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Red Dead Redemption 2 features over 50 different weapons divided into different categories. Each category has its own specific uses which make them better for certain tasks over the others. The bow, for example, is the weapon to use while hunting, but it's far from being the best choice when confronting enemies all guns blazing. We have already covered which weapons are the bestbut one wouldn't be a true outlaw if he or she didn't try to find all the weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here, we will list how to obtain each and every one of them and get a good boost on the total completion percentage. The bow is one of the weapons that cannot be missed in the game. It is obtained during "The Aftermath of Genesis" mission, where Arthur goes hunting together with Charles. While there's only one bow type, the different arrow types that can be obtained - Regular, Improved, Small Game, Poison, Fire and Dynamite arrows - alter the weapon's performance. The Antler Knife feels like the regular Hunting Knife, making the differences between the two weapons merely aesthetic. Upon reaching the ranch, players need to go North-West from the big barn, where they will find a bear carcass. Searching the carcass will reveal the knife. The Broken Pirate Sword doesn't differ much from the machete regarding stats, but it's definitely a cool looking weapon. It can be found in a wrecked boat located near the islands south of Saint Denis' southern bridge. The weapon is on a crate in the basement. If the other melee weapons feel too tame, the Cleaver is the best one to make a crazy impression on enemies. The weapon can be bought from fences from Chapter 5 onward after completing the "Dear Uncle Tacitus" mission. The Double Bit Hatchet doesn't differ much from the regular hatchet, so use what you like best. The weapon can be found North-West of Wallace Station, inside a tree stump. The Hatchet is an OK melee weapon that deals decent damage. It can be purchased from fences from Chapter 5 onward after completing the "Dear Uncle Tacitus" mission. Like the Double Bit Hatchet, the differences with the regular Hatchet are only aesthetic. The weapon can be found in a stump located on the southern shore of Moonstone Pond. The pond is found north of Emerald Ranch. Another aesthetic variant of the regular Hatchet, the Hunter Hatchet can be found in a stump south of Window Rock, located to the west of Fort Wallace. The Hunting Knife is part of Arthur's inventory at the beginning of the game and therefore cannot be missed! While the weapon is mostly used to skin dead animals, it can be used to perform stealth kills. The Jawbone Knife is a variant of the Hunting Knife and has no stats difference with it. It's obtained by completing the "A Test of Faith" side mission. The Machete is a solid melee weapon featuring slightly better range and damage than knives. It can be purchased by fences from Chapter 5 onward, after completing the "Dear Uncle Tartarus" mission. The Rusted Double Bit Hatchet is yet another aesthetic variant of the regular Hatcher, featuring no stats difference with it. The weapon is found in a stump located in Annesburg. The Rusted Hunter Hatchet is similar to the regular Hatchet, featuring only decorative differences. Yet another variant of the regular Hatchet, the Viking Hatchet is found in a tomb northeast of Beaver Hollow. It may not be all that different from the Hatchet, but bringing the wrath of the Norsemen down on the enemies is sure to bring a different type of satisfaction. The Wide-Blade Knife isn't different from the Hunting Knife, only featuring some aesthetic differences. The Algernon's Revolver is one of the unique weapons found in Red Dead Redemption 2 and, as such, it cannot be customized. The weapon is obtained automatically by completing the "Duchess and Other Animals" mission. The Calloway's Revolver is another unique weapon and it cannot be customized in any way.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 features a big, realistic world filled not only with NPCs leading their own lives but also animals. In the story mode there are different animals roaming the map, including ones species you might easily miss, such as the ones found in Guarmaand also Legendary Animalswhich are listed at the very end of the in-game Compendium. To unlock the first, the only thing you need to do is study all animals, while you also need to skin them to unlock the second. The animals in Guarma, which are easily missable since there is no way to get back on Guarma via regular means after completing the first few missions in Chapter 5must not be studied or skinned to get any of the two trophies, but if you do, they will count toward progression so you can skip some of the regular animals that can be found on the map. Still, you may want to skin them anyway after killing them, as the obtained items can be used to craft talismans and trinkets which unlock some useful permanent perks for your character. We also list the items that can be obtained by skinning them and what can be crafted with them. Animals spawn in specific locations on the map in Red Dead Redemption 2, not counting extremely common animals like rabbits and deer which are seen pretty much everywhere. This means that certain, select animals only have a chance of appearing in select locations. As spawning is randomized there's no way to make a certain animal appear in its spawn area. Try using Herbivore and Predator Baits as needed, and if the animal you are looking for doesn't appear, leave the area, make camp and sleep for some time. Doing this will reset the current spawn chance and the animals available all over the map will change. If you cannot find a specific animal, there's a good hunting spot where a lot of different animals spawn, including birds, that can only be reached after completing the game. Make sure to also hunt at night to find some of the animals that only appear when the sun is down. You can also study them from greater distances with the binoculars or a scoped rifle, such as any of the sniper rifles. As some animals are much more aware of their surroundings than others, it's safer to study them from a distance. In fact, some may even attack you once they are aware of your presence, while others will simply run away. In both cases, it will be impossible for you to study them. If you have alerted an animal, however, there is a way to make it stop reacting without killing it. Use a Poison Throwing Knife and wait for a while for the animal to stop. But you must be quick to study it, as it will eventually die due to the poison. Skinning animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 is rather straightforward: all you have to do is kill any animal, approach its carcass and press the triangle or Y button. Skinning animals allows you to obtain meat as well as other items that can be sold for money or used in crafting. To get the Skin Deep trophy you must skin all animals that can be skinned. You will end up skinning less than animals since very small animals and birds cannot be skinned.

All Animal Locations Guide

Plenty of excitement is brewing in the Destiny 2 community with the start of the Season of Dawn having commenced on December 10th. There are now brand new activities for players to experience. Obelisks are some of these unique activities that Guardians can now tackle. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known Obelisk locations covered for you so that you know where to go when you are itching to try one out. There are currently two locations where players can find an Obelisk in Season of Dawn. One of these locations is on the Tangled Shores in the Thieves Landing zone. Players will then see the Mars Obelisk in the Braytech Futurescape zone on the planet. The Season of Dawn will then have two more Obelisk locations be added to the fan-favorite title on December 17th. However, the exact places where these two structures will be found on Nessus and the EDZ have not yet been revealed by Bungie. We will update this article with the exact areas where they are found when they become available in the game. Due to this activity being one of the central focuses of the Season of Dawn, there will be plenty of Guardians heading to where they are located and experiencing them for the next couple of months to reap all of their benefits and rewards. Do you want to learn more about Destiny 2 besides the Obelisk locations in Season of Dawn? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the high-profile game or our three most recent pieces of coverage below:. We here at Prima Games wish you the best of luck in finding all of the Obelisk locations in Destiny 2! Let us know how it goes over on Facebook and Twitter. Prima Games Newsletter. Hear about the latest guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers! About the author Nicholas Barth. Share this article:. Comments Read this article.

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Few games can rival the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of scale. The game's map is so large that even after the narrative has wrapped up, there will likely be areas that players have never visited that are tucked away. Thankfully, someone else agrees and has put in a lot of work so that other players don't have to. This has proven to be incredibly helpful in assisting players to complete the entirety of the game, and there are quite a few categories for anyone actively searching for a particular line of quests or collectibles. For example, anyone hoping to see the locations of various Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 can do so with relative ease. The map in question will spawn all of the locations, and happens to look like this:. Of course, while there's plenty of fun in finding Easter Eggs within the world of Red Deadthere are certainly lot more pressing issues that need attention in the game. Those locations can be found below. It doesn't end there either for avid collectors hoping to wrap up their collection of animal pelts. Then again, there's a lot of fun in tracking the creatures down as intended, but fans can get a glimpse of those locations here. This interactive map is a pretty complete means of locating everything players will want to find. With the sheer scale of the game, these maps are very helpful. I've been writing about video games for over nine years, and as a result I've apparently been able to trick people into believing I'm knowledgeable in the field. The map in question will spawn all of the locations, and happens to look like this: Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Egg Locations. Share Tweet Email 0. About The Author I've been writing about video games for over nine years, and as a result I've apparently been able to trick people into believing I'm knowledgeable in the field. What to Expect From Nailed It! Season 5.


Obelisks have come to Destiny 2. They act like small missions terminals for players to obtain Timelost bounties. They work a little bit like regular bounties, but you need to pay a bit more to add them to your quest log. Tangled Shore Obelisk. You encounter this one during the A Matter of Time quest when you first meet Osiris. To continue through the rest of the Season of Dawn sections, you need to interact with it. You should have no trouble locating it. Mars Obelisk. You can receive the quest from Osiris called Mars: Obelisk Attunement. Much like the previous Obelisk, you need to obtain components from the local enemies, which are the Hive. You need to collect 50 BrayTech from them. Thankfully, other players are likely doing the Escalation Protocol mission on the planet, so you should have plenty of Hive to take out. After, you need to collect light orbs by doing the previously mentioned tasks. EDZ Obelisk. You need to obtain specific components from the Cabal, which you can acquire from the Echion ship in the northwest section of the map. After you receive 50 of those components, you need to fill your Light charge, so you need to kill enemies using your class abilities, Super, and having a Masterwork weapon equipped. Nessus Obelisk. All rights reserved. Older Posts. Latest Posts. April 9,

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