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If you are the owner of a Porsche that was purchased with a navigation system pre-installed in the dash, it is important to understand the process for updating the system when new maps or information become available. A navigation system uses the vehicle's location on a map via it's longitude and latitude to guide the driver and navigate to some given point of interest. Navigation systems also make it simple to find different types of locations that are nearby including gas stations, restaurants and more. When your maps are out of date, it can result in wrong directions or "destination not found" errors from the system. Locate the Owner's Manual that came with the vehicle and search for the part number that is associated with the GPS system that is installed in the vehicle. Part numbers are usually located in the back of the manual. Navigate to the Porsche website using a web browser and sign into your account by entering your user name and password into the corresponding text boxes at the top of the screen. Select "Navigation Update" from the list of available options on the next page. Enter the part number into the corresponding text box on-screen. Continue by entering in your address and contact information so that Porsche can send the update disc to the proper location. Press "Send" to complete the ordering process. Allow the GPS navigation update disc to arrive in the mail. Once it arrives, start the vehicle and insert the disc into the CD drive above the touch screen. The updates will automatically begin to download. Step 1 Locate the Owner's Manual that came with the vehicle and search for the part number that is associated with the GPS system that is installed in the vehicle. Step 2 Navigate to the Porsche website using a web browser and sign into your account by entering your user name and password into the corresponding text boxes at the top of the screen. Step 3 Enter the part number into the corresponding text box on-screen.

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Porsche PSM light may come on due to something as simple as low tire pressure, but it can also be on due to a bad ABS wheel speed sensor, come on after you replace the battery. Also, it is not uncommon for Porsche PSM failure warning message to pop up during extremely cold weather or heavy rain conditions. You may notice that the PSM light flashes if you start to push the vehicle too hard. In Sport mode, the PSM system will intervene less. Read More. Search Content Search Content. The PSM system on a Porsche assists the driver in keeping the vehicle in the intended track. Porsche PSM system takes input from various sensors such as: ABS wheel speed sensors, engine RPM, gas pedal position, steering wheel position, lateral acceleration, current gear, yaw sensor. PSM uses input from these sensors to determine oversteering, understeering and loss of traction. Sport mode disabled ABS failure - See this article. PSM failure consult a garage. Driving permitted warning message. It may need adjustment or replacement even if the brake lights work. Locate the diagnostic port under the dashboard on the driver's side and plug in your scanner. Turn on the ignition but do not start the engine. Write down all the codes.

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List display threaded List display flat. Post display threaded Post display flat. Show sticky Hide sticky. Powered by Community and. Previous thread Next thread Display threaded. Anyone know how to reset the PCM unit? Was reading about it on another board, about turning the key to the on position and holding the keylock button for 10 seconds. Next Threads. Re: Anyone know how to reset the PCM unit? There is some button combination you can push to find out what software version the PCM is using. I missed the post about a reset for the PCM. There have been many posts related to resetting the cars control electronics through some button or key combination or sequence. These procedures are supposedly related to DME or transmission control unit functions though and not the audio or navigation functions. This sounds more like what you may have read. Some of these procedures are fairly elaborate. I have not heard of the 10 second door lock button combination but there are so many varieties it's hard to keep up. Most of these procedures contain elements of the actual throttle valve control unit E-Gas adapation, which should be performed any time the battery is disconnected or the DME or throttle valve are disconnected or replaced. The PAG publication, Service Information Technikhas these instructions for the procedure: Quote: To perform adaptation, switch on the ignition for 1 minute do not start the engine and do not operate the accelerator pedalthen switch off the ignition for at least 10 minutes. The throttle valve stop close is readapted. This procedure, and it's many variations, are popular on internet forums because it is one of the few things the owner can do themselves to try and effect a cure for poor throttle response. I have tried this procedure and many of the variations you may read elsewhere but I have not found any of them to be effective. Thank you. Top Threads. Close Minimize Edit Filter. Date Filter. You have 0 unread private messages. The moment I've been waiting for Welcome to Rennteam: Cars and Coffee

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