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Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 25 April - PM. Hi guys I scanned vagcom and I have 3 faults I cleared when I bought the car a month ago, a week or so ago they come back. I think it might of been on the motorway up the m4 the car just literally cut out and back in again like it was starved of something. Posted 28 April - PM. Possible Cause: Exhaust leak. Wiring short to earth. Nitrogen oxides NOx sensor G Possible Cause: Catalytic converter. Wiring short to positive. Heating inoperative. Nitrogen oxides NOx sensor G faulty. Special Notes: Check Measuring Blocks. Specification 0 - The new Sensor goes down to Golf 2. Back to top 3 ekam01 ekam01 Newbie. Posted 29 April - AM. I might try and get it done on warently as I have a 3 month warenty from when i bought the car along with getting my horn fixed. Posted 29 April - PM.

P1033 - Nitrogen Oxides Sensor Signal Too Low

This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office to perform the Check Engine Light diagnostic. Each manufacturer has a slightly different definition for this code as it is relative to their particular system. This generally means there is a problem with the bypass system for the turbocharger or supercharger to relieve pressure either completely or partially depending on how the system is designed. Sensor input voltage signals to the engine control module ECM that indicate a boost level reading less or greater normally less than 9-psi or more than psi than specified by the manufacturer. This will cause a code to be stored and a malfunction indicator lamp to be illuminated. The ECU recognizes this data as an inability to effectively control boost levels and proper engine operation. If the boost is less than 9 psi, it can indicate that pressure is being sent through the bypass valve when it should not be open. The ECM will not be able to control the bypass valve and the turbo or supercharger will work erratically, causing loss of power or jerking during acceleration. A mechanic will verify the code with an OBD-II scanner, then he should reset the code and road test the vehicle to determine if the Check Engine Light comes back on and the P code returns. Depending on the manufacturer, a boost pressure test will need to be determined to see if the boost pressure is within the manufacturer's recommended range. If the pressure is too low, an inspection of the intake hoses and pipes must be done to find leaks. If the pressure is too high, a diagnosis of the bypass valve should be done. The bypass valves are operated differently depending on the manufacturer. Some are spring operated and others, especially Asian models, are diaphragm operated with an electric sensor and control system. The most common mistake for this code is related to assuming that basic components are operating normally. Commonly, this issue is related to intake leaks, after the turbocharger to the intake throttle valve. Often there is just a hose or clamp loose which is causing a loss of pressure. This code requires immediate attention and should be diagnosed as soon as possible. The vehicle will still run but serious damage can occur to the engine if the problem is not repaired, especially if the boost exceeds the manufacturer's specifications. Do a pressure test on the intake system between the turbocharger and intake throttle valve. This will verify if the pressure is too low or too high as specified by the manufacturer.

P0133 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 04 April - AM. I have a 54 Plate 1. However i had a diagnostics done to see why the car was jerking and all seemed fine, they did a test run to collect data etc and all looked well, the spark plugs were checked etc. Then they said it was most likely the nox sensor with the fault "signal too low" which has been there for a while now. I had my car decatted for a few months because the old cat had broken but now i have replaced it with a cat from euro car parts and this problem seemed to occur about a month after the new cat was put in. Anyway the light hasn't come back on yet and now I'm wondering if it is the nox sensor that's causing this power loss and i cant exactly sell it on because as soon as anyone test drives it they are going to know straight away. Sorry for the long post but i really want to sort this problem out, any idea on what i should do guys? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Also, is it the pre, or post cat lambda sensor? The pre cat sensor is used to directly influence fuelling. Posted 04 April - PM. If i were to buy this sensor, would i need the ecu upgrade aswell? If it was me, i would check the wires for damage, then use VCDS to map live data from the sensor, if it wasn't performing as expected, I'd replace it with a Bosch item. No, there's no need to touch the ECU software, VW were probably just pointing out you have an outdated ECU map, and a newer one is available, it wont fix a faulty lambda sensor, and not a necessity. Also the engine lights just come back on today. Sounds like a dead sensor to me. Theres so many listed for my car. Thank you so much for your help hopefully i can restore my car to its full power and enjoy driving again haha! Community Forum Software by IP. Menu Software by ProMenu. Exclusive uk-mkivs stickers now available from Syco Graphix. Order yours today! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The dreaded Nox sensor Started by ekam01Apr 04 AM. Please log in to reply. Posted 04 April - PM i cant seem to get access to the sensor, but this problems been around since well before the replacement cat was put in, i believe its the pre cat lambda sensor, they say its the nox nitrogen oxide sensor but the one on ECP is the oxygen sensor are these essentially the same thing?

P1033 OBD Trouble Code

Code P is triggered when the voltage output that your O2 sensor is meant to send to your ECM does not change quick enough in relation to the air to fuel ratio when you press on the gas pedal. This trouble code will most likely not prevent your vehicle from running, but it is still something that we recommend you get fixed as soon as possible. This code can cause harmful pollutants to be emitted from your vehicle into the air, which is extremely bad for the environment. You also will not be able to pass emissions tests with this code present. The most common diagnosis mistake is not doing a visual inspection of the O2 sensor or the Mass Air Flow sensor before replacing it. Exhaust and Engine Vacuum Leaks can also cause P to be triggered. For error code P, one or more of the below repairs may be needed to solve the underlying issue. For each possible repair, the estimated cost of repair includes the cost of the relevant parts and the cost of labor required to make the repair. O2 sensor bank 1, sensor 1 is located in front of the catalytic converter, towards the front of your engine. Hello i have a quesrion i have a crown Victoria ex police and,i have the code p so i pit a new o2 sensor and,i delet the,code,but is still show me,the,code and,the,car feel run roughly and,i hear by the gas thank a whistle so i think is a vaccum there. So can u help me,please thank you. Mass airflow sensor will be in the air intake right after the air filter. I have replaced the bank 1 and 2 02 sensors and also replaced the mass air flow sensor and the code and check engine light comes on now once the fuel gauge gets about a half a tank. I fill it up and it goes away until half a tank again. Mine does the same thing. It appears like there is a vacuum leak in the line from the fuel tank to the charcoal canister, or vacuum source to the fuel tank. I am told a smoke test at a repair shop is required to find the leak. I have exactly the same problem as Art has. I figured when I open the gas tank lid, soda can effect pops up as if there was some pressure that was released and then noise goes away. Don is right. There is most likely a vacuum link. Yes No

Nox sensor. What does it do & what happens when it fails?

Realtime Posts Downloads Chatbox. What's New? Forgot Username? Remember Me? Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Downloads 5 Uploads 0. Please can someone help me to remove the Nox sensor. The codes are: P vw P vw I erased codes before reading the flash - hope that doesn't cause problems. Car is Vw Golf Mk5 1. Attached Files 03CAK my golf. Last edited by lemta; 15th July, at PM. Downloads 7 Uploads 0. Thank you so much AVDigitale! I have pressed thanks button but it won't let me give you rep again as I have already rep'd you in another thread recently. I'll try again in a few days time. I will write the file to my car and let you know once I have tested it. Many thanks again. Last edited by lemta; 21st June, at AM. I was worried that it would kill the ECU as china goods can be very unreliable in quality. Will know if code returns within miles of driving. Finally managed to add rep to AVDigitale. Thanks mate! I do have a question if you don't mind me asking. I won't be able to erase it with scan tool? I tried erasing it but it came straight back. In the past it took some driving before it would come back. It's not a big issue, I'm just curious whether I should have erased that code before reading the flash. Thanks again, I'll will give you feedback on the Nox sensor Downloads Uploads 1. Mk5 Golf 1. Originally Posted by pike. Connected disconnected does not matter. Downloads 25 Uploads 0.

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