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Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. Rotman Commerce Acceptance Hey guys, just wondering who is still waiting for a response from them? My status is "pending review". Please post here if you are still waiting or already accepted! Do I still have a chance? About 2 more weeks until deadline. I wouldn't say you're not getting in just yet, but when I applied year I didn't hear anything from them around that time Pending Review Around May 23rdit was a warm summer day, I walked into the computer lab where I was about to print something - thought I'd check My heart sank I wasn't sad, I wasn't mad, I just felt like wanting to be wiped off the face of the planet. I am getting nervous as the deadline is approaching. It was Yeah, I was on the low-end for English. I did bring it up to an 80 90 in Calculus, average slightly higher but no offer post-rejection or anything. Do you know if anyone has got in yet recently, not during the last wave of offers. I've been admitted to York-Admin Studies, so that will be my last resort. It seems that UofT is very slow with their admissions I was actually hoping they'd offer me an alternate offer sighhhhhhhh This is stressful! Still waiting for Rotman. My grades for my prerequisites were Calc AF and Eng Rotman is my 1st choice right now, I have gotten offers from all the other programs I applied for. If I don't get in then I just hope that they would at least upgrade my pre-management offer to Co-op, or just go to WLU. Nope, applied for co-op got into pre. I was just wondering, ss the downtown Bachelor of Commerce program now known as 'Rotmans'? Congrats to the Winners!

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Imagine being part of the internationally renowned University of Toronto and the top-ranked Rotman School of Management, with countless opportunities to learn, grow, and make vital life-long connections. Envision a dynamic community of students, faculty, and alumni that will support you in building the knowledge, skills, and confidence to launch you on your path to success. At Rotman Commerce, we believe in your goals. You will select an area of specialization at the beginning of second year, and most of your business courses in years two through four will focus on building expertise in your chosen area. At Rotman Commerce, your degree prepares you for more than just business. Students specializing in Accounting can focus on Public Accounting or Financial Reporting and Control, which feature subjects such as corporate taxation, audit, financial statement analysis, and valuation. The Management specialist is our most flexible program of study and can allow you the freedom to explore a variety of different aspects of business. Students in the Management specialist can choose to concentrate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Leadership in Organizations, Marketing, or Strategy. Check your courses to ensure that you are on track to fulfill the course requirements for your specialist, as well as the breadth requirements for your degree. I am always impressed by the enthusiasm Rotman Commerce students bring to the classroom and am inspired by their drive to learn. To be a part of their journey is extremely fulfilling. No matter what you want to do after your four-year undergraduate degree, or where you want to go, when people hear the name Rotman Commerce, they automatically associate it with exceptional academic standards. The support from the staff, professors, and my classmates has helped shape me to be who I am today — someone who has grown immensely from where I started. Alliance, Toastmasters, and Women in Business, help you connect with students who share your passions and concerns outside of business. Check them all out at ulife. International Exchange and Study Abroad Opportunities Going on exchange or taking a summer course abroad is an amazing way to travel and gain. Our network of over 14, graduates worldwide means that wherever your career takes you, your degree will testify to the excellence of your education and your readiness to succeed. Moreover, our strong connections with hundreds of corporate and public sector partners, coupled with our location in downtown Toronto, mean that Rotman Commerce students enjoy easy access to employment opportunities, information sessions, mock interviews, site visits, alumni mentoring relationships, and job interviews with potential employers. Being a part of Rotman Commerce was the catalyst that helped me connect with likeminded individuals and pushed me to become a better person. I credit a large part of my own successes as an entrepreneur to what I learned from my Commerce degree. Need more information? Have specific questions? Check out our website at rotmancommerce. George campus. If you would like a Rotman Commerce-specific tour, please email us after you register for your campus tour. Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto St. Get Joining Liquid Assets is a fantastic conferences and competitions. Our involved in a leadership position or opportunity to get to know your fellow students have attended hundreds simply come to events to have a good Rotman Commerce students while of conferences, including the time and meet friends. With their focus undergraduate students. The PEY Alumni Mentorship Program on networking, education, enables students to develop skills Connect with a Rotman Commerce and leadership, our industry during a project-based 12 to 16 grad who can help you navigate your organizations — accounting, month work placement. Association, Innovation Group, Pride Experiential Learning Opportunities These opportunities, with buying and selling stocks, which include our Portfolio through sophisticated investment Management Group, Initiative simulations at this internationally Consulting, and the Community renowned facility at the Rotman Volunteer Income Tax Program, allow School of Management. Rotman Commerce Intramurals One way to keep fit and make friends is through intramural sports. Join a team or make one yourself and have some fun! We have partnerships with first-years together with upper-year dozens of universities abroad, and mentors from Rotman Commerce. Current Application helps us get to know you Ontario high school students should better. Just remember International Application. Are You In? Ontario high school offers are of Toronto, Arts and Science — St. Late applications Scholarship Information will not be accepted. U of T can be found at www.

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The competition will have two rounds, and the first round finalists will be invited to participate in the final round at the University of Toronto campus. They will have the opportunity to present to The Boardroom a panel of alumni judgesand hear from esteemed professionals in the healthcare and technology industries. The first round will begin on Jan 15th, 8. Teams will receive their case by email and be asked to submit their proposal by Jan 31st, to rc. Twelve team finalists will then be invited to the University of Toronto St. George campus on Saturday, March 17th, to present to our alumni judges. The top three teams will receive gift cards and special framed certificates of excellence. All teams will receive a luncheon reception, certificates of recognition, and a chance to speak with current students, alumni, and industry professionals. Optional campus tours are also available at the end of the event. To claim the award, students must accept their offer of admission and register in our program for the current grade 12 students or current grade 11 students academic years. Students are encouraged to form teams with a variety of strengths and perspectives, as our Evaluation Committee values diligent problem solving with original thinking and innovative solutions. Full competition rules and FAQs can also be found on our Eventbrite. Questions may be emailed to rc. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate a bold vision, creativity, technical insight and business leadership while solving a business base focused on the issues of tomorrow. All students in a team must attend the same Ontation high school. Full competition rules and FAQs can also be found on Eventbrite. A complete Team application must be received by the Steering Committee on Eventbrite before January 12th, Please also include the name of your school and your team name. A confirmation email will be sent to your team once we have received your registration. If a Team Member drops out of their team prior to the first round of the competition, the Administrator may substitute another student as a Team Member at their discretion. No substitutes are allowed if a Team makes it to the final round of the competition and a team member is unable to participate. The remaining Team Members may represent the Team at the final round. At least three Team Members must be present in the final round or the Team may be disqualified. Please read the competition dates below to ensure that your team members can participate in both rounds. The cases used in The Boardroom will be selected by the Steering Committee and will not be published or tested by any Administrator or Team Member. The first round of The Boardroom will be completed online. A short business case will be sent on January 15th, to each team. Please submit your answers in a Word or PDF file, and make sure to explain your thought process and work for each question. Please ensure all instructions given by the case materials are followed. Top Teams will be notified that they have been selected to compete in the final round of The Boardroom the week of February 19th. They will be invited to the final round event on campus at the University of Toronto on March 17th, Teams are asked to dress in business casual. For the final round on campus, Teams will be given instructions to prepare for the presentations on March 9th, Teams will be asked to prepare a 15 minute presentation for our Board of Directors on March 17th,

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Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. Average of Lets see how it goes. Please share your experience. Thank you! The interview question was basically the one they gave for the practice. Not sure if this is true or not though. Did you get accepted by Rotman School of Commerce? Is there anything that needs to be completed besides the supplemental application? I heard they're fairly tough on EC's, but I didn't exactly get an opportunity to talk about them anywhere. Other than the supplementary application, there isn't anything else that needs to be completed if that doesn't include self-reporting or transcripts. Completed supplements Jan Don't remember essay question. Video question was "Why UofT? Top six of Acceptance email on Jan I thought they started sending out acceptances in February. To the poster who asked how I got accepted in January — I don't know. But I did. Maybe it's because they look at US applicants earlier? My stats aren't stellar. My EC's are typical. Maybe they thought I was charming on video? I have never really figured out how the Canadian schools do their evaluations. It's a mystery to me. BTW, I have Canadian citizenship so it's not like they're getting full boat international tuition from me. For the essay topic, I talked about past experiences that sparked my early interest and how I used that to grow as a leader. I received a similar video question, so nothing too over-the-top. Accepted February 14th Ontario applicant. Advanced Funcs — 95 d Accepted February 14th Does Rotman care about repeated courses? I talked to the Rotman representative at the uni fair and he said they don't care how we obtain our grades, they'll simply take the top 6 marks with english and calculus as 2 of them of course.


I am first year student of commerce. I have question regarding CGPA requirements. Hope your summer is going well. PA is 15 and French is 7, and a minor, as you definitely know, is 4. What happens if I fulfill all the requirements for the B. Comm and still want to keep going? Hi, So I am a first year commerce student at utm and im almost positive im probably not going to get into the post that applied for. I hear you can apply again after summer, so is that in terms of me taking a course in summer to boost my gpa? Hey there, I have currently completed my 12th from India. I would like to join university of toronto,Mcgill university, York university or university of British Columbia for undergraduation in business or finance. So, if I take a gap of a year and apply again next year, will the colleges consider me or not due to the year off. Year 12 State Board Exams with excellent results will also be considered on an individual basis. I am terribly sorry to bother, but i need help. I am very new to the whole system in Canada, so i have problem. I applied to UTM mississauaga in Commerce, however due to some personal issues, i was inAble to continue with calculus. I dropped it. After that i got two alternating offers, i was wondering if there is anyway to enter Commerce again. Even if it means taking an extra year in Universitu with Calculus as an elective. I was wondering if i did accept my alternate offer, will i still be able to switch back to Commerce in Second year or first year? What if i took Calculus as an elective if i can will i be able to go back to Commerce? Please i will do anything. I promise to do my best, but please tell me what to do. How can i go back to my Program? If i took it as an elective or anything. Should it be a prerequisite in highschool or am i allowed to take all the prerequisites for Commerce as alternatives in the first year and apply in the second year to Commerce? Please help me please. Thank you. MATY5 is required for admission to commerce after first year. Hi aska! I have a series of questions and I hope you can help me with them! Is it easy to transfer internally?? Like the average of the people that were able to transfer? What if I change my mind and want to stay at UTM? If I do plan on transferring, I want to apply to University College. Does it have a minimum GPA or requirements? However, I think it would be awkward talking to them about transferring out. Thank you in advance! Take care aska! Students who apply are advised to simultaneously ensure that they have appropriate prerequisites for other Arts and Science programs of interest. Hello, I am a grade 12 student currently in high school and I plan on applying to UTM commerce, but this year my mother was terminally ill and diagnosed with breast cancer which has a impact on my school most importantly Grade 12 Advanced Function and I was wondering if UTM will accept me repeating the course again in night school to get a better mark.

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