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2014 Peterbilt Cab and Chassis 3 Axle 579

Discussion in ' Peterbilt Forum ' started by cbrAug 28, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Peterbilt frame stretch, shops. Aug 28, 1. Would like to get my frame lengthened this coming winter, anyone know any good shops to do this in the southeast? Any advice? What should i expect to pay? Thanks, Brent. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 28, 2. Well I cant tell you where to get it done in that neck of the woods. BUT I DO know that if you stretch it, make sure that they double frame it in the section where your back motor mounts are. When you stretch a truck that's where the frame will crack and break if it isn't reinforced. Right behind your motor mounts. A good shop will know this however. Aug 28, 3. Heard the chrome shop maifa guys the other night. Said there were a lot of different way like cutting behind cab or adding to rear and moving axles back. Sounded like main thing was to over lap at least ft on both sides of welds and get someone good to do the drive shafts. Big DukerAug 28, Aug 29, 4. I wouldnt waste my time strecthing like that replace frame rails cost alittle more 11 grand to do ol blu from " to " no worries and it all looks factory no half assed weld to worry about. Aug 30, 5. I have investigated this before, consences is that if you do an extension slice this needs to be at a 45 deg angle to max the joint strength and splice needs to be in the tandem area as this is the least stressed area, splice needs to be plate reinforced ft this could be intergarted with 5th wheel mounts for clean looks. Aug 30, 6. Olblu Nice looking Pete, what do you mean replace the rails, do you mean you completely removed old frame rails from front to rear removed eng, all axles, fuel tanks, ect and installed two frames and then reinstall all parts. If so was that the 11k total or just for rail, and did you do the work or a shop? Just wondering. Maddad56Aug 30, Aug 30, 7. Aug 30, 8. If you want a quote on it I know of a shop that does a good job here in AR. Google Glovers truck parts. Aug 31, 9. Thanks guys. I think i found a guy in London, ky who has done quite a few Peterbilts. I'll ride at my current " befor i pay that! Aug 31,

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Peterbilt frame stretch, shops.

Transmission: Allison RDS. Transmission: Automatic. Transmission: Autoshift. Transmission: Ultrashift. Add this make and model to Equipment Hunter to receive notifications when new or similar equipment is posted. This feature requires a Fastline Account. It is really easy to sign up! Here is some custom text that would need to be filled in to explain what the benefits of taking the website tour would be. Compare 0 of 4. Select listings to compare them. Find Equipment Cab and Chassis Trucks. Cab and Chassis Trucks Clear All. Distance Miles. Duty Any. Price Range. Year Range. See All Manufacturers. See All Models. Require Price. Require Photos. Require Video. Show More. Apply Filter Save Search. View Details. View Dealer Page. Truck Country - Wausau Freightliner Dealer Close Contact Seller. Close Thank You! Your message has been sent. Your text message has been sent; please check your phone for responses. Want to watch for similar listings? Add to Equipment Hunter. Please wait Close Create a Fastline Account! Or, Login. Or, if you already have an account, sign in. Create Account Sign In. Please Name Your Search. Close Website Tour. Here is some custom text that would need to be filled in to explain what the benefits of taking the website tour would be Start Tour.

Frame & Chassis For Peterbilt

Shop Our selection of used Peterbilt Heavy Haul trucks for sale. We have the right Peterbilt for your needs. In the last 75 years, Peterbilt developed and integrated state-of-the-art technology in their trucks that resulted into bottom-line benefits of efficiency, profitability, and productivity. The company continues to be an industry leader in the design, manufacture and support of commercial heavy haul trucks, constantly creating technological milestones with sophisticated support systems that minimize downtime. Call All Used Peterbilt Trucks. Peterbilt raised the bar of fuel economy and aerodynamic efficiency when they introduced the model. At the heart of the EPIQ package is the APEX system which enables the Model to incorporate aerodynamic enhancements using optimized communication technology, allowing optimized fuel consumption regardless of wind drag in any weather or terrain condition. The notifications come in color-coded diagnostic codes that can provide engine conditions and recommend treatment, allowing truck drivers to make informed decisions during engine failures and structural mishaps. This in-dash operator coaching tool provides real-time feedback in areas such as braking, acceleration and shifting, helping improve driving skill and productivity. DPA uses a reward-based system that coaches drivers and encourages them to improve their scores whenever they are behind the wheel. Aside from offering driver tips, DPA also integrates itself with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that alerts the driver to keep the tires inflated. DPA also reminds the driver to use the automated shifting mode if the truck comes with a compatible transmission. All Peterbilt models, including the sleeper models andalso come installed with the SmartAir system, a climate control system that lowers fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions while maximizing comfort. The efficient design maximizes the under-bunk storage space, and the digital LCD control is accessible from the bunk, allowing easy temperature adjustments of the air conditioner or heaters. Its components include a remote condenser and brushless fan assembly that can be mounted in different places to meet specification requirements. It also comes in a compact, battery-box configuration for greater versatility in chassis configurations. This system combines GPS navigation, phone and messaging, fully-integrated sound systems, satellite radio, and smartphones into one, seven-inch, full-color touch screen for easy access and real-time vehicle monitoring. SmartNav also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and voice recognition for hands-free operation and a customizable display in three languages: English, Spanish, and French Canadian. As of JulySmartNav has been upgraded to include Internet browsing, voice recording, and a four-camera display which can replace the side view and the back view mirrors. It is available in all Peterbilt interiors and also comes pre-installed in all Peterbilt premium interiors. With safety components and comfort features that no other trucks can offer, Peterbilt has dedicated itself to delivering products and services that focus on performance and profitability. If you want to add an American legend to your fleet of trucks, company is always ready to help you buy a used Peterbilt that can cater to all your company needs. During the early 20th century, back when logs were hauled down a river or pulled by steam tractors or horse teams, a plywood manufacturer and lumberman named T. Peterman from Tacoma, Washington wanted a more efficient way to bring his inventory to his lumber mill. He looked into the budding automobile industry and started rebuilding army surplus trucks, replacing crank started engines with battery-powered ones. From this desire for innovation and efficiency came the very first Peterbilt truck: the Peterbilt model. Peterman bought out Faegol Motors in Oakland, California at the height of the Great Depression in and started selling his trucks to the public in Peterbilt continued to expand into a major producer of heavy-duty trucks until when Ida decided to sell the land for commercial development. Show Details. Stock : Body: Crane Truck.

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Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. At what point is a double frame truck needed?? Aug 21, 1. Well, what the heading states. When is a double frame tractor needed. I originally was going to add a bunch of things I thought, but I didn't want to lead the conversation but open it up to those who know certainly way more than I do and I don't know much seeing how new I am at this. UltraZeroAug 21, Dominick Thanks this. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 21, 2. Heavy work the double frame or thick frame. Just regular trucking no need, unless you are running the Northwest Territory or Alaska off road. Just my opinion. Aug 21, 3. RGNAug 21, Aug 21, 4. It has alot to do with the weight your going to haul, wheelbase, and terrain you are going to run. There isn't a simple answer. Regular freight hauling with an average wheelbase it isn't needed. SuperhaulerAug 21, Aug 21, 5. I have seen more frames broken from off road use than heavy hauling. None of our trucks are double framed. Now for those that want to take highway trucks and do something as simple as pulling a belly dump, that is the stupidest thing that you can do. I have seen many many highway trucks that have cracks in the frame around where the torque arms connect to the frame from the rears. I think that is what you call them.

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