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The best gaming headsets for 2020

That simple question cuts to the core of what people hunting for a new graphics card look for: the most oomph they can afford. Answering the question can be a bit trickier than it seems. Raw performance is a big part of it, but factors like noise, the driver experience, and supplemental software also play a role in determining which graphics card to buy. Let us make it easy for you. Note: There are customized versions of every graphics card from a slew of vendors. Spending extra can get you hefty out-of-the-box overclocks, beefier cooling systems, and more. AMD revealed scads of details about its next-gen Radeon graphics cards in recent weeks. If you continue to experience bugs, be sure to try a clean driver install. In addition to requiring much more energy from the wall, that also means these cards tend to run a bit louder and hotter, and the card designs tend to be larger to shove in more cooling capacity. Many PC gamers play on basic p, 60Hz monitors, thanks to their compelling blend of resolution, speed, and affordable pricing. The GTX Super sticks to the same core specs as its vanilla GTX counterpartbut the GDDR6 upgrade speeds increase gaming performance anywhere from 7 percent to roughly 18 percent depending on the game, letting it soar well past 60 frames per second with all graphics options maxed out. Because of all the confusion, we can only recommend the Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX XT that we reviewed firsthand, but we recommend it highly. If you want to shop around, be sure to read our guide on why some Radeon RX XT models are faster than othersbut really, just go buy the Sapphire Pulse. Well, at least in pure performance. Keep an eye out for steeper deals during the holiday season. All of these graphics cards kick ass, and they have 8GB of VRAM that should hold up better over the long run at this higher resolution. The AMD duo is the best of the bunch, though. Great stuff. Spend the extra money on a custom version if you can, however. The futuristic technology has been slow to gain steam, but began seeing more traction at E3where several hotly anticipated games announced support plans. This new wave of GPUs blows their value proposition out of the water. Graphics card news AMD revealed scads of details about its next-gen Radeon graphics cards in recent weeks. Best p graphics card Many PC gamers play on basic p, 60Hz monitors, thanks to their compelling blend of resolution, speed, and affordable pricing.

The best graphics cards for PC gaming

Tech Guided is supported by its readers. If you purchase products after clicking on links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. These headsets are perfect for gamers or anyone else looking for a better audio experience. S ince releasing a number of articles on the top PC hardware in each component category, I have received a number of requests to do an article on the best gaming headsets. For gamers, headsets with microphones have become the go-to audio option, mostly because of the nature of multi-player games. One important aspect of multi-player games is the fact that, in order to be successful, you need to communicate with your teammates and fellow gamers. Where built-in text-based chat has failed, gaming headphones with microphones have excelled. In certain games, the amount of time that can be saved by communicating to your teammates through the microphone on your headset—as opposed to typing out what you want to say—can be the difference between victory and defeat. And, while a quality surround sound PC speaker system can contribute to a very realistic gaming experience, when trying to communicate with teammates and other gamers in multi-player games, the noise from the speakers will get in the way of any kind of communication through a microphone. Headsets, on the other hand, are perfect because they isolate the in-game sound and provide you with the option to speak into the microphone without any interruption. That way you can find a good gaming headset at a price you can afford. The table below showcases our picks for the best PC gaming headsets across various use cases and price points. Check Price. You can also keep scrolling to find more options. The options in this range are interesting because they feature two studio-quality wired headsets and three wireless headsets. The SteelSeries Siberia is probably the best option if you want the best wireless gaming headset on the market. Learn More. If money is no object to you and quality is everything, then a new Beyerdynamic MMX PC Gaming headset is something you should consider. With superior sound quality and unheard of comfort from a gaming headset, the MMX headset is at the pinnacle of all gaming headphones. In fact, the headset is of such a high quality, that it was built with specifications more along the lines of something a pilot would use in the cockpit. So, if you can accommodate the large price tag, then you should definitely consider this Beyerdynamic headset. The Arctis Pro series headset is our choice for the best overall wireless gaming headset and if you have a large enough budget to accommodate them, they would definitely be worth considering. And, while the Astro A50s are solid options, in my opinion, the Arctis Pros edge them out in terms of overall quality. Ultimately, though, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is an exceptional all-around wireless gaming headset. It comes with two battery packs that will deliver up to hours of gaming on a single charge. So, if you have a large budget and you want to get the best wireless option available, definitely check out the Arctis Pro wireless headset. They have a strong KleerNet 5. And, with excellent Dolby Digital 7. And, with the ability to deliver incredible sound quality and Dolby Digital 7. Overall, there are quite a few good options in this price range. Sennheiser has long been known as one of the premier designers of PC audio equipment and they pride themselves on delivering the best audio quality possible. It will deliver excellent sound quality, a reliable wireless connection, and a solid microphone. Both options will provide you with good sound quality, an excellent microphone, and a comfortable headset.

Gaming PC build guide

PC and console gamers have been at each other's throats since the '80s, and the battle doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon. In one corner: fans of an expensive, multipurpose machine that allows unprecedented customization — if you've got time and expertise. In the other corner: advocates of a cheaper box with high-end exclusive games that does just one thing, and may not do it for all that many years. Let us choose wisely. Despite the zealots on either side and really, they get scarymost reasonable gamers will acknowledge that each option offers pros and cons. Your preference will depend on how much money you have to spend, what kind of games you like to play and how much tolerance you have for DIY tech support. If you're in the market for a new gaming system, consider the following factors and weigh your options accordingly. PC gaming is expensive. You can also go for broke and spend multiple thousands of dollars on the latest video card, the fanciest processor, gobs of RAM and a customized case. Estimates on how much it costs to build a PC vary, especially because parts are constantly fluctuating in price and because you can buy them from a variety of different sources. I won't say it's a bad investment it's notbut the low end of that spectrum would easily cover a PS4 or Xbox One, an extra controller, and a pretty hefty library of games. That's all assuming you want to build your PC yourself, of course; pre-built systems cost more. Partially, that's because you don't have to construct it yourself; mostly, it's because you have access to tech support if something goes wrong. All of this may make it sound like PC gaming is a huge money sink and console gaming is a cost cutter's dream come true, but remember: we've compared only hardware so far. When it comes to games, PCs have an enormous advantage over their console brethren. Steam, the primary distributor of digital games, has frequent sales and an enormous selection of indie games. Origin, EA's digital platform, often gives away newish games for free. Console games tend to stay at high prices for a much longer time and go on sale less frequently. It's hard to say exactly how many games you'd need to buy to make up the cost differential of a PC, but if you have the system for a sufficiently long time, it could pay for itself in software costs. With big-budget titles, midtier developers, indie fare and classic games, PCs have an unparalleled selection. Whether you're buying the latest Assassin's Creed game from Steam or running DOSBox to relive a childhood classic, it's relatively easy to get a huge variety of titles on your PC, if only because the library can go back almost 30 years. That's not to say that every single title works seamlessly on newer PCs, though. There was a rough patch in the late '90s and early s, and nothing from that era seems to work on modern systems. So replaying, for example, Star Trek: Bridge Commander could be a bit of a challenge. It's not impossible, but you'll have to work for your fun. More on that later. PS4 and Xbox One libraries don't go back quite as far.

Best gaming keyboards

Owning the best gaming keyboard may seem like a luxury. But as it's one of the key ways that you interact with your PC, it makes sense that you'll want it to feel comfortable beneath your fingertips. Whether you're after a responsive keypress for fast-paced games or you just want to make the humdrum task of typing just a little more enjoyable, this guide should help you find what you need. You'll notice that a lot of the best mechanical keyboards feature on this list, but we've also included a couple of less expensive membrane variants. There are several factors you'll want to consider when looking for the best gaming keyboard to suit your needs. If you're new to mechanical keyboards, you might be surprised at how different they can feel—each mechanical switch type offers a distinct feel when pressed. Luckily, most models will offer a choice so you can pair your favorite switch type with your preferred keyboard. But what about the different types of switches? An excellent place to start is to look for Cherry MX switches, which most consider as the best mechanical switches out there. Cherry MX Blues are arguably the most popular requiring only a light key press to register but making a distinct clicky sound which can be off-putting for some people—or just plain annoying to others if you share a room or office. Cherry MX Browns offer the same feel as Blues but without the sound. Alternatively, linear Reds feel smoother and require the key to be pushed in fully before registering. Just to confuse things further, manufacturers such as Razer has its own, color-coded mechanical switches. If you're still unsure, we've got a handy guide to the different mechanical switch types. Other features you might want to consider are dedicated media controls, macro keys, and whether or not your keyboard of choice has a USB passthrough. And of course, size is something else you should consider. Full-sized keyboards tend to offer the most features, but if you don't have the spare real estate to house one on your desk, all of those extras you paid for will be useless. Tenkeyless no number pad and compact keyboards can be an option too, especially if you don't care about all the extra bells and whistles. We've listed our top picks of the best gaming keyboards below and where to find them. Alternatively, if you can't quite justify the cost of one of these, the best cheap gaming keyboards may be more to your wallet's taste. When you want to go the extra mile and upgrade to the absolute best of the best, it's hard to find a better option than the Corsair K95 Platinum. The K95 Platinum is a big keyboard: its enormous footprint still requires some desk cleaning before it can be nested comfortably. But feature-wise, the K95 Platinum's got it all. It even comes with an extra set of textured keycaps for the WASD keys. While it's expensive, you do know what you're getting for your money here, and throughout we've seen the price of the K95 dropping steadily. We also love its detachable wrist rest, which makes things super comfortable for long gaming sessions and this keyboard is fantastic for strategy games and MMOs. The rubberized wristpad attaches magnetically and has two contrasting textures: one smooth side and one rough side. Switching sides is as easy as flipping it over, and the added comfort it brings is exceptional. During our tests, we noted excellent key responses, a decent spread of keys for most hand sizes, a satisfying tactile click to each press, and wonderfully dimpled keys to help you rest your fingers when you're not actually pressing down. While this all seems quite obvious, it shows that the K95 does the basics right, as well as including the fancy extras, and that's why it's top of the plank pile. For a board lit in up to What it lacks in a dedicated macro column it makes up for with its reasonable price and quality, durable design. To up its aesthetics, it also includes an extra set of silver keycaps for WASD and the first four number keys.

Best gaming keyboards

If you're thinking of upgrading your current rig or you're starting from scratch with your first build, this PC gaming build guide is a great place to begin. Of course, higher resolutions might mean you'll need to reduce your graphics settings slightly, but hitting higher refresh rates in less demanding games shouldn't be an issue. Alternatively, if you've got your heart set on something with a bit more oomph, our high-end gaming PC build guide may be more up your street. Want to buy a prebuilt instead of building your own PC? Check out our guide to the best gaming PCs and gaming laptops. The CPU that we've gone with for this build is overclockable too so that you can get every last bit of performance out of your set-up if you're unsure of the distinctions between the big processor manufacturers, this AMD vs. Intel guide should make things a bit clearer. Of course, if you're upgrading, you should have most of those things already, and you can migrate Windows across to your new machine. But if you have your sights set on one of the best gaming monitors or you need to pick up other accessories, you should set aside a bit of extra cash. If this isn't quite what you're looking for, also check out our budget PC build guide and high-end PC build guide. Or even get someone else to build it for you with one a cheap gaming PC deal. If you're not in a massive rush with your gaming PC build, it's well worth looking around for deals. But if you're in a bit more of a hurry and want to save a bit of cash, you can always go with less RAM or a smaller SSD. Neither of these should overly impact performance, and you can easily upgrade further down the line when you have the money to spare. Cores: 6 Threads: 12 Base Clock: 3. The Ryzen 5 is an excellent candidate for mid-range gaming. It outclasses our previous pick for this build, the Intel i, and offers superior performance, along with overclocking and a slick-looking stock cooler all around the same price point. Alternatively, you could go with the previous generation Ryzen 5 for a small drop in price, and while it may not be quite as fast as theit still has all the same features and matches the i almost pound for pound. Ultimately we went with the because it gave us the best bang for our buck and some additional room to expand into more powerful 3rd gen AMD CPUs down the line. If you're looking for a little extra power in your next build, check out our guide to the best CPU for gaming in It may not necessarily be pretty or pack in a ton of extras, but it gets the job done. And while this setup would need a little TLC to help it, this motherboard could potentially handle SLI or crossfire if need be. Motherboard compatibility for Ryzen's 3rd gen processors is pretty prolific, but make sure to check the compatibility on the manufacturer's site if you're committing to something with more options. But if you're after something better than this MSI board, you're probably also looking at a higher-end build, which we cover in our high-end gaming PC. Here's our guide to the best gaming motherboards in It may look like a piece of modern art, but the XT was a relatively easy pick for this level of build and a solid replacement for the Nvidia Super. Our build is mostly looking to push 60fps at p, which is where this particular GPU excels, and at a lower price point than the Super, the choice was clear. The XT does lack dedicated hardware for ray tracing and DLSS, but in terms of actual in-game performance, it just edges out the Super. Additionally, these extra features only tend to matter once you start reaching the edge of the performance envelope. For that, I recommend you check out our extreme gaming PC build guide.

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