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Just as we did inwe will accumulate a list of the publically known ransomware attacks that occur throughout this year. We will do our best to keep this updated, but many hands make light work. Had to wipe all drives, reinstall OS and restore from our backups. The ransom ware came in via RDP port,which are now blocked. Oct our two servers and two clients were infected with ransomware ODIN. This ransomware was brought in via an attachment that was opened on one client. It spread fast before we could shut down all systems or pull LAN cables. We restored via our back up drives. Took one month to clean up and restore. My advice is to not click on anything you do not know. If something comes to your computer that you cannot shut down, then immediately shut down your computer, pull the plug or do whatever it takes to shut it down. If it is a Laptop or similar device pull the battery also This has been my best defense since I learned the hard way and destroyed my computer. On the morning of August 16,more than 20 entities in Texas reported a ransomware attack. The majority of these entities were smaller local governments… At this time, the evidence gathered indicates the attacks came from one single threat actor… Twenty-three entities have been confirmed as impacted. I was hit with gandcrab 5. Fortunately I found nomoreransom. So I waited until they came up with a cure. Free, by the way Unfortunately I still have no idea what I did to get it on my computer. I had pcmatic with supershield installed but I did something that let it get on my pc. I know for certain that several manufactures in northern Indiana have been hit. Neither paid. Howard County IN incident was not a ransomware attack but allegedly a banking trojan. Ransomware attack was in We were attacked by the ransomware called RYUK. We were down for 4 days now still limping along while waiting to replace Server. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle navigation. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Ransomware Infects a Business Every 10 Seconds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


At the end of each year for the last two years, I have written articles predicting trends in ransomware for the next coming year. Each article was a mix of accurate and inaccurate predictions — fortunately, more accurate than inaccurate. The biggest ransomware story ofarguably, happened in the city of Atlanta. The SamSam team hit the city hard, disrupting vital services for days and leaving some data completely unrecoverable. There were dozens of stories about cities, utilities, ports, and more that were infected with ransomware in Since ransomware attacks continue to challenge all types of organizations and not just healthcare and governmenthere are the anticipated trends in ransomware for In January ofRecorded Future was tracking ransomware campaigns. In February ofthat number was 1, and at the end of Januarywe were tracking 1, campaigns. While the number of ransomware variants continues to expand rapidly, the truth is that most of these campaigns are ineffective and die out quickly. An example of this phenomenon is the Cryptgh0st ransomware shown below. It was first discovered in May and by the end of August, virtually all mentions of the ransomware disappeared. Most successful campaigns in involved ransomware that relies on open Remote Desktop Protocol RDP servers as the initial access point. Ransomware families such as SamSam, BitPaymer, and CrySiS thrived, whereas other campaigns failed because they did not rely on web exploitation or phishing to gain access to victim networks. These campaigns look for networks that have internet-facing servers running the RDP service. Once the attackers have successfully gained access to the exposed system, they use it as a jumping off point into the core of the network, installing their ransomware onto target machines and often disabling backups and other protections. JBoss, FTP, and other services have all been targets of these groups, but open RDP servers are the preferred target because there are a lot of them, they are easy to find, and they are easy to exploit. Publicly accessible RDP servers are widely available for a couple of reasons. The second reason is that often organizations are not aware that the RDP service is running on internet-facing servers. This could be a configuration error, a failed security check, or it could be started by another service after the server is deployed. It is worth noting that with the recent takedown of the xDedic marketplace, the pool of readily available, low-priced RDP servers may be in short supply, at least until a new dominant marketplace emerges. Almost every headline-grabbing ransomware story in involved criminals who accessed the victim networks through a poorly secured RDP server, as shown in the timeline below. Note how the trend line stayed consistent throughout the year. Expect that to continue intoat least until organizations figure out how to secure or remove their RDP servers.

10 Ransomware Attacks You Should Know About in 2019

If you would like this page to stay current, I would need to work on it full time — so please contribute to my retirement account. First, a disclaimer. I am not in any way linked to the publications or software listed herein. That being said I also am going to attempt to keep this as up-to-date as possible. But, given the nature of the ransomware epidemic, it is unlikely that I will be able to keep this page as up to date as I would like, it is not my full time job. I cannot vouch for the veracity of this site. For in depth help I recommend Experts-Exchange. My suggestion, if you are in the process of dealing with a ransomware infection is to first Identify which variant you are dealing with — if you need help you should check here first and then return to this page. If you are have identified the variant and are looking for a decryptor, many variants have decryptors and a list can be found at the Nomoreransom project page and on my own list of decryptors from various sites found here. The following are the ransomware variants of which I am aware. Therefore, you may click on a link, say aaa — extension, and it will take you to a page with links about Alphacrypt. Many variants are named for the extension they append to files. If you come across a ransomware variant not listed here, please contact me with a link to an explanation of the Ransomware in question. J Jack. MoWare H. Q Quakeway Qweuirtksd. W Wallet Wana DecryptOr 2. Y Yakes Yyto.

The Week in Ransomware - September 6th 2019 - Three Week Roundup

Ransomware encrypted file type extensions file extension database entries. File extensions used by various ransomware that rename the original suffix after the files are encrypted. List of common ransomware encrypted files. Ransomware as a concept is nothing new, and first one dates back to and was known as "AIDS". However, in recent years, this type of cyber attack increased in its intensity and nowadays cryptovirology researchers find new types or versions of ransomware every week. The concept of ransomware basically is to covertly install malware that encrypts the victim's files and then requests a ransom payment in return for the decryption key that is needed to recover the encrypted files. However, this quickly changes and malware designers well thieves really come with more sophisticated ways of ransomware distribution and infection mechanisms. Bitcoins seem to be preferred ransom choice nowadays, because it is impossible to track the recipients. One important thing to say is that there is no guarantee that you will get your files back, even if you pay the ransom and indeed many ransomware are just pure and evil scams. Typical ransomware encrypts user's files and changes the file suffix to something else, probably so the victim can quickly see which types of files were affected. However, this trend quickly changes and "modern" ransomware often use randomized file extension or even remove the extension completely so it is harder for the user to recognize the type of infection. The top commonly encountered ransomware families include Teslacrypt. Legal notice: You may not, under any circumstances, resell or reproduce any information for commercial use without the express prior written consent of File-Extensions. Enter any file extension without dot e. Ransomware encrypted file extensions. Browse file extensions by file type category: Ransomware encrypted file type extensions file extension database entries File extensions used by various ransomware that rename the original suffix after the files are encrypted List of common ransomware encrypted files. Ransomware encrypted file extension list File extensions used by various ransomware that rename the original suffix after the files are encrypted. Browse by extension type:. Follow us! Sort by: Extension. Sort by: File type description.

Ransomware with .Oypl7T1i9 extensions file

This week's article includes the stories from the last three weeks as I was unable to do the two previous ones. These targets tend to pay large ransoms through insurance and thus are prime targets for the ransomware affiliates and developers. In addition we have also seen a lot of new STOP and Dharma variants released over the past two weeks. Unfortunately, STOP changed the encryption method, so Michael Gillespie's decryptor will no longer function after its last update. Texas is currently fighting an unprecedented wave of ransomware attacks that has targeted local government entities in the state, with at least 23 impacted by the attacks. Joe describes a primitive but effective phishing scheme being tracked by Bleeping Computer. Dave shares news from a Black Hat presentation on phishing stats from Google. The catch of the day is a friendly invitation from Hawaii. A new ransomware has been spotted over the weekend, carrying references to the Russian president and antivirus software. Ransomware is proliferating across America, disabling computer systems of corporations, city governments, schools and police departments. This month, attackers seeking millions of dollars encrypted the files of 22 Texas municipalities. Overlooked in the ransomware spree is the role of an industry that is both fueling and benefiting from it: insurance. Retadup is a malicious worm affecting Windows machines throughout Latin America. However, in some cases, we have also observed Retadup distributing the Stop ransomware and the Arkei password stealer. A ransomware attack hit a remote data backup service and encrypted files from dental practices in the U. Hundreds of customers relying on the backup solution had their data locked by the Sodinokibi file-encrypting malware. Michael Gillespie has announced that his STOP Djvu Ransomware decryptor will no longer be updated as the ransomware developers changed the decryption method. This prevents the decryptor from working. This last version adds the offline keys for the. HorseLiker extension to encrypted files. This fake post contains an "answer" from the site's "admin" that contains a link to the ransomware installer. MGS extension.

NEW FTCODE Ransomware extension .FTCODE!Demonstration of attack video review.

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