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R/C Drag Racing

Add your rear axle assembly, electrics, tires, and body to make a car capable of handling more motor torque and multi cell LiPo packs. The increased rigidity and strength will help get the power to the ground while not greatly increading the overall weight. It also has a narrower front axle plate and a more rigid axle carrier on the opposite side from the motor for less flex at the rear of the chassis. Part RJS INCLUDES : One 13" Wheelbase Funny Car Kit, mounted rear foam tires,front o-ring tires and wheels, 81 tooth spur gear 48P20 tooth pinion 48pbrass bushings, clear polycarbonate body with window mask and wing and building instructions. Items: Building and track equipment. Includes our new Pro Mod chassis designed for up to 10 cells and hotter motors than our Pro Stock chassis. Cool Pro Mod body! Traxxas DTS-1 drag timing system. Traxxas innovation takes your racing fun to a whole new level with an authentic, portable, and affordable drag race timing and scoring system. The DTS-1 unfolds and turns any strip of smooth asphalt into your own personal dragstrip. Everything has been scaled to re-create the entire drag racing experience with as much accuracy and realism as possible. The center point is the authentic christmas tree with its super-bright LED display and modern stage light configuration. Dual beams on the starting line allow competitors to pre-stage and stage with laser-precise accuracy. Depending on your quickness and skill, you can select either a Pro or Sportsman tree for the countdown. When the lights go green, the race is on--but don't jump the start or you'll be disqualified! At the end of the track, the finish line beams determine the winner with millisecond accuracy. This plate will allow some drag specific bodies that have a narrow front track width to fit on RJ Speed Drag Chassis. The Traxxas Ford Mustang NHRA Funny Car follows suit with its accurately shaped and highly effective rear wing, made of rugged injection-molded plastic for durability, good looks, and authentic performance. Wing mount sold separately. That means the blower unit will sit properly and accurately on a wide variety of applications. It all bolts together with only 3 small screws. The RPM molded Intake and Blower Set is finely detailed with such finishing touches as blower belt ridges, pulley splines and recessed butterflies in the scoop. The RPM version is highly versatile, allowing you to set it up in numerous ways. Do you want them straight up from under the car?

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Thankfully, my [ Read More I joined in with the St Louis Drag Racers over the weekend and had [ They even get a quick mention at the end, not that it was needed. You can watch the video after the break, keep reading…. The vehicles are shipping soon for those waiting to get some drag racing action in! Visit the Traxxas site for a few more details. Dual beam lasers will allow pre-stage and staging, along with two more lasers for the speed trap and finish. They normally use a infrared [ Hobby Town! Pretty much anything goes at these events! Anything goes, if you think you have a fast vehicle, bring it out. You will most likely see some amazing drag cars out there hitting [ Make sure you check out part 1 here. The batteries, the motors, the engines, all this stuff is tested and tuned beyond belief. You think you know someone that can tune a nitro? I was looking forward to racing at the event, but due to some conflicting scheduling I was only able to make it out to watch the finals on Sunday. So if you happen to be on that side of the world, and looking to show or see some amazing driving and speed then go check out the event! RC Dragsters from WooWee! With a blistering top speed of 8. You can visit the Byron Fuels Website [ We just got word from Roy Anderson over at R. All these new kits have been through a prototype and testing phase and are ready for production. They are now checking to make sure there is enough interest before they go into full production. So if you are interested in any [ As many of you know, it can sometimes be difficult getting stuff for the RC Drag Racing hobby, and this store is going to try fix that issue. Stop the presses! Castle Creations has just posted a page talking about their new kv Mamba Max Motor! You read that correctly, kv! The other kicker? Update: Sold Out!? You are browsing the "RC Drag Racing" category archive. You can watch the video after the break, keep reading… Read More

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What can I say about today. Amazing day of racing with GREAT people and after some early tuning challenges most racers were able to get a handle on the track and make some amazing things happen! There were kids, families, a Food Truck, A Professional Camera man, Restrooms to use, Sunny skies, Tough racing and smiles from many folks who expressed how awesome they felt at the event. Thank you to all of my Lot Boyz Racing Teammates who Showed Up and Showed Out and most importantly to each of you who assisted with working your butts off to ensure the track was dried off from all the rain, simply amazing and i'm grateful to ride along side each of you! More pics will be shared as we have a video being compiled that will serve as the main footage of the today's even so stay tuned, It's going to be ridiculously off the chain! Here are a few photos I was able to sneek in during a few minutes my man Todd Williams stepped in and ran the tree so enjoy. More to come on the race winners from today and awards. I will post soon, been up since this morning working to make this event as awesome as possible so i'm about to lay it down for the night. Thank you again for the support and Thank You for allowing my Team and I to host such great personalities and great people! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. RC drag racing all scales Public group. Join group settings More. Mikey Batz shared a post. Vin Max shared a post. Federico Maldonado shared a post. Alx Boris shared a post. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

Best RC Dragster [Updated 2020]- Top 5 RC Dragsters for Sale

Updated: January 7, Dragster RC cars are some of the best cars you could ever get when it comes to racing. Although, finding the best RC Dragster — Top 5 RC Dragsters for sale can be difficult, but luckily we have found the best of the best and compiled them all to fit into a single page. RC Dragsters are designed to do exactly what they sound like. They bring drag racing with model cars to the ultimate level. They work like your typical electric or gas-powered model car, but they have extra components in some cases, which could include a LiPo battery, for example, to make them ready for racing in the best ways. They range in all aspects to ensure that there is one best suited for all skill levels, ages, etc. It has speed, specs that make it fly, and a couple of decent features that really bring it all together. Features and Specs Full steering. This RC dragster is much cheaper than the other models on this list and still provides a good amount of speed and precision on the racetrack. A beautiful and accurate model of an exotic racecar complete with functioning lights and doors, comes in either orange or red. Probably not fast enough nor long-ranged enough to hold the attention of professional RC drag racers. Click To Shop or Read Reviews. It remains one of the most popular remote control car manufacturers of the modern era, and with good reason! However, they no longer manufacture and sell any true RC drag race models, instead requiring you to assemble your own starting with a chassis kit such as this one. Excellent performance and durability all around — this car is designed to be driven hard and fast. Great for intermediate to professional dragster racers because of the speed and overall intensity. This body mod is just the start to an incredible RC Dragster. It allows you to do virtually whatever you want with it to create the perfect car for yourself. Features and Specs. It gives you the ideal body for an electrical car that allows you to customize and complete it as you see fit. This Dragster is one of the most detailed ones out there. Features and Specs High performance 15 mph motor. The lightweight Lexan body shell is interchangeable based on your preference, as well as the rear racing spoiler and the metal pins that go into the body of the car. The wheels are made from rubber grip, are semi-pneumatic, and are a premium option for the car overall. Just like the model, this drag kit is perfect for those who want a base that they can build on over time. The kit is for electronic parts and components Total size of 6. There are a lot of questions that concern RC Dragsters, and we aim to answer them all! A drag race, where real cars are concerned, is a short race including multiple cars that is all about pure speed. They are typically done on a very short track or distance, usually only amounting to about a quarter of a mile. Drag racing with a RC Dragster is much like racing with a real car, but with an even shorter distance. This type of race, too, is generally all about speed and modifications that have been made to the car. The majority of RC Dragsters can typically hit up to 60 to 70 mph, but there are some that can hit up to a whopping mph. It all depends on the specifications and components that have gone into one, though. Large parking lots, driveways, virtually any open area. Some people install all terrain tires on their cars for racing through fields, for example, where there is no concrete or tarmac suited for racing on. It depends on where you live, really, but there are RC Dragster racing meet up events that go on for avid drivers who want to race other local to them. These events are great ways to find better racing conditions in your local area. They require a lot less maintenance and are easier to work on compared to a 4WD. Although, 4WD RC Dragsters have better handling characteristics and are generally more traverse when difficult obstacles come into play.

Schedule Update. Midwest Nationals. Top Ten List. M1 Finance. Quarter Pound. Closed for the Season. Well Wishes to all of our extended racing family during these. Please be safe and take care. Our Schedule has changed due to current Illinois State Laws. Current Race Ladder Pairings. Visit Us on Facebook at. Come out and run what you brung. Prep, NO Prep, this class is going. King of the Top Ten List Ken Johnson prepares to. Defend his 1 Spot in Team Lynwood at The Rock. The Lynwood Team cleaned up at the Worlds Finals and took home the most awards by a large margin. Basically the "Wood" spanked the "Rock"! Special Thanks. Gene Williams. Lynwood, IL. Alpha Construction. Marlene's Trucking. Lynwood, Illinois. Leisure Hours Hobbies. Joliet, IL - Visit Us. Fully Dedicated. Professional Timing.

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