Rb30 vs rb26

RB25 vs RB26

Welcome to SAU Community, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Click here to register. By felixy69June 30, in Forced Induction Performance. Yep, rb30 bloocks arent as good as the twincammers, though there are plpenty of them making hp without dramas. I dont think nissan did the casting, probably done locally by holden. I do have to agree with you that they were a budget engine though for the market and pre the Rb26 era but bang for buck still awsome!!! Casting quality etc looked the same; all fairly smooth, no massive dags anywhere. The RB20DET block only had ribbing across the bottom half of the block where as my RB30 block had both ribbing across the bottom half and also up inbetween the bores. Considerable differences. I've attached a couple pics of the rb20 block and rb30 block. So in many ways apples with apples. I wonder what the engineering theory behind ribbing vertically inbetween the bores and a ribbing horizontally through the center of the block is. Not the best angle but u can see it looks the same. The machine shop that did my rb30 told me about 10 times that they are rubbish compared to the other rb's. I just ignored him, as i wasnt going to give up my project based on his experience of metallurgy. He said the quality of the material was inferiour. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By Matty George Started 3 hours ago. By seanstew Started 4 hours ago. By Rickyv42 Started 8 hours ago. By Sheldon Started 17 hours ago. By Ottdurr Started 18 hours ago. By Anthony Started 21 hours ago. By Ottdurr Started 22 hours ago. By Tobz Started September 4,

Three Ways to 1,000 HP: LS vs. RB vs JZ Swap Info

Insane discounts for PF members! Login or Sign Up. RB30 vs RB Posts Latest Posts. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Which one would you pick and why? This will be going into an LC torana. Street and strip duty, mainly strip. Is an RB25 gearbox going to hold up with slicks and hard launches? Which motor would be best bang for buck when it comes to mods. Maverick - gone Turbo AU Ute. Tags: None. RB25 is a much nicer thing than a single cam RB That said, the VL turbo crowd have lots of experience with making big power with the RB Very strong. Comment Post Cancel. Thanks for that, I think if I go the RB30 route and the block is pre 86 I can put it on lpg and mod it as much as want and still be able to engineer it. Thats another plus, then if It needs it the 25 head can come later. Any one have any idea how much power would be needed to put an LC torana into the 10's? Say with the correct auto, transbrake etc etc.

RB26 vs 2JZ: Which One is Better and Why?

Welcome to SAU Community, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Click here to register. By ibrox90August 22, in Forced Induction Performance. So, I've been looking at a possible engine rebuild not because I need to, mainly out of sport. So I'm in no real rush. I've been looking at a lot of forged kits as well as individual component prices and the like. Now of course when you talk about rebuilding a 26 a lot of stroker suggestions come up in the community of car nuts and for a long time that's what I wanted to do. And it should come up strokers are nucking futs. Which Is what I would like. No one ever talks about staying I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who's ran both and could provide feedback. Or someone who went from a worked 26 and then changed the crank. I feel like I should say that I'm not huge on chasing power numbers. For me its about response first. I searched everyone always fires that out and its not what I'm after. Nor am I after some dyno sheet print out. I understand that this is a hard question because obviously if you go from a stock 26 to a worked and tuned forged 28 running more boost its going to feel like an animal. Finally, and I mean this in the nicest possible way and do not intend to upset anyone. But if you drive your mums r31 and "read about a 28 in performance imports once" or "read a bit on forums" probably don't comment, because I doubt you'll be able to answer my follow up questions If you want to have a look at a good 2. As far as im aware GT-RS are better matched to the 2. I'm fully aware of the difference Changed original to avoid confusion. Not disagreeing.


View Full Version : rb30 rb25 or rb Advertise Directly on Calais Turbo. Click HERE!!. Might need to chuck in larger injectors into that equation depending how things go! If you need everything like piping, exhaust, gearbox, cooler, diff, etc - then yep 15k is out of the question, if it's just for the engine, then its definatly easily done. Toyota 2JZ Motor baby all the way; Im with you. Either a 1JZ or a 2JZ. With what mods? Makes sense to me. Ok, so the whole thread has just changed You cant argue that point. All motors can make power, its more about useable power than a peak number. But are you starting from scratch? Try to talk retail pricing Gav, when you getting rid of that miniscule turbo man? Surely you and that motor are achin for a 35 by now? This was an off the street price at a well respected engineers place, anyone can have it done. If so, its gonna cost you near on 25k or possibly more Im with Ash on this, my RB26 cost a whole heap more than 7k to build Hence why i said 25k Rod - you and i both know what it costs to do a 26 build from the man :D At least it wont die! It amazes me how much people under estimate the cost of things Like, lets say you use a 26 head.

Three Ways to 1,000 HP: LS vs. RB vs JZ Swap Info

Driftworks Forum. JohnJ Active Member. Bit of advice please guys. I've ended up with an R33 GTS by mistake. I always said I'd never own another RB after some crap experiences with RB26's Anyway I'm being told that the 25 is a more reliable engine for drifting as standard. What's the story really? Please no RB fanboys with stories about their mates' RB26 that did a million miles sideways with no issues. I just want real advice whether to keep it for drifting or move it on. This is supposed to be in Technical. Kit Do Want. I'll see if I can find either his post or the article it's by either an OZ or NZ tuning guru as i've bought a new PC since then and didn't bother salvaging all my bookmarks, which is a shame because I had some really good porn in there too. Thanks Kit. Sorry to hear about your porn. Jesus I'm not getting into that lot! Circuit, drift and drag means higher than that rpm and for longer periods of time. So I think I'll sell it. Yeah, but the car has to do drift experiences with random people driving it all day long and still be reliable. I have spent a fortune on RBs in the past. It's a nice car though and customers love it. Mitch In moderation. It's your trainset but everybody wanted to drive the R33 on Friday. Speak to Dave Waterworth as he's been using an RB25 for the past few years. Joined: Dec 31, Posts: Likes Received: 0. Upping the boost and adding a FMIC and then expecting the engine to survive hard driving is just dumb if you're not gonna remap it. The ECU is set pretty specific, and if you're gonna fuck around with giving if more air and not adjusting the fueling with a proper remap, things are gonna go sour pretty fucking quick. And since no one is gonna step up and say 'yeah, I know fuck all about cars and messed it up myself', people always blame the engine. I've got an RB25 sitting outside with Sure, it'll probably have lost a few bhp over the last 16 years, but it's still running perfectly. Because I'm not fucking it up myself. Active Member. Joined: Dec 10, Posts: 1, Likes Received: 1. GmasterT Heavy Industries Drift Dango Active Member. RB is awesome. My spec 2 RB25DET has been amazing for over two years now of doing drift taxi's, dwyb and other demo's. Mine is running 0. Never had an oil cooler but do run water injection to keep charge temps and exhaust temps lower. I change oil once a month and only problem i had was a snapped manifold stud and cracked exhaust which melted my MAF wiring and the turbo seals going very recently resulting in me fitting R34GTT Turbo.


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