat, she reluctantly nodded yes. She grabbed the sandwich and ate upside down while Randy sat next to her. Randy let her down and handed her the rest of his food "Take it, you need it more than me. He turned and saw her shook her head no. You don't want me to go? Randy could feel himself blush. Randy pulled out a pokeball and threw it at her. It hit her forehead where she became energy and went inside it. Due to her bewitching personality Randy decided to name her Witch. But also because he looked her in the eye and said witches may be ridiculed, but they are capable of great feats. He had some fuzz around his chin with short brown hair on top his head. He was clad in a heavy black winter jacket with matching pants and white snow boots. She always loved Randy ever since they met. When she was still a Braixen, she would try to express her feelings by offering him piles of berries. But every time he would unknowingly break her heart. Such as flirting with other girls or push her away when she clung to him. And she vowed to win his heart one day. And this cold cave with a fire nearby was perfect. He opened his eyes all the way to see Witch was on his lap with a grin on her face. How you'd ignore me when there was a girl around, or when I offered berries to you? So I'm going to make it clear as day.

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