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Administering Lync Online for Office 365 with PowerShell

To understand how this fits into the overall picture, the diagram below outlines the main components that come together to enable PSTN connectivity for Office in Australia. This diagram assumes I do not have an on-premises Skype for Business server deployed, and simply want to enable voice services for users homed within Office with minimal on-premises infrastructure:. Microsoft Cloud Connector edition was a great way to enable PSTN connectivity for Skype for Business Online users, particularly as native cloud calling plans are only now available in Australia. The other key differentiator with Direct Routing is that I no longer need to deploy the Cloud Connector Edition virtual machines as well as an SBC to provide connectivity to the Office cloud: a certified SBC is all that is required. Another major difference with Direct Routing is that it can be deployed side by side with Telstra Calling for Office Calling Plans. This means we now have greater flexibility in deployment options: I can choose to have some calls route via on-premises infrastructure, and other calls to route to the PSTN network direct from the cloud via Telstra Calling. Using this approach, users are configured to route all their calls via Direct Routing or via a Telstra Calling Plan. Using this approach, calls are routed via Telstra Calling plan or Direct Routing based on the number dialled. For example, if I dial numbers associated with an on-premises call centre, these route via Direct Routing, all other calls route via a Telstra Calling Plan:. In the above example, calls route one of two ways depending on the number dialled. The following diagram outlines the decision tree when a user makes a phone call. As long as the user is licensed for Telstra Calling from within the Office portal, the call will automatically route if no matching Direct Routes are found:. This section assumes you have an intimate knowledge of Ribbon SBC configuration! The following diagram gives a good overview of all the requirements needed to enable Direct Routing:. For more details on planning and configuring direct routing, check out the following Microsoft Docs:. Plan Direct Routing. Configure Direct Routing. In order to support direct routing, a single public IP address is required that must be presented to the SBC. In my example configuration below, I created a new dedicated one-to-one NAT on the perimeter firewall: The private address was then bound as an additional IP address to Ethernet The FQDNs sip. In this example, I created an A record for teamstrunk. To support this, a public certificate is required. To add a Media Crypto Profile:. The Media List defines the codecs and if the crypto mechanism will be used. To create a media Profile:. Important : Make sure to add sip-all. This meant that every third inbound call to Microsoft Teams would fail as the source IP was unknown. Once this has been created, confirm you are sending and receiving SIP Options and OK responses in both directions:. Your users will need to be licensed for Microsoft Phone System in order to enable calls within Microsoft Teams. To check:.

[Skype for Business] Can not update OnPremLineURI as the user has dirsynced onpremise LineURI

Googling and testing hasn't been helpful at all, there's one example from where Enable-CsMeetingRoom didn't work because they had to wait longer, and everything else is from Lync back in I opened a ticket with Microsoft, they said it was because it's a room account, so I converted it back to a normal user via. So, the account was licensed with the "Meeting Room" License. This was evidently the core of the problem. So I changed the licenses, waited 30 minutes, account showed back up in Teams and SFBO, was able to set the number to the new phone line, then reset the licenses to "Meeting Room" and everything is working as expected again. Microsoft's suggestion of using Disable-CsMeetingRoom has made the problem go from bad to worse. Same error as before, except now:. Hi there, i am struggling with the same issue. We have some meeting rooms, that are SFBO homed. So i have been trying to add a number to some and remove some numbers from others. When i first managed to add a number i did it by first disabling the room Disable-CsMeetingRoom Then re-enabling the room. Now i want to remove or change the numbers, but following the same process i previously used isnt working. I get object not found. I have also tried using E3 licensing instead of Meeting Rooms licensing, but still no luck. Any ideas. Adam CodeTwo. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Here's a bit of a headscratcher for you all. Best Answer. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. We found 6 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! Darren for CDW Aug 30, Jono wrote: Is this the first person you have tried? You still need the attributes in AD to be synced to O so restore them OP, this suggestion is excellent and would be the first thing I would check. Was this helpful? Ghost Chili. Jono Aug 30, See all 6 answers. Popular Topics in Microsoft Office Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? The account no longer shows up in the Skype for Business Online control panel. I have had a call logged with MS for about 4 weeks and they still cant help me! Replace Attachment. Add link Text to display: Where should this link go? Add Cancel. Insert code.

Migrate to Direct Routing

This allows you to perform more advanced administration that is not available in the Office Web Portal. Now fire up PowerShell and begin the fun. Email Enterprise email migration software, enabling the transfer of Exchange Mailboxes and Exchange Archives quickly and safely to Office or Exchange Archive Precision email archive migration software, built to quickly and securely migrate data to Office or other archiving systems. Enterprise Vault Enterprise vault replication tool for back up and migration from an experienced and trusted Veritas partner. Tenant to Tenant Migrate, consolidate and relocate Office tenants. Or cloud migration solution achieves industry-leading migration speeds and operates in your Azure environment. Partner Solutions How service providers utilize our migration and management solutions to better serve their customers and streamline operations. Become a Partner How to join the Quadrotech partner ecosystem. Webinars Register for upcoming sessions and listen to recordings on-demand. How to guides Browse our step-by-step guides on key Office challenges and tasks. Case Studies Across the globe, we have helped companies of all industries and sizes move to the cloud and modernize their IT environment. Read their stories here. Careers All the career opportunities currently available at Quadrotech are listed here. Come join us! Contact Login Sign up. This area covers:. Search for:.

Configure Direct Routing to Microsoft Teams with Ribbon SBC Edge

Yes, commit the changes Are you sure? Do you really want to undo these changes:. This article covers provisioning a single user for Teams Direct Routing, and also using a CSV file to provision multiple users at the same time. Regardless of which method you use to provision your users, first connect to your Skype for Business Online services using PowerShell. If you are switching a user from a Microsoft dial plan to Teams direct routing, remove the phone number from the user, and then remove the dial plan license. Make sure you keep the Phone System license assigned. The below commands can be used to view the voice properties of one or more users. This can be useful for checking the status of a user before and after configuring them for Direct Routing. PhoneNumber - Assigned phone number including the country code no special characters or spaces. Create Template Custom Templates. Blueprint Templates. Upload template. Are you sure? Do you really want to commit these changes: Yes, commit the changes. Do you really want to undo these changes: Yes, undo the changes. Evolve IP Knowledge Base. Page tree. Browse pages. A t tachments 0 Page History. Manage page tree. Jira links. Created by Unknown User jdoughertylast modified on Jan 06,

Several hours later, we changed their licenses from an E3 license to a Skype Plan 2 license. Say what? So I asked which was the on premises attribute that was converted into the LineURI and got not clear answer from them. So I tried this:. Kudos Marc, Had a hard time with this one. By Robert Young on Oct 16, Glad it helped someone else. Microsoft was driving me nuts with their lack of knowledge of their own product…. By SUBnet on Oct 21, Name required. E-mail will not be published required. Delete the account and recreate. For an attribute issue? Checked in AD Connect to see if the attribute was properly synced and it was. Cleared the attribute on premises and repeated steps 2 and 3. I have yet to understand the logic when they troubleshoot something. I had one case where while troubleshooting an Intune issue, the support engineer was taking screengrabs of the generic menus not even our own settings — just the interface! Sometimes removing the licenses from the users and putting them back resolved the issues, or forcing a new value then reverting to the actual proper value like in this case fixes the issue. Microsoft was driving me nuts with their lack of knowledge of their own product… By SUBnet on Oct 21, Post a Comment Name required E-mail will not be published required Website. Theme by Bob.

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