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One change we noticed was that the College Board appears to have used at least 4 versions of the PSAT on each test date. From our records, this looks like a first for the College Board. The SAT has faced security issues and question leaks, some of which come from students in different time zones reporting test questions online. Using multiple versions on the same day is a great way to minimize cheating. Way to go, College Board! It all depends on when you took the PSAT last year. Every year the PSAT is given on two dates. The test on October 10 last year was a pretty standard curve. For example, in Math missing just two questions dropped a student down to a on that test! This year the two dates had very similar curves. For example, take a student who missed two questions in each section Reading, Writing, and Math. You can see that this year's curve was harsher compared to last year's October 10 exam, but more forgiving for those who took last year's October 24 test. Despite the recent year-to-year fluctuation, scales for both sections have gotten harsher since the PSAT changed in For example, take a student who missed 10 questions in each section. Verbal scores, on the other hand, have seen a dramatic decline in the last couple of years. There's not much individual students can do other than to remain vigilant, prepare for the test, and learn strategies to limit careless mistakes on test day. It is not readily apparent why the curve has become so harsh—College Board has released no official statement. While the curves on recent PSATs have certainly been severe, remember that you are not alone. This trend is affecting students around the world, and universities are aware of this fact. PSAT scores are in. What have we learned? More test versions One change we noticed was that the College Board appears to have used at least 4 versions of the PSAT on each test date. Harsher curves over time Despite the recent year-to-year fluctuation, scales for both sections have gotten harsher since the PSAT changed in What should you do about harsher curves? About Megan Stubbendeck Dr. Megan Stubbendeck is an eight-year veteran of the test prep industry with ten years of teaching experience. You also might like:.

Getting PSAT/NMSQT Scores

Find out your chances, get recommendations for improvements to your profile, and see how your profile ranks among other students applying to the same schools. Our free chancing engine takes into consideration your SAT score, in addition to other profile factors, such as GPA and extracurriculars. Create a free account to discover your chances at hundreds of different schools. Calculate your admissions chances right now and understand your odds before applying. While 10th graders sometimes register for the test as advanced prep or practice for the SAT, this is being phased out due to the introduction of the PSAT 10, a test designed specifically for 10th graders. Each school has a limited amount of freedom in selecting when exactly the PSAT is administered, with a choice between three options set by the CollegeBoard. Because high schools administer the test individually, rather than designated test centers as is the case for the SAT, there is some wiggle room for selecting the administration date. Most high schools will choose the primary date, as is recommended by the CollegeBoard. Some will administer the test on the alternate date, usually if there is a conflict with the primary date. Finally, some schools will opt to administer the test on a Saturday rather than during the school week. If you miss the test at your school, you can still qualify for consideration for a National Merit Scholarship by contacting the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and requesting an alternate test. As part of our free guidance platform, our Admissions Assessment tells you what schools you need to improve your SAT score for and by how much. Sign up to get started today. Because the PSAT is administered by high schools and not testing centers, registration is slightly different than it is for the regular SAT. In fact, registration is often handled entirely by your high school. At some high schools, all 11th graders are automatically registered for the PSAT. Schools can receive a discount on testing materials by ordering them early, so you will want to discuss the PSAT with your counselor early also. Start with a conversation in May or early June of your 10th grade year. Be sure that your counselor knows you want to take the test, and ask what the process is for registering at your school. You may then contact nearby schools directly to arrange to test with them. Keep in mind that registration for the PSAT varies from school to school. You will need to register for the test, but the process is done directly with a high school rather than through the CollegeBoard. If the cost represents a financial hardship for you, you can apply for a fee waiver. The PSAT takes place very early in the big picture of standardized testing for college admissions. The app provides hints and answer explanations to make sure you get the most from it. Students who read often and read varied texts increase their vocabulary and gain more exposure to different genres of writing. This can only help when it comes time for standardized tests. Preparing for the SAT? Want to know how your SAT score impacts your chances of acceptance to your dream schools? Our free Chancing Engine will not only help you predict your odds, but also let you know how you stack up against other applicants, and which aspects of your profile to improve. Sign up for your free CollegeVine account today to gain access to our Chancing Engine and get a jumpstart on your college strategy! Want more relevant content? Let us know what year you will graduate high school. Great, here are some articles you should read in 9th grade. Click here for your recommended content. Great, here are some articles you should read in 10th grade. As a junior, you should understand your admissions chances. See how your profile ranks. Great, here are some articles you should read in 12th grade.

When is the PSAT? 2019 Dates and Deadlines

Taking the PSAT? In this guide, we start by going over how PSAT scoring works and the most important information you'll see on your PSAT score report, from scores and subscores to percentiles. Then, we dive into our three definitions of what good PSAT scores are. Scores will become available to students beginning in mid-December When you'll be able to see your scores online will depend on the state from which you're trying to access your scores. The test is scored on a scale of in point increments. This means that is the max score you can get this max differs from the SAT, for which the highest possible score is Half of your total score is from the Math section, and the other half is from EBRW which itself is a combination of the Reading and Writing and Language sections. Each section is scored on a scale of in point increments. Your scores on these sections are then added together to give you a total scaled score out of see above. Each section test score, as it's called, uses a scale of in 1-point increments. This score is equal to the number of questions you answered correctly. As a result, the ranges for these scores will vary depending on the section. The max scores you can get are 48 for Math, 47 for Reading, and 44 for Writing again, these are the same as the total number of questions for each section. What raw scores look like on the inside. Subscores are given out by the College Board to provide you with more insight into how you did with specific skills and question types on the three PSAT sections. Some subscores might appear across multiple sections. Each subscore uses a scale of in 1-point increments. These scores apply to the Math, Reading, and Writing sections and indicate how well you performed on particular history- and science-based questions. The Selection Index has a range of and is equal to the sum of all three section test scores not scaled scores! PSAT percentiles show you how you did on the test compared to other test takers. The percentage listed on your score report tells you what percentage of test takers you scored better than on the exam. The higher your percentile, the better you performed relative to other test takers. In case it wasn't clear, this next section is important. By far the most important data on your PSAT score report is your scaled total score and scaled section scores. Each state has its own Selection Index score cutoff to determine which test takers qualify as Commended Students and which qualify as Semifinalists. Cutoffs vary slightly each testing year. Your raw scores, for example, tell you how many and which PSAT questions you missed, allowing you to determine whether there might be a pattern to the types of questions you got wrong. Perhaps you missed most of the Passport to Advanced Math questions on Math or struggled with several Command of Evidence questions on Reading.

SAT Results

More students in the high school graduating class of took the SAT than ever before, surpassing the record number of SAT takers in the class of This class was the first group of students to have access to the full SAT Suite of Assessments, which was introduced when they were in ninth grade. The data also show that more students from diverse backgrounds are taking the SAT and getting on the road to college. It delivers the SAT to a more diverse group of students—and it continues to grow, accounting for a greater percentage of the graduating class in than ever before. Together, these facts add up to increased college options for more students. By eliminating barriers and simplifying the test-day experience, SAT School Day makes the SAT possible for students who would not or could not have tested on a weekend. Compared to students who take the SAT only on a weekend, students who take the SAT on a school day are more likely to:. These groups are underrepresented on college campuses and include students who might never have taken the SAT before. This means that more students, regardless of background, are considering college as part of their future. Because the SAT is measuring the college readiness of students whose readiness would have previously gone unmeasured, it's understandable that overall performance decreased slightly. The SAT now provides a more comprehensive picture of the graduating class. We'll continue to work with our partners in the years ahead to improve both access and performance. As more schools, districts, and states adopt the full SAT Suite, more underrepresented students are getting early feedback and support as they take challenging courses and build the skills they'll need for college. All students, regardless of background, can take steps to strengthen their skills, improve their test scores, and increase their likelihood of earning a degree. There's evidence that retaking the SAT may be an effective strategy. Students who retake the SAT usually get a higher score the second time. These are the findings in "Take Two! Lower-income students see larger score increases than their higher-income peers when they retake the SAT, and their likelihood of enrolling in a four-year college goes up by 30 percentage points, according to the NBER research. Over two-thirds of all test takers first take the SAT in 11th grade, according to the NBER study, but low-income students are more likely to first take it as seniors. This means they have fewer retake opportunities before college application deadlines. When students take the SAT before their senior year, they have several months to practice, improve their skills, and retake the test in the fall of 12th grade. But the College Board estimates that about a third of low-income students who participate in SAT School Day miss out on fee waiver benefits. See more benefits for fee waiver—eligible students. Official SAT Practice is a free online study tool that offers students personalized practice plans on Khan Academy to help them build the skills they need for college. In a survey of over 65, SAT test takers, nearly four times as many students said they practiced with Official SAT Practice instead of paying for commercial test prep. School districts across the country are finding innovative ways to encourage their students to strengthen their skills through Official SAT Practice. Chicago Public Schools CPS provides its teachers with clear goals, robust training, and a playbook of practice ideas to help them support their students. CPS also provides incentives for students who practice and improve. Each multiweek session is open to all students and focuses on helping them use Official SAT Practice to practice their skills. The district also offers teachers SAT training over the summer so they're ready to assist their students as soon as the school year begins. To date, 1, students have earned one or more of these scholarships. Learn more about the College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Section scores range from —, so total scores range from — The college and career readiness benchmarks are for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and for Math. The benchmarks were established in a research study that examined the relationship between scores on the SAT and grades in related courses at two- and four-year colleges. SAT Suite Results: SAT Results Class of Key Numbers. Over 2. The mean total SAT score for the class of wasdown from for the class of

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Check out our directory of virtual campus tours we know about right now. Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. Bahubalo 53 replies 10 threads Junior Member. How is prep for everyone going? The state I live in the national merit cutoff for the class of wasand on my most recent PSAT I scored a I got a 35 on writing and I definitely think I can improve that to a 38! What scores do you all need? Make sure to sure what you get when results come out in December! And report back next year too for your official standing! October edited October Post edited by skieurope on October Luska19 replies 27 threads Junior Member. October Prepped this weekend a little Cutoff last year was but that could go up a point or 2. I think if you raise your EBRW just slightly you'll be in good shape as you said. Good luck to all this week! Luska19 Dang man a selection index of ! You've got nothing to worry about, you're well above the cut off for even the most competitive states nevertheless a The real test could be much different. Try to relax and don't 2nd guess yourself too much. For me personally it helps to cover the answers and answer it without seeing the options first. Best of luck! I am actually taking it on the Saturday October 14th date sucks that I won't understand any of the memes from the primary date. Need a SI for my state and I have been getting right around a on most practice tests so it's gonna be close. Alright guys good luck! BingeWatcher replies 7 threads Member. Wishing you guys going to National Merit high SI scores! May the Test Gods smile on you! BingeWatcher I'll need it lol How do you think it went guys?

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