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We care about your Porsche as much as you do. So we're committed to helping you take care of it. From a comprehensive warranty to a roadside assistance service, and in many other ways besides, we ensure your driving pleasure and peace of mind. We're with you to make your Porsche ownership a pleasure, and a journey you'll enjoy from beginning to end. Every Porsche comes with a warranty. The following page contains an overview of all the applicable warranty periods for Porsche vehicles. Your Porsche is engineered for exceptional reliability. But if the worst should happen and you need help at the roadside, you can rely on Porsche for that too. Wherever you are, day or night, in the unlikely event of a breakdown you can contact a dedicated Porsche customer service team to take care of you and your Porsche. Whenever you're traveling in your PorschePorsche Assistance is always right by your side. Occasionally it's necessary to issue a recall for a Porsche model. When we do, we want to help you get the problem resolved quickly and easily. Simply enter the character VIN the Vehicle Identification Number from the top of the dash on the driver's side — exactly as it appears below — and the search tool will return information on any applicable recalls from calendar year until today. Know more about your Classic and current production vehicle We are proud to announce the new Classic Technical Certificate CTC is now available exclusively for Porsche Classic vehicles. Classic Technical Certificate CTC This comprehensive certificate documents important production information and the technical specifications of your Porsche Classic vehicle. Your CTC includes original vehicle data at the time it was delivered, such as date of production, the exterior and interior color and material, and optional equipment. The CTC documents the actual engine and transmission numbers and types that are currently in the vehicle plus a verification of a match to original records. The evaluation includes inspection results for the exterior, interior, drive system, underbody, suspension and the engine compartment. In addition to the technical inspection, the certificate contains photos of the exterior, interior, and drivetrain serial numbers of your Classic vehicle. Learn more about the CTC contents and see an example of a certificate here. The document does not document engine or transmission serial numbers, production number, selling dealer, previous owners, warranty history, standard equipment, technical information or factory installed options after production. Click here to download the PPS request form. Find out all you need to know about your Porschefrom convenient online Porsche Manuals. Their clear and easily accessible information provides quick answers to your vehicle-related questions. Simply install, choose your model, download the content package, and get all the information you need to know. How do you adjust the side mirrors?

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Has your vehicle been recalled? Search our complete Porsche recall list for the latest updates and safety reports on your vehicle. Visit SaferCar. Your complaint information will be entered in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle owner complaint database and used with other complaints to determine if there is a safety-related defect trend. Over 34 million vehicles in the United States and many million more worldwide are involved in Takata airbag recalls, which have occurred as far back as Find out if your vehicle is on the list. Porsche Cars North America is recalling 1, ? Read More. Porsche is recalling 81 Boxster, Boxster S, Cayman, Cayman S and Carrera cars to fix a problem that may cause the passenger front seat and knee airbags to be deactivated. Porsche is recalling 2, '13 Porsche Carrera and Carrera 4 cars equipped with a standard exhaust system because the tailpipe may detach. Porsche is recalling Porsche GT3s because the rear wheel hubs may be prone to failure under certain driving conditions. Help us keep it that way by turning off your ad blocker for our site. We can understand why it may frustrate you to receive this message. Please hear us out on this one. New Car Pricing. Used Cars for Sale. Car Reviews. My Account Saved Inventory. Saved Searches. My Trade-in Values. Favorite Models. Porsche Recalls Has your vehicle been recalled? Takata Airbag Recall. Recall summaries for new and used Porsche vehicles. Porsche Porsche Cars North America is recalling 1, ? Read More Porsche is recalling 81 Boxster, Boxster S, Cayman, Cayman S and Carrera cars to fix a problem that may cause the passenger front seat and knee airbags to be deactivated.

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Quoted from the famous Porsche enthusiast forum, Rennlist: "Porsche has announced that it will reimburse or repair any and all IMS issues that have occurred with their, and models due to an improper engine design culminating in perhaps the largest recall in automotive history. Porsche decided that this would be the only way to avoid a massive class action suit, and will honor any IMS claims that have caused catastrophic engine failures. Repairs by Independent shops and Porsche factory trained franchises will need verification and actual receipts in order to to qualify for a full refund from the factory. Regardless of whether you are the original owner or a successive owner, this action will be across the board regarding coverage. Please contact your nearest dealer for additional information and schedule an appointment for your IMS reimbursement. Source: Rennlist. Anyhow, if they really were to recall that much cars, then it would be a breather for Toyota then, the record for most recalls will be with Porsche. But, does Porsche produce and sell as much as Toyota? Probably not, so if ever Porsche did have problems, Toyota will still have the belt for the worst recalls. Many might believe in it. I mean they said that they :" will reimburse or repair any and all IMS issues that have occurred with their, and models " because they want: "to avoid a massive class action suit". Cars News Porsche Porsche Industry news. Philippe Daix. Obsessive and Compulsive Automotive Expert - phil topspeed. Always on the lookout for the latest automotive news, Philippe Daix is our most senior editor and founder of TopSpeed. He likes to see himself as a consumer advocate with a mission to educate motorheads of all ages. Read More. What do you think? Car Finder:. Porsche Competing Vehicles.

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This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, Performance Projects for Your Porsche Boxster. The book contains pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to changing your brake pads. The book is currently available and in stock now. See The Official Book Website for more details. Using the expertise gained from years of designing and building engines, Porsche developed what is known as the M96 engine for the introduction of the Boxster in The horizontally opposed engine was developed with a throwback to the traditionally air cooled motors, having kept the opposing cylinder or boxer layout. The engine was designed from the outset with the goal of providing a common platform for both the Boxster and the upcoming Porsche Carrera. The motor was indeed scalable, encompassing a displacement that ranged from 2. The M96 and subsequent similar M97 water-cooled engine is definitely a strong performing engine, however along the stages of its development it has suffered from some design deficiencies that have been identified and corrected by Porsche over the 11 year lifespan of the engine. It's not uncommon to find a car listed for sale with "new factory engine recently installed" in the advertisement. No one but Porsche knows exactly how many engines were replaced under its recently discontinued engine exchange program. However, simply swapping out a broken engine for another one does not address known weaknesses in the engine due to design deficiencies. While some of the RMS problems were probably actually intermediate shaft cover leaks see next sectionthere were definitely some problems with the seals on the early cars. For the most part this was a "cosmetic" issue, as the leaks did not tend to affect performance, unless they became so severe that they began to affect the proper operation of the clutch. One cause may possibly be the fact that the crankshaft has insufficient support on the rear end. It also may be caused by the fact that the crankshaft carrier support is only pinned minimally in one plane to the outer case. This can lead to shuffling of the carrier: shuffle pinning the crankshaft carrier as is commonly done when prepping an early engine for the track can help the problem. The seal has been updated to a "Cayenne-style" part number since the engine was originally introduced, and for the most part the engines no longer leak from this area when this new and improved seal is installed. If you find that your engine is leaking from the rear main seal also known as the flywheel sealthen simply install a new one while adding a little bit of Curil-T sealant to help keep it dry see Photo 10 of Pelican Technical Article: Clutch Replacement. The intermediate shaft bearing IMS bearingsupports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel end of the motor. Porsche designed these motors using a sealed ball bearing that is pressed into the intermediate shaft. These types of bearings are typically used in devices like copy machines and other machinery used in dry conditions. In theory, the area where Porsche designed the bearing to sit is supposed to be dry. However, after years of use within the engine, it would appear that oil and contaminants from the engine seep past the bearing seal, wash out the original lubricant and become trapped inside. The result is that the bearing now operates in a less-than-ideal environment and begins to wear prematurely. When the bearing wears out, the timing chains on the engine may disengage, and the engine will quickly self-destruct.

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