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The Very Best of Bourbons, Whiskey & Rye in 2020

It's one of our favorite pastimes. Nothing beats an amazingly unique bottle of bourbon. Introducing our ultimate rye and bourbon review guide. Drink, enjoy, repeat! This Old Fitzgerald is distilled by the folks at Heaven Hill and then aged for 11 years in oak barrels. The paper seal attached to the cap and the bottle denotes that this bottle is bottled-in-bond; in accordance to the Bottle-in-Bond Act that went into law in The nose of this bourbon is […]. I usually enjoy Bulleit Rye and when I am at a bar or having a drink at the airport — it is my go-to brand. I was surprised to see their Bulleit 95 Rye aged 12 years. I have seen their bourbon aged for 10 years but up until today never their rye so […]. You may notice that the label on this bottle of Old Lewis Hunter Bourbon is wrapped in plastic wrap as it is falling apart. The distillery was in operation from […]. It was distilled by the Frankfort Distilling Company and while the bottle was only aged for 6 years, the taste is much mature and smooth for what is a relatively young bourbon. The nose is […]. It is always fun to find an old, vintage bottle of bourbon. The theory, much like any product, is that they made it better in the past. It is hard to argue when you try this bottle of Jim Beam and compare it […]. The Birthday Bourbon from the folks at Old Forester was barreled on May 25th and was bottled in after 12 years of aging in the barrel. The Birthday Bourbon does not disappoint, it is a smooth and balanced pour. The nose has some nice burnt orange notes that perfectly […].

10 Ultra Rare Bourbons Not Named ‘Pappy’

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. Log in. Cart 0. View Grid. Refine view all. Brands Bourbon. Abraham Bowman. Amador Whiskey Co. Ancient Age. Angel's Envy. Ascendant Spirits. Baker's Bourbon. Bardstown Bourbon Company. Barrell Craft Spirits. Basil Hayden's. Belle Meade Bourbon. Bird Dog Whiskey. Blade and Bow. Blanton's Bourbon. Blood Oath. Breckenridge Distillery. Brown Jug Spirits. Buffalo Trace. Clyde May's. Colonel E.

How to Find Rare Bourbon

Mike Waldron. Category: Vices. Exclusivity is knowledge, knowledge is passion, passion is dedication. While this may seem purposefully abstract on its own, this mantra — more or less — pertains to the ability to get your hands on highly sought-after and rare products in this world. Whether it be automobiles, rare vintage watches, or — in this case — bourbon, accessing rare iterations or varieties within these categories requires the same level of passion towards the subject at hand. For there are plenty of other equally enjoyable — if not better — rare bourbons out there for the taking. As a yearly tradition, famed distillery Buffalo Trace releases limited edition variants for our enjoyment. Here, we have a miniature collection of five different whiskeys from Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley and his team at Buffalo Trace. They include a limited edition George T. And while two of there offerings are indeed rye whiskeys, we stand behind the rare and desirable nature in which these whiskeys exist. Instead, this single barrel straight bourbon whiskey comes from one barrel — making it the source of some of the oldest bourbon barrels in the state of Kentucky. On the nose are aromas of aged oak, mint, and chocolate; the pale is rich — complete with notes of honey, toasted wood, and char; the finish also lingers with vanilla and pepper for an enjoyable experience unlike any other. Enjoy it neat in a classic rocks glass on a cool fall night. Every now and again the Master Distiller over at Four Roses hand selects a few premier barrels from their 10 bourbon recipes for special releases such as this batch for Now, it remains one of the premier rare whiskeys out there with fewer than 8, bottles released each year. Finished in port barrels, this Each year Old Forester releases a special batch of birthday bourbon for our enjoyment. This year, the batch was drawn from year-old barrels that when combined, yielded a seriously spice forward expression to be savored. The nose here is rich and complex with notes of cinnamon, nutty chocolate, caramel, and citrus fruit; a palate complete with spicy sweetness and citrus peel; and a finish boasting a long and mulled character that lingers quite nicely. Named after Parker Beam, their Master Distiller Emeritus, this special 10th edition — released in — is a year bottled-in-bond bourbon. Here, the 10th Edition boasts two separate versions of the Bottled-In-Bond product and is supposedly the oldest one in the world. Needless to say, the demand here is hight for a bottle. And with a limited number out there, you may have to resort to your local watering hole to snag a taste for yourself.

Collectible Bourbon

For a category that seemed to be on its last legs 20 years ago, the resurrection of Bourbon has been nothing short of staggering. New brands appearing, old brands revived, classics reaching crazy prices — there's always something going on with Bourbon and the thirst for it looks unquenchable, especially in its home market. Bourbon's resurgence in popularity has been marked, mirroring a continuing upward trend in interest in whiskey generally; but in this particular case, a lot of it is down to a single distillery. This year's list looks a lot different to the last one we ranback in This year, it has been overhauled and quite handsomely by Blanton's Original, which has moved up from fourth place in This won't come as too much of a blow to its parent distillery, since they are both produced at the legendary Buffalo Trace production facility in Frankfort. Buffalo Trace's impact on the Bourbon scene can't be underestimated. Inthe distillery accounted for 80 percent of the top 10 list. This year, that figure is 90 percent. That is some statistic; it remains impressive even as you zoom out from the top 10 — 15 of the top 20 come from Buffalo Trace; 18 of the top The names of the brands are household names for Bourbon fans: Eagle Rare, Blanton's, Weller's, Pappy Van Winkle — the level of saturation is impressive. It must be pleasing for Buffalo Trace to know that the whiskeys that are being hunted down by Bourbon lovers are mostly produced in their facility, whether as own-brands or as joint ventures, as is the case with the famed Old Rip Van Winkle range. Oddly enough, when it comes to the Bourbons with the highest scores and highest prices the honors are shared much more evenly. But when it comes to the ones that you want, there's not a trace of a doubt which distillery to head for. And the whiskey itself? An absolute joy to drink. Its aggregated critic score of 89 is hamstrung by a lack of actual scores, but the user ratings tell the story — an average five-star rating. It's not cheap — or at least it's not cheap anymore. However, that doesn't reflect the fact that this elegant, proof Bourbon took out Best in Show Whisky at the San Francisco Spirits Competition this year. Wine Enthusiast once scored this 98 points, which gives some idea of its quality; what's encouraging is its increased availability. This is available in both and proof versions, so be careful which one you pick up. It will bring a glad tear to your eye either way. Can be hard to find in the US, but it's a favorite overseas and in duty-free markets. This single-barrel bottling is a little different, having a lower-than-usual proof for a single — it's a warming but not obtrusive 90 proof. Sign In. The World's Most Wanted Bourbons. A new generation of drinkers is breathing new life into America's native spirit — but who is winning? Related stories: Whiskey Searches Catch Up To Wine The World's Most Wanted Whiskeys Hunting Down the Next Unicorn Bourbon's resurgence in popularity has been marked, mirroring a continuing upward trend in interest in whiskey generally; but in this particular case, a lot of it is down to a single distillery. To join the conversation, comment on our social media channels. Recent Stories View All. Wine Communication Goes Online Mar Natural Wine Joins the Mainstream Mar Chilean Wine's Lockdown Harvest Mar What a Feeling: Texture in Wine Mar Wine Becomes an Essential Service Mar Italy's Vineyards in Lockdown Limbo Mar Never Miss Out. Rybinsk, Russia - Change.

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We take bourbon way too seriously these days. We argue incessantly about it on Twitter and Reddit. We tell people they are wrong for liking certain brands or drinking it a particular way. We spend exorbitant amounts on rare releasesthen make fun of people for doing the very same. And we come to bars and liquor stores armed with a ridiculous amount of knowledge about the truth behind the stories distilleries weave. Some of this is actually helpful in understanding what's out there, while a lot winds up being useless bourbon bloviating. Bourbon, and all whiskey really, is subject to passionate obsession, and how you feel about it is entirely subjective. But there are a few objective bourbon truths: It must be made from a mash bill containing at least 51 percent corn, aged in new charred oak containers not necessarily barrels, even though virtually all bourbon is aged in themand distilled in the U. Other than that, there is no wrong or right, despite what blowhards online and at bars might tell you. Yeah, hard to imagine now. The proof Knob Creek lost its 9-year-old age statement a few years ago, but Beam is bringing it back. Shop Knob Creek drizly. Wild Turkey generally bottles liquid aged for at least six years, and the barrels are given the more intense No. Shop Wild Turkey drizly. Elijah Craig used to carry a year-old age statement, but the brand dropped it a few years ago and whiskey fans lost their collective shit. Case in point: The no-age-statement Elijah Craig is still very good, and I challenge anyone to distinguish between the two in a blind taste test. But there are limited releases of the and year-old expressions floating around out there, and the Barrel Proof is definitely worth a try for a blast of high-proof Heaven Hill whiskey that retains the year-old age statement. Shop Elijah Craig reservebar. The Single Barrel is an excellent whiskey too, but for something tasty and more moderately priced, check out Four Roses Small Batch. The distillery used two mash bills and five yeast strains to create 10 different recipes to work with, and four of these recipes were used to make Small Batch. Shop Four Roses drizly. Shop Michter's drizly. Old Forester is a storied bourbon brand known for making inexpensive whiskey that has seen a big resurgence over the past few years. But the core lineup has long been full of solid options. Shop Old Forester reservebar. Shop Maker's Mark drizly. There is so much great bourbon coming out of the Buffalo Trace Distillery. All of the liquid that will become future Pappy Van Winkle and ultimately get sold for thousands on the secondary market is distilled there. Likewise for the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, a series of remarkable bourbon and rye whiskeys that is also impossibly hard to find. But the best bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace is the E. Taylor, Jr. All of the whiskey in the E. Taylor lineup is bottled-in-bond with the exception of the Barrel Proof, which has a higher ABVincluding experimental limited releases like Amaranth and Cured Oak. Shop E. Taylor drizly.


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