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Imagine being part of the internationally renowned University of Toronto and the top-ranked Rotman School of Management, with countless opportunities to learn, grow, and make vital life-long connections. Envision a dynamic community of students, faculty, and alumni that will support you in building the knowledge, skills, and confidence to launch you on your path to success. At Rotman Commerce, we believe in your goals. You will select an area of specialization at the beginning of second year, and most of your business courses in years two through four will focus on building expertise in your chosen area. At Rotman Commerce, your degree prepares you for more than just business. Students specializing in Accounting can focus on Public Accounting or Financial Reporting and Control, which feature subjects such as corporate taxation, audit, financial statement analysis, and valuation. The Management specialist is our most flexible program of study and can allow you the freedom to explore a variety of different aspects of business. Students in the Management specialist can choose to concentrate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Leadership in Organizations, Marketing, or Strategy. Check your courses to ensure that you are on track to fulfill the course requirements for your specialist, as well as the breadth requirements for your degree. I am always impressed by the enthusiasm Rotman Commerce students bring to the classroom and am inspired by their drive to learn. To be a part of their journey is extremely fulfilling. No matter what you want to do after your four-year undergraduate degree, or where you want to go, when people hear the name Rotman Commerce, they automatically associate it with exceptional academic standards. The support from the staff, professors, and my classmates has helped shape me to be who I am today — someone who has grown immensely from where I started. Alliance, Toastmasters, and Women in Business, help you connect with students who share your passions and concerns outside of business. Check them all out at ulife. International Exchange and Study Abroad Opportunities Going on exchange or taking a summer course abroad is an amazing way to travel and gain. Our network of over 14, graduates worldwide means that wherever your career takes you, your degree will testify to the excellence of your education and your readiness to succeed. Moreover, our strong connections with hundreds of corporate and public sector partners, coupled with our location in downtown Toronto, mean that Rotman Commerce students enjoy easy access to employment opportunities, information sessions, mock interviews, site visits, alumni mentoring relationships, and job interviews with potential employers. Being a part of Rotman Commerce was the catalyst that helped me connect with likeminded individuals and pushed me to become a better person. I credit a large part of my own successes as an entrepreneur to what I learned from my Commerce degree. Need more information? Have specific questions? Check out our website at rotmancommerce. George campus.

Admissions criteria

Callen, PhD D. Lu, PhD M. Baum-Snow, PhD S. Xin, Ph D. Celerier, M. SC, PhD A. Corhay, B. Com, M. Sc, PhD S. Dimitriadis L. Duke D. Liu N. Shin R. Webb, PhD I. Stojanovic, B. Armstrong, PhD. Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto offers a rigorous curriculum combining studies in management, economics, and the arts and sciences for an enriched professional undergraduate experience. The program explores the role of commerce in modern society while developing skill and confidence in analysis, effective communications and decision making. The Bachelor of Commerce degree builds on a common foundation of a range of business disciplines and economics. Each stream combines courses in management and applied economics with a variety of courses in the arts and sciences. The balance assures graduates of a solid understanding of business and modern society along with a command of critical skills across business disciplines, decision-making, and leadership.

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We look for students with strong quantitative skills, a solid academic track record, and a high potential for professional achievement in risk management. Minimum B average required across courses in the final year but most students admitted will have a considerably higher GPA. Business, commerce, economics, mathematics, engineering or actuarial science degrees will be preferred, but other 4-year undergraduate degrees will be considered if there is evidence of strong quantitative skills. Note: We can only provide guidance on admissions to Rotman programs and cannot advise on the need for grades in the future by other graduate programs, professional programs, or employers. We base admissions to all our graduate program on a wide variety of criteria. Knowledge of VBA is strongly preferred. If you have not completed courses in these areas as part of your undergraduate degree, you can obtain conditional acceptance to the program. Contact us if you have further questions after reviewing the detailed prerequisite courses information. If you have studied at an English-language university outside of Canada, official confirmation of English as the language of instruction and examination from your university will be required. Two recommendation forms must be completed online by your referees. While both referees should be academic, applicants who are applying to the MFRM with some work experience, are welcome to submit one academic and one professional reference. If possible, we encourage you to have at least one reference from a professor who taught you in a quantitative course. All candidates who are admitted to the program will be interviewed. Interviews are by invitation only. If you have any questions about your application, feel free to contact our Recruitment and Admissions Officer, by telephone at Connect with our Admissions Team. Attend an Admissions Event. Download our Brochure. Tuition fee entry. Rotman School of Management St. Contact Us Website feedback Accessibility. Main Navigation Menu.

Rotman Commerce 2019 Acceptance

It is also very difficult to get into as it has…. Written by Alex Dorward. It is also very difficult to get into as it has some of the toughest entry requirements in Canada. This article thus discusses how to get into Rotman Commerce. As previously mentioned, Rotman Commerce has tough entry requirements. In addition to simply graduating and getting an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalentthe applicant requires 6 U or M level grade 12 credits. This is all pretty standard, but there are additional course requirements. Make sure you consider this when planning out your high school career. To compound matters, although they do not explicitly have grade requirements for ENG4U and MCV4U, they do look at these grades individually, and not just your combined average. Therefore, the generally acceptance average for Rotman is generally around However, these grades are not the only thing that are taken into account. This is discussed below:. Aside from the entry requirements and the grades, the supplementary application is the most important part of your application. Rotman has changed up their application again this year. The essay is still a randomly generated essay question, however, you only have 30 minutes to do the question now. Like all universities, they want the best and brightest leaders. As such, every question is essentially asking the same thing: what have you done in the past that demonstrates your leadership skills and how these will positively impact U of T. Therefore, no matter what question you get, make sure you highlight your strengths and examples of leadership and specifically mention how that will apply to Rotman Commerce. Subsequently, it is important to research the university and the program to ensure that you can relate your answers to Rotman Commerce. Do your due-diligence on what the program itself actually offers as well as look at what societies and clubs are available at U of T. Doing this will not only assist you in answering the question, but will also show the Admissions Committee that you did your research, which differentiates you from the competition. This is drastically different than the previous format. Now after completing the essay, you move right away into the video portion. After that, you have a max of 2 minutes to complete your answer. At the 2 minute mark, you are cut off. The first year is very difficult as you take Calculus as well as other programs and receive a minimum grade just to be allowed to pursue the final 3 years of Rotman Commerce. The requirements are as follows:. If you have met the above mentioned requirements, then you can continue with your degree. This is the course that gives students the most grief in their first year due to the fact that you are required to have taken Calculus already, but there is no requirement for econ courses to be taken in high school therefore making this is a tough course. The first year of Rotman has a very high drop-out rate so please be aware of that.

Round 1 Decisions

Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Next Last. Rotman Commerce Acceptance Hey guys, just wondering who is still waiting for a response from them? My status is "pending review". Please post here if you are still waiting or already accepted! Do I still have a chance? About 2 more weeks until deadline. I wouldn't say you're not getting in just yet, but when I applied year I didn't hear anything from them around that time Pending Review Around May 23rdit was a warm summer day, I walked into the computer lab where I was about to print something - thought I'd check My heart sank I wasn't sad, I wasn't mad, I just felt like wanting to be wiped off the face of the planet. I am getting nervous as the deadline is approaching. It was Yeah, I was on the low-end for English. I did bring it up to an 80 90 in Calculus, average slightly higher but no offer post-rejection or anything. Do you know if anyone has got in yet recently, not during the last wave of offers. I've been admitted to York-Admin Studies, so that will be my last resort. It seems that UofT is very slow with their admissions I was actually hoping they'd offer me an alternate offer sighhhhhhhh This is stressful! Still waiting for Rotman. My grades for my prerequisites were Calc AF and Eng Rotman is my 1st choice right now, I have gotten offers from all the other programs I applied for. If I don't get in then I just hope that they would at least upgrade my pre-management offer to Co-op, or just go to WLU. Nope, applied for co-op got into pre. I was just wondering, ss the downtown Bachelor of Commerce program now known as 'Rotmans'? Congrats to the Winners!


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