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See all Ozito Battery Whipper Snippers. The trimmer was light and easy to use. Battery now failed and no replacement battery available. LGT Timmer. Very disappointed that batteries are not available, have to rate it low on value. Would have given four stars on performance. I bought this grass trimmer a few years ago. My wife liked the cutting tabs rather than the usual chord. It was going great until recently when it just stopped. When I checked it out I was an elec tech in my previous life I found the battery was dead. A search for a replacement proved fruitless. Ozito I to have moved onto a new range of battery type that will not fit into this machine. Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse. Great machine, but blades fly off only after 20 to 30 seconds, I thought I was the problem, with not putting them on properly but now see we are all having issues. The older model which took 2 blades did not ever have an issue with blades. Light easy to use concept great but blade life abysmal. Virtually unusable unless there's a willingness to spend a fortune on blades. Needs to be a solution found to make the machine viable. I have other Ozito products which are fine, but this trimmer is hopeless. Totally unusable. The blades last only seconds for me and I am only trimming grass while taking care not to contact any thick stalks. Bunnings needs to think of a remedy for this situation. Purchased in February at Bunnings Warehouse.

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With so many options on the market, finding a cost-effective line trimmer that gets the job done can be a difficult choice. That is why we have gone ahead and done the hard work of researching line trimmers in Australia for you! In Australia line trimmers are commonly known as whipper snippers, with our recommendations it should be easy for you to jump in and purchase the whipper snipper that is best for your needs. In the USA, those crazy americans call them weedeaters and of course they lots more models available, they have so many there is a site Weed Eater Hero that is dedicated purely to grass trimming machinery. While less environmentally friendly than the other two types of line trimmers, petrol-powered line trimmers are ultimately the most powerful and that is the main reason Professional gardeners generally use line trimmers that are petrol powered, they are less polluting than petrol mowers of the past and are still the best option on the market for making quick work of very larger areas of grass, you certainly won't have to plug in again or recharge you batteries to also get around your nature strip. The modern models especially the 4 stroke ones run smoother than previous petrol-powered mowing appliances. However Line trimmers can also be purchased in corded electric or cordless battery-powered model and we will cover some of all types. You should certainly consider electric or battery powered options for general domestic use. If the loud noise or pollution of petrol is an issue, battery-powered or corded line trimmers are a great option and of course non-petrol models do not require any kind of engine maintenance. One distinguishing feature between types of line trimmers is whether the unit has a bent shaft or a straight shaft. This makes a difference in price and manoeuvrability, so it is an important factor to consider when purchasing a line trimmer. For a further reach or for very tall users, straight-shaft models are the better option. In our research and experimentation with both types of grass trimmers, straight-shaft trimmers are beneficial in difficult to reach areas while curved shafts are better at edging. The bent-shaft trimmer is a much more affordable option. For less intense lawn trimming needs, this is a cost-effective alternative to pricier options that will do the job most of the time. If you are wondering why straight shaft trimmers cost more than curved shaft trimmers, here's a video explaining it:. A two-piece or split shaft design enables the same engine to power other attachments such as a lawn edger, for a domestic user and normal usage this is a good idea to save money and shed space and a two-piece shaft would be a feature. For a lawn care professional who would generally carry more than one similar tool in their trailer having a single piece shaft eliminates another area for wear and failure, so commercial-level trimmers have a one-piece shaft as standard. There are three ways in which the cutting line is attached to the hub. Bump feed is the most common, as the line wears down, you bump the underside of the hub on the ground, releasing a regulated length of line. There is also the option of automatic feed. These are typically only found on electric models, they use a counterbalance on the line weight to detect when new line is necessary to be dispensed. On cheaper models they are not so reliable and end up more hassle than a bump feed.

The Best Whipper Snippers On The Market In Australia (2018)

See all Ozito Battery Whipper Snippers. I bought this item because it was so lightweight and no need to worry about winding on snipper cord. I then discovered it is totally gutless. Even when fully charged it struggles on soft grass a few inches high, and battery goes flat after 10 minutes. Would definitely not recommend this product. Good for 45 dollars i think it was lasted 5 months, then died and needed new cord also. Whatever was just cheap throw away. So for a quick job and use once a fortnight ok for a short period, but if your a serious gardener long term ,dont buy it. Unit has hardly been used, kept battery fully charged at all times and now useless after one minutes use. When placed back on charger it fully charges in five minutes, not a good sign. Back to petrol for me! The convenience of not having to refuel or drag a power cord negated by the useless battery. Paid in advance. Guess I will forget the battery powered units from now on and go for the old petrol powered type. Stuff the global warming. I just needed a whipper snipper which is light weight and easy to use. I find this suits what I want and, although I haven't had a chance to use it too much yet, it does the job. The battery keeps a good charge and recharges quickly. For general use and with its light weight it is a good buy if you don't need really heavy duty use. Those plastic blades are great. I am not very finicky about the edges. I ve heard of people complaining about battery life. I mainly did the edges, but grass was big and wet. Battery life always fairly hopeless and after only several uses fails to hold any charge at all. Have replaced with a ryobi - time will tell. First couple of times out it lasted the whole large garden, third time it died half way round and therafter will not charge, I presume it over heated and gave up the ghost, but it was not over worked and day was not over hot, so not sure why it did. But after 15 minutes noncontinuous use the battery was very hot. Ultimately disappointed. The first one lasted 3 days before the round trimmer fell off.

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But instead of getting on your hands and knees with a pair of scissors or secateurs, households have another way to tidy up close to footpaths and trees — the line trimmer. Generally available in both electric and petrol models, you have plenty of options to choose from for the next time the grass gets away from you. But which model should you spend your hard-earned money on? Thankfully, Canstar Blue has looked to cut down the amount of time you spend looking, surveying close to Australian adults about their recent line trimmer purchases to see which brands are proving a cut above the rest. Honda, Ryobi and Ozito scored four stars for overall satisfaction, with Makita rated three stars overall. Both Honda and Ryobi were rated five stars for ease of use, with Ryobi also sharing the top spot for value for money with Ozito. Read on as we explore what the five brands in our review have to offer, before going into detail about what you should look for in a good whipper snipper. Founded almost years, German brand Stihl is a mainstay with the yard work market, offering a range of products to help with jobs around the house, including chainsaws, pressure cleaners, hand tools, as well as gardening equipment such as hedge trimmers and line trimmers. Stihl also include corded models, each coming equipped with rubberised handles for comfort and weigh in under 4kg, making them ideal for smaller areas. While better-known for its range of two and four-wheel vehiclesHonda has expanded into multiple markets that require an engine, including tools such as lawn mowers and whipper snippers. Available to purchase either through the Honda website or through a hardware or power equipment retailer, Honda line trimmers are generally more expensive than many of its competitors, but may be better-suited for those who have plenty to trim, or are passionate about their lawn care. Also featuring a 0. You can also expect a single shoulder harness for additional comfort, as well as an anti-vibration engine mount to make your time on the tools easier on the body. Sold exclusively through Bunnings, Japanese manufacturer Ryobi has been in the power tool market for close to 80 years, offering a wide range of products for any projects you might have in and around the house. Selected 36V models also come equipped with Expand-It capabilities, allowing you to turn your whipper snipper into six other power tools, including a hedge trimmer and blower, ideal for those looking to tackle all areas of the backyard. With a 26cc line trimmer and a 52cc brush cutter available, Ryobi offer petrol models for small and large lawns. Another brand primarily found in Bunnings, Australian-brand Ozito has been a mainstay within the power tool market, offering hand tools, garden tools and power cleaning options for households to use on DIY projects. The OGT model includes features such as a mm cutting path and adjustable telescopic shaft to easier manoeuvrability, and weighs under 2kg, making it easy to carry around. Another 18V model — the PXCLTK — features a degree rotating head to allow you to edge your lawn, and additionally includes ten trimming blades for optimal cutting height. For those after something a bit more powerful, Ozito also offers W and W line trimmers. The W model LTR includes a rotating head and edging wheel to help you spruce up all areas of your yard, while the W model LTR features an automatic line feed and mm cutting diameter. All Ozito models come with a three-year replacement warranty, allowing you to attack your backyard with peace of mind. Founded over years ago, Japanese brand Makita produces a variety of power tools, with a focus on electric and cordless models. Other Makita whipper snippers include the DURAZ Brushless line trimmer, which includes dual 18V power output to tackle bigger jobs, along with a three-stage speed control and reverse switch to remove any tangled grass. It also features a cutting width of mm, and weighs about 5kg, making it one of the heavier models in the Makita line-up. These include the following:. Primarily focussing on petrol models, bent and straight-shaft whipper snippers are available at power tool retailers and Victa wholesalers nationwide. Both the straight and bent shaft varieties weigh in at over 6kg, but have a cutting width of mm, making them some of the largest whipper snippers on the market. Victa also offers various attachments for select models, including a hedge trimmer attachment and pole trimmer attachment to take care of those hard to reach areas of the yard. While originally a musket manufacturer, Swedish brand Husqvarna has transitioned into the power tool market, offering a variety of outdoor equipment, including chainsaws, mowers and whipper snippers. Also in the Occasional Use line-up is the iL trimmer, which weighs in around 3kg for easy use, and additionally features two modes — normal or savE mode, depending on whether you want more power or more runtime. Petrol-fuelled line trimmers are the most common variety available, with 2-stroke and 4-stroke models ready to be used. Most models will have a 25cc engine, although some boast a 50cc engine, helping to make short work of any untidy part of the lawn. Electric models vary between 18V up to 82V, with both corded and cordless varieties available to suit households with and without external power points. Most cordless models will include a rechargeable battery and charging station, although some sell them separately, so be sure to check before you hit the checkout! The main difference between brush cutters and whipper snippers is a bigger engine and wider cutting area, with brush cutters similarly available in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol models, together with electrical models. Most edge trimmers also include variable height settings and cutting depths to suit your needs and garden. While some trimmers use steel blades to get through tough grass and weeds, most whipper snippers use a trimmer cord, otherwise known as a trimmer line. Found at your local hardware store, a trimmer cord is traditionally made from nylon or plastic, and is available in both pre-cut or full spools.

OZITO Replacement Spool & Line 1.6mmx6m LTLSA-036 To Suit LTL-036 36volt Trimmer

Our buying guide will explain which type of push mower would suit you most, how much you can expect to pay for one, and which features are worth looking out for. Low battery run time, does not compete my modest front yard and nature strip. I was told by the bored non friendly staff member at Bunnings that Ozito don't stock them anymore so I can't have one. Not exactly sure of the date purchased but around 2 years ago. This is not good enough, there should be laws against this. Very disappointed in Ozito and Bunnings. I feel totally ripped off! After only four years my Ozito electric lawn mower is now useless as the battery won't charge and a replacement battery is no longer available for purchase off the shelf from Bunnings. To order in a new battery would cost almost as much as purchasing a brand new mower of a later model. Purchased this recently. I was bit suspicious as it was significantly cheaper than other similar products. I have a small lawn and this works perfectly fine. Used only couple of times and quite happy so far. Very easy to use and light weight. With 5 year warranty, I think it is worth the price Love how it glides over the grass bit if grass gets caught in the blade it switches off. You need to remove whatever stopped it. I rather this than fumes blowing in my face. It's light to push. Has great battery life about 30 mins. My neighbour is jealous lol. Does longer grass also up to 1 foot, but you need to go in slower. I'd highly recommend for any general household with normal sized block. Large block would need 2 batteries. This mower is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. However battery only lasted 35 minutes initially before needing recharging. I only mow a medium size backyard once every three weeks and it should take me 40 minutes tops. Electric lawn mowers are just perfect for my small garden and nature strip. With no petrol to buy and store, batteries are so convenient.


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